For the Love of the Game


"Jace," Clary grinned into his neck, "you have to let me go."

Jace shook his head as he breathed her in, "Nope, not happening," he pulled her body closer to his.

Clary wanted nothing more but to stay with Jace like this but she knew he had to pack and she needed to get on the road, "Baby, I've got to go," she pushed away from him lightly, "we'll see each other again before you know it."

Jace couldn't bare it, a month away from Clary, that was too much, "No, I can't handle it," he buried his face into Clary's red curls.

Clary sighed, if she were being honest a month away from Jace seemed like an eternity but she knew he had to go, "Jace Wayland, you can," Clary squirmed in Jace's arms trying desperately to get out of his grasp, "you're going to be busy with practice, it'll be over before you know it, I need to pack, and spend time with my parents, or did you forget that I had to promise to spend every waking moment with them for the next month in order to stay here with you these past two weeks," Clary looked up to find Jace looking down at her with his golden eyes, she knew if she kept gazing into his eyes, she'd end up agreeing with him, "besides," Clary finally broke free from his grip and twirled away from him smiling, "I can't wait to see my sexy ass man fully decked out in his football gear!"

Jace shook his head chuckling, "Your man, huh?"

Clary stopped twirling and placed her hands on her hips, "Yes, my man," she began to walk back to Jace, swinging her hips as she moved, "my sexy, sexy man," Clary stood on her tiptoes, running her hands through his golden locks, "you got a problem with that Wayland?"

Jace wrapped his hands under Clary's butt, lifting her in the air so she could wrap her legs around his waist, "Hell no," Jace whispered before crushing his lips to hers.

Clary gazed around her empty bedroom, her heart felt heavy, it would be weird not living here with her parents anymore.

"You packed up and ready," Simon called out from behind her.

Clary turned away from her room and made her way toward Simon's voice, "Yep, you?"

Simon grinned as he wiggled his eyebrows, "I was born ready."

Clary rolled her eyes and punched Simon lightly on the arm, "that was so corny, you're never going to get Isabelle Lightwood with those lines my friend," Clary turned away from Simon and picked up a small box.

Simon pushed his glasses up with his index finger, "Who says I'm trying to impress Isabelle?"

Clary chuckled as she walked by her best friend, "Whatever you say Si, but just so you know you're not fooling me, I know you better than you know yourself."

Simon huffed, "Do not," he whined back as he picked a box up and followed Clary outside.

Clary was standing outside by the small moving truck their parents had rented for the two of them, Simon was planning on driving the moving truck while Clary drove her own vehicle, "Do too, Simon Lewis and you know it," Clary smiled as she watched the sunset, tomorrow was the day, the day she moved into her dorm at the University of Alabama, the day she would finally see Jace again.

Simon came to stand beside Clary, bumping her with his shoulder, "Maybe you know me better than myself, maybe," Simon threw his sweaty arm around Clary's shoulder, "tomorrow's the big day, huh?"

"Eew, Simon," Clary whined as she shoved Simon away, "you smell like a sewer."

Simon laughed, "Kay, we got everything loaded right," Clary nodded, "see you in the morning Fray."

Clary smiled waving back at Simon, "In the morning Lewis."

Clary watched as Simon drove away, when she could no longer see the moving truck Clary made her way up the step to her house and went to sit on the porch swing. Simon was right tomorrow was a big day, the day she not only goes off to college but the day she sees Jace for the first time in a month, Clary couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive about seeing him again, what if he had changed his mind about them, sure he called and text all the time but what if he was waiting to tell her when he saw her in person? Clary took a deep breath, she needed to get a grip, Jace still wanted her, he told her all the time, he made it clear in the letters he mailed her and not to mention his dirty little text he sent her late at night, "We're going to be fine," Clary whispered to herself as she stood up and walked inside.

"Wayland," Jared yelled out as Jace dressed in front of his locker.

"Yea man," Jace turned to see Jared walking up to him with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"A bunch of us are going out for drinks at this new club, you in?"

Jace shook his head, "Na man, I gotta get back and call Clary."

Jared ran a hand through his wet brown hair, "This Clary must be something," Jared turned his back to Jace as he opened his locker, "I'll tell you something, me and the boys can't wait to meet her, we want to meet the pistol that has you wrapped around her tiny finger."

Jace crossed his arms across his chest as he stared at Jared's back, he hadn't thought about Clary being on a campus full of horny guys, "I doubt you or any of the other guys will be meeting my girl."

Jem and Will walked up laughing but stopped when they saw the look on Jace's face, "So boys, what's up," Will said as he clapped his hands together, his eyes darting between Jace and Jared.

Jace didn't move or say anything, he continued to stare daggers at Jared's back, Jared pulled his shirt over his head chuckling, "You're boy here seems to be very possessive of his girl," Jared turned to face Jace, mimicking his posture.

Will closed his mouth and stood silently, he knew how Jace felt about Clary and he refused to push the issue, Jem on the other hand decided to give his input, "are we talking about Clary?"

Jared gave Jace a devilish smile before answering Jem, "That we are, you know her?"

Jem nodded, "Will and I met her at a party, she's something special alright," Jem's face seemed to light up when he said Clary's name causing Jace to want to punch him hard in the face.

Will seemed to notice the way Jace was looking at Jem and decided to step in, "Jem don't we have somewhere we need to be?"

Jem shot Will a look but nodded, "Yea, yea we do, see you guys later."

"Will," Jared called out before the two could escape.

"Yes Jared," Will gritted his teeth, he wasn't a big fan of Jared's to begin with but now he was really beginning to dislike him.

"Didn't Jem say you met this Clary too, so tell me, what'd think," Will saw exactly what Jared was doing, he wanted to push Jace and from what Will could tell Jared was doing a good job.

"I met Clary," Will nodded stepping forward to get into Jared's face, "and you're right, Jace is quite possessive of her, with good reason, the girl is sexy as hell," Will earned himself a fake punch in his chest from Jared who was grinning ear to ear, "but I hate to tell you this mate, Clary wouldn't be interested in someone like you."

Will turned giving Jace a wink, hoping it would let him know that he was on his side, "Why is that," Jared questioned.

Will stepped back and placed a hand on Jace's shoulder, "Well it's like this, from what I hear out girl Clary is pretty particular about her men, Jace here is definitely her type, you, well you're just not."

Jared moved forward, "How can you tell?"

"From what I was told by a few of the guest at the party, Clary has to have men that are pretty big, she's not into that, what was she called it Jace," Will raised an eyebrow as he turned to look at Jace.

Jace couldn't help the small smile appear on his face, "Micropenis."

Will snapped his fingers in the air, "That's right, that's what I was told she called it," Will turned his attention back to Jared, "you see mate, we all know that you have that micropenis problem, so that puts you out for a chance with Clary, unless you'd be interested in visiting a Urologist, you know get fitted for an implant."

Jared's face turned red with anger, "Fuck you Herondale, fuck all of you," he yelled as he stormed away from his three teammates who were laughing hysterically.

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