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A Moonlit Path

By Inkwolf17

Fantasy / Romance

Revised 1

~British Museum~

The large museum was alive and busy as the inhabitants enjoyed their freedom of roaming around their exhibits. Tilly wasn't one to complain even though now she really had to awake and make sure nothing went awry while the sun was down. She couldn't help but smile as she explores the exhibits as they now had a new life to them especially the displays that often changed. The current one on display was all about art from all around the world, from ancient to modern. It ranged literature, dance, theater, and film feature there was nothing to worry about coming to life, but Ahkmenrah was spending much time in the section museum. It had been over a year and after spending every night with his parents catching up and explaining the change in society they had quickly gotten the picture. So just a few nights, where Ahkmenrah spent a few hours talking with his parents and then going off to see everything by himself, wasn't a problem for them. The family had explored everything at least once and spent time discovering the stories they hadn't heard of yet.

Tilly was just about to make the part of her round in the South America section which was her least the favorite due to the 'freaky' masks in there talked. She was starting to pick up on what they were saying, like Larry, who did the same with Atilla, but that didn't mean it was necessarily good. The masks were truly horrifying as they were worn during human and animal sacrifices. She didn't like to think about how many people, or animals saw the faces last before dying. There was also the two headed serpent that was also creepy, but thankfully the sound of music caught her attention first. With only but a glance inside to Tilly rushed in the direction of the music, as she got closer she found it to be modern something that she'd hear in a club. She couldn't recognize the song as she had been to a club since Ahkmenrah had arrived at the museum.

She was surprised to find Ahkmenrah being the source of the music; he was standing in front of a laptop that was blasting some electronic music. Without alerting him, Tilly watched as; the sound lowered a voice came from the laptop. "That's sounds ok; you've improved well. Anyway you still should keep spending an hour or so with the music. Even if you just make some short songs or even copy some other songs you find online, practice. Once you've got that down I'll teach you how to you the turntables and the soundboard. Any way I'll check up on you in a few days or call if you have any questions. I got a new job from a lady I met here, this is going to be a long one too."

Ahkmenrah's face was graced with a bright and full smile. "Say no more, good luck with your mission, Wise Songbird." Tilly made a face as the words 'Wise Songbird' reached her ears.

The female Irish voice came from the computer; it was a cheerful tone."Thank you, King."

Assuming that he had signed off, and it was the best time to confront him, Tilly, as they say, took the bull by the horns."Who was that you were talkin' to Ahk?" She stood imposingly as if she was Ahkmenrah's mother Shepseheret when she scolded him as a child.

Ahkmenrah looked like a scared lamb as his secret was being unraveled."Oh, Tilly I didn't reali-"

Tilly stopped him from getting much further and try to cover his tracks with his charms and innocents."Ahk, answer my questin. I am not upset with you nor do I want to rat you out to your folks."

"An old friend…" He paused hoping that it would be enough for her. It wasn't so he let out a little sigh. "Alright please tell no one about this it's my little secret. We met in New York during one of the night tours; she took an interest in me because she is half Egyptian. So-"

Tilly interrupted him again making an assumption about what he was going to say. "You talked, befriend her and fell in love, but she thinks you're an an actor." Ahkmenrah was a little baffled by was she was insinuating as if it was common to hear about it. "No. She's not my type despite her great personality and looks, yes I befriended her, but she figured out the secret. She was told the story of the tablet, so she knew I was the real deal. She hasn't told a soul about this nor had I until now."

Tilly needed a moment to taken the fact she was wrong, in a slightly defeated tone she asked. "Alright so wait why are video chatting her then? I've never seen that laptop before in my life either."

Ahkmenrah shoulders slumped as he had to explain his little secret."Well, since this exhibit came along I've been interested in the arts. Growing up, while I was alive, I didn't get to experience the arts in this manner. Yes I had some literature, and there was music and dancing at parties, but it has evolved and changed I couldn't help but want to learn more about."

"I always pegged you as more of quite a scholar," Tilly admitted as she found that Ahk was taking interest in music.

"Quite?" He asked as if he didn't understand what she was referring to.

"You don't flaunt your superior skills, when you do it's in a kind way. Eh, you've been a nice a guy. Jus' as long as she doesn't spill the beans about this," Tilly gestured to everything. "I can't oppose just as long as you finally answer the rest of my questins."

He had to ask. "Like?"

