Talk Dirty to Me


Clary bit the inside of her cheek, feeling more than a bit intimated by the tall brunette standing over her, "No I won't wait and see, I quit, I'm done with sex therapy and I'm done with you," Clary couldn't help but notice that Isabelle looked hurt by her words but she couldn't find it in herself to care, "tell your brother thanks for his help, goodbye Isabelle," Clary threw open the door, walking through it without giving Isabelle a second look.

Jace was pacing his bedroom floor; never had this happened, not once in his entire life, sure he's done it but not because he had too. Jace growled in frustration running his hands through his wet hair, he had just finished showering and had nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. After he dropped Clary off at Isabelle's apartment he went straight home hoping that a nice cold shower would relieve him, sadly it had not so for the first time in his adult life Jace had to relieve himself. What the hell, he had never had to resort to giving himself a hand job, never, sure he's done it, all guys have but not because he was forced too. Jace walked to the bathroom, staring at his reflection in the mirror, he was disgusted with the very sight of himself. What happened to the great Jace Wayland, the god of sex, the guy that never left a club without a secret meet and greet in the storage room? Jace looked down at his hands, he felt dirty, so very dirty. When did he hit rock bottom, having no other options but to use his own hands to find relief. Jace shut his eyes tightly, he felt sick, what was happening to him? He couldn't live like this; he never wanted to have to go through that again. Jace's body shivered as he swallowed hard, he had to get her out of his head, the images of her, stop, geez stop now before you have no other choice but to do that again.

Jace finally managed to dry himself off, he was getting dressed when he heard his phone ringing, "Hello."

"Hey, I've got some news that'll make you happy," Isabelle's voice sounded off to Jace.

"Izzy, are you okay, have you been crying," Jace was worried, Isabelle didn't cry unless something was wrong, really wrong.

"No, of course I haven't been crying, as if," Isabelle sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than him.

"Seriously Iz, I'm your big brother, I want to help," Jace wanted Isabelle to know that she could come to him with anything; he would always be there to help her in any way he possibly could.

Isabelle sniffed, "thanks Jace, I'm fine though, I just wanted to tell you, you don't have to worry about Clary anymore."

Jace blinked, "what was that Iz, I must have heard you wrong," Jace chuckled nervously, "for a minute there I thought you said I don't need to worry about Clary anymore."

"You heard right, Clary quit, you won't have to worry yourself with her anymore," Isabelle's voice sounded sad.

Jace felt his breath leave him, "what do you mean she quit."

"I mean exactly what I said, she quit," Isabelle snapped.

"I get that Iz but why," Jace hissed, pulling on the ends of his golden curls.

"I called her out on all of her bullshit, she couldn't handle it, there, you happy now," Isabelle voice began to waiver.

Jace sighed, "Izzy, what did you do?"

"Me, I didn't do anything, she told me about her session with you, I told her that she couldn't play with you like she did those other two boys, she got mad and left, that's it," Isabelle's voice was angry.

"Dammit Iz, you've got to call her, make things right," Jace walked over to his couch and fell back.

"No, absolutely not, I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a bobby pin than apologize to her," Isabelle stopped talking, Jace figured she was taking a breather, "wait a minute, why do you care if I make up with Clary, you've never cared about my personal relationships before, unless," Jace cringed at the thoughts that were probably running through Isabelle's mind, "unless she's gotten to you, she did, didn't she, oh holly hell, she did!"

Jace growled in frustration, "you don't know what you're talking about Iz; Clary has not gotten to me or whatever you want to call it."

Jason waited for Isabelle's response but she never gave one, "Izzy, you still there?"

"Yep," Jace frowned at hearing Isabelle's reply.

"Well why aren't you saying anything," he was getting very aggravated with his adopted sister.

Isabelle sighed into the phone, "I'm just trying to keep my mouth shut, it seems when I'm brutally honest with people, they get pissed off with me."

Jace stood from the couch, walking toward his kitchen, "I'm not pissed at you, I'm irritated, there's a difference, besides what you said isn't true, I'm merely trying to help you and your friend out, that's it, nothing more."

Jace could feel Isabelle anger coming through the phone, "fine, if that's all it is, you helping me out, then you won't be bothered by the fact that I no longer need your help, goodbye my brother who happens to be world's biggest ass," and with that Isabelle hung up on Jace.

Jace leaned his head against the refrigerator door; it looked like he may have no other choice but to defile his hands again, Jace's body shuttered at the thought of needing to go out to buy more lotion.

Clary stomped down the sidewalk heading toward her dorm, who did Isabelle Lightwood think she was, saying such horrible things? Clary shook her head as she neared her dorm, she didn't pick guys that were safe, no of course not. Simon had been her best friend for years and they were trying something new to see if they meant more to one another, how was she supposed to know that it would be like kissing her brother, well maybe because she always felt like Simon was her brother. Clary had reached her college dorm building but instead of going in, she turned taking a seat on one of the large cement steps. What if Isabelle was right, Clary sucked in her bottom lip and began chewing on it. Raphael, there was her saving grace; there was no way for Clary to know that he was gay, if he was gay, take that Izzy. Clary had a moment of sheer pleasure but then she started to recall everything Raphael did when they were in high school like painting her nails, fixing her hair and not to mention all the times Clary caught him staring at her brother Johnathon. Clary covered her face with her hands, he was gay, Raphael was gay and she knew it, Isabelle was right, she was a terrible person, not to mention what she did to Dr. Wayland, he must hate her. Clary jumped up; grabbing her cell phone from her messenger bag she quickly dialed Isabelle's number.

"Hello," Isabelle answered the phone on the first ring, not giving Clary much time to come up with what to say to her, "hello."

Clary swallowed, "Iz?"

"Yeah, Clary is that you?"

"It's me, listen Isabelle I'm so sorry," Clary was walking back toward Isabelle's as she continued talking, "just let me get this out, you were right about everything, I never felt anything but brotherly love for Simon but I kissed him anyway, that's just sick I know it, and you were right about Raphael, I knew he was gay the entire time we were together, god he even checked out my brother while I was sitting right there, I don't know why I stayed, I'm a sicko, not to mention what I've done to your poor brother, Dr. Wayland must hate me," Clary took a breath and was about to continue but Isabelle's laughter on the other line stopped her.

Clary stopped walking, "are you laughing?"

Isabelle was still laughing as she tried to answer Clary, "yes, silly, now get your butt back over here."

Clary was a little confused as she ended the call but figured Isabelle would explain everything to her so with a smile on her face she continued her walk back to Isabelle's apartment.

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