The Sperm Donor


"Simon, I never said she wouldn't be hot, you're twisting my words," Clary pointed at Simon as her eyes continued to scan the row of comics in front of her.

Simon huffed but kept his eyes on the front door of the comic book store, ""Whatever Fray, I know you, I know your ways."

Clary spun around to face Simon with her hands placed on her hips, "and just what is that supposed to mean Lewis?"

"It means, that when you said you were sure Isabelle was nice, you really meant she's probably nice but not hot," Simon retorted, his eyes never leaving the door.

Clary shook her head and chuckled, "You're not normal, how on earth you got all that from me saying I'm sure she's nice, makes absolutely no sense, none at all."

Simon was just about to make another snarky remark when the door opened, revealing his goddess sent by Zeus himself, Isabelle Lightwood, "there she is, Clary, that's Isabelle Lightwood."

Clary's eyes moved to the door, she blinked several times before speaking, "that is Isabelle Lightwood, she's the girl you met in the diner," Clary couldn't help but sound a little shocked, she couldn't help it, this girl was something else and Clary wasn't sure that her naive best friend could handle a girl like this Isabelle.

Simon's eyes flashed to Clary, "Ha, got ya, I knew it," Simon pointed an accusing finger at Clary, "you can't lie to me Fray, I know you."

"Simon," Clary started but quickly stopped when she noticed Isabelle approaching the two of them.

Isabelle was beaming, "Simon, I'm so glad you came," Isabelle placed her hand on Simon's forearm but quickly removed it, "and this must be Clary."

Clary extended her hand toward Isabelle, "Hi, I'm Clary Fray and you must be Isabelle," Isabelle placed her hand in Clary's and shook it.

"Yes, the one and only," Isabelle released Clary's hand and turned to Simon, "thank you both for helping me, I'm so excited, I want to get Max the best birthday present ever."

Simon was mesmerized by Isabelle's presence, "Uhuh."

Clary bit her bottom lip trying to contain her laughter, she knew Simon would end up making a fool of himself but that's why she loved him, "So, Isabelle what kind of comics does your brother like?"

Isabelle's eyebrows furrowed, a small frown appearing on her face, "I, I don't really know, I mean he talks about this thing called Maga, Manda or something like that all the time but he doesn't have any of whatever that is, so I'm not really sure what it is."

Clary grinned, she knew exactly what Isabelle was talking about but she wanted to give Simon his big chance to play hero and swoop in and save the day but Clary quickly noticed that her dorky best friend seemed oblivious to their entire conversation, "Si, don't you know what Isabelle's referring to?"

"Hmmm, come again with that Fray," Simon answered; Clary could tell by the way he was panting after Isabelle that he would be no help, none at all.

Isabelle giggled, noticing the way Simon was staring at her, "Oh Simon, you're too cute."

Clary watched the two, she felt relief wash over her when she saw that Isabelle seemed genuinely interested in Simon, "I have an idea, why don't you two go get a bite to eat or something, I'll handle Max's present."

Isabelle shook her head, her brown hair falling all around her, "Oh no, I couldn't let you do that."

Simon nodded, his eyes filled with worry, "Yeah Clary, let's get him some Superman comics, I'm sure he'll like them, I sure do."

Isabelle and Clary's eyes locked a knowing look passed between the two girls, they both knew exactly why Simon had said that he liked Superman, Isabelle's cheeks reddened as Clary burst into a fit of laughter, "Simon Lewis, you have never read Superman comics ever."

Clary's comment seemed to bring Simon back to reality, "I, um, I meant, I just, dammit Fray I was talking about the movies," Simon's entire face was red.

Isabelle placed her hand on Simon's shoulder gently, "We know what you meant Simon, and thank you."

Simon blinked, "for what?"

Isabelle gave Simon a dazzling smile but Clary started laughing again, "Seriously you two, go, shoo, I need peace and quiet to pick out the absolute best gift for your brother."

Isabelle seemed torn with the idea of leaving, "I don't know, I mean it's not that I don't want to but I hate leaving you to shop for my little brother Clary."

Clary waved her hand in the air dismissing Isabelle's worries, "Please, I want to, besides Simon isn't going to be much help, just look at him."

Simon sighed as he tried to straighten his glasses on his face, "Hey, I resent that statement."

Clary walked up to Simon and patted him on the chest lightly, "It's okay Si, now how about you take your Lois Lane and go."

