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For the Love of the Game


There he was pacing, where was the mailman it was already a quarter past three on a Friday afternoon. The sun was beating down on Simon Lewis as he looked over his "Guide to Success Checklist"; this was a list that Simon had made to keep his goals for his future a priority in his life. Simon worked painstakingly on this list; this was the key to his future and he could not detour from anything on it. Waiting still on the mail to run he began to review what he had been able to check off so far, his GPA was a 4.0 – check, he was class president – check, voted 'most likely to succeed' in his Senior Superlatives – check, valedictorian for his class – check, get accepted to the University of Alabama; that is where the checks had stopped. Simon began pulling at his brown curls; he was beyond frustrated as he waited on the one letter that held all of his hopes and dreams. Simon already knew what career path he wanted to study Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Alabama; he had always dreamed of attending the same college that his parents attended. Simon was hot and tired as he removed his glassed wiping the lens with his shirt after placing them back on his face he started kicking a rock with the tip of his beat up Air Jordan's as he continued pacing once again.

"Simon, oh Simon" Simon turned to the familiar voice he heard calling his name; he would know that voice anywhere; Clary Fray, the girl with a fiery personality and had the hair to match it! Clary had been Simon's best friend since fifth grade; they met on the playground after Clary had punched Jordan Kyle in the nose for picking on Simon's glasses. The two became instant friends and after that Clary was the yin to his yang; where Simon was always organized, on time, and stressed, Clary was scattered, late and always carefree. Simon watched as Clary ran towards him waving a white envelope in the air "I got mine in the mail"

"What the heck" Simon yelled as he reached out to grab the sealed envelope from Clary but she spun away from him laughing.

"Oh no, I do not think so! Simon Lewis, we promised that we would open them together" Clary said as she stopped several feet away from him. Whereas Simon was a straight A student and academically focused, Clary was the exact opposite, she was a very dedicated to the arts but where other academics were concerned she could care less. She made an A in one subject and one subject only and that was in Art, the rest of her grades ranged from B to C. Clary did not care about what college she attended as long as the college had an Art program she would be happy so when Simon asked her to apply to the University of Alabama she was more than happy too. Clary peeked over at Simon who was visibly stressed; he had a frown on his face and was currently kicking his mailbox with his shoe. "Simon come on the mailman will be here any minute" Clary sighed as she started to walk towards her friend.

Right then the mailman came into view heading straight toward the Lewis's mailbox; Simon looked as if he was about to jump out and tackle the poor driver until Clary pulled him by the back of his shirt; allowing the driver to place the mail in the mailbox before speeding away. Clary let go of Simon immediately when she knew the mailman was out of harm's way; Simon flew to the mailbox shoving the slot down allowing him to grab the mail. There laid the one piece of mail that he had been waiting eternity for, this small envelope would hold either a letter of acceptance or a letter of denial from the University of Alabama.

"Okay lets rip them open Si" Clary yelled jumping up in down in front of him. Simon inhaled deeply as he gently slid his hand carefully over the front of the envelope, taking his finger he began tracing over the monograming that held his fate. Simon wanted to preserve this moment, to etch it in his memory for the rest of his life and as he slowly and carefully began to open his letter ever so carefully to take his precious time to read every dotted I and every crossed T. He looked toward his best friend and noticed that she had already ripped her letter open and was scanning through it. Simon quickly drew his attention back to his own envelope, knowing if he did not hurry Clary would snatch it away from him and do it herself. He opened his envelope, quicker than he would have liked and unfolded its letter with care. Simon felt his breathe catch as he began to read the typed letters before him.

"Simon, I am accepted" Clary cheered to Simon as she did her 'Happy Dance' while he continued to read word for word his own letter. "Simon Lewis did you not hear me" Clary had stopped dancing and stomped over to her best friend and was glaring up at him. She reached out to grab his letter but alas she was too short and therefore she had to wait until Simon read every single word of his admissions letter. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime Simon looked down at his best friend with a huge grin appearing; he picked Clary up off the ground spinning them both in a circle with Simon hollering "We are headed to the University of Alabama"

As the sun started to set the two friends sat in the swing that occupied the Lewis's porch, Clary's head lay on Simon's shoulder as they held each other's hand, there the two sat in silence watching the perfect sunset to end their perfect day.

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