Talk Dirty to Me


Noticing that Clay was still embracing him, Jace hesitantly wrapped his arms around what he thought was her waist planning to hug her back in return, however, when his fingers brushed over Clary's soft bare bum, Jace quickly realized he was definitely not touching Clary's back.

"Oh shit," Jace yanked his hand. In the process he accidently pushed Clary causing her to fall back, earning him a perfect view of her nether region, and what a nether region it was.

Jace couldn't seem to pull his eyes away from the view of Clary's crotch, it was perfectly pink and plump, Jace was imagining what it would feel like, his fingers were itching to reach out and touch her.

He was snatched back to reality when he heard Clary's voice, "a little help here."

"Damn, I'm sorry, here let me help," Jace bent down helping Clary up off the ground.

Once Clary was sitting down on the couch properly, Jace asked, "Clary I don't know how to, well I do but I hate to ask it."

"Just spit it out, Dr. Wayland," Clary was looking over at him smiling.

Jace shifted uncomfortably, "Clary please call me Jace not Dr. Wayland, okay," Jace painfully watched as Clary bit her bottom lip and nodded, "um, good, since that's settled, I couldn't help but notice earlier when you were on the floor that you didn't seem to have on any panties."

Clary took her hands placing them over her face, shaking her head allowing her long red curls to create a curtain around her, "this is so embarrassing."

Jace's manhood was literally ramming itself against his pants, watching Clary's hair move like that was a bit too much for his anaconda.

"Clary, hey, it's just the two of us remember, besides you need to get comfortable with this kind of thing, right," Jace tried to make his voice sound reassuring.

Clary moved her hair away from her face, "you're right, it's just no one has ever seen me down there, well except for my mom and OBGYN, ya know."

Oh by the angel, I want to be the one to deflower her, "of course your reaction was totally understandable, I just need you to feel comfortable in here with me."

Clary took a deep breath, "okay, Izzy told me that with certain clothes I shouldn't wear any panties, she said it makes the outfit look better," Jace smiled but in the back of his mind he kept thinking of all the ways he could kill Isabelle.

"Right," Jace nodded, "now is that by chance the conversation Isabelle discussed with you this morning?"

"Yes," Clary voice was quiet.

"Isabelle asked that I talk to you about that, is there anything you wanted to say about going shall we say commando," Jace noticed Clary's cheeks redden; he found it to be quite sexy.

Clary closed her eyes briefly opening them she looked straight into Jace's, "It was when I went to sit in the taxi, the air blew up my dress, the way it made my vajayjay feel was exhilarating, I had never experienced something so fantastic before."

Jace tried to smile, encourage Clary to continue but all he could think of was how he could make her feel even better, especially with his mouth down there.

"Jace, did you hear me," Clary was giving him a questionable look.

"Oh yes, yes of course, I want you to know that feeling is more than natural, have you ever tried touching yourself in order to find pleasure," Jace asked, trying his best to get back in doctor patient mode.

"No, never, I mean should I do that," Jace felt a lump forming in his throat, how was he supposed to answer a question like that, when he wanted to be the one giving her pleasure.

"Yes, if you want to that is, experiencing sexual pleasure would help you understand things better," Jace kept repeating I am a professional over and over in his head.

"What do I do, how should I do it," Clary was scooting closer to Jace as she spoke.

"I would assume for women, that you would probably start off rubbing yourself, pinching your clit might feel nice, and when you think you're wet and ready insert one of your fingers," Jace voice cracked, what the hell was that all about.

"Jace, I don't think I can do that on my own, can you help me," Clary had moved herself to where her hand was touching Jace's knee.

"What, what did you say," did she really just ask him for that kind of help, would it be wrong to say yes?

"I'm sorry, I didn't say that right," Clary was moving her fingers around on Jace's knee, causing him to find it hard to breathe, "I don't want you to think I don't want to do it, I do, I really do, I'm just nervous about it, with this being your specialty I just thought maybe you could lend a hand."

Fuck, did she really just say that, does she know what she's doing to me, "In what way can I be of service," if she needs me in her bedroom who am I to say no.

"I was just wondering what you thought, I mean should I just go out, have a few drinks and get it over with," Clary's fingers began pressing into Jace's knee.

"Are you asking me if you should just sleep with some random guy?"

"Yes, I'm tired of being a virgin, you know Izzy told me that I was the only person our age that she knew was a virgin, can you seriously believe that?"

Jace was shocked by what he was hearing, surely Clary thought more of herself than to go out and get drunk, have sex with some stranger, "Clary, your virginity is something special, you shouldn't give it away to just any random stranger."

Clary moved closer to Jace, "what should I do, the thought of masturbating isn't something that really turns me on, I can try it I guess but I'd rather a man's hands be the first to touch me like that."

Jace stood swiftly, his breathing was heavy, "are there any guys that you're interested in?"

Damn there she goes biting her lip again, "nope."

Jace turned away from Clary and started to pace, get your shit together man, "okay, do you have any interest in girls?"

"No, what gave you that impression," Jace turned finding Clary standing right there in front of him.

Taking a small step back to give himself some space, Jace looked down at Clary, "there was no impression Clary, I'm just trying to figure out what options we have."

"Oh, okay, sorry," Clary sat back down on the couch.

Jace paced the room for a few more minutes before sitting back down on the couch beside Clary, "you do know that there is no reason for you to do any of this, in order to talk about sex doesn't require you to actually have to know what it feels like."

Clary smiled, "I know it doesn't but I really think I'm ready."

Jace sighed, "How about this, Friday night we all get together, go out for a few drinks, loosen you up and see how it goes, then if you still don't feel like touching yourself, then I will be willing to help you," please please please let me help you, I am more than willing to help.

"Really, thank you Jace, that would be great," Clary was bouncing on the couch as she spoke, "I want to start with just the basics of course, just a little touching and stuff, we can even talk dirty during the touching, that way I understand it better, don't you think?"

Jace felt the room getting hotter and hotter, "Sounds good to me, how about we just play it by ear," Jace turned his head toward the clock, "Oh look at the time, I think you did great for your first real session."

Clary stood from her seat, "Thank you Jace, you have really been sweet."

Jace stood beside Clary, "I'm just glad that we had a chance to try again, now how about I give you a ride home, I don't like the idea of you catching a cab by yourself, especially when you look like that."

Clary giggled, "You don't have to do that."

Jace placed his hand on the small of her back, "let's get going before Izzy calls thinking I kidnapped you."

"Hey maybe on the way you can tell me about all the sex things I can do in a car," Jace froze for a moment after hearing Clary's words.

Jace could see the newspaper headlines now; Sex Therapist Dies Due to Patient Causing a Never-ending Boner.

This girl was going to be the death of him.

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