For the Love of the Game


Jace was lying on his bed trying to get Clary out of his mind; did she have any clue what she was doing to him? She was driving him to the point of madness, he couldn't think, he couldn't eat, he couldn't even practice. He would be moving in less than two weeks to the University, all the athletes had to be there a month before the regular students due to training. Jace knew that he had to be on top of his game when he arrived back at Alabama, he knew what the coaches and other players would expect from him but right now Jace could care less about football or going off to college and it was all because of HER. He was beginning to wonder if Clary Fray was sent by the devil himself to cause Jace to fail, maybe she was his own personal demon of sorts. Just as Jace continued to contemplate how Clary was causing him to live in his own personal hell, his phone started to ring


"Hey, do you wanna come over" Izzy asked in a cheerful voice


"Okay it's your loss; I'll just have Clary all to myself, bye"

Jace shot up from his bed, was Izzy serious or was this some kind of sick joke she was playing on him, he quickly dialed her number again


Jace knew that was not Izzy's voice on the other line, it was Clary's

"Clary" Jace asked


"What are you doing here, how did you get here"

"Well I thought I came to see this really HOT guy but seeing he's not interested"

"No, no he's interested, very interested"

"Then what's he still doing on the phone, when he could be here with me" Clary said seductively before hanging up on him

Before Jace could think twice, he grabbed his keys and ran out the door, heading for the Lightwood's

Pulling into the driveway at the Lightwood's Jace noticed that there was a vehicle parked there that he had never seen before, a bright yellow VW Beetle. With a huge grin on his face Jace shook his head as he walked past the Beetle heading to the front door, knowing it had to be Clary's car, it fit her personality perfectly. Once he was right at the front door of the home Jace stood frozen, realizing just how nervous he actually was, if Clary had been any other girl Jace knew exactly how he would greet her, but Clary wasn't just any other girl.

Jace was still considering what to say to Clary when the door opened without him knocking; appearing on the other side was none other than his very own red hot demon sent to him from the fiery pits of hell. She stood there holding the door opened with her left hand waiting for him to come in but at that moment his eyes refused to be parted from her hot ass body, there Clary stood in a barely there black bikini, her bright red curls fell in waves around her smooth milky white skin. Jace felt his entire body tighten at the very sight of her, he felt as though his body could quite possibly explode at any moment causing him to leave this earth; he decided if that were the case it would be a hell of way to go.

"You just gonna stand there staring, or you gonna come and touch" Clary whispered as she pressed her back up against the Lightwood's bright red front door, her body was begging for him to come and touch

"Clary, baby you can't say things like that" Jace swallowed as he stepped forward placing his hands of her smooth bare hips, causing his pants to tighten as his manhood hardened

Clary wrapped her tiny hands behind his neck as she stood on her tip toes; she placed several chaste kisses along his jawline

"Oh Jace"

Jace had his eyes shut tightly as he tried very hard to control his breathing

"Yeah, yes"

Jace opened his eyes finding Clary had removed her hands from his neck and was leaning against the door once more, looking at him with her seductive emerald green eyes she spoke softly

"I'm going to the pool, you joining me"

Jace's eyes widened as he watched Clary turn and walk toward the back of the Lightwood's home.

"Well, fuck me" Jace whispered as his eyes watched his redhead's sexy ass walk out of sight

Jace walked out the back doors of the Lightwoods home in search for Clary, his eyes drifted toward the pool finding her laying on a float in the pool face down with the top of her bathing suit untied. His manhood was throbbing as he continued to watch her floating in the water, quickly noticing that no one else seemed to be around Jace quickly made his way to the pool, hoping to get in the water before anyone could see that he had a massive problem located in his pants.

