For the Love of the Game


Clary barely registered her best friend's voice as Jace continued his attack on her mouth; kissing him was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

There was a part of Clary that knew she needed to respond to Simon; she was planning on speaking but then Jace moved his hips in a motion that nearly sent her over the edge. Clary still hand her hands under Jace's shirt as she began to scratch and dig her nails into his bare skin; this causing Jace to push Clary even harder against the stone wall.

"Seriously Clary, can you not hear me; I leave you for less than two hours and what do I find when I return; my best friend turned hussy; fornicating on private property" Simon was screaming as he threw his bag on the ground. Simon's words seemed to snap Clary back to reality as she removed her hands from under Jace's shirt

"Um" Clary tried to speak but Jace's mouth was relentless against hers; in order to get his attention; she moved her hands back under his shirt running her hands up his chest stopping when she found his hard nipples; taking both nipples in her fingers she began to squeeze and twist as hard as she could.

"What the fuck" Jace cried out in pain as he moved back quickly detaching himself from the feisty redhead.

Clary watched as the golden god took his hands rubbing them over his nipples; as if to soothe them. Trying very hard not to laugh she immediately turned toward Simon; who was apparently still shocked by the erotic scene he had just viewed

"Simon how was orientation" Clary asked as she bent down to pick up her sketchpad and supplies; Simon did not move nor did he speak as she began walking toward him

"That bad huh; I tried to tell you to ditch it and hang with me but no"

"Clary, you need to explain yourself right now" Simon interrupted; as he glared at her

"Oh you mean this; well I decided that the best focal image for my drawing would be down here on the field" Clary answered with an innocent voice "Here is my drawing; do you want to see it" she had pulled out her drawing of the massive football players trying to show it to Simon

"NO NO HELL NO" Simon was yelling so loud that he was beginning to lose his voice "No I want to know who he is" Simon was pointing towards the muscular blonde that was standing by the wall watching them; amusement apparent on his face

"Really Simon is the yelling necessary" Clary asked; she looked over towards Jace and rolled her eyes before continuing

"He is no one" she said pointing towards Jace

"Then why the heck were you sucking on his face" Simon was clearly frustrated with his best friend as he shot invisible daggers at her with his eyes

"Ugh; really Simon" Clary sighed as she waved her left hand in the air "Fine, he did that so I would ask him what his name was"

"You are telling me that you were almost banging him against a stone wall in public without even knowing his name" Simon's was shocked "Clary I cannot believe that you are acting like this; like you are easy or something"

Clary's whole body stiffened as Simon finished his statement; turning ever so slowly she gave him the look that let him know he had crossed the line

"Simon Lewis how dare you of all people speak to me like that; but since you feel the need to discuss my virtue; why don't we" Clary's face transformed as she spoke; with an evil glint in her eye as she grinned toward Simon

"Now that I am thinking; can you please tell me which one of us still has their; oh how should I put it; their innocence, purity or to be old fashioned virginity in tack" Clary took a quick breath before continuing

"Last time I checked I've only kissed two people; and it just so happens that those two people are right here with me" Clary looked quickly at Jace, who seemed to now be the one in shock; Clary shook her head as she turned back to Simon

"Now that I have shared my virtue; let's discuss you Si" Simon was shaking his head pleading in silence for Clary to stop; she refused

"As I remember you went to a Supernatural convention last year dressed as the character Castiel; if I am correct you met a special Angel there; what was her name again; Mia yes Mia Roberts; the two of you decided to recreate the scene where Castiel lost his "virtue" to a fallen Angel; any of this ringing a bell to you Simon" Clary asked as she batted her eyes at him

"You promised never to talk about that ever again" Simon hissed

"That was before you pretty much called me a slut over nothing but a make out session" Clary yelled back

"Clary, I am hurt truly hurt; how quickly you dismiss our love" Jace called out as he leaned against the gate still watching the two. Clary shot him a cold look as she flicked her middle finger up at him.

