Talk Dirty to Me


"Fine Iz, have her here around noon, oh and try to make her at least look like an adult, I can't teach her about sex when she looks like she's twelve"

Giggling Izzy replied "Will do bro, you know I just love make overs, see you tomorrow, bye"

"No, No but hell to the NO," Clary screamed while trying to run from Izzy, the short redhead was currently being held against her will in Isabelle's apartment and was desperately looking for a way to escape. Clary thought she saw an opening to make a run for it, long slender arms wrapped around Clary's torso just as she reached the hallway, preventing her from going any further. "Dammit all to hell, Izzy if you would've told me that I was coming here for this, I'd stayed in my dorm"

Izzy grabbed Clary's waist pulling her back into the room, "Seriously Clary, the first hour of this was entertaining, now your seriously starting to piss me off," Izzy let go of Clary's waist, only to grab her by the shoulders, forcing Clary to turn around and face her. Bending down to where she was able to glare into the redheads emerald green eyes, Izzy spoke in a threatening voice, "you will get dressed, you will wear make-up, you will act like a grown woman instead of a spoiled brat, understand," Izzy waited a few minutes for Clary to respond, when the redhead said nothing in return, Izzy continued, "and if you don't do these things and I mean all of them, Clary, well then I'll be forced to whoop your ass"

Izzy released her hold on Clary, pointing her finger towards the bathroom, "Now take your tiny ass in that bathroom and get dressed, I've already put your clothes in there"

Clary chewed on her bottom lip, looking up at Izzy with her best imitation of puppy dog eyes, "Please Iz, don't make me," she watched as the brunette sighed, Clary was beginning to think she had won, however, when Clary saw the murderous look in Izzy's eyes, she knew she was clearly mistaken

Izzy placed her hands on her hips, fearing that if she did not put them somewhere, they would end up around Clary's throat, "I've tried to play nice, I really have, if you would've been anyone else I would've already kicked your ass, UGH, this is why I don't have any girlfriends, it's just too much shit to deal with," Izzy went to turn away from Clary, she was more than frustrated with the entire situation

Just as Izzy turned, Clary's small hand reached out grabbing her by the arm, "Izzy, you're right, I'm sorry okay, the truth is I'm terrified of going back there," Isabelle turned when hearing the apparent fear in Clary's voice, "your brother's an ass, he's even made you doll me up before I can go back there, I don't know what I'm doing, he's just going to laugh at me," Clary covered her face with her hands, hiding her face from Isabelle

Giggling Izzy placed her arms around Clary, embracing her in a warm hug, "are you serious Clary, all of this was over Jace," Izzy looked down, finding Clary nodding silently, " well then here's your first lesson on men, when you look hot, it doesn't matter what you say or what you do, believe me they won't be listening"

Clary pulled out of Isabelle's arms, a frown appearing on her face, "but Iz, it's not like the men I'll be talking to will be able to see me through the phone"

Isabelle smirked, shaking her head, "Honey I'm not talking about the aspects of the job, I'm talking about Jace," Izzy turned Clary toward the bathroom, slightly pushing her through the door, "his job is to teach you how to talk dirty, so we're just going to make sure you look hot as hell, that way his mind stays on that particular task; now go and get dresses"

"Okay Iz but I'm gonna be honest, I have no clue why I have to dress like this for Jace to teach me about sex," Clary called out from inside the bathroom, a mischievous grin appeared on Izzy's face as she listened to what Clary was saying

"Don't you worry Clare; I know exactly what I'm doing"

Clary refused to even glance in the mirror when she finished dressing, exiting the bathroom her eyes immediately found Izzy lying comfortably on the bed, "Iz, I need your help," Clary whispered, pulling at the hem of her dress, as if it would magically make it longer

Izzy pulled herself up slowly, grinning from ear to ear when she saw Clary, "I'm a freakin genius, do you know how sexy you look right now, and we're not even finished with you yet," Izzy squealed, jumping up from the bed she skipping toward Clary, "here turn around and I'll zip you up," Clary nodded, turning around as Izzy asked

"Okay now let's get a look at you," Izzy's face was serious, her eyes roaming up and down Clary's body several times, "Hmmm, lose the undies, then you're good"

Clary could feel her face redden, her eyes wide with horror, watching Izzy walk away as if what she had just told Clary to do was nothing out of the ordinary, "Izzy," Clary hissed, refusing to move from where she was standing

Isabelle turned back to Clary, "Why in the world do you keep whispering, it's just us"

