Talk Dirty to Me


Jace felt his breath leave him, did she really just ask him how he liked the back, "Um, it's good, I mean you look amazing from back here," Jace sighed; he really needed to get a grip before he did something, something he may regret, like throwing Clary down on his leather couch and have his way with her, taking her in every way possible, have her screaming his name over and over again, okay he may not regret it but he still needed to stop thinking that way about her.

He shut his eyes tightly, desperately trying to reign in his emotions before he did something he would surely regret, "Clary," he almost wished that she had snuck out when he closed his eyes.

"Yes Dr. Wayland," her voice was seductively sweet and it caused Jace's body to stiffen as he kept his eyes closed tightly, he knew if he dared to open them, it would be over for him.

Jace could feel his body relaxing when he felt a warm breathe close to his ear, "Dr. Wayland, please open your eyes," chills ran up his spine as her warm breathe tickled the tip of his ear, oh how he wanted to desperately taste her breath, feel her moan against him.

"I don't think that would be wise at the moment," Jace chuckled nervously, when the hell did Jace Wayland get nervous around a girl?

"Why is that," Clary asked, her breast barely touching the outside of his arm causing him to feel a burning sensation spreading throughout his body.

Jace shifted on the couch trying to create a space between the two of them, "Clary, I don't think I can do this right now, you should go," his voice was filled with lust.

Jace could hear Clary's naked skin move across the couch as she whispered, "What if I don't want to go?"

Jace chuckled nervously, "If I didn't know you better, I'd say you were trying to seduce me," Jace ran a hand through his messy curls, "Clary you, I want you here, I do but it's not a good idea for you to be here, especially dressed like you are."

"Open your eyes Dr. Wayland," her lips were at his ear again and damn it felt good, too good, "please open your eyes."

Jace sighed in defeat, he slowly opened his eyes finding Clary on all fours staring at him like he were her prey, "Clary what are you doing," his voice cracked, what the fuck was that?

Clary sucked her bottom lip in her mouth as she leaned into him, "can I tell you something Dr. Wayland, something you don't know, something you need to know."

Jace swallowed, did he want to know what she had to say, hell no all he wanted was to have his tongue trailing all over her body, sucking every piece of that perfectly white milky skin, hearing her moan, seeing her squirm underneath him, "ye, ye-ah, go ahead tell me."

Jace could tell whatever it was that Clary was about to reveal was embarrassing because she began to blush, her entire body becoming a heavenly shade of pink, "promise you won't get mad."

Jace nodded, he couldn't speak, not now, not when his restraints were barely there.

Clary's green eyes sparkled with something he couldn't quite understand, "Okay, remember you promised," Clary moved closer and closer, moving up to where she was now sitting on her knees, he body pressing into his in the most delicious way, "Dr. Wayland, what would you say if I told you that I was trying to seduce you, that I decided I want you to be the one to take my virginity."

Jace felt what little air he had in him leave, did she just day what he thought she said, "What?"

Clary smiled, moving one of her hands to his curls, her nails scrapping against his scalp as she ran her fingers through his hair, "I'm trying to seduce you, Jace.

"Why," he didn't know how to respond, his body in complete bliss and torture all at the same time.

Clary continued running her hands through his hair as she sat up and lifted one of her legs, moving it across his lap, "I like you Dr. Wayland, and I know you know how to make a woman feel good," bloody hell she was straddling him now, she was pressing her entire body into him, "you do know how to make me feel good, don't you Dr. Wayland, please make me feel good," she placed her hands on his shoulders, moving her nails down his arms in a very slow pace making his entire body shiver, "please show me, show me how good it feels to have your hands all over me," Clary leaned forward, her lips hovering right above his, "show me how good it feels to have you moving inside me."

Jace lifted his hands to where they were almost touching her but not quite, "Clary, I, um, don't, this wouldn't be a good, hell, this isn't a good idea, you're not thinking this through."

