For the Love of the Game


Alec and Jace were headed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for their open house at the University of Alabama; their parents and Isabelle were following behind them in the Wayland's black Tahoe.

Alec was driving his bright red Dodge Challenger with Jace riding shotgun; the radio blasting out Eminem's – Not Afraid, as the two headed toward their destination.

After what seemed like an eternity the group finally arrived at University of Alabama; stepping out of Alec's car, Jace looked around at the sight before him. Hundreds of people were scurrying around the front of the college, people were chanting "ROLL TIDE" over and over again, and the college mascot Big Al was taking pictures with upcoming freshmen.

Jace could hear Alec and the others talking behind him as he closed his eyes and took a deep breathe; he just stood there taking it all in.

"Jace we have to go man, orientation is about to start" Jace opened his eyes when he heard Alec's voice. Standing in front of him Alec and Isabelle stood waiting impatiently; Jace noticed that the set of parents must have gone ahead without them.

"You two go ahead, I just need to check on something before going in" Jace said as he waved his two friends off.

Alec did not argue with his best friend; he knew Jace Wayland almost as well as he knew himself; Jace would not be attending orientation, he was never one for long speeches unless it had something to do with football.

Alec smiled as he watched his friend walking away, he knew exactly where Jace was headed, and there was not a doubt in his mind. Turning to face his twin sister, Isabelle, the two siblings headed off to find a seat for orientation.

Jace Wayland had been dreaming of this moment for as long as he could remember, unlike his best friend who cared about seeing the classrooms and the dorms they would be staying in; Jace only wanted one thing and that was to step foot in the majestic Bryant – Denny Stadium.

It did not take Jace long to locate the massive stadium, he had been mapping out the best routes to the stadium since his talk with Stephen Herondale.

Jace walked through the stadium to find the entrance to the field that he had been dying to see and touch with his own hands; and finally the gate to the field appeared before him.

Taking a moment to manage his emotions that were threatening to spill over; Jace took his two hands and gripped the metal gate as he allowed his head to lean against the metal bars.

He knew that experiencing this for this first time would be an emotional moment for him; that is why it was so important for him to come alone. This was something so special to him and he wanted to keep the moment private; just for him and him alone.

After taking a few more breaths, Jace released the metal gate and began to slowly step out on the field that lay out before him. The field was unlike anything Jace had ever seen before, the air was fresher, the turf greener; everything about that field was nothing short of magical.

His heart was racing, his hands were sweating as he slowly walked further onto the field; once he made it to the goal line his heart rate had slowed down and his hands were no longer sweating. Jace realized he felt at home on the field; this was where he was meant to be. He walked over and ran his right hand down the goal post that stood in front of him; Jace was living his dream and he could not contain his joy any longer.

"Whoo hoo, I made it" Jace yelled through the stadium as he jumped up in the air; he could hear not only his own echo but something else as he landed softly back on the ground. He stood still as he tried to make out the other echo and as he listened he began to realize what he was hearing; the sound was a young girl's laughter. Quickly Jace began to look for the source from which the laughter came; he was aggravated that someone had spied on his personal moment. He walked further down the field looking up at the stands above him to see if anyone was sitting and watching him; there was no one above him in the stands, Jace figured that the intruder must have made a run for it as he sat down at the fifty yard line.

He was thinking about how some irritating little child had interrupted his moment of appreciation for the field he was currently sitting on; stretching his hands out behind his head Jace laid down on the field trying his hardest to get his mind to go back to the special moment he was having before being interrupted.

As he closed his eyes trying to allow his body to relax he heard the laughter once more; Jace was on his feet in a matter of seconds as his golden eyes began scanning the field. There she was with her back leaning against the other side of the goal post; Jace had decided that she was probably a young child that escaped from her parents who must be at orientation with her older sibling. Jace began to walk to the other side of the field to get a closer look at the young child; the little girl had her back facing him and was almost hidden completely by the large post; if it had not been for her laughter Jace would have never found her.

Jace reached the goal post rather quickly realizing that the young girl was oblivious to him approaching her; and that was when he looked down and saw that she had ear buds placed in her ears. Jace smiled to himself now knowing she had not been laughing at him at all; she was there just like him believing she was alone on the massive field that they were both occupying. He began to study the small girl sitting below him; she had a sketch book in her lap, he noticed she had been drawing a group of massively large Crimson Tide football players running out of the very gate that she sat facing. Jace took in the detail of her drawing, noting that the young girl was very talented. After studying her drawing his eyes moved to her face; the girl's eyes were closed as he watched her closely he noticed she was not as young as he thought. She had beautiful porcelain skin with freckles in various places covering her tiny features, especially her nose. Her lips were slightly parted as Jace noticed she seemed to be mouthing the lyrics of the song she was listening too. Her hair was bright red and possibly curly from what he could tell, seeing as she had it piled up in a bun on top of her head. Jace's eyes moved downward to the girl's clothing noticing how tiny her frame was, she was wearing extremely short cut off denim shorts with the fringes being blown by the breeze and her top was an oversized University of Alabama shirt with none other than Big Al pictured on the front. Jace's hand was itching to pull up the left side of her top seeing how it was so large it had fallen off her tiny shoulder revealing a lacy black strap that one could only assume belonged to her bra.

