Talk Dirty to Me


Jace walked past Isabelle into the patient room, he inhaled deeply, mentally trying to prepare himself for round two with the fiery young redhead.

"Hello Cl," that was as far as Jace could get in his greeting. The minute his eyes drifted over to the redheaded vixen perched on his couch, his voice and thoughts left him.

"Did I do good Jace," Isabelle stood right beside him, her amusement evident by the smirk on her face.

Jace cleared his throat several times before finally answering, "Um, yes, Clary looks very nice," more like sexy as hell, not that he would ever say that out loud. Jace was bewitched by the red siren in front of him; his eyes slowly traveled her body from head to toe, finding that his favorite part of her seemed to be her flowing red curls. Clary's red curls, her vibrant green eyes and her milky white skin had Jake's anaconda twitching to come out and play.

Isabelle suppressed a giggle, noticing a major problem Jace was having with his clothing, in the pants department.

"Jace, do you need me to go clothes shopping for you too," Isabelle's tone was serious.

Jace turned to Isabelle obviously confused by her statement, "No, why would you ask a thing like that Is?"

Isabelle took her hand, patting Jace on the shoulder, "Well my dearest brother, it looks to me like your pants are fitting a bit too tight down there," giggling Isabelle removed her hand from Jake's shoulder, ignoring his furious glare, "Clary, make sure and call me when you leave and don't worry Jace is going to take good care of you," Isabelle turned, giving Clary a wink as she waltzed out of the room.

"So how do you want to do this," Clary's asked, shifting herself on the couch, causing her dress to inch up even higher, exposing more skin than she probably realized.

Jace groaned, shifting as he shut his eyes tightly, not needing to see anymore of Clary's silky white skin, "Um what," taking his hand and pulling at the opening of his shirt collar Jace slowly opened his eyes, "is it hot in here to you?"

Clary shook her head, "nope, I'm good."

Jace inhaled deeply, he could do this, he was a doctor after all and Clary was nothing more than a patient, a patient that he wanted nothing more than to hear her screaming his name over and over again, while he had her bent over in front of him pulling at her long red curls while he, NO NO NO she is just a patient, "okay Miss. Fray," Jace glanced over at Clary, "why don't we start with something simple?"

"Sounds good to me," Clary was twisting her fingers together, "but do you mind sitting down or something, your making me nervous."

Jace shook his head slightly, running a hand through his messy blonde hair, "I'm making you nervous," walking over to the leather couch Jace took a seat, putting plenty of space between the two of them, "I think if anyone should be nervous here it's me."

Clary smiled, her green eyes sparkling with amusement, "sorry, Isabelle has a way of getting what she wants, she won't take no for an answer."

"That's definitely my Izzy," Jace shifted his body to where he was facing Clary, he was desperately trying to keep his eyes focused on Clary's face and not the rest of her body, "so how about we start with you telling me why you're here."

Jace smirked as Clary's cheeks turned red, "I thought Izzy would have already told you why."

Clary bit her bottom lip, peering over at Jace as he answered, "I would rather hear it from you, if you don't mind."

Jace couldn't help but smile, watching as Clary opened and closed her mouth, trying to figure out exactly what she wanted to say.

Clary took a deep breath, "I need a job desperately by the end of this month, Izzy said your brother's boyfriend Magnus would hire me as a sex phone operator but I have no idea how to talk dirty, like at all, so she sent me to you," Clary's eyes shot down to her lap, clearly embarrassed by what she had just revealed.

"So to clarify things, Isabelle sent you to me, in order for you to learn how to talk about sexual situations on the phone to a complete stranger," Jace studied Clary closely, needing to see her reaction.

Clary was quiet for a few moments, then she stood up abruptly, pacing back and forth in front of Jace, "before you even ask, just let me, let me get this out," Clary stopped long enough to make sure she had Jace's attention before continuing, when Clary saw him staring at her intently, she continued, "I've only had two boyfriends, the first was when I was in eighth grade, he was my best friend, Simon, we kissed and it was just a peck but it felt like kissing m brother, it was just weird, I don't even want to talk about it, then my second and last boyfriend, Raphael, wasn't until tenth grade, I'm not sure what happened there, we kissed, the kissing was okay but anytime our make out sessions got any further he just froze up, my mom said he must have been embarrassed about his penis size, she mentioned he could have had the small penis syndrome or something," Clary stopped in front of Jace, her breathing ragged from talking so fast.

Jace was at a loss for words, he heard most of Clary's ramblings but that wasn't why he was speechless, Jace was speechless because of the way Clary's body moved in that tight, short dress and how her bright red curls bounced down her back as she walked back and forth.

"Dr. Wayland, are you listening to me," Jace shook his head as if it would help get the image of a naked Clary with her bouncing red curls out of his head.

"Um yes of course, what you're telling me is that you've never been sexually active at all, other than kissing only two boys and one not really counting," Clary nodded, moving to sit down again, however, this time she sat so close to Jace, their knees were touching.

"Can you help me, please Dr. Wayland," Jace bit down on his tongue, hearing her call him Dr. Wayland and saying the word please especially when she was looking like that was too much, not to mention their close proximity to each other.

Jace shifted uncomfortably on the couch, "yes Clary I will help you, I'm sure we can come up with something, don't you worry" his voice sounded hoarse as he spoke.

Before Jace could think or speak, Clary launched herself at him, wrapping her tiny arms around his neck, "Oh thank you, thank you Dr. Wayland, this means so much to me, I know you're doing this as I favor but I'd really like to repay you in any way I can."

Jace swallowed hard, this girl had to seriously quit saying things like that because right now he was very close to throwing her down on the couch and showing her exactly how she could repay him. Noticing that Clay was still embracing him, Jace hesitantly wrapped his arms around what he thought was her waist planning to hug her back in return, however, when his fingers brushed over Clary's soft bare bum, Jace quickly realized he was definitely not touching Clary's back.

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