Clary shrugged, she did not care whether she had been whispering or not, "Izzy, what did you mean by, lose the undies"

"I meant exactly that, lose the undies, as in no panties Clary, geez you'd think you," Izzy was in mid-sentence when she abruptly stopped, Izzy placed a hand over her mouth trying to stifle her laughter, "please don't tell me you've never went commando"

Clary's eyes shot down to the floor, "Um no," Clary answered, her small voice laced with embarrassment

"Hey, I'm sorry Clary, really, I didn't mean to embarrass you," Izzy rushed over to Clary, placing her arm gently around Clary's shoulder, "listen some outfits just look better when women go without panties, that it's and this dress just happens to be one of those outfits," Izzy watched with worry as she waited for Clary's reaction

Clary finally lifted her head up with a small smile Clary nodded, "sorry Iz, you're probably wishing you never offered to help me now, huh"

Izzy shook her head, "Nope, it's kinda nice, like having a little sister to dress up and give advice to," Izzy ran her hands through Clary's long curls before gasping, "Clary please tell me that you do know how to, you know, keep your business tidy down there"

Laughter erupted from Clary's small frame, "Yes Izzy, I do know how to keep my girl parts trimmed up, if that's what you're asking, please tell me that is what you're asking right"

This time it was Isabelle's turn to laugh, grabbing Clary's hand Izzy began pulling her towards the vanity, "Enough talk about your vag, that's my brother's job," Izzy wiggled her eyebrows as she pointed to the chair at the vanity, "Sit, time for hair and make-up"

Clary grinned, taking her seat at the vanity, "I'm all yours"

"Hurry Clary, Jace is gonna be pissed if we're late," Izzy called out, rushing toward the sidewalk to hail a cab

"Coming, you try to walk in these damn heels, let's just see how fast you go," Clary mumbled under her breath, trailing a few feet behind Izzy

"I heard that," Izzy shot Clary a hard look before turning her eyes back to the road, searching for a cab

"Sorry, not really, but you know what I mean," Clary huffed out, finally reaching Izzy

Izzy waved her hand in the air just as a cab pulled up, "Yeah, I know Clare," Izzy was giving the cab driver the direction to Jace's office as Clary slid in the seat beside her, shuddering as she did

"You okay there Clare," Izzy nudged Clary in her side

Clary did not want to say anything, fearing she may explode from the embarrassment but knowing Izzy would keep harassing her over it, Clary decided to be completely honest, leaning her body toward Izzy's, Clary whispered, "not having panties on feels weird, when I slid in the cab I felt a draft down there and I guess I kinda liked it, it was weird ya know"

The look on Izzy's face was priceless; Clary beamed, "Have I just rendered the famous Isabelle Lightwood speechless, well that's definitely a first"

Izzy rolled her eyes, "Girl goes commando once, and now look at her, can't wait to see how you act after you've been deflowered"

"Isabelle Lightwood," Clary squeaked, clearly shocked by what Izzy had just said

"Don't go all nun on me now, Clare," Iz sassed back, before Clary had a chance to reply the cab driver announced they were at their destination

Clary and Isabelle stood side by side, looking at the large building, Izzy turned her head to the side, a mischievous glint in her dark brown eyes, "you ready for this"

Swallowing hard Clary took a deep breath, "Ready as I'll ever be"

Izzy stepped forward, opening the large door, ushering Clary in front of her, once inside the two girls walked in silence to Jace's office.

Walking up to Jace's office, Izzy grabbed Clary's arm, preventing her from opening the door, "Clare, let me get one final look at you before we go in,"

"Kay, how do I look," Clary asked, twirling around in a slow circle; Izzy was more than delighted with Clary's appearance. The black leather dress hugged the redhead's tiny curves in all of the right places, the scoop neckline was very flattering on Clary, showing off just the right amount of her milky white skin and the sleeveless dress also highlighted Clary's toned arms. Izzy had paired bright red heels with the dress adding a bit of spice to the outfit and the fact the dress stopped mid-thigh on Clary; the heels also gave her the illusion of having longer legs. Clary's make-up was stellar; Clary's green eyes were always beautiful, however, after creating the smoky eye with eyeshadows, black eyeliner and mascara, Clary's emerald eyes were not just beautiful, they were enticing as well. Izzy only had to add minimal make-up to the rest of Clary's face, just a little bit of blush giving her porcelain skin a dazzling glow, topping it off with vibrant red lipstick, bringing attention to Clary's perfectly round mouth. Lastly Izzy decided to leave Clary's hair down, simply curling it, adding softness to Clary's long red curls, Izzy also knew that it would drive Jace completely crazy when he saw Clary's long red curls cascading all the way down to her lower back

Isabelle was feeling quite pleased with herself when Clary stopped twirling, "Iz you haven't answered me, how do I look"

"Let's just say you definitely have that come –hither look going on for you," without giving Clary time to respond, Izzy grabbed her by the arm, pulling the two of them through the door.

