Talk Dirty to Me


Painting was something that allowed Clary to escape from the world around her, no worries, just her, the canvas and her paint was all that existed. Wearing oversized overalls with her hair in a messy bun piled on top of her head, Clary was in grossed in her current piece of artwork, the time completely forgotten. Her phone began to ring from somewhere in her messenger bag, sighing Clary placed her paint brush down heading to look for her phone, once she had retrieved her phone, Clary's eyes widened at the caller's name

"Oh, shit" Clary grabbed her bag running toward the door of the art room, she had completely forgotten about her appointment with Jace Wayland

Once outside Clary hailed a cab, jumping in she handed the driver the crumbled piece of paper, the cab started to move allowing Clary to breathe a sigh of relief, until her phone began to ring once again

Swallowing hard Clary pressed the talk button on her phone, "Hey Iz, what's up"

"What's up, Clary your little ass better be headed toward my brother's office as we speak or I promise you I'll shove my stiletto so far up your ass"

"Izzy, Izzy, calm down, of course I'm on my way, I wouldn't miss this appointment for anything" Clary interrupted Izzy before she could find out what kind of damage Izzy's stiletto could do to her tiny frame

The phone on the other end was silent for a few moments and then Izzy spoke in an icy tone, "Like I said Clary, don't make me regret this"

With that the phone call ended

"What have I gotten myself into" Clary whispered, leaning back she closed her eyes for the remainder of the ride

After only ten minutes or so the cab driver notified Clary they had arrived to the address she had given him, Clary thanked the driver as she passed him a wad of cash, stepping out of the cab Clary cautiously looked around. In front of Clary stood a large building with large wooden doors, hesitantly she entered the double doors; inside she found a large fountain in the middle of the lobby, with tables and chairs in various areas. Her pulse started to quicken as she looked anxiously for a sign that had Jace Wayland's name on it. From what Clary could tell, the building was made up of several small offices. She began to walk around, frantically looking for any sign that had Mr. Wayland's name on it, walking toward the very back of the building Clary finally found herself standing in front of Jace Wayland's office.

Clary's body shivered as she stood in front of the bright red door, what would she find when she finally entered through the dreadful red door. She had imagined Jace Wayland to be someone rather vile, preying on young women for his sexual gratification. What man in his right man would really want to be a sex therapist, obviously he had a problem in the down stairs area if you know what I mean, Clary thought to herself. She stood there for several minutes contemplating rather to run, remember Izzy's threatening words regarding something to do with shoving her stiletto up Clary's butt caused her to man up and finally walk through the door.

Inside was something Clary had not expected, beige paint covered all the walls, chocolate brown leather chairs were positioned around the room with a large white leather couch in the middle. There were no pictures hanging on the walls, nothing, every wall was completely bare, Clary was beginning to think that she had made a very bad decision

"Excuse me, is there something I can do for you"

Clary turned to find an older woman sitting behind a very modern glass desk, the woman's hair was entirely gray and pinned up in a perfect bun sitting on top of her head and her brown eyes were looking towards Clary waiting patiently for her response

Clary gave her a small smile as she slowly approached her, "Um yes I'm here for my appointment"

"Your name dear"

"Clary, Clary Fray"

The lady smiled as she stood from behind the desk, "I will let Jace know you are here, please make yourself comfortable"

The woman walked through a door leaving Clary alone, Clary's eyes shot toward the front door; Clary wondered once again if she should make a run for it, images of Izzy's pumps flashed in her mind causing Clary to stand still

In no time at all the waiting room door opened, the older woman ushering Clary to come inside, Clary nodded reluctantly as she entered through the door. The two women walked down a narrow hall stopping when they reached the end, the lady opened a door to their right

"Have a seat Clary, Jace will be right in"

Clary smiled as she walked into the room, this room was a dark brown and like the waiting area there were no pictures, the furniture consisted on one very long beige leather couch, that was it nothing more nothing less. She quietly took a seat on the very end of the couch waiting to meet the pervert that called himself a sex therapist

Minutes went by and still no perv, Clary began to wonder if there were any hidden cameras that he could possibly be watching her through, she slowly began to analyze any little discrepancy she could find. A knocking sound came from the door causing Clary to jump

"Yes" her voice sounded like a whisper

Clary's eyes zoomed in on the knob of the door, watching as it slowly turned and mentally preparing to run as she waited for Jace to enter. Clary's mind began racing, he was probably hideous, her nose wrinkled as she imagined that he would have horrible breathe. Watching as the door began to open her heart began to ran, shutting her eye's tightly Clary tried to calm herself. She barely registered the door being opened as she slowly opened her eyes to meet Izzy's adopted brother, gazing around the room Clary's bright green eyes immediately landed on her new sex therapist

Clary's eyes widened, she had heard the phrase sex on a stick but never really got it, well now she did and holly hell was all Clary could think. Jace Wayland was not ugly, no he was the complete opposite, he was tall and lean with messy golden hair; Clary's hands itched for a canvas, yearning to capture his beauty.

