The Sperm Donor


"Clary, come on, please, pretty please," Simon stood in the doorway of Clary's bedroom waiting for her to change her mind, he knew she would, she hated to hear him whine and so here he was whining and begging, she'd give in, it was just a matter of time.

Clary was in her bathroom trying to tame her curls, Simon had decided to show up at her place at seven am to beg her to come with him on some comic book date and she had refused so of course he was still there pestering her to death about going, "Go away Si, I have things to do."

Simon appeared in Clary's bathroom doorway, "Clary, you're lying, you have nothing to do, nothing."

Clary turned away from her mirror to look at Simon, "I have an Art Gallery downstairs Simon Lewis, so yes, I have things to do."

Simon fell to his knees as he held his hands in the air grasping for her, "I'm on my knees Clary, my knees, begging you to come with me, please don't abandon me in my hour of need."

Clary shook her head, "You my friend are not normal," she turned back to the mirror, taking one more look at her bright red curls before turning back to Simon, "besides this mystery girl."

"I told you, her name is Isabelle, say it with me, Is- a- be- ll-e," Clary patted Simon on his head as she moved past him into her bedroom.

"I heard you the first time Simon, her name is Isabelle, when you saw her it was as if you were standing in the presence of a goddess from Olympus, the heavens opened up shining a bright light on her beauty, she is a vision to behold," Clary could barely contain her laughter as she quoted what Simon had told her the previous night.

"Hey now," Simon barked back, standing up he marched over to Clary, "I do not appreciate the sarcasm Fray."

Clary bit her bottom lip as she tried to wipe the smile off her face, "Sorry," she replied as she walked into her closet and began thumbing through her clothes.

Simon huffed, "You are not, you don't even believe me," Simon fell back on Clary's large bed, "that hurts Clary, hurts bad."

"You'll live Si," Clary called out from her closet.

Simon cried out as if he were in pain, "if only you had the heart of a true believer then you'd see, you'd see my wounds, I may not be hurt in the physical sense but in the spiritual I'm dying, and it's all because of you, you and your venomous words."

"Gimme a minute," Clary pulled on a pair of worn out jeans that had holes at her knees, then she pulled a plain white t-shirt over her head before grabbing her favorite black converses, "has anyone ever told you that you need therapy," Clary sat down on the floor and began to put her shoes on, "what's the big deal if I go or not."

Simon gasped rather dramatically as he shot up from the bed, "How can you say that, 'what's the big deal if you go or not,' seriously Clary, you know why I want you there."

Clary finished tying her shoes before standing, "No Simon, I really don't."

Simon's face turned serious, "Me and you Fray, remember, we're a packaged deal, that includes peanut too, if he's in there yet," Simon pointed a finger down at Clary's stomach as he continued, "where you go I go, goddess or not, if you don't like Isabelle then I don't want her, you are my family Fray, you and your little peanut, we're a for life kinda thing, Isabelle, I mean Izzy, well that remains to be seen."

Clary walked over to Simon and wrapped her arms around his waist as she buried her head in his chest, "you had me at peanut Si, you had me at peanut."

Simon grinned as he hugged Clary back, "What can I say Fray, you complete me."

Clary snuggled closer to Simon's chest, "your ruining the moment Lewis."

"Sorry, now does this mean you're coming," Simon looked down at Clary, a big toothy grin plastered on his face.

"UGH, fine you win, I'll go," Clary sighed in defeat, she should have known she didn't have a fighting chance.

"Iz, you do know you're going to a comic book store, right," Alec asked as he leaned against Isabelle's doorframe, his eyes taking in his sister's outfit of choice.

Isabelle rolled her eyes, "Just because I'm meeting him at a comic book store doesn't mean I have to dress like you, you slouch."

Alec shook his head, "You're going to run him off, and if not him, you're definitely going to run the girl off."

Isabelle stomped over to her mirror, her eyes studying the reflection in the mirror, "My outfit is killer, what's wrong with it?"

Alec moved inside Isabelle's room, walking to stand behind his sister, "Yes, Izzy, your outfit is killer," placing his hands on his sister's shoulders he continued, "if you were going to a club not a kid friendly book store to meet up with a guy and his friend to shop for your little brother's birthday present!"

