For the Love of the Game


It had been weeks since Jace had last seen Clary; he could not get her out of his mind, watching her, toughing her, kissing her; this girl had consumed all of his thoughts and even his dreams. Jace was sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands; remembering the events of the past two weeks

He had asked for her number before leaving the restaurant; instead she gave him her address; what the hell was he supposed to do with an address?

Izzy had told Jace that Clary was obviously a romantic; meaning she wanted him to woo her. Jace Wayland had never had to woo any girl in his entire life; and he had no clue how to.

The day after arriving home; Jace was lying on his bed staring at the small piece of paper that Clary had written her address on; what did was he supposed to do with it; finally after hours of staring at Clary's artistic writing Jace decided he would call Izzy and ask for her advice.

"Jace; seriously, you have no clue do you; Clary wants you to write letters to her" Izzy laughed in the phone as she answered him

Jace clearly frustrated was running his left hand through his golden locks; "Izzy, I have never and I mean never written a letter to anyone before; I wouldn't even know where to begin"

"Well Jace Wayland; if you truly like Clary then you will learn. Seriously Jace, Clary is not like the girls you have been with; if you want a chance with her, then you're going to have to work for it" and with that Izzy hung up the phone

The rest of that day Jace did absolutely nothing besides think of what to write Clary; around midnight that night he jumped off his bed and walked over to his desk, pulling out a single piece of paper

Dear Clary,

Hey; it's me Jace, the tall hot guy that you refused to give your number to. I have never written a letter to anyone, so I have absolutely no idea what I am doing or what I am supposed to write about! That being said I thought I would first tell you that I miss you. I miss looking at you; touching you; smelling you; and good god I miss kissing you. Clary, you consume everything I do; before all I thought about, all I dreamed about was football, now you are. I miss hearing you laugh; your laughter makes me smile and I find myself wanting to hear it throughout the day. My hands miss your body; the way you felt when they would run over your thighs, arms, face; the way your body would shiver under my touch. My fingers miss your hair; running them through your soft red curls; that brings me to my lips; my lips miss your perfect pink ones, the way your lips fit perfectly to mine, the way we moved so perfectly together and most of all I miss the way you taste; I need to taste you again Clary, I feel like my body is going to combust if I do not taste that sweet flavor on my mouth once more. I even miss your smart ass comments; how you amaze me by always having the perfect assy comment to reply to my remarks; the way you never stop suprising me by what comes out of that sexy little mouth of yours. What I am trying to tell you if you have not clearly figured it out; Clary Fray dammit I like you, I really really like you; the fact is, I cannot get you out of my head. I have never wanted a relationship, not ever; with you I want things, and it's not just physical, even though I do WANT physical with you; but I want more too, I want to talk to you and hear about your day, your laughter; I want everything with you. Please just give me a chance; I may have the looks of a Greek god but that does not mean I don't feel things. (Joke by the way) Seriously, just give me a chance, give us a chance; I want to be in your life; please just think about it, but don't take too long I'm dying here. Well there it is my very first letter, confessing the way I feel about you, the way my body reacts to you; speaking of my body I need a very cold shower now thanks to you.


Jace Wayland (Your very own piece of HOTNESS)

Jace was still sitting on his bed trying to figure out why Clary had not written him back; it had been over a week since he mailed the letter and he had heard nothing not one thing. He could not help thinking that maybe she wasn't interested in him like that; all girls were interested in him like that though, but Clary was not just any girl. As he continued to dissect every single minute he had spent with the redheaded vixen; his phone began ringing, looking at the number he noticed it was Izzy

"Yeah, what do you want Iz" Jace was clearly not in the mood to talk to anyone

"Who's got your boxers in a bunch; well fine if you don't want a message from Clary I guess I'll be hanging up now"

Jace stood in a flash from his bed, "What message; how did you get a message; what did she say"

"I have been talking to Clary you idiot; we are going to be roommates remember"

Jace could not help but feel a little hurt by the fact that Clary had given her number to Izzy but not him; maybe she really was not that interested in him

"Jace are you listening to me" Izzy asked on the other end of the phone

"Oh yeah, sorry; what did you need to tell me"

"Well I don't know what that letter said but whatever you wrote really did a number on Clary; she called me to get your cell number"

"She did; Izzy please please please tell me what she said; everything she said"

"Jace Wayland, you have never said please to me before"

"Come on Izzy, please"

Izzy was laughing as she replied, "Okay okay; Clary told me that not only was it the sweetest thing she had ever read but the sexiest too; Jace, let's just put it this way, she called for your number because she couldn't write you back"

Jace was ecstatic that Clary liked the letter and wanted his number but he couldn't help but be a little irritated by the fact she wasn't writing him back

"Why can't she write me back; I took the time to write her?"

"Oh Jace come on as if you don't know"

"Know what Izzy; if I knew would I be asking YOU"

"Fine; think about it Jace, I have no clue what you put in that letter but from the way Clary was talking it was pretty hot and heavy and we both know she has only kissed two people; you and Simon; Simon doesn't really count though like she said that was just awkward. Anyways clearly Clary is a virgin and whatever you wrote has her; how can I put this; feeling things she has never felt before, sexually frustrated; is the best way I know to say it. Jace give the girl a break; maybe this letter writing thing was new to you but ALL of this is new to Clary; she is a good, sweet girl; don't mess it up or I will hurt you, maybe even kill you. Gotta go now, bye"

Jace just stood there looking down at his phone; he had forgotten that Clary was so innocent; Izzy was right, he was new to feeling like this for a girl but for Clary this was like a whole new world. Jace had decided right then and there that he would take it slow with her, no matter how he felt; he could do this; yes he could be strong; Jace Wayland can wait; just as he stood there giving himself a much needed pep talk his text message alert chimed in

Looking down at the text, he read

Soooo; do you wanna talk dirty to me ;) CLARY

Taking things slow with Clary was going to be a lot harder than he had expected; Jace thought to himself as he began texting back

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