Jace was still standing in the entrance of the door, looking down at a file that he was holding in his hands, without looking up he grumbled

"I'm Jace Wayland you must be Izzy's friend Kerry, or something right"

Clary's thoughts quickly came crashing back to reality by Jace's rudeness; no longer did she envision him as some type of angelic being watching over her from the clouds above. Clary's eyes narrowed as she stood from her place on the couch, placing her hands on her hips she retorted

"My name is Clary, Clary Fray, you asshat"

Jace's eyes moved from the folder, arching his eyebrow Jace smirked at the redhead

"Asshat, huh" shaking his head, Jace closed the folder in his hands "I must say that's something I've never been called"

Jace's eyes slid down Clary's body as he made his way towards her, once he was standing directly in front of Clary, Jace looked down at Clary grinning, "Look Kerry, I don't know what Izzy was thinking sending you here; she should know this could get me in a shit load of trouble"

Clary had felt as though she had lost the ability to move or speak with Jace's body being only inches away from hers, it was as if Jace had some kind of sexual super powers causing Clary to forget everything and everyone besides him

"Are you stupid or something, did you not hear me Kerry"

Jace's yelling caused Clary to forget the tingling sensation that was traveling throughout her body, shooting daggers at him with her emerald green eyes, Clary snapped "Excuse me, what did you just say"

Shaking his head, Jace turned away from Clary, pacing around the room Jace ran his hands through his golden locks, "Can't you call your parents or something, god when I get my hands on Izzy I'm gonna kill her"

Clary furrowed her eyebrows together, utterly confused with what Jace was rambling on about, frowning as she spoke "My parents, what, why would I call them"

Jace abruptly stopped pacing, turning to stare at her as if in shock "Why would I have you call your parents, seriously, you may be a child but surely you're not that naïve to think I would just let you leave here without a guardian"

Heat began to travel throughout Clary's enraged body, her eyes scowling at Jace "How dare you, what a pretentious little prick you are, you may be easy on the eyes but I'll tell you one thing, the minute you open your mouth nothing but loads of shit falls out of it" Clary turned to grab her messenger bag from the couch, walking right up to Jace she stuck her finger in his chest "your clients must only come here for your looks because I promise you they don't come for the bullshit that flows out of your mouth"

Jace was dumbfounded, he had never been spoken to in such a manner, not ever, just as the young girl began to walk away Jace's hand swiftly shot out, grabbing her by the arm

Clary opened her mouth to scream but Jace was already placing his hand over her mouth, muffling her screams with his hand, looking directly into her frightened green eyes Jace softly spoke "I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk, okay, obviously there has been some kind of misunderstanding that we need to sort out"

Jace waited a moment, allowing Clary's mind time to adjust "Now can I remove my hand without you screaming like a silly school girl"

Clary's eyes squinted, glaring at Jace she nodded slowly

Jace grinned, removing his hand from Clary's mouth Jace took a step back from the young girl, in order to show her that he meant no harm

Clary's eyes watched Jace as she stood; walking over to the grinning sex therapist she raised her hand, slapping him with all the force she could muster, Clary's voice roared sounding throughout the room, possibly the entire office

"The only misunderstanding we have Jace Wayland is that you are an egotistical ass that has wasted my entire afternoon with your stupidity, now I am leaving on my own and if you dare try to stop me I will cut off your dick and shove it down your nasty mouth, then everyone can call you Jackie instead of Jace" with that Clary stormed out of the room and his office, leaving Jace utterly speechless

A few moments later the older lady from the front office peered her head in the doorway "Jace, Mr. Wayland are you okay, it's just that Ms. Fray left in such a rush and she seemed, well she seemed very angry"

Jace held his hand up, silencing the older woman, without looking up he spoke in a tired voice "Imogen, can you just get Izzy on the phone now"

"Right, of course" Imogen was no longer in the doorway as Jace looked up, he walked over to the large couch and collapsed, allowing his head to fall back on the couch, Jace closed his eyes

Just as his body started to relax, Jace heard Imogen's voice "Mr. Wayland, I have your sister, Isabelle on the phone as you asked"

Jace's eyes slowly lifted as he reached to take the phone from Imogen's hands "Thank you Imogen, your free to go, make sure to lock up on your way out"

Imogen gave Jace a small smile before leaving to head home

Sighing in frustration Jace place the phone next to his ear "Well, hello dear sister, I hope your afternoon was as lovely as mine"

"Was it really that bad, I mean I know she doesn't know a lot, okay maybe nothing but Clary's a smart girl, I thought if anyone could teach her about sex and talking dirty, it'd be you"

Jace was a bit surprised by Izzy's tone, he thought for sure Izzy would be laughing or yelling at him, instead she seemed truly interested in how her friend's session went with him.

