For the Love of the Game


"Don't you think you're overreacting just a little?" Simon removed his glasses and began cleaning the lenses with the hem of his shirt. They were less than twenty minutes from their destination when Clary called him begging him to pull over at the next gas station. Simon had originally thought she needed gas or possibly another bathroom break but to his surprise he was wrong.

"No. I. AM. NOT. OVERREACTING. Simon Lewis!" Clary glared up at Simon with her hands on her tiny hips.

Simon shifted his glasses on his nose. "I think you are. And if you were being logical you'd agree with me."

"You and your logic." Clary threw her hands up in air turning from her best friend to kick the front tire on her car. "You weren't there. You didn't hear his voice. He doesn't want me anymore. I just know it."

Simon placed his arm around Clary's shoulder pulling her into him. "We've been over this. He just got back from practice. He was tired. He may or may not have been grumpy. He said he missed you. He said he can't wait to see you. So-tell me again why are we stopped here in the middle of nowhere at some stupid gas station. We could be at the University by now." Simon removed his arm from Clary's shoulder pushing her lightly toward her car door. "And you could be suprising this guy at football practice."

Clary's eyes widened. "Do you think he would mind if I just showed up like that?"

"Yeah. Why not? Hey, if I was some tough macho football player I'd like nothing more than a cute redhead running up to me after practice." Simon had no idea whether Jace would be happy or mad if Clary showed up. He was just hoping his words of encouragement would be enough to get them back on the road.

A small smile appeared on Clary's face. "I love it when you're right Si-. Thank you." Simon gave Clary a big toothy grin. "Now go. If we don't hurry I'll never make it before practice ends."

Simon ran his hands through his curly brown hair muttering as he walked back to the truck they were renting.

"Jace. My man. You ready for another round after break?" Jordan smacked Jace's butt walking past him to grab a Gatorade.

Jace chuckled. "Dude. Keep your hands to yourself." Jordan turned back to Jace chugging down his Gatorade giving him a wink. "You my friend are giving me the creeps." Jace pointed a finger in the air toward Jordan.

Jordan just shrugged walking back the way he came. "Oh. Jace?" Jordan stopped and looked back at Jace. "Is your girl coming in today?"

Jace took a deep breath before answering. "Yeah she is. And no you can't get a look at her." Jace knew he sounded like an ass. Hell, he was being an ass but Jace refused to let any of the other players near Clary.

Jordan held his hands up in the air in surrender. "Hey man. Cool down. I'm not planning on messing with Clary. I got my own girl comin in. Her name's Mia and I just thought maybe we could get them together. I don't like the idea of her coming to the games alone and since you've got Clary. I was hoping they could come together."

Jace ran his hands down his sweaty face. "I'm sorry man. What can I say I'm an ass."

Jordan shook his head smiling. "Yes. You are. But I get it. I don't want Mia around most of these douches either."

Jordan started to leave again but stopped when Jace called out to him. "Hey. I think it'd be great to introduce Clary and Mia. Clary's only other girlfriend is Izzy and she's a cheerleader so she won't be able to hang out with her at the games. I'd feel better knowing Clary's not in this mess by herself."

"Cool. Maybe we can meet up this weekend. Double date or something." Jace nodded in agreement. "See ya on the field honey." Jordan blew Jace a kiss and wiggled his fingers before leaving.

Jace shook his head thinking that maybe things were going to work out after all. Not every guy on the team would want to make a play for Clary. She was his and nothing and no one would be able to change that.

"You're here," Isabelle squealed jumping off her bed to throw her arms around Clary. "I have been so freaking bored. All I do is practice. I can't go out because of our curfew. So- I hope you don't mind that I decorated without you." Isabelle released Clary to show her their dorm room. "I tried not to go overboard but me being me- well tell me what you think!?"

Clary's green eyes took in their small dorm room. Isabelle had decorated everything to perfection. There were vibrant colors splashed all over the room. Isabelle's mom bought the girls matching comforters. The comforters were covered in bright colored zig zags, red, orange, turquoise and brown. Every color Clary could think of was decorating their dorm room and she loved it. Being an artist this was a dream come true. Isabelle had covered on wall with nothing but mirrors of all different shapes and size and every single one had a different color frame. Isabelle had already organized the closet leaving Clary very little room, not that Clary was surprised. On the floor was a large turquoise shag rug with large colorful pillows around it for them to sit on. Clary was speechless, it was perfect. "Iz. I don't know what to say-"

Isabelle frowned. "You don't like it?!"

Clary grabbed Isabelle's hand squeezing it gently. "No. No. I love it. I really. Really love it. I hate you had to do all this work on your own."

Isabelle's frown quickly vanished. "I saved a wall for you." The tall brunette tugged on Clary's hand pointing to the wall on the other side of the room.

"Why?" Clary began getting nervous was she supposed to bring something to decorate? Mrs. Lightwood made it specifically clear that she was to only bring her personal items nothing more.

