The Sperm Donor


Jace, Alec and Isabelle were sitting at their usual booth near the cash register; Isabelle always insisted that they sit at this particular booth when coming to eat at Takis, the reason was simple, she loved watching people and this booth put her in the perfect position to see all the customers walking in.

Alec and Jace were sitting across from Isabelle, their backs were to the door, unlike Isabelle, Alec and Jace could care less who happened to be coming through the door, "Since Alec's paying I say we splurge," Jace nudged Alec with his elbow.

"Nope, don't think so," Alec replied as he scanned the menu.

"Alec, I don't know why you're even looking at the menu, you always get the same thing, hamburger, fries and a strawberry shake," Jace chuckled.

"I just wanted to make sure there was nothing new on the menu," Alec snapped back as he placed the menu back down on the table.

"It's so unfair that guys can eat whatever they want and not get fat," Isabelle muttered to no one in particular.

"Hey. I resent that Izzy, I work out all the time," Alec retorted.

"Yeah whatever Alec said but if we're being honest, I'm naturally hot so it wouldn't matter if I worked out or not," Jace smirked.

"Jace Wayland, you are an," Isabelle did not finish her statement; she was interrupted by the image of a gangly boy running through the front door of Takis.

Isabelle studied the boy closely as he ran up to the counter, besides being tall and skinny, the boy had a mess of curly brown hair and he was also wearing a pair of glasses that framed his face quite nicely.

Isabelle quickly tossed her long brown hair over her shoulder, she knew he would stare; all the men that walked through the front door of Takis and saw her sitting there stared, she was gorgeous of course they stared. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him leaning over the counter but he never glanced her way, not even once.

"Iz, you ok," Alec was waving his hand in front of his sister's face trying to get her attention.

Isabelle was troubled; did the boy really walk by their booth without noticing her?

"Alec, leave Izzy alone, she's just amazed to be in our presence," Jace was giving Isabelle a big toothy grin but she ignored it, her mind was on the boy at the cash register.

Isabelle barely noticed the waitress walking up to take their orders, "Iz, did you want anything or not," Alec's patience was wearing thin.

"Um, just get me whatever you're getting," Isabelle responded in a quiet voice, she was too engrossed with the boy to notice the strange looks Alec and Jace were giving her.

"Eric," Isabelle scooted to the end of the booth when she heard the boy speak, she was hoping to figure out more about him; mainly why he didn't seem to notice her when he came in.

Eric waved to Simon as he walked up to the cash register, "here's a first, why are you already here?"

Simon huffed, laying his arms across the counter as he leaned over it, "Clary said I better come straight here and straight back, no stops in between, meaning no stops at the comic book store."

Eric bent over laughing, "and you listened to her," Eric pointed his finger directly at Simon, "you got it bad man, she's like having another mother but worse."

Simon shook his head, a small smile forming on his face, "Clary's not bad Eric, she just knows me; she knows that if I go in that comic store, I could get lost for hours, literally and she's hungry, that's all."

Eric held his hands up in surrender, "Aw, Simon, you know I l-o-o-o-v-v-v-e Clary, I was just kidding."

Simon shot Eric the bird finger, "shut up, now how about doing your job and seeing if Fray's order is ready for pick up."

Isabelle eyes were wide with shock, "Guys, did you hear that?"

Alec and Jace were totally oblivious to Isabelle; they were wrapped up in their own little conversation, ignoring her completely.

Isabelle leaned over the booth, "Hello, are you two going to listen to me or not?"

Alec stopped talking and looked at his sister, "No, we tried to talk to you but you were in Izzy Land, ignoring us and our waitress, so no Izzy, we don't want to talk to you."

Isabelle pressed her lips together tightly as she leaned back in the booth, crossing her arms over her chest, 'fine, does it look like I care that you don't want to hear what I have on Jace's mystery woman."

Alec sighed, he was tired of talking about Jace's sperm and this Clary girl, number one hearing about how his brother produced the sperm was enough to make Alec loose his appetite and two, this Clary girl was not someone he really wanted to get to know, "Izzy, just drop it."

"Okay, I'll drop it, it's not like there's an order for Clary Fray being prepared for pickup or anything," Isabelle snapped back.

