Talk Dirty to Me


"Clary what the hell did you do to him," Isabelle was standing in the bathroom doorway while Clary undressed, "he looked like his head was about to explode."

Clary was stepping out of Isabelle's tight fitting dress, "Iz, I've already told you, we talked about sex."

"No shit Clary but obviously something else happened," Isabelle moved into the bathroom, pulling her body up to sit on the bathroom counter.

"Well there was this one thing, no that wasn't anything," Clary was pulling up a pair of black leggings as she continued her conversation with Isabelle.

"Nope, you better tell me every detail of your appointment," Isabelle watched as Clary pulled an oversized T-shirt over her head, "you my dear child are too naive to know what should or shouldn't be discussed."

Clary was looking at her reflection in the mirror, pulling her massive red curls in a bun, "Ugh, do we have to, you know what never mind, I already know what your answer will be."

"Yep, see Clare, we already make a perfect team," Isabelle giggled, jumping off the counter she grabbed Clary's hand, "let's go sit on my bed, do you think I'll need popcorn for this?"

Clary told Isabelle everything, from Jace touching her bare bum, to her asking him to help her with finding a sexual partner.

"WHAT THE HELL CLARY," Isabelle yelled after hearing Clary's version of what happened at the appointment with Jace.

Clary's face drained, clearly shocked by Isabelle's reaction, "What, what did I do?"

Isabelle's wide brown eyes studied Clary, "you are something else, you know that?"

"I don't understand Izzy, you told me that Dr. Waylan-, I mean Jace was going to teach me about sex, talking dirty, so that's what we did, talked about sex," Clary's voice was a bit shaky.

"Ok-ay but you pretty much asked him to be the one your pop your cherry," Isabelle raised one of her eyebrows as she spoke to Clary.

Clary pinched her eyebrows together, a small frown forming on her face, "No, Izzy I didn't," shaking her head slightly, "No I would never ask him to do such a thing, all I asked was if he would min-," Clary's cheeks turned six different shades of red, "Oh sh-, shit, I did, what am I going to do Izzy, poor Jace I probably made him feel so uncomfortable," Clary's eyes were frantically searching Isabelle's room, "where's a phone, I've got to call him, tell him I don't know what I was thinking, I wouldn't do that, I mean I would but I wouldn't."

Isabelle's dark brown eyes were on Clary, a mischievous smile appearing on her face, "either you are a hell of an actress or you're a natural at making guys squirm," Clary's eyes shot to Isabelle, clearly hurt by Isabelle's statement, "oh Clary, stop being so dramatic, it wasn't meant to hurt your feelings."

Clary fingers began dancing on Isabelle's calf, her emerald green eyes looking down, "Izzy, honestly I didn't mean to act like that with Dr. Wayland, he's my doctor, I thought I was supposed to share everything with him, I guess after he told me he wanted me to feel comfortable, I went a little over board," Clary bit her bottom lip.

"What are you doing to my leg," Isabelle questioned.

Clary snatched her hand back, "sorry, it's something I do when I get nervous."

"Did you do that to my brother," Isabelle watched Clary closely waiting for her to answer.

"Yes," Clary's voice was quiet, barely a whisper.

Isabelle broke into a fit of laughter, "Clary, Clary, Clary I don't know how you managed to hold your V-card for this long," Isabelle's face was suddenly serious, "Clary, why have you?"

"Why have I stayed a virgin," Isabelle nodded for Clary to continue, "I don't know, I mean I already told you, I've only kissed two guys, I probably would've with Raphael but he always stopped when I was ready to move things forward, after him I never found any guys I was interested in."

Isabelle took one of her long manicured fingers and began tapping her chin, "Hmmmm," standing from her place on the bed, Isabelle began pacing her room, "do you want to know what I think," Isabelle stopped pacing turning toward Clary.

Clary shrugged, still chewing on her bottom lip.

Isabelle's voice was hard as she spoke, "I think you pick guys that are safe, your first kiss for instant, that Simon character, you knew for a fact that you didn't have feelings for him so you kissed him, knowing you wouldn't feel anything and this Raphael guy, we both know why he stopped when things got too heated, he was gay, obviously he wasn't ready to come out yet so he dated you, that's why you didn't mind pushing him too far, you knew he'd stop, before things got too heated," Isabelle crossed her long lean arms across her chest, her face was clearly pleased with her analysis.

Clary shot up off the bed, her tiny finger pointing an accusing finger toward Isabelle, "that's a lie, I thought I was in love with Simon, that's why I kissed him and Raphael, he's not gay, I, no, he never, dammit he dated girls, he liked girls," Clary shoved her hands on her hips, her emerald green eyes burning with anger as she stared up at Isabelle.

Isabelle rolled her eyes, "yeah, yeah whatever Clary, go ahead keep lying to yourself but we both know the truth, you may have loved Simon but just as a friend, you know it's true, you never felt that way with him, that Raphael guy, you know he's gay, he was safe for you, that's why you chose him."

Stomping her feet, Clary shook her head violently, "No, that's not true."

Isabelle's eyes lit up, "my, my, resorting to temper tantrums are we?"

Clary huffed, "I don't need this, screw you, this job, just everything, I'm leaving," Clary grabbed her purse from the floor headed for the door, "I thought you were my friend Izzy, how stupid of me, right."

Isabelle's eyes softened for a moment before turning hard again, "Clary I am your friend, that's why I'm telling you the truth, what you've done in the past is what you're doing now to my brother, you're letting yourself go with him, knowing he won't do anything about it since he's your therapist."

Clary's hand was shaking as she reached out to grab the door knob, "your wrong Izzy."

Isabelle chucked darkly, "that's why you were hugging your therapist, touching your therapist, that's what patient's do with their therapist, right Clary?"

Clary could feel her cheeks redden, "No, I was thanking him, that's all it was, call him, he'll tell you."

Shaking her head, Isabelle walked over to Clary, staring down at the infuriating redhead she spoke, "I've got news for you Clary, Jace isn't like Simon or Raphael, he can only take so much, you push him too far and he'll, well just wait you'll find out soon enough what happens."

Clary bit the inside of her cheek, feeling more than a bit intimated by the tall brunette standing over her, "No I won't wait and see, I quit, I'm done with sex therapy and I'm done with you," Clary couldn't help but notice that Isabelle looked hurt by her words but she couldn't find it in herself to care, "tell your brother thanks for his help, goodbye Isabelle," Clary threw open the door, walking through it without giving Isabelle a second look.

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