Clary moved her lips to where they were lightly brushing across his, "don't think Jace, just touch me, because I feel you and you feel good, so so good, please just feel me, please."

"Fuck, fuck fuck fuck," Jace hissed as he grabbed her waist roughly and attacked her mouth with his.

Clary had forgotten everything Isabelle had told her a while ago, being in Jace's presence did that to her and now that his mouth was on hers, moving perfectly with hers, she couldn't think of anything besides him, wanting more, needing more.

Clary moved her hands back to Jace's hair, pulling at the ends of his locks as she opened her mouth more to him, "Jace," she moaned against his lips as he pushed his tongue inside her mouth with a force that would have caused her to fall back if it weren't for the fact he was holding her against him.

"Hmmm," he moaned as he continued to kiss her, god he was perfect.

Clary's heart was racing, her fingers trembling as she moved her hands down to his shirt, she wasn't planning on going any further this but now she couldn't think of anything else but touching him, all of him, she moved her hands under his shirt, "Off, now please," she pulled away just enough from him to begin pulling his shirt up.

Jace looked at her in shock, his golden eyes darting between her green, questioning her silently, "Jace, just feel me, no questions, not now," she continued to pull his shirt up his sides.

Jace bit his bottom lip, he was fighting with himself but she wouldn't let him change his mind, she couldn't, her body was a ticking time bomb and his body was the key, the only key to unlocking the bomb inside of her, "Jace, please, let me feel you, all of you."

Jace didn't answer, before Clary could think he had he flipped on her back, him hovering over her shirtless, her green eyes wanted to ravage every part of him but she couldn't break her eyes away from his, they were filled with a fire that she had never seen on any man before and it was intoxicating, "touch me Jace, touch me."

Clary's eyes fluttered closed at the sensation of his hands moving over her, his hands were fucking fantastic, he knew exactly where to touch, how much pressure to apply, "more Jace, more," Clary arched her body up trying to feel more, she had no idea what she wanted more of but whatever it was she knew she needed it and Jace was the only one that could give her more of what she needed.

"Tell me Clary," his voice was thick, dark, mouthwatering, "tell me what you want?"

Jace pushed her back down against the couch with his strong hands, but that's not where she wanted his hands, she knew where she wanted his hands and she knew what she wanted his hands to be doing, "you do know Clary, you know what you want, what you need," Jace ran his lips down her chest, his tongue lightly licking her skin that was not covered by the damn lingerie, "tell me baby, tell me what you want me to do, I'll do whatever you want me to do."

Clary growled in frustration as she moved her hands to her hair, pulling at her now messy curls, "Jace, please."

Jace chuckled against her skin and oh it was maddening, "not til you say it, you know what you want baby, just say it."

Clary shook her head, she knew what she wanted, she wanted him to take her, take every bit of her, "I want, I, I want."

Jace pressed his body harder to hers making her gasp in pleasure, she could feel him against her and holy hell it was delicious, "come on baby, you can say it, say it for me Clary, come on baby," his teeth was grazing her ear causing her body tremble.

"Take me, take me now, please Jace, right now," Clary begged as she moved her hands to wrap around his muscular waist, trying to pull him even closer to her.

Jace pulled back though, his eyes gazing down into her green, searching for something, "Clary, are you sure about this, we don't."

Clary moved one of her hands to cover his mouth, "Stop, just stop, I want this, I want you, so no talking, you asked me to tell you what I wanted and you'd give it to me, I told you what I want, I want you to take me, right now, right here, take me Jace, take me."

Clary watched as Jace closed his eyes, she knew he was trying to decide if he should give in or stop, "Jace," she couldn't let him change his mind.

Jace didn't answer instead he crushed his mouth down on hers, his hands began to pull at her lacy lingerie, "God you're so perfect Clary, beautiful and perfect," he whispered against her mouth as his hands began to pull the lingerie with a force that could possibly tear it to pieces, not that Clary cared one bit.

Cary could feel the fabric giving but just as Jace began to pull the lace down her arms a loud banging came from his front door.

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