For the Love of the Game


After a few moments Clary looked up to see Izzy walk through the front door; followed closely by her brother Alec; as Clary stood to wave them over she noticed the door opening once more to reveal none other than, Jace Wayland.

Simon turned toward Clary giving her a hard look as Clary continued to openly stare at the front door of the restaurant. Alec and Izzy were already ordering as Jace waited impatiently behind his two friends; turning to look around the restaurant Jace's golden eyes were met with a set of emerald ones.

Clary watched as a gigantic smile grew on Jace's face; she covered her face with both of her hands; why did he have to be the Lightwood's friends, out of every single person that walked this earth; why him. Clary slowly lifted her face from her hands a she gazed at the boy she considered to be her heaven as well as her hell. Jace Wayland, had the face of an angel but the characteristics of the devil; looking at his eyes it felt as if his golden orbs were speaking directly to her; telling her

"I am going to do very naughty things to you; and you will like it"

Clary's body shivered as she removed her eyes from Jace's; she knew that he was naughty and she also knew that she liked naughty; she liked naughty a whole lot!

"Simon maybe we should just get our food to go; it's getting late" Clary did not know if her body could handle being this close to Jace; her body had a dirty mind when Jace was around; what was even worse Clary could feel that she was beginning to enjoy thinking about all the naughty things he could do to her.

Before Simon had a chance to answer the speaker in the restaurant called their names; letting them know their orders were at the counter ready for pick up. Simon automatically stood walking toward the counter; grabbing not only his tray but Clary's as well; as Simon brought the two trays back to the table he noticed Alec, Izzy and Jace approaching them.

Jace watched Clary closely as she refused to meet his stare; he knew there was something between the two of them; he could feel it. Jace Wayland was a player; he knew it, girls knew it; he got what he wanted from them and then that was the end of it. He may have been a hit it and leave it kind of guy but he was always honest about it; Jace would always tell the girl that she was just a momentary distraction, football was his life; he did not have time to be in a relationship. The girls never seemed to mind; only saying that one night with him would be enough for them. Jace had been with many girls; more than he could honestly remember ; he had never felt the need for anything more with them but when he kissed Clary something changed. He could not get the redhead out of his head; kissing her was like consuming fire and her body was the water that he craved to quench his thirst. Jace was treading dangerous territory when it came to Clary; she made him forget, forget about everything and that included football; not once had he thought about football since seeing her on that field and that was unheard of. Football had always been at the forefront of his mind; here he was at the University of Alabama, the place Jace had been dreaming of since he was a little boy and all he could think about right now was this girl sitting right here in front of him. Jace knew that going after Clary was dangerous; she could either be his salvation or his destruction; and for some reason he could not find it in him to even care.

Jace looked down at Clary as she pretended to eat her burger and fries; he could tell she was nervous; smiling he spoke

"May I sit by you Clary?"

Clary's eyes shot up as she watched him closely before speaking

"Um yeah sure; okay" she mumbled before she began playing with her food once more. Jace heard their names being called at the counter as Alec hopped up and headed to pick up their food. Once Alec had brought the food to Izzy and Jace; they all began eating as a few of them conversed. Jace was currently watching Simon try his hardest to flirt with Izzy at the other end of the table; nudging Clary to get her attention he leaned down and whispered

"Don't look now Fray but I think your fallen angel over there is going after a knew conquest; I hate to be the one to break it to him though Izzy is not an angel, nope she is more like a demon"

His comment caused Clary to burst out in laughter; Jace truly enjoyed hearing her laugh. He watched as the stress seemed to leave Clary's face as her body began to relax; she turned to look at him with a genuine smile present on her face

"I do believe you may be correct Mr. Wayland; what do you suggest we do with this knew found evidence" Clary asked as she looked at Jace with a hint of mischief in her green eyes

Jace smiled back at Clary; loving how her face lit up as they talked

"Well Clary dear we have two options to choose from"

"And what would those two options be Mr. Wayland" Clary whispered as she leaned in closer to Jace.