Once they were inside Jace's office, Izzy gazed around the room, stopping when her eyes landed on Imogen, "Hello Imogen, it's been such a long time, you look lovely as always"

Imogen smiled warmly at Izzy, "Oh how I wish your manners would rub off on your brother, you are such a delight and well your brother Jace is, well you know"

Izzy nodded, "You know I understand Imogen, he doesn't realize how lucky he is to have you"

Imogen placed her hand over her mouth as if Izzy's words had moved her to tears, "Thank you for saying that Isabelle, you are too kind"

"Oh your welcome Imogen, I've got something to deliver to my brother," Izzy voice was dripping with sweetness, the fake kind

"Of course, I'll just," Izzy waved her hand in the air silencing Imogen immediately

"No, it's nothing you need to worry yourself with, I know how busy you are besides I know my way around, thank you Imogen," Clary couldn't help but notice the confusion on Imogen's face as Izzy opened the door leading them toward the back of the office, pulling Clary along behind her

"Iz, why'd you do that," Clary truly wanted to know why Isabelle would not want Imogen to announce their arrival

"I always talk to Imogen like that, staying on her good side, she tells me anything and everything I want to know," Izzy continued walking down the narrow hallway stopping at the very end, "I didn't want her to alert Jace of our arrival, he'd drill her on everything, mentally preparing himself before coming in here and well that's just not fair, I wanna see his face when he first sees you, without Imogen tipping him off"

Clary couldn't help the giggle that escaped her mouth; a pouting Isabelle was just too funny

"Shhhh" Izzy hissed, pointing to the door to their left, "that's Jace's office," Clary nodded in understanding, she already knew the door to the right was the patient's exam room

Izzy quietly opened the door to the right, pointing to the couch she whispered to Clary, "go sit, I'm going to find Jace," Clary silently nodded, walking in the room as Izzy closed the door behind her

Izzy turned to the door on her left, knocking on the door; she only had to wait a moment before her brother opened the door, greeting her with a surprised look

"Izzy, Imogen didn't tell me you were here," Jace pocked his head out of the door looking from one side to another, "I'm guessing your friend didn't show"

"Shhh, she's in there," Izzy whispered, pointing to the patient room, "I just wanted to give you a heads up on a couple of things before you went in with her, that's why Imogen didn't tell you we were here"

Jace relaxed, "Oh okay, so what is it you wanted to tell me"

"For starters she is extremely nervous, so please remember to be nice, her name is Clary, do not forget it this time," Jace was closing his office door as Izzy continued, "Oh and she was asking me this thing about the way woman dress, maybe you could use that conversation ya know to break the ice"

Jace nodded, "that's actually a good idea Iz, thanks," just as he placed his hand on the door Izzy grabbed him, "What," Jace hissed

"Just gimme a sec with her, to let her know that you're coming in, it'll make her feel more at ease," Izzy pushed Jace to the side, ignoring the annoyed expression on his face as she opened the door and then closed it just a quickly in his face

Clary was still sitting on the couch when Izzy walked back in the room, she could tell Clary was more than nervous, "Clare, Jace is about to come in," walking over to Clary, Izzy gave her an encouraging smile, "you can do this, kay, you look sexy as hell, Jace won't be able to think"

Clary gave Izzy a genuine smile, "I can do this, now should I stand or sit"

Grinning Izzy helped position Clary's body to where her dress was sitting extremely high, "Now remember don't get up until Jace has seen that hot little thigh of yours, then get up and slowly walk his way," Izzy winked at Clary, "listen to me and I promise you'll have him eating out of the palm of your hand, unless you want him eating out of somewhere else," Izzy wiggled her eyebrows

"Izzy," Clary hissed, her body turning a bright red

"Perfect," Izzy thought that Clary's blush made her more alluring, "don't move, stay just like that," Izzy moved to the door, swinging it open swiftly

"Jace, she's all ready for you," Izzy could not wipe the smile off her face as Jace walked into the room, without a clue of what was waiting for him inside

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