Talk Dirty to Me


"You. Can. Do. This." Isabelle grabbed Clary by the shoulders, shaking the small girl roughly. "Correction: you will do this."

Clary tried to pull away from her friend's grasp but was unsuccessful. "I can't, Iz. I just...can't."

Isabelle's grip tightened, her deep brown eyes blazing down into Clary's green ones. "Oh my God, Clary, you act as if I'm asking you to go screw Jace! Besides, after your little performance yesterday, this should be a piece of cake for you."

Clary's cheeks reddened and her eyes went wide. "Shut up, Iz. I know what I did, so for the last time just quit reminding me."

Isabelle laughed, dropping her hands from Clary's shoulders. "Touchy. Touchy." The tall girl held her hands up in surrender. "Ok-ay then. Are you going to do this or not?"

"Or not." Clary spun away from Isabelle, smiling until she noticed the device in the other girl's hand. "What's that?"

Isabelle's face brightened. "What's this, you ask?" she smiled while waving her phone back and forth in the air. "This is what we call a phone. It's used to make telephone calls. You do know what a telephone call is, don't you, Clary?"

"Bitch." Clary mumbled as she eyed the other girl, slowly moving towards her.

"Did you seriously just call me a bitch?" Isabelle asked, raising an eyebrow. Clary nodded, moving closer and closer to where the brunette was standing. "You know what? It doesn't matter," Isabelle announced as she pressed several numbers on the phone's key pad. "I'm about to get my satisfaction in three, two, one — "

Clary froze watching in horror as the brunette pressed the SEND button on her phone. "Isabelle Lightwood, you better not be doing what I think you're doing."

Isabelle looked up, her face full of mischief. "Oh, but I am, Clary. I am."

"No!" Clary cried out as she jumped through the air, grabbing at the phone. Isabelle just giggled, holding the phone high above her head, knowing that her short friend would be unable to reach it. "Isabelle. Give me the damn phone!"

"Don't you worr — Oh, hey, Jace. Clary asked me if I would mind calling you for her," Isabelle chimed. Clary's mouth opened as she stared up at the lying ass amazon woman she once called her friend. "She's in the bathroom. I'm not really sure about this but I think she's planning on asking you to help her out with a little something-something, if you know what I mean." Isabelle was grinning from ear to ear as she continued with her conversation. "Oh, look, here's our little ginger now. Clary, I've got Jace on the phone just like you asked."

Clary was mortified. No, scratch that, she was terrified. Isabelle placed the phone in Clary's hand with an evil grin plastered onto her flawless face. "Here's Jace for you." She winked at Clary before making her way to the front door of the apartment. "I'm just going to head out for a bit," she said, pausing with her hand resting on the doorknob. "You know, so you can have some privacy."

Clary's mouth opened in horror. "Iz," Clary hissed, moving her hand to cover the receiver on the phone. "I HATE you. I really really hate you. God. I can't do this. What do I even say?"

Isabelle opened the door before turning back to look at the small redhead. Something flashed in her eyes, making Clary wonder what she was thinking. "Yes, you can Clary. Give it a shot. You may even surprise yourself at how much you like it." Isabelle gave Clary a thumbs up before shutting the door behind her, leaving Clary alone in the apartment. Alone, with the phone still grasped in her trembling hand.

Clary sucked in her bottom lip and began chewing on it as she walked over to Isabelle's bed. Crawling up under the covers she gazed down at the phone she was still holding in her small hand. She could feel her heart racing, her hands sweating as she placed the phone against her ear. "Jace?" Her voice came out shaky and unsure.

"Clary, are you okay? Isabelle said you needed my help?" Was that concern she heard in Jace's voice?

Clary closed her eyes, begging her body to relax. "I did. I mean, I do." Pulling the covers closer to her body, Clary continued. "I was hoping that you wouldn't mind having a phone session with me." Biting the inside of her cheek, Clary waited for Jace's answer but it never came. "But if you don't want to I unders — " Clary's eyes flew open when Jace cut her off.

"No. I mean, I'll do it. The phone session, I mean."

Clary couldn't help but smile at what seemed to be a nervous-sounding Jace. "Um, Clary," Jace breathed, "did you want to do it now or later?"

"Now," Clary replied quickly, knowing that if she didn't get this over with she would never find the courage to do it again. "I mean, if that's okay with you."

Jace was silent for a few moments before he answered. "Yeah, sure. I'm good with now."

