Talk Dirty to Me


Clary was out of breath by the time she reached Isabelle's apartment just as she reached out to knock on the door, the door flew opened revealing a very frantic looking Isabelle Lightwood.

"Geez Clary, it took you long enough," Isabelle stuck her head out the door and looked both ways down the hall before grabbing Clary by the arm and pulling her through the door.

"Izzy is everything okay," Clary questioned as she gazed around Isabelle's apartment.

Isabelle had her back turned to Clary; she was throwing clothing items all around the room, "hmmm, did you say something Clare?"

Clary bit her bottom lip, should she be worried, "Izzy, um are you okay?"

Isabelle giggled jumping up and down, "I found it, this is it Clary," Isabelle ran up to Clary, excitement clear in her voice, "here, come sit, sit down."

"Okay, I'll sit," Clary cautiously walked over to Isabelle's bed and sat on the end of it, "so what's going on Isabelle?"

Isabelle was twirling her long dark hair between her fingers, "first I need to know something," Isabelle kneeled in front on Clary, her dark brown eyes boring into Clary's green, "I need you to be completely honest with me, straightforward Clare, no bullshit, got it?"

Clary nodded as she chewed on her bottom lip.

"Good, are you attracted to my brother Clary, are you attracted to Dr. Jace Wayland," Isabelle's face was hard, unmoving, waiting for Clary's answer.

Clary swallowed, "Um, I am, no wait that's not."

Isabelle stuck her finger directly in Clary's face, "Stop, I said not bullshit Clary, just answer the damn question with a yes or no, don't make me go and get my stiletto's."

Clary frowned, "yes, but."

Isabelle interrupted Clary, "eeh, eeh, none of that, yes or no, that's all I wanted to know."

Clary's green eyes were wide with worry, "Isabelle, I don't understand, why do you want to know if I'm attracted to your brother, you were literally yelling at me for leading him on."

Isabelle stood from the floor, her face lit with a mischievous grin, "don't you go worrying that pretty little head of yours, you may not understand now but you will."

Clary watched as Isabelle ran to her closet and started going through more clothing items, "Izzy what are you doing, I thought we could talk about everything, I wanted to get your advice on maybe apologizing to your brother, I just feel dreadful about leading him on like that today."

Isabelle came out of her closet holding more items in her hands, everything seemed to be made of black lace, "Clary our fight was like forever ago, I'm over it, no need in drudging it back up and you're absolutely not going to apologize to my brother."

Clary gave Isabelle a confused look, "I'm not?"

Isabelle shook her head, a devious smile forming on her beautiful face, "no, you're going to do something so much worse, now here go to the bathroom and put these on, and wash your face, we have work to do," Isabelle tossed Clary the handful of clothing she had in her hands and pointed to the bathroom.

Clary caught the clothes and stood from the bed but as she was walking to the bathroom she realized what the clothing was, "Izzy, what are you thinking?"

Isabelle winked at Clary, "Oh I promise you, it's going to be good, really good, now get dress and hurry."

Clary was shaking by the time she entered Isabelle's bedroom again, she couldn't even bring herself to look at her own reflection in the bathroom; she felt dirty for wearing such little clothing.

"Izzy," Clary's voice was unsure, her eyes landing on Isabelle immediately, she would probably laugh Clary back in the bathroom, Clary knew she looked ridiculous.

Isabelle motioned for Clary to come out further, "get your hot little butt out here; I still need to work on your face and hair."

Clary nodded; chewing on the inside of her cheek she walked further into Isabelle's bedroom, slowly making her way to the vanity, "Iz, I feel stupid."

Isabelle rolled her eyes and pointed to the chair, "sit, I'm ignoring that statement for the moment," Isabelle started with Clay's hair, she left it down, taking the curling iron, Isabelle added more volume to Clary's already natural curly hair.

Isabelle finished with Clary's hair pretty quickly and moved on to her face, "now Clare, this time I'm only doing to give you a little blush, mascara and pink lip gloss, we want you to look natural tonight, like a blushing angel."

Clary eyed Isabelle as she worked, "I still don't understand why you're making me wear this, what's going on?"

"Shhh, I'm almost done," Isabelle's tone was serious as she continued to work on Clary's face, "there all done, now come on," Isabelle grabbed Clary's hand and pulled her over to her floor length mirror, "tell me, what you see?"

Clary eyed herself carefully in the mirror, her face looked sweet, even sexy in her own way, her red curls were big and bold, flowing wildly all over her body in soft ringlets, Clary's eyed moved down slowly taking in her black bustier, it was sheer black lace with black satin bows placed on her hips, she was also wearing garters to match, Clary turned so that she could see the back of her sexy lingerie, her bustier had a laced up back that did wonders for Clary's curves and the black lacy underwear lined her butt just so you could see a peak of her cheeks.

"I'm not getting any younger here Clary," Isabelle's voice was impatient.