"Our first option is to embarrass both of them; telling them that this thing between them could never work; tell them that the two of them are too different to be together; that they should stop this nonsense before they allow it to go any further" Jace turned to make sure Clary was listening; there she was with her sparkling emerald green eyes, looking at him as if she were hanging on his every word. Jace could feel his heart begin to race as his eyes made contact with hers; he took a deep breathe before continuing

"Our second option is simple; we let them continue in their unlikely journey to find each other; who are we to say that my demon and your angel are not made for one another; what is life without a little risk, the unknowing always makes for the best adventures" Jace replied looking directly at Clary; she had a serious look on her face as she spoke

"But what if one of them gets hurt"

Jace took his right hand and slowly moved it towards Clary's face; in order to place a stray red curl behind her ear, before speaking

"What if they don't?"

Clary and Jace sat their staring at each other; it was as if the rest of the world had washed away leaving just the two of them. Clary was the first to speak

"What would the great Jace Wayland say if I were to tell him that I knew a cute and feisty redhead that would really like to get to know him better"

Jace took his hand and placed it on Clary's hand before answering

"I think Wayland would say; he is pretty damn lucky if this beautiful girl even gave him a second glance"

Clary scooted so close to Jace that their faces were almost touching; she could feel his breath on her mouth, making it extremely hard for her to concentrate; all she could think about was her mouth on his; among other things

"I think she would give you; I mean Jace several more glances; after all he is quite nice to look at"

Jace was having a hard time thinking; all he could do was feel her; her knees barely touching his, causing this electric sensation to course through every fiber of his body. He could almost taste her on his mouth as she whispered to him, making him want nothing more than to throw her down on the very table that sat beside him and there he would touch her, kiss her until he had no air left in him

"Well dear Clary how about we introduce your redhead to this Jace Wayland"

Jace raised one eyebrow with a smirk on his face as he waited for Clary's response; before he could react Clary was on her feet walking out the front door; leaving him staring after her

"Jace what the hell did you do to my roommate" Izzy screeched from the other end of the table as she stared him down

"Seriously did she say where she was going" Simon asked with a concerned look in his eyes

"Jace, Jace, Jace I can't take you anywhere" Alec repeated over and over again as he looked down at the table

Jace refused to acknowledge any of them; he could not grasp what just happened; did he say something; did he do something to cause her to run out like she did

Just as he was sitting at the table contemplating on what the hell he did to cause her to walk out of his life for the second time that day; the front door of the restaurant opened and walking in through it was Clary.

Clary walked up to the counter as if to order; she leaned over to ask the attendant a question in which the attendant answered by pointing her toward the table she had been sitting at with the others. Clary turned and thanked the young attendant before walking toward the table that still held Izzy, Simon, Alec and Jace; as she reached the table she gave what seemed to be a nervous smile to the four occupants still sitting

"Hi my name is Clary; Clary Fray and I am looking for Jace Wayland; my friend told me that I would find him here" she asked as she twisted her fingers together tightly.

Alec stared at Clary as if she had literally lost her mind; Izzy giggled enjoying the scene unfolding in front of her; Simon shook his head ignoring his friend entirely as if he were accustomed to this kind of behavior from her; and Jace sat there staring at her in total shock, not sure what to do

"Is he not here;I guess not; well I will be going" Clary said as she began turning to leave once more; Jace quickly spoke up afraid of her leaving his sight again

"Hi, I um I mean Hey I'm Jace Wayland" his voice was a little unsteady as he spoke

Clary turned toward Jace and smiled a smile that caused his heart to leap; her smile could bring light to the darkest places of the world, he was sure of it. She slowly made her way over to his side of the table until she was standing right beside him; extending her hand toward him she looked bashfully at him as she spoke

"I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself Jace; I had a friend tell me that we should really meet"

Taking her hand in his; Jace stood quickly and smiled down at her

"Funny I had a friend tell me the exact same thing"

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