She leaned against Isabelle's bed. "Okay. Let's do this then." Clary tried to control her breathing. Never in her life had she been so nervous and she had no clue why. It wasn't like Jace was there in the room with her. "Jace?"

"Yes Clary."

"I'm nervous, so if I say or do something stupid please tell me to shut up." Clary placed her free hand over her face, knowing she must sound like an idiot to him.

"You could never sound stupid, Clary. Never," Jace said, and Clary dropped her hand from her face. "Close your eyes for me and take a deep breath." She did as he asked. "Now, I want you to listen to me. Forget everything that's running through that pretty little head of yours right now. It's just you and me. No one else. Let everything go. Breathe in. Breathe out." Clary could feel her body relaxing as she continued to do as he asked. God, he was perfect in every sense of the word. "Better now?"

"Better." Clary's voice was quiet but at least it was no longer shaking.

"Good. Now why don't we start slow. Remember it's just me and I would never hurt you. Is Isabelle there?"

Clary's eyes opened at Jace's question. "No."

"Good." Jace's voice seemed almost relieved with her answer, making Clary smile. "I want to make you feel comfortable before we get started."

"I am." Clary answered without any hesitation, knowing that she was speaking the truth. She knew without a doubt that Jace would take care of her and treat her properly. There was something about Jace Wayland that made her trust him completely. "I really am."

"Okay then. Shall we get started?"

Clary could feel her stomach tighten as thoughts flooded her mind as to what was about to happen between the two of them.

Clary had her hands tangled in her red curls not knowing who should make the first move. She opened her mouth not knowing exactly how to start but thankfully Jace spoke up.

"Clary, I'm glad that I make you feel comfortable but — there are other things I want you to feel, too." Clary could detect the change in Jace's voice. It was deeper. Sexier.

"What kind of things?" Clary asked in the most innocent voice she could muster as her hands began pulling at her curls.

Jace chuckled on the other end, making Clary feel a bit foolish. She should have known that a man like Jace Wayland would find talking to a girl like her about sex comical. Her green eyes began to fill with tears as thoughts ran through her mind about what he must think of her. She was preparing herself to tell him to forget the whole thing but stopped when she heard a frustrated sigh on the other end. Was he angry with her? "Jace? Did I do something wrong?"

A growl came through the phone line, causing Clary to jump slightly. "Damnit, you really have no idea what you do to me. Do you?" Clary blinked several times, trying to grasp what he was saying. What could she possibly do to him? Jace sighed again. "Do you, Clary? Do you want me to tell you?"

"Yes," Clary whispered as she gripped the phone even tighter than before.

"You drive me fucking crazy. You're all I think about. All I want. Hell, I can't even look at another girl without comparing her to you." Clary gasped but Jace didn't stop talking. "And that voice of yours. G-od, just hearing it makes me think of things. Things I want to do to you. Things that will make you say my name over and over again. I want you, Clary. So fucking much."

Clary took a deep breath, knowing that it was her turn to talk. Jace had been so honest with her putting his feelings and emotions out there for her, and now, it was her turn. She could do this, she wanted too.Be brave Clary! "I want things too, Jace." Her voice came out quiet. Too quiet. She untangled her fingers from her curls and pressed the palm of her hand against her cheek, feeling the heat radiating from her face. "I think about you doing things to me too. To my body." Jace's breathing seemed to speed up on the other end of the phone. Clary slowly closed her eyes, pushing her body even further into Isabelle's bed until she was lying down completely. "I think about your hands Jace. How big and strong they are. I think about your hands touching me." Clary moved her free hand down the front of her chest, feeling her hardened nipples through the fabric of her sleep shirt. She felt heat coursing through her body, causing her to push her legs together tightly hoping to relieve some of the pressure building inside of her. She spoke again her, voice growing. "To have them move along my neck, down my chest, rubbing, grabbing, pinching. I want to feel your hands on my breasts. All over them. And then, after your hands have finished with my breasts, I want you to move them down lower. And lower."

Clary could feel a knot forming in her stomach as her hand moved with her words, lower and lower. "I want to feel your feather-light touches on my stomach, my thighs. I want those touches. So bad. They cause me to burn all over. But — even though those touches cause me to burn, that's not what I really want. Not where I need you. Do you know where I want you, Jace? Where I need your hands?"

"Where?" The roughness in Jace's voice caused Clary to smile.

Her small fingers reached the lining of her thong and began dancing along the lacy fabric. "I need your hands where my own are now. Can you think of where my hands are,Jace?"