Clary smiled, like really genuinely smiles, "I think, I think I look a little sexy," her eyes were still on her reflection in the mirror.

Isabelle grinned, "damn straight you look sexy, now come on we've got to get going," Isabelle threw Clary a black trench coat and pointed to a pair of black high heels, "put that on, the shoes may be a bit big but no worries, you won't have them on long."

Clary did as Isabelle asked, "Okay Iz, I think it's time to tell me what you're planning," Clary was trying to keep her breathing under control and not freak out as she stepped into the heels Isabelle had placed out for her.

Isabelle stood at the door to her apartment, "I'm going to help you shag my brother."

Clary froze, "What?"

"Don't get all dramatic on me Clare, you're not shagging him tonight of course, no tonight is the preview, you're going to make him squirm, let him see how hot you are, you're going to have him chasing after you like a dog in heat," Isabelle was pleased with herself, Jace Wayland had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

Clary walked toward Isabelle, "Izzy, I don't know about this."

"Do you want to get laid or not," Isabelle had her hands placed on her hips.

"I want to get laid, eventually," Clary admitted.

"See, that wasn't so hard," Isabelle pulled Clary with her out the door.

"But I really like Jace, Dr. Wayland, I don't want to hurt him Izzy," Clary was twisting her fingers as the two of the walked out in the night air.

Isabelle was waving her hands in the air for a cab, "Believe me Clary, you will be in no way hurting my brother, play your cards right and you may just end up having him fall for you, hard."

Clary hated to admit it but the sound of Jace Wayland falling her sounded appealing, very appealing, "Okay Iz, I'm in, tell me what to do."

Isabelle opened the cab door, waving Clary in, "Okay this is what you're gonna do," she whispered to Clary after giving him the directions to Jace's apartment.

Clary was standing outside of Jace's apartment, Isabelle had went over what she needed to do but now that Isabelle was gone Clary was feeling a bit uneasy, what if he didn't want her the way she wanted him, what if she made a fool of herself, what if he laughed at her? Clary was about to turn around and make a run for it when Jace's front door opened.

"Clary," Jace's eyes were surprised to see her.

Clary tried to smile but she knew without a doubt it looked pitiful.

"Would you like to come in?" Jace looked worried about her, maybe Isabelle was right, maybe he did like her.

Clary nodded, "thanks," she walked past Jace into his apartment, her green eyes taking in his very modern style; everything was nice clean and white.

"Um, why don't we have a seat on the couch," Jace shut the door, placing his hand on the small of Clary's back, he ushered her into the living room.

Clary could hear her heels clicking against the hardwood floors as she walked through Jace's apartment, the clicking sound was keeping her cool, calm and collected.

"Would you like to take off your coat," Jace and Clary were standing beside in his living room now.

Clary blushed, she could feel the heat radiating through her body, she was really about to do this, she was going to try and seduce Dr. Jace Wayland, "well actually, you know what never mind," Clary turned pretending she was about to make a run for it but just like Isabelle said, Jace grabbed her arm.

"Clary, what's wrong?"

Clary was looking down at Jace's feet, he had nice big feet, she wondered if it were true what people said about guys with big feet, "It's just since me and Izzy are fighting I couldn't go to her, and, well you're the only other person I can talk to about this kind of stuff, look I'm sorry Dr. Wayland, I shouldn't have come here," Clary bit her bottom lip just like Isabelle instructed.

"No, no, I'm glad you're here, please ask me anything, anything at all," Jace's voice seemed nervous or that's what it sounded like to Clary anyways.

"You sure," Clary waited for Jace to nod, when he did she continued, "okay, well do you mind sitting on the couch?"

Jace raised one of his eyebrows, "okay."

When Jace had taken his seat on the couch, Clary walked over to him and stood right in front of him, "I wanted to ask Isabelle's opinion about what to wear under my outfit, for you know, when I do the deed," Clary was looking down at Jace, she could tell he was trying to remain professional but there was something there, she just wasn't sure what it was.

"Okay, what was your idea," Jace smiled up at Clary.

Clary's hands were visibly shaking as she dropped her hands to the tie on the trench coat, "It'd be easier to show you," Clary could tell by the change in Jace's eyes, he was excited, very excited.

Clary untied the trench coat, allowing it to fall to the ground around her, "What do you think?"

Jace's eyes went wild, his hands raised in the air as if he were going to grab her but then he quickly sat them down beside him on the couch, "you look, um, it's, damn Clary you're beautiful."

"Really," Clary thought Isabelle had told her that Jace would say she's hot or sexy but beautiful, maybe it's because he hasn't seen the back yet, "what do you think about the back," Clary turned slowly, allowing Jace to take in the full effect of her lingerie, when her back was to him Clary looked back to see Jace swallowing, oh yeah, Isabelle totally knew what she was doing, "Jace, what do you think?"

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