The Sperm Donor


"What do you mean my sperm's been used," Jace's voice cracked as he responded to Dr. Bane.

Dr. Bane walked directly in front of Jace, "Mr. Wayland this is a fertility clinic, when you decided to become a sperm donor what exactly did you think would happen with your sperm."

Jace ran his hand through his messy blonde curls, "shit, I don't know, Will said it'd be fun, how was I supposed to know some girl would want to use my sperm."

Dr. Bane turned away from Jace, his cat eyes flashing over to Alec, "don't flatter yourself Mr. Wayland, most women come to my clinic in hopes to have a baby with their significant other or she has decided to have a baby on her own without having a man in the picture, besides I was the one that chose your sperm."

"Why can't you just call this woman, tell her I want my sperm back," Jace was staring at Dr. Bane's back.

Dr. Bane placed his hand on the door, "Mr. Wayland, you act as if I can somehow retrieve your sperm from her, it's not something you can take back, the answer is no, absolutely not, you signed a consent and you were paid for your services."

Jace opened his mouth to speak but Alec beat him to it, "Dr. Bane, hi I'm Alec Lightwood, Jace's adopted brother," Alec stepped forward extending his hand out to Dr. Bane.

Dr. Bane removed his hand from the door in order to shake Alec's hand, "I apologize for my brother, he can be quite rude sometimes, what we are trying to find out is there anything Jace can do at this point?"

Dr. Bane sighed, "The sperm we collect from our donors are sent through numerous tests as was Mr. Wayland, it was during these test I found his sperm to be a perfect candidate for one of my patients, her procedure was done this morning, I won't know if the procedure was effective for at least one week."

Jace felt sick, "you're telling me I may be a father?"

Isabelle placed her hand on Jace's shoulder, "Jace why don't you sit down, you don't look so good."

Jace sat down in a black leather chair, "Dr. Bane."

Dr. Bane studied Jace before speaking, "No, you're not going to be a father Mr. Wayland," Dr. Bane's voice held no emotion as he continued speaking, "even if my patient comes back and the IVF proves to be a success, you're nothing more than the sperm donor, now if you three will please excuse me I have patients to see."

Dr. Bane left, shutting the door behind him.

"Jace," Isabelle kneeled down in front of him, placing a hand on his knee, "maybe it didn't work," her voice did not sound reassuring, "I'm sure it didn't."

Alec walked over to his two siblings, laying his arm across the chair, "yeah, I'm sure Izzy's right, this IVF thing probably didn't work, I bet she has to come back and try a different sperm."

Jace rolled his eyes, "when have you known me to fail at anything, my sperm will work."

Isabelle stood up, "fine be an ass, I was just trying to help."

"I know Iz, I know," Jace covered his face with his hands.

"We will figure something out but right now we need to get out of here," Alec was already walking to the door.

"Oh by the angel, I've got it," Isabelle squealed jumping up and down like a giddy school girl.

Jace rubbed his hands down his face, "got what?"

"I know how to help you out," Isabelle was beaming, clearly proud of her idea.

"Ok-ay and," Jace sounding tired.

"Could you be a bigger ass," Isabelle moved her hands down to her hips.

"Izzy," Alec hissed, he didn't understand why they couldn't discuss this at home.

"Do you want to know my plan or not," Isabelle was ignoring Alec completely.

Jace stood from the chair, "Yes, Izzy I am dying to know you're plan."

Isabelle flipped her middle finger at Jace, "Whatever, now try to keep up, I say we find out the girl's name that received your sperm and check her out."

"Izzy, Jace, we can discuss this at home," Alec hissed, his hand grasping the door knob as he watched his siblings bicker.

Jace held his hand up to Alec, "okay Iz, let's just say I'm interested in your plan, how are we supposed to get the name?"

Isabelle grinned from ear to ear, "that's easy, you flirt with that receptionist Kaelie, Alec keeps a look out and I go and check out the patient list for this morning."

Alec was horrified, "have you two lost your minds, no not happening, we can't do that, absolutely not."

"Alec, live a little, it'll be fun," Jace winked at Alec.

"Yeah, it was your fun that got us in this mess in the first place," Alec mumbled.

"Okay, everyone knows what to do right," Isabelle's eyes darted between Alec and Jace, the two boys nodded, "great let's go."

Alec opened the door looking both ways to see if anyone was coming, "we're good," Isabelle and Jace both came out of the room, Jace headed to the reception desk with Isabelle following closely behind, Alec stayed in the hall keeping an eye out for anyone approaching.

Jace strolled up to the reception desk, making sure that he was wearing his most dazzling smile. The young receptionist spotted him immediately making sure to stick her breast out as he approached. Oh yeah this was going to be easy, Jace winked at her, "Hello there, I'm sorry you haven't met me yet, I'm Jace and you are?"

The girl giggled and giggled and giggled some more, "Kaelie, that's my name I mean."

Jace wanted to tell her that she her voice was nasally and annoying, "well Kaelie, you have beautiful blue eyes."

There she went with the giggling again; Jace bit the inside of cheek hard, he didn't know if he could keep this up, that's when he noticed Izzy sneaking behind the reception desk.

Kaelie was still giggling, Jace knew he had to keep her distracted for Izzy, "Kaelie, I wanted to ask you a question but you know what never mind."

The girl stopped giggling immediately, "No, please ask me, you can ask me anything Jace," She batted her long fake eyelashes at him trying to look sexy; yeah it wasn't working for her.

Jace sighed dramatically, turning his eyes toward the ground, "I'll look stupid, no it would be better for me to just walk away."

Kaelie leaned over, "you could never look stupid Jace, please tell me, pretty please."

Jace looked up, his golden eyes staring into hers, leaning over to be closer to her, "I wanted to ask you if you had a boyfriend but clearly anyone that looks like you would never be single."

Kaelie jumped up from her seat, "I'm single, I don't have anyone important in my life," Jace plastered a fake smile on his face, of course you don't, no guy in his right mind would date you.

"Really, I find that hard to believe," where the hell is Izzy, Jace's eyes flashed past Kaelie looking for Isabelle.

"No, I 'm very particular about my men," Kaelie's voice was getting more annoying by the minute.

Jace swallowed hard, trying his best to come up with something to lie about, "as you should be, a girl like you deserves a special guy."

"Do you think you could be that special guy, Jace," Kaelie whispered.

Oh no, Izzy can just rot back there, this was her plan to begin with, "Um, well, I," Jace was saved by Isabelle calling him.

"Jace, Jace, oh there you are, we've been looking all over for you, we've got to go, now," Jace nodded.

"Talk to you later Kaelie," Jace turned leaving as fast as he could, trying his best to ignore the nasally voice calling his name from the reception desk.

The three of them did not speak until they were safely out of the Bane Fertility Clinic.

Once outside Isabelle held her hand up high in the air, "I did it, told you it'd work."

Jace threw his arms around Isabelle's waist, lifting her in the air, spinning her around, "Izzy, you're the best."

"Damn straight, now put me down, I'm getting dizzy," Isabelle was laughing as she slapped Jace's shoulders.

"Guys, stop it, people are staring," Alec was glaring at Isabelle and Jace.

"Okay Alec, let's get home, first tell me her name Iz," Jace set Isabelle down on the ground.

Isabelle's face was clearly amused as she spoke, "The name of the patient that received Jace Wayland's sperm is Clarissa Adele Fray."

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