Jace pushed Alec in the arm roughly, "What did you just say?"

Isabelle shrugged, "Nothing, you're not talking to me, remember," Isabelle's voice was dripping with venom.

Jace leaned over the booth towards Isabelle, "Iz, please, this is my sperm we're talking about here."

Alec covered his face with his hands, "Can you please stop talking about your sperm, seriously Jace, you're giving me the creeps."

Jace ignored Alec's comment, his golden eyes pleading with Isabelle.

Isabelle bit her bottom lip, her brown eyes meeting Jace's golden, "okay, I'll tell you," Isabelle popped up in her seat, leaning toward Jace in the booth, "see that guy at the cash register," Isabelle motioned with her head for Jace to look.

"Rat boy, yeah I see him, so what" Jace replied.

"He's not a rat, he's, you know what, it doesn't matter," Isabelle's voice sounded aggravated, "the point is, he told the cashier he was picking up an order for Fray."

Jace's eyes shot over toward the counter again, his eyes analyzing every part of the boy, "no wonder she wanted my sperm, he's atrocious, their kids would look like little vermin running around."

"Jace," Isabelle hissed, "that's not the point you moron, the point is, that guy is our ticket to Clary."

Jace smiled, "okay, I get it, we follow him when he leaves, he'll lead us to my sperm, dammit, I meant to say Clary."

"I'm gonna be sick," Alec groaned laying his forehead on their table.

"Quit acting like a baby Alec," Isabelle swatted the top of her brother's head before turning her attention back to Jace, "How about we talk to him now, maybe he'll slip up and tell us something."

Alec was rubbing the back of his head where Isabelle slapped him, "I'm not talking to him."

Jace chuckled, "he must not be your type, what is it, not enough sparkles?"

"Shut it Jace," Alec muttered as he slumped his body down in the booth.

Isabelle sighed, "I'll do it myself, you two just sit here and play dumb," she stood from the booth and looked back down at Alec and Jace, "silly me, you don't have to play dumb, you already are."

Jace raised one of his eyebrows, his signature smirk in place on his mouth, "You know Iz, I don't remember anyone asking you to handle this, I'm more than capable of talking to the rat."

"That's my point, right there," Isabelle placed both of her hands on the table leaning down toward Jace, "you're an ass, we can't afford that, he needs to like us, if he talks to you, he'll run, with me, I'll get all the answers we need."

Isabelle turned away from the booth, taking a deep breath before making her way over to the counter.

"Eric, come on, I've been here for over ten minutes, Clary's not going to believe for one second that I didn't go into the comic store," Simon whined as he waited impatiently for their food order.

"Excuse me sir," a girl's voice came from behind Simon, he turned to find a tall gorgeous brunette standing right behind him.

Simon blinked, "me?"

The girl giggled extending her hand toward Simon, "Hi, I'm Isabelle, Isabelle Lightwood but please call me Izzy."

Simon was stunned, "Um, I'm, yeah, Simon Lewis," he took Isabelle's hand in his own, shaking it slightly before letting it go.

Isabelle smiled, "I'm sorry to bother you but I thought I heard you talking about a comic book store."

Simon shrugged, "yeah, there's one right down the road from here."

Isabelle's smile grew, making Simon feel a little faint, "Oh that's just great, I have a little brother, Max, he's turning nine next week, he just loves comics and he would die if I bought him," Isabelle stopped talking, her deep brown eyes moving from Simon over to a booth holding two guys.

Simon watched Isabelle as she gazed at the two boys in the booth, her beautiful smile disappearing from her face, "Isabelle, I mean Izzy, is everything alright?"

Isabelle sighed, her deep brown eyes seemed sad as she continued to stare at the boys in the booth, "those two brutes are my brothers, their complete morons if you ask me but not to Max," Isabelle turned back to Simon, her eyes filled with tears, "Max's worships them, he thinks they walk on water, ya know."

Simon wanted to reach out and pull Isabelle to him but he didn't, "I'm sure your brother thinks the same about you."

Isabelle shook her head, "no, he doesn't."

Simon furrowed his eyebrows, "Izzy, I'm sure that's not true, I have an older sister, she may get on my nerves or whatever but that doesn't mean I don't love her, I'm sure Max loves you just as much as he loves your two brothers."