"Okay Clary let's just drop it and go; I am sorry it just took me by surprise you know" Simon was giving Clary his best puppy dog expression as he watched her; did she forgive him

"Fine I forgive you Si; just do not speak without thinking again, got it" Clary asked as she pointed at him

"Sounds good to me Fray" Simon smiled as he turned to head back out the way he came

Clary turned to follow Simon but stopped when she heard Jace calling her from behind

"Clary wait up" Jace called as he walked after her; watching as she stopped and turned back towards him

"Yes" Clary simply asked; not moving to walk towards him

"I just thought you would want to exchange numbers or something" Jace cocked his head to the side as he shot Clary his world famous smirk. Clary slowly looked Jace over; from head to toe before replying

"Um, Nope I'm good but thanks"

Jace felt the blood drain from his face; no one had ever said no to him; not once, not ever; especially after he kissed them like he kissed Clary

"You're kidding right; I mean not after what happened between us back there; after what we did" Jace stuttered; he never stuttered

Clary shot Jace a sly grin as she stood on her tip toes; whispering near his ear

"You want more don't you; Wayland"

Jace felt his body shake as her voice reached his ear; something about this girl drove him and his body crazy; she was feisty and not to mention sexy as hell

"I do baby; I do" he replied as he placed both his hands on each side of her hips; slowly bending down toward her "do you want more Clary; I think we both know you do"

Clary looked at Jace as she took her hands and ran them up his arms ever so slowly; as she replied

"Do you want to know what I want to do right now" Clary took a small pause before continuing "I want to; oh Jace I really really want to go home with Simon"

Clary launched herself away from an extremely surprised and sexually frustrated Jace Wayland; Clary winked and blew Jace a kiss before she turned to leave; walking to find Simon and leaving a speechless Jace behind.

Clary walked out of the stadium finding Simon immediately; he was standing near the doorway speaking with two other students; Clary assumed.

"Hi Si" Clary called as she walked towards the trio; noticing that the two newcomers must be related; one was a girl and she was a beautiful tall brunette with brown eyes and the other was a very attractive male with brown hair and striking blue eyes.

"Clary; I would like you to meet Alec and Izzy Lightwood; Alec has a full ride athletic scholarship to play football and Izzy just happened to be approached by the cheer squad at orientation today" Simon smiled as he said Izzy's name

"It is a pleasure to meet you both; so Izzy did you decide to join the pep squad and join your brother at college" Clary questioned the intimidating girl

Izzy immediately smiled at Clary before responding

"I think I just might; they are giving me until Monday to decide" Izzy was analyzing Clary after she finished speaking; making Clary feel very self-conscious. Izzy noticed the small redheads discomfort and quickly spoke

"Clary, I was just thinking if I did decide to commit to this University; I would need a roommate and I am hoping that maybe the two of us could share a dorm room together"

Clary was truly excited; she had not thought once about needing a roommate yet and Izzy seemed like a cool girl; hopefully the two would get along well

"That sounds like a plan Izzy; I had not even thought of that and it would be a relief to know my roommate before we move in" Clary and Izzy both smiled towards each other

"Girls why don't we all grab a bite to eat before we part ways; you know get to know each other a little more" Simon suggested

"Sounds good to me; what do you think Alec" Izzy asked as she looked over toward her brother

"Well I don't see why not; mom and dad headed home with the Waylands so yeah sure why not" Alec replied as he began texting his parents to let them know what they planned on doing

"So you guys want to meet us somewhere; how about Five Guys; Clary absolutely loves that place" Simon smiled; looking towards the two Lightwoods; waiting for their answer

"Sure" Alec and Izzy said in unison

"Great so we will see you there. Right" Clary asked before turning to head to the parking lot with Simon

"Yeah; we need to get our friend and then we will meet you there; that good" Alec asked

"Sounds great; see you guys in a bit" Clary waved running ahead of Simon laughing as she ran past him

Five Guys was Clary's most favorite place to eat in the whole wide world; Simon and Clary had found a large table after they had ordered their food; waiting for the Lightwoods and their friend to show

After a few moments Clary looked up to see Izzy walk through the front door; followed closely by her brother Alec; as Clary stood to wave them over she noticed the door opening once more to reveal none other than, Jace Wayland.

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