"Jace, hello are you there, I'm dying here" Jace knew Izzy well enough to know that she wasn't lying, she had no clue what had transpired between him and the redhead

"Yeah, I'm here Iz" Jace leaned his head back against the couch once again, he had no idea what he was going to say, Izzy was going to be furious with him and that was something he did not want to deal with

"So spill, did you get her to say dick, cock, anything" Izzy giggled into the phone as she spoke, Jace assumed she was trying to envision the little redhead talking in such a way

"Oh yeah, she said the word dick alright" Jace closed his eyes as he spoke

"Did she make it sound good, you know sexy, when she said it" Izzy questioned

"She made it sound very believable" Jace whispered back while running his free hand down his face

"Jace, I need to know, did it sound sexy, you know did her voice saying dick make you want to take a hit "

Jace shot up from the couch, furious with Izzy for putting such a young girl in the middle of something so dirty "You can't be serious Iz, she is a child, and do you have any clue what kind of trouble this little charade of yours could have caused"

Silence fell over the line; surely Izzy knew he would be angry with her, Jace thought as he waited for her to speak

Finally Izzy spoke "What did you do Jace"

Jace knew this voice; this was Izzy's calm scary voice, the voice she used before she went apeshit-crazy

"Now Izzy, really what did you expect, you sent an underage teen to mess with me, I should be the one that's livid here"

Jace waited, expecting to hear Izzy's screams, he began to pull the phone away from his ear, to keep her from inflicting any type of permanent damage to his hearing

Suddenly giggles came through the other line "Please, oh please, god this is hilarious, you thought Clary was underage"

Jace quickly pulled that phone against his ear "What do you mean I thought, this Clary girl was definitely underage Iz"

More laughter came from Izzy as she tried to speak "Nope, Clary is twenty Jace, actually she'll be twenty one in just a few months"

"No, no she couldn't be, there's no way" Jace mumbled trying to convince himself more than Izzy, he pictured the young redhead with her messy red curls piled on top of her head, she was wearing oversize overalls and no make-up whatsoever allowing her freckles to be seen, but now thinking back she was wearing a tight fitting crop top under her overalls, allowing Jace to catch a glimpse of her milky white stomach.

"Jace, you still there" Izzy was no longer laughing as her voice came through the phone

"Yea Iz I'm here, your friend Clary is quite the character I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help but you know how it is, hey at least I tried right" Jace lips formed a tight line as he waited for Izzy's reply, silently praying that she would be okay with his failure to help her friend

"Oh hell no you don't, nope you Jace Wayland owe me, Clary Fray needs to learn how to be a dirty girl and you will teach her" Izzy demanded through the phone, Jace could see her standing with her fist clenched as her eyes glared at him through the phone

"I don't owe you, so what you've helped me out before big deal, besides you don't get it, that Clary girl will refuse to let me help her"

"Jace Wayland, I covered for you more times than I can count when you lived at home, I would end my nights early just to make sure you stayed out of trouble, how can you say that you don't owe me after all of that" Izzy's voice no longer sounded angry, she sounded hurt

Jace sighed, he knew Izzy was right, growing up he could not have asked for a better sister. Izzy would always take up for him with the girls at school; she would not hesitate to fight a girl that bad mouthed him. She would help him sneak in the house, avoiding his adopted parents so they would not know he had been drinking. Jace smiled as he thought of all the times Izzy put her life on hold, she always wanted to be there not only for him but their brother Alec as well, Jace knew that if it had not been for Izzy they would not be where they were today.

"Izzy I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I love you and will never forget any of those things you've done for me, you're the best sister a guy could have"

After a few moments of silence Izzy spoke, her voice sounding more chipper "Damn straight, now listen up, Clary will be back at your office tomorrow, I'll drag her if I have too, you're gonna fix this Jace, do you hear me"

Jace gave up; he knew there was no arguing with Izzy, when she wanted something she would make it happen, no matter what stood in her way

"Fine Iz, have her here around noon, oh and try to make her at least look like an adult, I can't teach her about sex when she looks like she's twelve"

Giggling Izzy replied "Will do bro, you know how much I love make overs, see you tomorrow, bye"

Jace placed the phone down on the couch before sitting down, with his elbows on his knees, Jace covered his face with both of his hands; how on earth was he going to be able to teach Clary about sex when Jace couldn't even bear to think about how he would feel when he saw the redheaded firecracker again

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