"For your art work silly." Isabelle was beaming clearly proud of herself for suprising Clary. "I know you probably don't have anything painted yet but this way you will have a place to display your beautiful paintings, drawings or whatever."

Clary smiled. By the angel she loved Isabelle. She couldn't imagine having any other roommate. "Thanks Izzy. This is just perfect. Now I just have to get my boxes from the truck downstairs but then I won't have time." Clary's voice trailed off when she realized that if she unloaded her things then she would miss suprising Jace after practice.

Isabelle furrowed her eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

The redhead shrugged. "It's nothing really. I just thought I'd surprise Jace after football practice. That's all." Clary waved her hand in the air dismissing her silly idea. "I'll just catch up with him later. It's not a big deal. Really."

Isabelle placed her finger to her lips and began tapping lightly. "You know what. I got this. You go see you're man."

Clary shook her head. "No. You've already done all of this. I can't ask you to unload my junk too. No Izzy."

Isabelle placed both her hands on Clary's shoulders turning the short girl to her. "Go. See Jace. I got this." Isabelle's lips curved into a wicked smile. "Besides I'm not going to be the one unloading the truck." Clary's eyebrows rose as she waited for Isabelle to elaborate. "There's these guy on the cheer squad. And. Well let's just say they're more than willing to do whatever I ask."

A small giggle escaped Clary's mouth. "You're so so bad." Her green eyes darted between Isabelle and the door. "Okay. I'm going. But first. How do I look?"

"Here." Isabelle pulled Clary's clip from her red curls and ran her fingers through it. "There perfect. Jace loves it when you wear your hair down. Now go."

Clary grabbed Isabelle pulling the girl to her for a short hug. "Thanks for everything. You're a great friend." Isabelle smiled as she pushed Clary out the door.

"Man. That was some tough shit." Jared threw open his locker leaning his head against the metal frame. Sweat pouring from his face falling on the carpet below him.

"Maybe for a pussy like you," Jordan barked as he walked past the lockers where Jared was standing.

Jared turned his head yelling back at Jordan. "Fuck you Kyle. Fuckin ass." Jared slammed his locker shut his breathing hard and labored.

"Calm down. Why don't you go cool off in the showers." Jem patted Jared on the shoulder as he closed his locker. "Jordan's just kidding. You know how he is."

"Well he needs to learn to keep his damn mouth shut," Jared muttered as he opened his locker once again.

"Or maybe you need to learn to take a joke-unless it's your guilty conscience eating away at you." Jace was walking from the showers a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Go screw yourself Wayland." Jared shoved Jace's shoulder as he stormed pass him.

Jace was about to retort a smart ass comment when Will and Chandler walked up clapping loudly.

"What's that all about," Alec asked walking up to Jace.

Jace turned to his best friend noticing that Alec had already showered and dressed. "No clue. Hey. What's got you in such a hurry?"

Alec's color drained from his face. "Um. Nothing. No one. I just. I gotta go. See you at the dorm." Jace stared after Alec as he ran off wondering what his best friend could be keeping from him.

"Enough with the clapping." Britt screamed from the shower obviously annoyed with Will and Chandler's clapping.

Jace tore his eyes from the door and walked over to his locker where it so happened that Will and Chandler were standing with mischievous smiles on their faces. "Please tell me you didn't ruin my clothes or some shit."

"Chandler, would you like the honors?" Will raised his eyebrow looking at the rather large blonde standing next to him.

Chandler grinned. "No. You." Jace shook his head for someone to be as big as Chandler he sure was a shy fella.

"Here ye. Here ye. I the great Will Herondale have news to share with our quarterback Jace Wayland." Jace rolled his eyes noting that several players started to surround his locker.

"Spit it out Will. I'd like to get dressed." Jace moved his hand in the air for Will to hurry up.

Just as Will opened his mouth Dean ran in the locker room with a finger pointing behind him. "Who's the hot chick standing outside the locker room?"

"What hot chick?" Jared was walking out of the shower looking at the crowd that had formed around Jace's locker.

Dean shook his head a small smile appearing on his face. "I don't know man but she's hot. Like really hot. And she smiled at me."

Jace didn't think anything of Dean's announcement he already had a hot chick that he was eager to see if the two idiots would get out of his way so he could get to his locker. "Will, do you mind?"

"Seriously Jace? Hot girl standing outside the locker room?" Will was looking at Jace with wide eyes. "I wonder who it could be?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know? Now get your big asses out of my way so I can get dressed." Jace shoved Will and nudged Chandler out of the way to open his locker. Pulling his jeans up he heard Chandler trying to get Will's attention.

"Will. I thought you said it would be fun to see the look on Jace's face." Jace shook his head as he continued to listen to the gentle giant. "You said Jace would run over himself to get outside to that pretty redhead."

Jace stopped. Redhead. Pretty redhead outside the locker room. "Clary?" Jace spun around and grabbed Will by the arm. "Clary's outside? She's here?"

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