Isabelle frowned, she loved what she was wearing, she loved how the bright blue fabric clung to her curves, "but Alec this dress looks so good on me."

Alec nodded, "I know, I do but remember this is for Jace, you're doing this for him."

Isabelle looked back to the mirror one last time, "well if I can't wear this, what can I wear?"

Alec stepped back from his sister and began to pace her bedroom floor, "I think I've got it," he suddenly shouted, "I'll be right back," Alec snapped his fingers as he ran out of Isabelle's room.

"I can't believe I have to change my outfit," Isabelle whined to herself as she sat down on the end of her bed waiting for Alec to return.

"Izzy, where are you," Jace hollered from the hallway before walking into her room, "what time are we leaving?"

"Oh no you don't Jace, there is no we," Isabelle shook her head repeatedly, "I am leaving in thirty minutes, alone, that means you are to stay here," Isabelle stood from her bed and placed her hands on her narrow hips, "I mean it Jace, you are not allowed to go to the comic book store, you'll ruin our chances, I can't allow it."

Jace threw his hands up in the air, "What do you mean, 'I'll ruin our chances,'?"

Before Isabelle could answer Alec came running into the room, his hands full of what looked to be old worn out T-shirts.

Isabelle pointed at the articles of clothing in Alec's arms, "what the hell is that?"

Alec smirked, "this my dear sweet sister is part of your outfit."

Jace grinned as he walked up to Alec, "let's see what we have here," Jace picked up a shirt, "are these Max's?"

"Yep," Alec chuckled.

"Look Iz, this one has the Hulk on it, it's perfect for you," Jace teased as he threw the shirt at Isabelle.

"This is not funny Jace, I'm doing this for you, remember," Isabelle stomped over to Alec and began to pick through the pile of shirts.

Jace bit his bottom lip, "I know Iz, you're right, I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me, please, please forgive me, don't turn into that scary green monster and attack me in my sleep, please."

"That's it, Alec put the shirts down over there on the bed, then both of you, get out, I have less that twenty five minutes to downgrade my outfit and you two are not helping," Isabelle began pushing Jace out of her room with Alec following.

Isabelle slammed her door, "Dammit, what am I going to do," her deep brown eyes scanning the pile of super hero shirts that Alec had deposited on her bed, "I've got it," Isabelle clapped her hands together as she ran to her closet and began throwing things around, finally she found what she was looking for, "I may have to wear a t-shirt but I'll make it look hot," she whispered to herself as she walked to her bed.

Isabelle was fully dressed in her new outfit with fifteen minutes, she had to admit she made Max's old Superman shirt look hot, she had removed her bright blue dress and replaced it with a pair of black leggings and a bright red tank top, then she wore a pair of old black combat boots that laced up, stopping mid-calf, lastly she brought out a pair of scissors and attacked the Superman shirt, she cut out the neck, making it hang off her shoulders, she then cut the sleeves making them very short and then the last thing she did was cut the length of the shirt to where it ended just above her belly button, "Isabelle Lightwood, you've done it again," she winked at her reflection before walking to her door and opening it.

Isabelle smiled in amusement as Jace and Alec both stared openly at her new outfit, "what do you think?"

Jace smiled, "I've gotta say Iz, you did good."

Isabelle raised an eyebrow, "Really?"

Jace nodded, "yeah, I mean it, this guy Simon is going to nut up, you look hot."

"Thanks Jace," Isabelle was beaming; Jace rarely gave compliments to anyone.

"Jace is right, you look, you look hot Iz," Alec was frowning, "that sounds so wrong coming from us Jace."

Jace rolled his eyes, "It's not like we want to shag our sister Alec," Jace turned back to Isabelle, "You sure you got this?"

Isabelle turned to Jace and Alec before walking to the elevator, "Jace, I'm good, I promise, I will have not only Simon adoring me but this Clary Fray as well, just you watch," Isabelle gave her brother's a wink before turning away from them to head to the elevators, she could do this, she could go on this date and befriend the mysterious Clary Fray.

Isabelle stepped on the elevator, "Next stop the comic store."

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