Simon's big brown eyes darted between Clary's bright green nervously, she knew that he was silently begging her for help, sighing Clary gave in, she could never resist those big brown eyes, "You know what, this won't take long," Clary turned to Isabelle smiling, "how about we meet in say thirty minutes at Takis and get a bite to eat, that way I can go over Max's gift with you."

Isabelle's face lit up, she grabbed Clary roughly and pulled her into a hug, "Thank you, thank you," Isabelle was smiling from ear to ear as she released Clary, "you're seriously fantastic Clary, no wonder Simon adores you."

Clary took a breath as she took a small step back from Isabelle, "Aww, Si, you adore me?"

Simon shook his head, "Alright, thirty minutes Fray, then we meet at Takis," he knew that if he didn't leave like Clary instructed she would make him regret it by embarrassing him in front of Isabelle.

"Yep, sounds good to me," Clary replied as she moved further down the aisle trying to focus on the task at hand, finding Isabelle's little brother an awesome birthday gift.

Isabelle gave Clary a small wave, "Thanks again Clary."

Clary nodded as she continued to scan the shelves that were filled with comics, "No worries, see you in a few," Clary's green eyes caught a glimpse of Isabelle grabbing Simon's hand and pulling him toward the door, Clary smiled knowing that it would be a miracle if Simon lasted until the end of the date.

Clary was almost done with picking out Max's gifts when she heard a man's voice calling out Isabelle's name through the comic store, she quickly grabbed her selections and headed toward the register and toward the voice that was obnoxiously yelling Isabelle's name over and over again.

Clary placed the manga she had picked out for Max on the counter, she made sure to buy extra, that way if Simon happened to attend the young boy's birthday party he would have a gift for him too, "is that it for you," the young girl at the counter asked.

Clary nodded as her eyes roamed the store, she was looking for the owner of the irritating voice that she had heard only minutes ago.

"Isabelle Lightwood, if you don't answer me right now, I'll be forced to do something that we both know you won't like," Clary placed several bills on the top of the counter before turning around to finally meet the man that was calling for Simon's date.

"Excuse me," the words had left Clary's mouth before she had completely turned around, coming face to face with the irritating man that so rudely yelled for someone in a comic store, "Have you taken the time to consider that maybe this person you're screaming for isn't here?"

When Clary's eyes were finally able to focus on the owner of the voice, she bit the inside of her cheek, she bit down hard because there standing in front of her was the absolute hottest guy she had ever seen.

There was a playful look on the man's face as his eyes danced around her body, "Well for someone so short you have quite a mouth on you, don't you?"

Clary crossed her arms across her chest, she knew it, a guy that looked like, like that had to have something wrong with him, the guy was an ass, hot but an ass none the less, "Do you make it a habit of insulting people you don't know," Clary turned her back to the hot blonde to grab her change and receipt from the cashier.

"No, not always, just on special occasions," Clary could feel the strangers eyes on her, she closed her eyes briefly before opening them again and grabbing her bag off the counter, she said a quick thank you to the cashier before turning to leave.

"Well how lucky for me that I ran into you on one of those special occasions," Clary rolled her eyes as she tried to move past the lean body that was currently blocking her way to the door.

"I'd say you're very lucky, I bet this is the highlight of your week, possibly your year," the blonde guy winked at Clary as she stared up at him.

"Move," Clary growled, she was about two seconds away from punching this guy right in the face, or stomach, or wherever her fist could reach.

"What is this, no name, no number," the boy seemed almost shocked but then he snapped his fingers in the air, "I got it, you're playing hard to get."

Clary shifted her eyes down, she was trying not to smile at the ass's remarks, "You've got quite an imagination on you," Clary took a breath before turning to look up at her tormentor, "Now if you don't mind moving, I have somewhere to be."

The blonde man frowned, "Your words would wound me," leaning down he raised one of his eyebrows, "if I didn't know otherwise, that beautiful flush on your face tells me different, it tells me, you're lying."

"Ass," Clary shoved the boy with all her might, causing him to stumble backward.

The wind hit Clary's face as soon as she stepped outside, her red hair flying up in the air around her as she made her way to Takis to meet Simon and Isabelle, Clary could not wait to tell them about her encounter with the ass, more importantly she wanted, no, she needed to know who he was and how Isabelle knew him.

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