Isabelle bit her bottom lip, "I know Max loves me, I do, it's just, he worships Jace and Alec, they always get him the perfect gift, when it comes time for Max to open my gift, well he's never interested in whatever I get him, he runs to Jace and Alec, begging them to spend time with him, he never does that with me."

"I'm sorry Isabelle, I don't know if this will make you feel better but Max won't always idolize those two, he'll grown up, hey, he'll come to you about tons of things, like when he gets his first girlfriend, he'll want to know how girls think, what should he buy her," Simon saw a small smile forming on Isabelle's face, "I promise you, Max will need you in the future, he'll appreciate getting advice from his beautiful sister."

Isabelle's face lit up her, her brown eyes sparkling with mischief, "beautiful sister huh?"

Simon gasped shaking his head, "that's not what I meant, no wait that didn't sound right, I meant," Isabelle's hand reached out and touched his arm.

"Simon, it's okay, I get it, really," Simon nodded but his face was still red with embarrassment, "I appreciate your insight, I truly do," Isabelle's voice was sweet and kind.

"Fray, got a pick up for Fray," Eric yelled behind him.

"Eric, I'm right here," Simon retorted as he turned to face the boy who was standing behind the cash register, "you have issues man, real issues."

Eric laughed, "I just wanted to make sure you heard me, that's all."

"Yeah, uhuh, here," Simon passed Eric some money as he grabbed the bag from the counter.

"Here's your change," Eric handed Simon a receipt and some change, "see you later Simon, oh yeah, tell Clary I'm gonna be reading my poetry at Java Jones this weekend, you two should come."

Simon rolled his eyes, "Sure thing Eric, talk to you later."

Simon shook his head laughing as he turned back to Isabelle, "sorry about that, Eric can be a bit of a douchebag."

Isabelle nodded in understanding, 'I can sympathize," Isabelle shot a look toward her two brothers, "it was so nice to meet you Simon, I wish we had more time but I know you have to get back to your girlfriend."

Simon swallowed, did she just say what he thought, did Isabelle really say she would like to talk to him more, "yeah, it was great talking with you too, did you say you wanted to talk some more?"

"I'd love that," Isabelle's face was clearly excited, "you could even bring your girlfriend, was it Clary?"

Simon frowned, "my girlfriend, Clary, no, she's not my girlfriend, she's my best friend, only my friend, I don't have a girlfriend, I available, single I mean."

"Oh," Isabelle placed her hand over her mouth, "I'm so sorry, I always jump to conclusions," Isabelle moved to the side of Simon and stepped up to the counter, leaning over the counter she grabbed a pen and a napkin, quickly she scribbled something down on the napkin before placing the pen back and turning back to Simon, "well, Simon Lewis, here is my number," Isabelle folded the napkin up and stepped closer to Simon, "I'd love for you to call me, maybe take me to that comic book store you were talking about," Isabelle was standing so close to Simon that their bodies were touching, "maybe you could help me pick out a gift for my little brother."

Simon gulped as he felt Isabelle's hand touching his jean pocket and sliding the napkin inside it, "okay," was the only thing Simon could manage to say.

"Great, call me tonight so we can make plans to meet up, maybe tomorrow," Isabelle took a small step back, "talk to you soon Simon," Isabelle's smile was dazzling, "you better get Clary her food, and if she'd like to join us tomorrow I'd love to meet her."

Shit, Simon had totally forgotten about Clary and their food, "yeah, I better go, she'll kill me if her foods cold," Simon started to walk toward the door but then stopped, "she wouldn't really kill me, she'd just be mad that's all, I mean Clary's great, she just gets cranky when she's hungry, she's not always like," Isabelle interrupted Simon.

"Stop Simon, I get what you're trying to say, now go, don't forget to call me later so we can make plans for tomorrow," Isabelle waved as Simon nodded and walked out of Takis.

Simon was grinning from ear to ear as he made his way back to Clary's, she would never believe that the reason he was late was not because of a comic book store but because of a beautiful hot girl wanting to give him her number, nope Clary definitely wouldn't believe it, not in a million years.

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