The Sperm Donor


"Si, how long can it possibly take to pick out a movie," Clary whined from her place on the couch as she watched her best friend searching through her stack of DVDs.

"Fray, I'm not just picking out a movie, I'm picking out the perfect movie," Simon retorted, his eyes never leaving the stack of DVDs.

"UGH, you're driving me crazy here," Clary growled in frustration, taking the pillow from behind her head and placing it over her face.

"Geez, just cause you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to sound like a beast," Simon grumbled, standing up with two DVDs in his hand.

Clary lifted the pillow off her face, "Si, you've totally lost your mind, even if the IVF took, my hormones are still the same right now."

"Pft, whatever," Simon mumbled quietly headed toward the kitchen.

"Simon Lewis get your butt back in here right now," Clary had had it, Simon had been acting funny all day and she was sick of it, she was about to get to the bottom of his strangeness, well his abnormal strangeness.

When Simon ignored her calls to him Clary picked up her cell phone holding it high up in the air, "okay Si, you've pushed me to my limit," Clary put her phone on speaker dialing the number she needed, "you hear that Si, I'm calling you're favorite comic book store, wait til I tell them all about your superhero undies collection," Clary could hear Simon's feet running toward her on the hardwood floor.

Clary hid the phone up under her bottom, knowing Simon would never dare to search there, "give it Fray," Simon's hands were flying around as he searched for her phone.

"Nope, not til you tell me what's wrong, you've acted like a Willy Wonka Weirdo all day and I'm sick of it," Clary was giving Simon her very best I'm pissed at you glare.

"Willy Wonka Weirdo, that's a new one," Simon shook his head causing his glasses to fall to the end of his nose.

"Seriously Si, tell me what's wrong," Clary didn't like to fight with Simon; he was the only family she had left.

Pushing his glasses back up his nose, Simon sighed, "I just don't get why my sperm wasn't good enough for you."

Clary stood from the couch, her green eyes wide with shock, "Simon Lewis how could you say a thing like that, for all I know the sperm donor could look like the Joker or Red Skull for that matter."

Simon fell back on the couch, holding his hands up in the air, "I was being serious Clary."

Clary sat down beside Simon on the couch, pulling her legs up to her chin, "I was too Si, it was never about whether your sperm was good enough, if that were the case, I would've chosen your sperm without thinking twice."

Simon looked over at his best friend, his brown eyes searching her green, "then why?"

Clary sighed, wrapping her tiny arms around her legs, "Si you're the closest thing I have to a family, I don't want to lose you," Clary frowned as she placed her chin on her knees.

Simon shook his head, "that makes no sense, how would me being the biological father of your baby cause you to lose me, if anything it'd bring us closer."

Clary raised her head slightly, "you're wrong Simon, you may not believe it now but one day you're going to meet the one, the girl that will have you wrapped around her little finger, she will be the center of your universe, you'll do anything, be anything to make her happy," Clary leaned her face closer to Simon as she continued, "and I hate to break to you but most girls don't want their boyfriends to have a child with the guys best friend."

Simon looked appalled, "you think I'd drop our kid, you, for some random girl."

Clary smiled, placing a hand on Simon's shoulder, "not just some random girl Simon but the one you will end up marrying."

"So that's it then, you wouldn't use my sperm because of the future Mrs. Lewis, the one I haven't even met yet," Simon was trying his best to still look mad but he was failing miserably.

"Yep," Clary removed her hand from Simon's shoulder, placing it back around her leg.

Simon raised both his arms up in the air as if he were stretching, " glad to know that it wasn't because my sperm wasn't manly enough for you," Simon patted Clary's knee as he stood from the couch, looking back down at her after he was standing, "I hope you know that I'd never drop you for anyone, me and you, we're a package deal," Simon smirked, "if a girl wants a piece of my hotness, she'll have to want you too Fray, not like she'll want me of course but you know what I mean."

Clary held her hand up as she laughed, "Stop, just stop while, never mind just stop."

Simon gave Clary a toothy grin, "nice talk Fray, let's do it again sometime soon."

Clary smiled, "I love you Si."

"Love you too Fray," Simon called back as he walked toward the kitchen.

"Okay, let's see what we can find on Clarissa Adele Fray," Isabelle was pulling her laptop out; the three siblings had just arrived back to the Institute after leaving Bane's Fertility Clinic.

"What's it say about her, is she married, I bet he's ugly, no wonder she had to go to a fertility clinic," Jace was pacing around Isabelle's room as she looked at her laptop, "wait is she ugly, maybe that's why she went to a fertility clinic, she's ugly, she couldn't find a guy that wanted to have a kid with her, I mean ser-."

"SHUT UP JACE," Isabelle turned around in her chair, her brown eyes flaming with anger.

Jace stopped pacing, "what, what did I say?"

Isabelle turned to face her laptop again, "I need you to stop talking for like five minutes okay, you're driving me freaking crazy."

"Geez, Izzy, if you're on the rag all you had to do was say so," Jace fell back on Isabelle's bed, his arms placed under his head.

Isabelle shot up out of her chair, stomping over to her bed, "what did you just say to me?"

Jace closed his eyes, "I said, Izzy if you're on the rag all you had to do was say so."

Isabelle balled her right hand in a tight fist before punching Jace in his gut, "Jace Wayland you are an ass."

Jace screamed out in pain causing Alec to rush in Isabelle's room, "what, is everything okay, what happened?"

Isabelle shoved her hands on her narrow hips, "Jace happened, he said I was on my period."

Jace was balled up in a fetal position on the bed, screaming like a baby, "so of course you hit him, that was very adult of you Iz" Alec replied in a sarcastic voice.

"Oh shut up Alec," Isabelle snapped walking back to her desk, "if it wasn't for me, you two would still have no idea what to do."

Alec rolled his eyes behind his sister's back as he walked over to her bed, "you're right Izzy, please forgive us for our stupidity, now can we move on, have you pulled anything up on that Clarissa girl yet?"

"Gimme a minute," Isabelle answered as her fingers quickly moved across the keyboard on her laptop, "Alec, you must be hanging around Jace too much if you think I believed your half-assed apology for one minute, I swear you're beginning to act just like him, and no that's not a good thing."

Jace sat up, sitting next to Alec, "I'm offended by that statement Iz, it would do Alec good to act more like me."

Alec flipped Jace his middle finger, "I hate you both."

"Shhh, shut up you two," Isabelle was waving her hand behind her back trying her best to get their attention, "I've got something on Clarissa Adele Fray."

Jace and Alec both stood, moving to stand behind Isabelle, "What," they said in unison, peering over their sister's shoulder.

Isabelle's deep brown eyes were scanning the article in front of her, "holy hell, you're not going to believe this, Clarissa Adele Fray is.

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