Once he was safely in the pool Jace instantly felt relief wash over him, knowing that his manhood was concealed; Jace could now turn his attention toward his other problem, Clary Fray. He watched silently as he allowed his eyes to take in her topless back, his fingers itched to touch her bare skin, to feel the smoothness of her body against his. Jace waded over to Clary's float and slowly bent down to place a kiss in between her shoulder blades, her body reacted immediately to his touch making Jace's heart race. He rather enjoyed knowing that he could cause this type of reaction from her; he also realized that it pleased him that he was the first man to place his lips on her like that. Jace suddenly noticed that Clary's head was turned his way

"So you decided to join me I see"

Jace lowered his hand down on Clary's bare back and began running his fingers gently over her exposed skin, he slowly moved his face toward her ear to where his mouth touched it ever so lightly and whispered

"Baby we both know you want me here, don't you baby, tell me you want me here baby"

Jace smiled as he watched Clary's body shiver and when she finally spoke he noticed how labored her voice had become



"Say it again"

Chuckling as he spoke "Say what again"

"Dammit Jace, you know what"

He leaned in once more and whispered in her ear

"I need you to ask me first"

"Damn you straight to hell, fine, fine; just please Jace say it again PLEASE"

Jace could see Clary's frustration not only in her voice but also in her body, this time he gently bit the tip of her ear before he began to whisper

"Baby if you knew all the dirty things I want to do to you right here and now, baby you're killing me, you know that right"

As he finished he began to lick the outside of Clary's ear causing a delicious moan to escape her mouth

Just as Clary opened her mouth to speak Izzy came running out to the pool area in a red skimpy bikini

Izzy looked between Clary and Jace several times before deciding to speak

"Hate to break this up but we got a crew headed this way"

Clary shot up off the float totally forgetting her bikini top, Izzy had told her to untie it while lying out on the float

"What the hell Iz, have you seen what I'm wearing"

Izzy rolled her eyes at her new roommate before speaking

"Hmmm, I'd say you're in a hot ass bikini and seeing how you're in a pool, I think you're dressed appropriately"

Izzy turned to leave once again as Clary called after her

"Izzy, Izzy, damn her, is she always like this"

"Yep" Jace replied as he took the ties to her bathing suit in his hands, quickly making sure her top was tied and completely secure

"Oh, I totally forgot about my top being untied" Clary felt the blood rushing to her face as she spoke

"No worries, I got you; baby" he whispered as he placed himself in between her thighs while she still sat on the float

Clary smiled at him as she took her hands wrapping them around his neck, the two sat there staring at each other in silence

Jace was about to speak when a group of guys came running down the Lightwoods deck screaming as they jumped in the pool

The water was splashing everywhere causing Clary to lose her balance on the float sending her into the water; Jace quickly grabbed her before she went under

"Jace thank you, thank you" Clary cried out as she wrapped her tiny legs around his waist and clung tightly to his chest as if he were a life preserver

"Anything for you baby" Jace smiled as he looked down at the gorgeous redhead in his arms

He waded in the water with Clary in his arms until he found a small secluded area in the pool, gently he pushed Clary's back against the side of the pool, this allowed Jace more freedom to feel her body against his. Just as Jace was leaning down to place his lips on Clary's, someone with a very irritating voice interrupted

"Well Wayland, what do we have here your latest conquest"

Jace felt Clary stiffen in his arms as Sebastian spoke

"Can it asshat, we're having a private conversation"

"Yeah right, I don't think I've had the pleasure to meet this one, you must be waiting until you're done with her to let us have a go"

Jace glared at Sebastian as he spoke, taking notice to how Sebastian kept his eyes on Clary the entire time, Clary however was looking down at the water, obviously uncomfortable with their conversation

If Jace did not have Clary in his arms he would have beaten the living shit out of Sebastian right there in the pool

"I suggest you leave Verlac now"

Sebastian did not move an inch when he heard Jace's threatening tone; instead he stepped even closer to Clary smelling the scent of her hair before speaking to her in a low voice

"I'm sorry if I sounded rude, I just hate to see beautiful women used"

Jace watched in horror as Clary lifted her eyes from the water and turned them towards Sebastian

"Is that so?"