She could hear Jace's hot breathe coming through the phone rapidly. "Fuck, Clary. Tell me. Tell me where your hands are, baby. Tell me." Jace's voice was pleading with her to answer.

Just hearing Jace call her baby made Clary's body shiver uncontrollably. Without giving it any thought she moved her fingers under the lace. "I'm touching myself Jace. I'm touching myself while I think of you, only you. I have my fingers exactly where I want yours and if I move them down just a little further — " As Clary's fingers moved down she could feel the wetness dripping from her pussy. The pressure in her stomach continued to build and build. "Jace?" Clary's tongue darted out licking her dry lips. "Jace? Are you still there?"

"I'm here," Jace' s voice was hoarse.

Never in her life had she felt so, so alive. Every part of her body tingled with electricity as Clary moved her fingers where they were hovering right above her arousal. "Ja-ce, I'm so-aking wet. I'm wet for you."

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone before Jace spoke again. "Clary?"

Clary pressed the palm of her hand firmly against her mound, moaning loudly at the sensation that shot through her sex. "Oh God, Jace. I'm so hot. So hot."

"Tell me where your hands are, Clary?" Jace voice was strained. She tried to picture where he was at. What he was doing.

She knew she should be mortified with his question. She knew she should be embarrassed but she wasn't. Not at all. "My fingers are right at my entrance. If I move them just a little I'll be inside myself. Moving, feeling. Do you want me to do it, Jace?"

"Do it, baby. Do it and tell me how it feels." Jace's voice pushed her over the edge, giving her what she needed to act on her thoughts.

Clary took two of her fingers and began rubbing small circles on her clit, moaning loudly when she felt the burning in her body strengthen. "JJ-aac-e. I d-on't knn-oow what to do. Plee-aase." Sure she had touched herself before, but never like this. Never once had she felt like this.

"Clary. I want you to listen to me, okay?"

Clary still had her fingers on her sex as she squirmed around frantically in Isabelle's bed. She was desperate for a release. "Yes. Yes, tell me."

"Have you ever been inside of yourself Clary?"

Fear suddenly gripped Clary, stopping her movements. "What?"

"Come on, Clary, it's not a big deal if you have or haven't. You don't have to be embarrassed. Not with me. Let me help you." I

t was clear in Jace's voice that he was being sincere, so Clary gave him an honest answer. "No. Not on the inside — I've only felt myself on the outside."

Clary readied herself for him to mock her but he never did. When he did speak it was reassuring. "That's okay. I'm going to help you but you have to do exactly what I tell you. First, I want you to relax. Relaxing?"

She tried to do as he instructed, breathing in and out slowly. "Yes."

"Good. Now I want you to put one finger in between your folds. Allow it to get covered in your wetness. Tell me Clary. Tell me how it feels."

Clary could hear the stress in Jace's voice as her fingers opened up her folds and she slid one finger in between them, allowing her juices to cover it. "It feels good, so good. But it's not enough."

Jace groaned. "I know baby. I know. Now, I want you to find your opening but don't just slide your finger in just yet. I want you to tease yourself. Put just the tip of your finger in and then pull it out. Keep doing it until I tell you to stop. Understand?"

Clary couldn't think, she couldn't speak so instead she moaned as she did what he said. As the tip of her finger slowly penetrated her opening she gasped.

"Pull it back out baby and do it again. Remember just the tip, nothing else. Tell me you understand, Clary. Tell me you know."

Clary was surprised by Jace's demanding voice but she went with it. "I am. Just like you said." She moved the tip of her finger in and out her opening faster and faster, but she soon realized it was not helping her. No it was making it worse. So much worse. The tightness, the burning increased ten folds and it was beginning to piss her off. "Fuck you, Jace. This isn't helping." Clary sucked her bottom lip in her mouth, biting down as hard as she could stand, tasting her blood as it filled her mouth.

"Are you still wet?"

Clary growled in frustration, feeling her wetness as it not only covered her thongs but her hand and fingers as well. "Yes," she spat back at him.

"Who are you wet for Clary?" Never in her life had she wanted to kill someone. Never. But right now, right here, Clary wanted nothing more than to choke the life out of Jace Wayland. He was toying with her and it was past the point of pissing her off.

"Fuck you, Wayland." Clary dropped the phone on the bed beside her as she thrust her finger all the way inside of herself. The feeling was so much, too much. She screamed out in ecstasy as she pumped her finger in and out faster and faster. Before she knew it, her body was erupting around her as she called out Jace's name over and over again.

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