For the Love of the Game


Looking down at the text, Jace read

Soooo; do you wanna talk dirty to me ;) CLARY

Taking things slow with Clary was going to be a lot harder that he had expected; Jace thought to himself as he began texting back

Jace wanted to text something dirty back to Clary, boy did he but after the conversation he just had with Izzy, it just didn't feel right; so instead he text back

I am glad to see that you finally came around: Jace

Came around to what: Clary

To wanting to talk to me: Jace

Oh yeah I got your letter by the way: Clary

AND: Jace

AND what: Clary

Did you like it: Jace

I like it; I really really liked it Jace: Clary

Do you wanna know how much I liked it ;) Clary

Jace was not sure that he wanted to answer Clary's question; he was not sure that he could handle her answer, he did know that he did not want her mad at him though

I would love to hear how much you liked it: Jace

Okay; I loved it Jace ~ your letter did things to me Jace: Clary

I know you wanna know what it did to my body ~ don't you Jace, you wanna know: Clary

Jace's breathing had picked up in pace as he adjusted his pants, they were getting quite uncomfortable as he sat there thinking about Clary

I think I do want to know: Jace

Say please Clary first: Clary

Jace shook his head with a smile on his face as he looked down at his phone; this girl was too much

Please baby I mean Clary: Jace

I actually like it when you call me baby; however I would like it more if I could hear you whisper it in my ear: Clary

I will have to remember that when I see you again: Jace

I can't wait: Clary

The letter Clary: Jace

Oh yeah. As I read your letter; my body got really really hot Jace: Clary

Really: Jace

Mhmmm. I was sitting in my chair reading your letter and my body felt so uncomfortable: Clary

Uhuh: Jace

I had to get up from my chair – I moved to my bed – I had these shorts on Jace and they were sooo uncomfortable after I read your letter – laying in the bed did not help – do you know what I had to do: Clary

What did you have to do Clary: Jace

I had to take them off: Clary

Did that help: Jace

Nope so after I removed my shorts – I still felt this heat running through me – I was squirming all over my bed Jace in nothing but my white tank top and ity bity lace panties: Clary

Jace just stood there staring at the phone; imaging Clary sprawled out on a bed with nothing but panties and a tank top; he was very very uncomfortable now

Jace: Clary

I am still here: Jace

Do you wanna know what I did next Jace: Clary

Yes: Jace

I took my tank top off – now all I had on was my panties: Clary

Really: Jace

YEP – so then I knew I had to do something to help with the burning in my body – you wanna know what I did Jace: Clary

Jace knew he wanted to know, his body wanted to know; Jace would be more than willing to take a cold shower after this

Yes Clary I really really want to know: Jace

I took my left hand and placed it on my left breast Jace and then I took my right hand and ever so slowly moved it towards my lacy white panties: Clary

Jace balled up his left hand in a fist, sticking it in his mouth to bite down on, in order to keep him from screaming

And then what Clary: Jace

Clary: Jace

What the hell, Jace thought to himself; he was very uncomfortable in his current state and here Clary was leaving him hanging like that

Clary; are you there: Jace

Jace; sorry but I gotta go – I will text you back later ;) Clary

"FUCK" Jace yelled to no one in particular; throwing his phone on his bed Jace headed to take a very long and cold shower

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