Talk Dirty to Me


Clary could feel the fabric giving but just as Jace began to pull the lace down her arms, a loud banging came from his front door.

Clary could feel his heart racing against her chest as Jace stilled above her. "Clary," he murmured. His voice was rough, ragged, and God it was sexy. "I — there's someone at the door." He still had the lace from her lingerie fisted in his hands.

Clary shook her head, "No, no," she begged, her hands moving across his well-defined abs, "don't leave me, I'm burning, I'm burning all over, for you." Clary wrapped her small hands around Jace's lower back, pulling him impossibly closer to her. "Help me, Jace. Please, I need you."

Jace relented against her, easing his body down to hers. "Clary," he said, his hands moving from her lingerie to cup her face, his golden orbs darting between her green ones, "are you sure? I mean is this what you really want?" he breathed, "because if we go any further I'm not sure I'll be able to stop."

Clary licked her lips, faintly aware of the incessant banging in the background. She knew Jace was giving her an out. He was trying to protect her, make sure she was ready, "I know this," Clary whispered, lifting her face so that her lips were skimming across Jace's. She began to trace the lining of his lip with her tongue. "I want you to fuck me, Dr. Wayland." Clary felt Jace's calloused hands move from her face to her hair, and he pulled her head back roughly, not giving her time to take a breath before his mouth was on hers.

Jace pressed every inch of his body into Clary's while his right hand slowly made a path down to where she needed him the most. "Clary," he said, his voice strained, "I'm going to touch you now, okay?"

Clary grabbed Jace's face with both of her hands, pulling him closer with desperation. "God, yes, do it now," she breathed as her nails dug into his perfect tan skin.

Clary felt Jace's fingers brushed lightly over her mound. Her body was shaking as he fisted her panties and pulled them to the side. "Clary," Jace swallowed, "I'm going to put my finger inside of you, it may sting at first but I promise you it'll feel good in the end."

"Jace," Clary whined. The heat from her body was spreading like wildfire; she needed a release and she needed it now. "Stop, just do it, touch me — touch all of me."

Jace let out a shaky breathe, closing his eyes he rested his forehead on Clary's, his fingers moving toward her center. "Clary," he groaned, "you're wet, so wet."

Clary pushed her body down. She was tired of the talking, she was tired of the teasing, she was tired of his soft touches. What she wanted — no, needed — was for him to be inside of her. Now. "Ja — " His name died on her lips as she felt Jace's fingers begin to move, closer and closer to where her body was throbbing.

Clary wanted to tell Jace what she wanted him to do, but she couldn't. She was incoherent, unable to plead or beg or implore. Her body and mind felt like a volcano, festering and bubbling and building,preparing to erupt.

Jace's long fingers were teasing her sex as he moved them between her folds excruciatingly slow. "Baby, you're going to feel so good when I'm inside you."

Clary suddenly felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears as Jace's magical touch worked on her clit. "Oh," she moaned. Her breathing was erratic and she began to arch her body off the couch.

"Shhh," Jace cooed in her ear, "its okay, baby." Clary could hear Jace's soothing voice like a beacon as he tried to reassure her that this was okay. That what she was feeling was normal. But it wasn't — she had never had this happen. Never felt like this before. Not ever.

Clary shook her head while her body was pulsating with a need she had never experienced. Her heart was pounding against her chest violently, and her vision was becoming hazy as sweat began to trickle down her face. "Hmmmm." Clary felt a loud moan leave her mouth as she tilted her head back against the couch.

Jace chuckled, "That feel good, baby?" Somewhere in the back of Clary's mind she knew she should be pissed at his assyness but right now she couldn't care less."You're going to scream my name, aren't you Clary?"

"J-Ja —" Clary breathed as his finger entered her. The feeling was foreign making her want to pull away at first but then something happened, something amazing: Jace began to move his finger inside of her.

Clary could feel every inch of her body tremble. She knew she was teetering on the edge of a cliff, but she was ready. Ready to fall into a euphoric bliss.

"What the hell!" a female shrieked, causing Clary to come crashing down from her high.

Jace literally jumped at the sound of Isabelle's voice. "Izzy, what the hell are you doing here — how'd you get in?" He removed his body from Clary's as he turned to stare at his sister.

Isabelle was standing in the kitchen with her hands on her hips, her face radiating with anger. "I came here to ask you to help me with Clary, but obviously you're taking care of her on your own." Isabelle shook her head disapprovingly at him.

Jace sighed, his golden eyes gazing down at Clary for a moment but he quickly looked away. He knew that if he hadn't, he wouldn't be able to resist not touching her, no matter if his sister was standing only a few feet away from them. "How'd you get in?" he repeated.

Isabelle stomped one of her heels against his hardwood floors."The key, you dumbass." She held up a small golden key in the air. "I'd been knocking so long that I went to find the landlord. Of course it took some persuading, but he finally gave me a key to your apartment."

Jace covered his face with his hands, Clary's scent still lingered on his fingers causing his shaft to twitch with need, a need to be inside of her, "Iz, leave now," he gritted his teeth as he moved his hands down to his side, balling them tightly into fists.

