The Sperm Donor


Isabelle knew she should feel guilty, she knew she should have refused to leave the comic book store with Simon but there was just something so different about this nerdy guy, he did things to her, things she had never experienced before and she had to figure out why that was, what made him different, what was it about him that made her giggle like a silly school girl.

"So, what'd you wanna do why we wait for Clary," Simon's voice was so sugary sweet, his eyes were full of innocence as he stared at her behind his bold black glasses.

"Well," Isabelle grinned mischievously, she moved closer to Simon, intertwining their arms together as she pressed her body against his, "we could go somewhere a little more private," Simon chuckled nervously, "or we could take a walk, get to know each other a little better," Isabelle's statement shocked herself, when had she ever wanted to get to know a guy better, never.

Isabelle watched in amazement at how Simon instantly relaxed at the mention of taking a walk to just talk, he really was not like the typical guy she usually dated, "That sounds good, shall we," Simon raised his free hand in the air, a goofy grin was present on his face.

Isabelle could not help but return his smile; this boy was simply precious, "Lead the way."

Simon began to walk down the sidewalk toward Takis at a very slow pace; Isabelle's arm was still around his, "Isabelle?"

"Yes," Isabelle nodded; she saw his brown eyes gazing at her with curiosity.

Simon ran his free hand through his messy brown hair, "I was, I just," He took a deep breath, "why would you want to go out with someone like me?"

Isabelle stopped walking, did he really just ask her that, "What did you say?"

"I asked you, why me, why would someone like you want to go out with someone like me," Simon had stopped also, he was standing right in front of Isabelle but he was not looking at her anymore, his eyes were staring down at the cement walkway under their feet.

Isabelle swallowed, the guys she knew never showed their insecurities at least not at first, "Simon," she whispered, removing her arm from his, "why wouldn't I want to go out with someone like you," she placed her hands on both of his arms pulling him closer to her.

Simon sighed, "Look at you, you're beautiful, and then look at me, I mean, Clary tells me I'm cute and adorable but she has to do that, she's my best friend besides people call their dogs cute and adorable."

Isabelle felt her breath leave her, she moved her hands up to cup Simon's cheeks forcing him to look up at her, "Simon, I wanted to go out with you because you have this very hot," Isabelle smiled as the color began to drain from Simon's face, "very sexy," she moved her face closer to his, "look about you, and the fact," she felt Simon's body tremble as her hot breath caressed his face, "that you don't know just how attractive you really are is a real turn on," Isabelle was leaning so close to Simon that their lips were nearly touching.

Simon's eyes widened, "Are you serious?"

Isabelle shook her head and giggled, "Yes Simon," she pulled back, wrapping her arm through his, "I'm very serious, you're hot."

Isabelle watched as a huge smile appeared on Simon's face, a smile that covered his entire face, "Well then," Simon stood a little taller as the two of them began to walk, "now that we have that settled," his voice was light, happy, "you know I've always told Clary that I was devilishly handsome."

Isabelle giggled; this boy really did bring out the silly school girl in her.

Clary pushed past other pedestrians as she made her way to Takis, she was normally never this rude but that boy, that ass seemed to bring out the worst in her, she felt like she was about to explode after their encounter, never had Clary met such an egotistical moron, sure he hot, more than hot, he was the definition of pure sexiness but that didn't matter, no it didn't because the minute he opened his mouth Clary saw him for what he truly was, vile.

The minute Clary entered Takis she felt better, the diner seemed to have this calming effect over her, Clary scanned the room looking for Isabelle and Simon, her green eyes spotted them immediately sitting at a booth next to the register.

She felt a small smile forming on her face, Simon looked happy, more than happy, he looked deliriously happy, "Hey guys," Clary placed Max's gift on the table as she slid into the booth.

"Hey Fray," Simon grinned as she took her seat.

"Clary, I can't thank you enough for helping me out with Max's gift," Isabelle leaned over the booth as she spoke.

Clary waved her hand back and forth in the air, dismissing the brunette's statement, "Please, stop thanking me, I enjoyed it," Clary heard the bell over the Takis door ding and fought the urge to turn around, normally she was the one to sit facing the door but now sitting across from Simon and Isabelle she had no other choice but to have her back to the door and she hated it, no she despised it.

"Clary," Simon's voice was anxious, of course he would notice her anxiety, he was her best friend, "we can switch places if you want."

"What's up guys," Isabelle's big brown eyes darted between the two of them.

Clary gave Simon a knowing look and shook her head slightly, "Nothing, I'm fine, now how about we order?"

Clary saw something flash across Isabelle's face, it almost seemed that the tall beauty was jealous but surely she had been mistaken, "Oh Isabelle, I almost forgot," Clary lifter her hand in the air and dropped it on the table, she wanted to change the topic of conversation, she needed to clear the air of the uncomfortable tension had formed around their table.

Isabelle blinked clearly startled by Clary's hand dropping on the booth, "Please Clary, call me Izzy or Iz."

"Ok-ay, Izzy then, you guys won't believe what happened to me at the comic book store," Clary was speaking in a very animated voice, she was desperately hoping to save whatever she had disrupted between Isabelle and Simon.

Simon's face lit up, "Did you find a rare comic or something, wait," he placed his elbows on the table and leaned forward, "you found an original copy, didn't you."

Clary rolled her eyes while Isabelle placed her hand on Simon's forearm smiling, "No you idiot," Clary looked up at Isabelle, "there was this asinine screaming out your name in the comic store."

Isabelle's face paled as she pointed a finger back to herself, "Calling my name?"

Clary nodded, she heard the bell ding over the door as she continued, "Yeah, it was so obnoxious that when I went to check out at the register I said something to him," Clary frowned, she realized that she felt excited as she recalled the previous events with the blonde.

"Well," Simon was rotating his free hand in the air urging her to move along with her story.

"Sorry, I lost my train of thought for a moment there," Clary continued, "anyways, he was a jerk, he never said how he knew you Izzy but all I know is I never want to see him again."

"What did he say," Simon pushed for more detail.

Isabelle looked mortified, "Oh Clary, I'm so sorry, really," Clary looked at Isabelle, why was she apologizing, it wasn't Isabelle's fault.

"Izzy, it's fine," Clary started but stopped when Isabelle held her hand up in the air.

"No, it's not," Isabelle shook her head frowning, "I have a feeling I know who it is you ran into."

"WHO," Clary and Simon asked in unison?

Isabelle bit her bottom lip, "My brother."

Clary shook her head laughing, "Iz, I promise it wasn't Max, this guy was our age, maybe a little older, and God he was hot," Clary closed her eyes for a moment remember the ass's golden orbs but she quickly opened her eyes, dismissing the guy's hotness, "but like I said he was an ass, so it doesn't matter how hot he was."

Clary noticed the horrified look on Isabelle's face and the confused look on Simon's, "Guys, am I missing something?"

Isabelle looked down at the table mumbling more apologies but Simon pointed his finger to the other side of the booth, "Clary."

Clary turned to look at what Simon was pointing at, "Holy Hell!"

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