A victorious grin spread across Sebastian's face as he continued with their conversation

"Yes, Sebastian Verlac and you are"

Sebastian held a hand out as if asking for Clary's hand in marriage

Clary smiled as she removed her arms from Jace's neck placing one in Sebastian's hand

"Clary Fray"

Sebastian took Clary's hand in his and brought it to his lips, there he placed several small kisses to her tiny hand before he reluctantly allowed her to remove it

Jace could see something flash in Clary's eyes as she removed her hand from Sebastian's, he was about to speak but stopped when he felt her legs loosen from his waist. Jace shot Clary a hard look as she pushed his body away from hers and turned toward Sebastian. Jace was seething as he watched as Clary placed a finger lightly to Sebastian's chest while she gazed seductively at him

"Seb, you don't mind if I call you Seb"

Sebastian had a look of pure ecstasy on his face

"You can call me whatever you want, baby"

Clary smiled back at him as she removed her finger from his chest before speaking once more, a little louder than necessary for their conversation

"Seb, you don't like Wayland using me and you would treat me much better, right"

Jace noticed that other people in the pool had turned to eavesdrop on their conversation; all of them seem very interested

Before Sebastian answered he moved his hands forward to grab Clary's hips but Clary pushed his hands away from her body

"Nope, answer the question"

A look of frustration passed over Sebastian's face as he replied

"Yes, baby I'll treat you so much better, now come here"

Clary shook her head letting Sebastian know not to make a move to touch her; however she placed her hand back against his chest as she spoke

"I have another question to ask you, let's say that Wayland over here is not the one being used"

Shock not only crossed Sebastian's face but Jace's as well

"I, what do you mean"

Clary moved her hand the was currently on Sebastian's chest and placed it on his cheek as she replied

"Truth be told Seb, Wayland doesn't really use that many girls, see words gotten around about him being so well-endowed and girls just want a piece of that action, ya know"

Jace was shocked by Clary's statement, knowing she had no clue how well-endowed he truly was, though he would like her to find out and soon. Jace smiled seeing that she had been playing Sebastian the entire time, he heard a few guys behind him cheering but soon quieted when they realized the fire cracker was about to speak again

"Seb words gotten out about you too"

Clary took her hand rubbing it ever so slowly down Sebastian's face and continued the trail until she reached the tip on his swim trunks

Sebastian swallowed hard, as Clary's fingers danced around the waistband of his shorts

"You wanna know what they say"

Jace watched in amusement as Sebastian struggled to control his emotions before he dared to reply



"You wanna know, right"

"Nah I'm good"

"No you should know"

Sebastian was trying to back away from Clary now, knowing that whatever she was about to say would not be pleasing to his ears but Clary refused to loosen the grip that she currently held on his shorts

"No worries Seb, once it's out you will feel better"

Clary gave Sebastian a sad look as she finally freed him from her hold; Sebastian turned quickly away from her and was trying to make his way to the other end of the pool when Clary yelled out

"Sebastian Verlac please I'm sure lots of men have your problem"

Sebastian stopped dead in his tracks after Clary spoke; he turned slowly toward her with anger apparent in his voice Sebastian replied

"I don't have a problem"

Clary acted as if she had said something unspeakable; placing a hand over her mouth she nodded to Sebastian before she yelled out once more

"Seb I'm sorry, you're right it's not a problem it's a condition"

Clary then turned as if she was finished with the conversation, making her way to the steps of the pool she carefully walked up to the third step before turning to face everyone and as if she were about to give some type of political speech Clary began casting her eyes over every single person in the pool before she began to speak out in a very loud and demanding voice

"May I have your attention please?"

Clary paused to make sure that she had everyone's attention before continuing, once she saw that everyone was looking her way she spoke

"Good people I have come to speak to you today on behalf of someone that we all know and cherish, Sebastian Verlac. We all know what a great and amazing man Sebastian is but what most of you do not know is that Sebastian is living with a condition and though he puts on a brave face for us each and every day, he is hurting and it is our duty to comfort him and lift him up in his time of need. He needs to know that we all love and support him even though he has this condition so that one day he will be able to stand before the world and proudly say, I am Sebastian Verlac and I am living with a condition called micropenis"

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