Isabelle surprised Jace by laughing. "You've got to be joking." Her long ponytail shook from side to side as she continued to laugh, "I'm not leaving. Not without Clary."

"Maybe she doesn't want to leave with you," Jace fired back as he glared at his sister.

Isabelle rolled her eyes, a mischievous smile appearing on her face, "I think that's something we need to ask Clary, don't you, dear brother?"

Jace moved his vision to the couch presumably thinking Clary would still be there, but she wasn't. She was gone. "Clary?" His voice was frantic as he spun around, only to find her pulling her trench coat around her tiny form. "What are you doing?"

Clary wouldn't meet his gaze. "Leaving," she murmured. Her voice sounded quiet — hurt even. "I shouldn't have come." She finished securing her coat. "I'm sorry, Dr. Wayland."

Jace's chest tightened as his eyes continued to search Clary's face. He was silently pleading with her to look at him. "Don't do this." His arm reached out to touch her but she moved away from him. God that hurt. "Clary, please." He stepped forward as she took a small step back. Why was she creating space between them? "Don't go. We need to talk."

Clary pulled her bottom lip in her mouth and began chewing on it. "No," she shook her head, her bright red curls successfully creating a curtain, hiding her from him. "No, we don't. We should forget it."

Jace felt the air leave him — did she really say that they should forget what happened? "What?"

"Ja — Dr. Wayland." Clary had her hands clasped together tightly in front of her, "We — what," she breathed, lifting her head so that her emerald green could look into his golden ones. "It was nothing. We were just having some fun, right?"

Jace stood frozen. He was lost in a sea of green. "Clary," he said, closing his eyes to break their connection.

"Hey." Jace felt her touch on his chest. It was soft, delicate. "Dr. Wayland," she whispered. He let out the breath he was holding. "You don't need to beat yourself up or feel like you owe me anything." Her voice was sincere, sweet, and he opened his eyes, but looking down to see her beauty took what little breath he had left away from him.

Jace couldn't speak, his voice lost to him. "I'm going to go now." Clary leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on his chest before turning away from him.

He watched in silence as his redhead walked away from him and toward Isabelle. He felt jealousy spread throughout his body as his own sister wrapped her arm around Clary, embracing her warmly. Jace stood by in silence as the two girls walked out of his apartment, leaving him there alone, confused and more than a little sexually frustrated.

"Did you see the look on his face?" Isabelle cackled as the two girls fell into the back seat of a cab. "That, my dear, was priceless." Isabelle had been thoroughly pleased with Clary's performance, going on and on about how Jace had been finally put in his place, but Clary didn't feel pleased with herself. She felt empty. Lost.

"Clary, did you hear me?" Clary blinked at Isabelle; she had no clue what was said. "You're not even listening to me, are you?" the other girl accused. Isabelle's brown eyes were watching Clary, studying every little piece of her.

Clary couldn't have Isabelle analyzing her. Not tonight. Not now. "Of course I'm listening."

Isabelle's eyes darted in between Clary's. "I don't think so." Isabelle placed a perfectly manicured finger on her red lips and began to tap them ightly. "There's something you're not telling me." Clary watched wide eyes as Isabelle continued. "There's something different about you. You're acting odd."

Clary shifted her body; she was more than uncomfortable and way past ready to be back at Isabelle's apartment. "Don't be silly, Iz."

Isabelle slowly removed her finger from her mouth. "No, there's definitely something different about you. I noticed it the minute you stood up from Jace's couch. Now, come on, spill. What is it? What happened?"

Clary bit down on the inside of her cheek. What the hell was she supposed to say? She couldn't lie and tell Isabelle that she wasn't justmaking out with her brother, when, in fact, she had almost fucked him. "I just feel bad," Clary shrugged, and it wasn't a lie. She felt horrible.

Isabelle leaned into Clary. "You're lying."

"What?" Clary felt the small hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she moved back from Isabelle.

"I'm not sure 'what' it is exactly." Isabelle scrunched her eyebrows together. "But it's something." She sat back with a smile, "I'm not worried though, I'll figure it out. Right now nothing can ruin this night. We were triumphant over my ass of a brother."

Clary let out a shaky breath; she was relieved that Isabelle had dropped their conversation. "I'm glad you're happy, Izzy."

"Oh, I am Clare. I'm ecstatic. But," she drawled, twisting her body so that she was facing Clary head on, "that doesn't mean I'll forget about you — and whatever this is you're trying to keep from me. I'll find out."

"You are crazy," Clary tried to downplay, shaking her head and attempting a smile, but she knew it wasn't convincing. She knew that it was only a matter of time before Isabelle discovered all of her dirty little secrets.

"Come on Clary, we're here. Time to celebrate." Clary felt Isabelle's hand grabbing hers to pull her out of the cab.

Clary allowed Isabelle to pull her along behind her. Tonight she wouldn't argue about drinking. Right now there was nothing Clary wanted more. Right now she wanted to get so drunk that she would forget him, forget his eyes, his mouth, his touch, his warm breath fanning out over her body — dammit,she was going to hell. "Yeah, Iz, let's celebrate."

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