For the Love of the Game


"Yea, night Iz," Jace flipped Isabelle's light off as he walked out of her room.

Jace turned down the hall and started walking, he half expected Clary to be standing there waiting for him but she wasn't, "you really messed up this time Wayland," he whispered to himself as he walked through the dark hallway and out of the Lightwood's home.

Walking to his truck Jace noticed Clary's vehicle was still parked in the Lightwood's driveway, Jace sighed as he reached his truck, he wanted to make things right with Clary but how could he do that if she wouldn't see him?

Jace growled in frustration as he unlocked his truck and opened the door, this day had not went the way he had hoped, he sat down and pulled his door closed, just as he stuck his keys in the ignition her heard a tapping sound coming from behind him.

"What the hell," he muttered as he turned to see where the tapping was coming from, he moved his body so he could see out of the truck's back window, he noticed something odd, causing him to get out of his truck.

Jace walked slowly to the back of his truck, his eyes taking in the blankets and pillows covering the cab of his truck, his eyes soon landed on a form in the covers, a human form.

Jace held his hand up in the air before allowing it to fall down hard on the back of his truck making a loud dinging sound, "Hey you, out of my truck."

Jace watched closely as the form began to sit up as the blankets began to fall away Jace saw exactly who had been in the back of his truck, "Clary?"

Clary sucked in her bottom lip and began chewing on it, holding up her hand she wiggled her fingers at him, "hey Jace."

"Where have, what are, have you been out here the entire time," Jace asked as he moved further down his truck.

"No, I was inside but I heard you and Izzy talking so I grabbed some blankets and decided to come and check out the stars, your truck just happened to have the best view," Clary's eyes were wide as she watched Jace pull down the tailgate on his truck.

"So," Jace sat on his tailgate, his back turned to Clary, "you heard me and Iz talking."

"Yep," Clary's voice was quiet, unsure.

Jace shifted his body so he could look at Clary's face, so he could see her reaction, "did you hear what we were talking about?"

Clary nodded causing her bright red curls to create a curtain around her, hiding her from Jace's golden eyes, "I heard most of it."

Jace wanted to touch her, he wanted to hold her but more than that he needed to know how she felt, could he even hope that one day she would allow him to hold her in his arms again, "And."

Clary ran her hands through her hair, allowing Jace to see her face once more, "And what?"

Jace sighed, "come on Clary, you said you heard us, I want to know what you have to say about what was said."

Clary pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her tiny arms around them so she could place her chin on her knees, "like what Jace?"

Jace growled in frustration as he placed his hands over his face, "dammit Clary."

When Jace removed his hands from his face he saw that Clary was crawling towards him, her short camisole was inching up higher and higher on her waist as she continued on her path to him, "Clary, I just, I need to know."

When Clary reached Jace she looked up at him, her eyes twinkling in the night as she smiled, "you wanna know what I think," she sat up on her knees and leaned close to Jace, "I think," Clary leaned even closer, "I think you need to kiss me, now, right now," Clary balled Jace's shirt in her tiny hand and pulled him roughly to her, crashing their lips together.

Jace felt the relief instantly, her scent, her flavor was so much and yet it wasn't enough, he wrapped his arms around Clary's tiny waist pulling her to him until she was straddling him, their lips never separating, he had never wanted to just kiss a girl, no the kissing was just the first step in moving to something else, something to satisfy his needs but with Clary it was different, he could be content for the rest of his life with just kissing her, she was intoxicating, she was everything, she made him feel things he never knew existed.

Jace kissed her with everything he had, he wanted her to feel what he felt, wanted to show her how deep he cared for her, wanted her, "Clary," he finally whispered against her mouth before kissing her again.

"Hmmmm," Clary moaned against his mouth as she pulled him impossibly closer to her.

Jace smiled against her mouth, "we need to talk."

"No, talking," Clary whispered back between kisses.

Jace shook his head, pulling back he placed his hands on Clary's face forcing her to stop and look at him, "I need to get this out, I need us to talk."

Clary's lips were red and swollen and Jace wanted nothing more but to have his mouth on hers again but he knew he had to talk to her, he had to do it now before anything else happened between them, "Okay Jace," Clary pulled back moving her body off of him to where she was sitting beside him and not on top of him.

Jace did not like the distance she created but he understood them needing distance, for some reason when the two of them touched each other that was it, that's all they could do but now they needed to talk and if that meant no touching he would have to deal with that, "Clary," Jace looked up, his golden eyes meeting her green, "I need you to know that this, this thing between us is not something I want to end, I don't want it to be just us making out, I want more."

Clary's cheeks reddened, "You do?"

Jace smiled, his chest feeling as if it may explode at any moment, "I do, I want you to be with me, I want you for myself, only for me, no one else."

Clary gave Jace a devilish smile as she crawled back on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck as his arms wrapped around her waist, "so, are you, Jace Wayland asking me to be your girlfriend?"

Jace smirked; by the angel could this girl get any sexier, "I am."

Clary's hands began to play with the end of Jace's curls; her face bright with happiness, though she was doing her best to hide her excitement, "I think," Clary leaned into Jace, "I think I like the sound of being your girlfriend, Jace Wayland."

"You do, do you," Jace was grinning from ear to ear as he wrapped his arms tighter around Clary's waist, pulling her closer to him, his lips running across her own.

"I do," Clary grinned pushing her mouth to Jace's.

Jace moved his hands from Clary's waist, winding them in her hair as pushed her face as close as he could, this was what he wanted, this is what he needed, more than football, more than college, this girl he had in his arms completed him and Jace knew that if he ever lost her, it would be the end of him.

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