For the Love of the Game


No one answered but Jace could see the door knob turning slowly. His heart began to race as he watched the door open revealing to him the person waiting on the other side.

Jace held his breath, his golden eyes intent on the door in front of him. The door finally opened revealing the person on the other side.

"I'm sorry," Isabelle voice was quiet, her dark brown eyes were filled with regret, "it's my fault, she left."

"What do you mean she left," Jace shoved past Isabelle walking into her room, "where'd she go this fucking late?"

Isabelle shut her bedroom door, "I don't know, she just said she needed to get out of here, she didn't even take her things with her," Isabelle wrapped her arms around herself as she continued, "Jace, it's my fault she left, I told her that she needed to get over whatever thoughts she had of the two of you, that you were not relationship material."

Jace's golden eyes flashed with anger and then hurt, sure he had been with lots of girls but Isabelle had been with more than a few guys as well, "why would you say that Iz, I would never throw you're shit out there like that, never."

Isabelle chewed on her bottom lip, "I was selfish okay, Clary is, I don't know, Clary's special to me, she's the first girl that has been able to put up with me, I thought you'd hurt, then I'd lose her."

Jace sighed in frustration as he sat on Isabelle's bed, "maybe you're right Iz, maybe I'd just end up hurting her no matter what."

Isabelle sat down beside Jace, pulling her knees up to her chin, "I don't believe that, you've never talked about your feelings before, I thought you didn't any," a small smile formed on Isabelle's face, "but with Clary you're different, I didn't see it at first, now I do though."

Shaking his head, Jace ran his hand through his messy blonde hair, "it doesn't matter, she's gone now," Jace took a breath, "I've got to get my head back in the game before I lose my scholarship, I was stupid for thinking I could have someone like Clary anyway, I'd never get that lucky."

Isabelle frowned, "what are you talking about Jace?"

"Come on Iz, you said so yourself, Clary's special, she deserves someone that's not going to hurt her, someone that will treat her like she deserves," there was a deep sadness in Jace's voice as he continued, "I can't be that guy, I've never been that guy, you were right to warn Clary about me Iz, I'm bad for her, I'd ruin her."

"You love her," Isabelle whispered, her brown eyes filled with wonder, "you do Jace, you love Clary, I never thought, I mean, you're in love!"

Jace raised his hands up in defeat, "so what Iz, even if what I'm feeling is love, it doesn't change the fact of who I am, I'm not good, I'll destroy Clary."

Isabelle's body shook with anger, "No, you don't get to do that."

"Do what Izzy, dammit I'm agreeing with you," Jace started to stand from his place on Isabelle's bed.

Isabelle's arm shot out, grabbing Jace hand, pulling him back down on the bed, "that was before I knew how you felt."

Jace growled in frustration, "stop Iz, just stop, forget I ever said anything."

Isabelle shot up from her bed, "fine, let Jem have her, or Kyle, he thought she was hot too, not to mention William, he definitely would show her a good time."

Jace felt his chest tighten, "what the hell."

Isabelle stood directly in front of Jace, shoving her hands on her hips, "do you really think that no guys are going to hit on Clary, I mean seriously Jace, she's hot, college guys are going to take one look at our ginger, they'll be lining up," Isabelle took one of her fingers and began tapping her chin, "I wouldn't be surprised if guys placed bets on her, it's hard finding a true red hot ginger after all, I mean," Isabelle didn't get to finish her sentence before Jace interrupted.

"NO, HELL FUCKING NO," anger coursed through Jace's veins as visions of guys hit on Clary, "that won't happen, I won't let it."

"And how do you expect to stop it," Isabelle eyed Jace.

Jace grabbed the ends of his hair, pulling roughly, "Shit," Jace closed his eyes, sighing in defeat, "I can't hurt her Izzy, it'd break me, this, whatever this is that I feel for her, it's overwhelming, it's consumed every part of me, dammit, I want her, so bad, more that I want football, but I won't hurt her, I'd rather see her happy with someone else, than me hurt her."

Kneeling down, Isabelle placed her hand on Jace's knee as she spoke quietly, "don't you see, that's what love is Jace, love is putting your need aside, that's what you're trying to do for Clary, you love her, you may not want to admit it but you do."

Jace opened his eyes, "it doesn't change anything," Jace moved Isabelle's hand as he stood, "I won't break her Izzy, I won't."

Without thinking Isabelle slapped Jace, right across the face, "FUCK, WHAT THE HELL IZZY?"

"Jace, I didn't, I'm sorry," Isabelle backed away from Jace, fearing that he would retaliate.

Jace stared at his reflection in Isabelle's mirror, a giant handprint covering his right cheek, "damn Izzy."

"I'm sorry Jace, really, it's just," Isabelle cautiously walked toward Jace, "well you pissed me off, let's be honest you deserved it."

Jace felt a small smile forming on his face, "I hate to be the guy that ends up with you, you've got one hell of a temper."

Isabelle returned Jace's smile, "You mean if there's a guy for me, I mean come on Jace, the two of us are a lot alike, if you can't be with Clary, then who's to say I'll find happiness."

Jace pinched his eyebrows together as he turned to face Isabelle, "Iz."

Isabelle shrugged, "What, if you can't be happy, who's to say I can or anyone else for that matter, I just hope Clary doesn't end up meeting some total douche at college."

"Izzy, we both know you'd never let some douche in Clary's life," Jace chuckled.

"Yeah, I'd kick his ass first," Isabelle walked back over to her bed, turning down the covers, "it's late, I'm going to bed."

Jace nodded, "yeah, I think I'm going to head back home, tell Alec to call me when he gets up."

"Jace," Isabelle called as he turned to leave.

"Yeah," Jace answered.

"You're good enough, I just hope you realize it before it's too late," Isabelle gave Jace a sad smile before lying down.

"Yea, night Iz," Jace flipped Isabelle's light off as he walked out of her room.

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