"Where she is currently, her name, her age, what up with Wise Songbird and where the laptop came from." Tilly listed off as a demand. "As you wish, her name is… Odette, I regularly call her Wise Songbird because she is one of the smartest people in the world, she sings and is a talent musician not to mention acting. Right now she helping with family drama of a friend, apparently they were wronged. The laptop was a gift for the holidays that she hasn't been able to see me. She helped introduce me to how to use, and I've gotten the hang of it. We (with air quotes) "Skype" and I was letting her hear some music I created to help myself get use to the music that is commonly played nowadays."

It took Tilly some time to process everything while staring at Ahk's innocent smile. She got the feeling that if this Odette was going to say anything she would have already. She also felt that Ahk could use a regular friend as he was more than fit to live an ordinary life if he chooses. "Your secrets safe with me just as long as you get everyone in your display area I've got news that everyone needs to hear."

He out a long and exaggerated sigh and added a little sass to his final words before he left to comply with her hands. "As you command Tilly."

"That's Queen Tilly to you." She sassed back at him as she continued off back to her booth to get her notes.


The exhibits were all gathered in the Pharoahs Tomb of the museum; the royal family was sitting on their sarcophaguses while Tilly moved to the front with her clipboard in hand. She was reading something on it; she nodded her head as she finished.

"We hear that you have news maiden Tilly," Lancelot announced to get her attention.

"Yes I do sir Lance-can-kiss-my-ass-a lot, I'm still mad at'cha for the damage Trixie caused. The museum board wants to celebrate the success that Ahkmenrah has been since he came to the museum. So they've planned a party." She told him angrily but calmed down as she started going over the critical notice.

Murmurs broke out among the exhibits, even among the animals that could make it.

Tilly tried to settle down everyone's worries. "Now it's not for a few days and I've been put in charge of making sure things run smoothly. After hearing about the New York Museum, amazin' 'actors', they've asked me to get hold of actors for the party. So you all have to be on your best behaviors for the next week or so."

"Week?" Lancelot asked as if it was a strange concept to him. Tilly only puts her hands on her hips as she went on to explain. "Well, you guys should get some practice; you're not Beyoncé, who can pull off anything flawlessly."

"Beyoncé?" Merenkahre, Shepseheret, and Lancelot said unanimously unaware of the reference. Only Ahkmenrah understood what Tilly meant and had to agree with her, at least that's everyone on the internet pretty much said.

"Listen you guys don't have to worry too much about it the main attraction is going to be a Russian ballet company that's gonna be preformin'."

"Ballet, the dance correct?" Shepseheret asked curious to know more.

"Yup, it's extremely difficult to master. Many dancers go to great lengths to get into one of these companies; Russia is known for having amazin' Prima Ballerina's. Anyways you guys can watch but during the party, you just have to walk around, no drinking. Answer any questins that these tight arses may have for you, and do not let anyone knows about the tablet or that you're the real deal are we all clear?" Tilly asked/demanded as if she was (even though she was) everyone's mother.

Thus followed by a unanimously. "Yes Tilly."

"Good, after the party you all can get back to your usual business. Hurry back now the sun comin' up, tell the others who couldn't get here about the news, so they know to behave for Saturday. "

Everyone followed Tilly's order with no trouble and Ahk felt a weight on his chest be lifted. He was glad nobody had caught that tablet reference Tilly was making. "Son what did she mean by actors?" Ahk let out a chuckling sigh as he hoped that he wouldn't have to reminisce about his old friends in New York. Never the less he explained what Tilly was talking about before getting ready to sleep. He was almost unable to as his mind was racing with distant memories and concern about this ballet company. Something told him it was going to be a long night for him.

He was excited about the night being alive and social again, and goddamn did he feel his heart skip a beat. Plus he'd get to see a new type of performance and maybe for once he could the one asking questions from an expert.

Inkwolf: Hi, so if this looks weird I uploaded it from my phone (my school blocked the site -_-^). I was inspired by the last Night at The Museum movie to start this fanfiction. I can remember seeing the first with my grandpa and also seeing the second with him, this time I saw it with my best friend. So I checked out the fanfiction section and I'm kinda surprised that this movie didn't have more stories but the ones I have read have been quite good. So I'm now submitting this story as a tribute to the series and also as a tribute to Poppy (my grandpa). Please review, it the one thing I really ask and want from you guys.

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