Just as Jace was debating whether to pull her shirt back up or just walk away; the young girl below him opened her eyes and noticed his shadow on the ground next to her causing her to look up. Jace noticed her eye color right away when she made eye contact with him; they were a stunning emerald green that sparkled when met with his golden ones. He was waiting for her to jump up and scream, even possibly hit him but she never did, she removed her ear buds from her ears and stood up not once breaking eye contact. When the girl stood straight Jace's smile grew seeing how truly tiny she was as he continued looking down at her.

The young girl noticed Jace smiling as he watched her causing her face to make a smirk also, "Did your parents not ever tell you it's not polite to stare at something that doesn't belong to you"

Jace looked down at the girl below him trying to replay her words again in his head; surely she did not say what he thought she said but wait yes she did. Jace was about to say some smart ass comment back but when he focused on the girl once more he noticed her back was facing him and she was bending down in front of him to collect her sketch pad and pencils. He had to clench his hands in a tight fist as he could not help but notice her butt that was sticking out in front of him; and what a nice butt it was, her shorts had raised up showing a small amount of black lace and looked quite nice against her milky white thighs; Jace had to look away quickly before a moan escaped his throat.

"I hope you liked what you saw because that's as close as you will ever get to my ass" the young girl sassed bringing Jace's gaze back to her. The girl winked at him as she began to turn and walk away from him; as she walked away Jace saw that her tiny hand had made its way to the band holding her hair in place on top of her head. Jace stood there watching the little vixen as her hand released the band causing her hair to fall in waves all the way down her back; what a sight it was to behold; her bright curly red hair as it cascaded down her tiny back ending right at her butt. Jace felt as though he had just scored a touchdown with the way his body was reacting to the girl that was currently walking away from him.

He jogged up behind the girl needing to know her name "Hey I didn't catch your name"

"That's because I didn't give it" She retorted back to him as she continued walking.

"Well if you don't tell me your name I guess I will have to resort to nicknames, how about shorty, little red, small fry, hmmm I know what about shortcake" Jace was trying to come up with more nicknames for the redhead as he continued following her; not realizing she had stopped he walked right smack into her causing them both to fall with him on top.

Jace grinned down at the girl squirming under him; he knew as did she he had her; he leaned down to where his lips were touching her ear and whispered seductively "Well red if you wanted to touch all you had to do was ask"

"In your dreams Goldie, now if you don't mind, GET OFF" Jace chuckled as the girl tried with all her might to push him off of her; finally giving up she sighed and allowed her head to fall to the ground causing her red curls to flow out behind her. Jace realized he rather liked looking down on her in this position but he knew he had to stay focused to get what he really wanted from her

"I will make you a deal; tell me your name and I will be happy to get up" Jace watched as the girl pinched her brows together in frustration; he happened to think it was a cute look for her.

"Fine" the girl huffed out "My name is Clary, Clary Fray" she looked up at Jace and stuck her tongue out at him when she finished speaking, causing him to chuckle as he moved to get off of her.

Once standing Jace stuck his hand out to help Clary to her feet; once they were both standing and Clary had her sketch pad and pencils once more she turned and began walking.

"Oh Clary you forgot to get my name" Jace called out as he began walking after her

Clary did not stop this time until she reached the gate; there she turned and looked up at Jace's golden eyes "I didn't forget Goldie" as she spoke she took her left hand and placed it on Jace's upper chest causing his heart rate to pick up. Clary must have noticed as a sly grin began to spread out on her face as she took a step closer and began to move her hand ever so slowly down Jace's rock hard chest.

Jace noticed Clary's breath catch as her hand traveled down his chiseled chest, grinning he leaned down so his eyes could look into hers "Like what you feel Clare"

Jace was grinning as Clary shook her head in frustration quickly removing her hand; she was about to turn away from him again when Jace grabbed her tiny waist pulling her flush against him. He could feel her heart racing just as his was; he leaned down allowing his lips to touch the tip of her ear once more. There he placed a soft kiss on the tip before whispering "You can tell me to stop, Clary" from there he moved his lips slowly across her jaw line placing soft kisses as he went "Clary you should tell me to stop" Jace whispered as he reached her chin.

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