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King of youtube

A/N:: so I'm sorry if any of the writting is inconsistent, I tried my best I hope it's enough :)

It had been exactly two crazy months since you, an almost average girl had stolen the YouTube crown of the majesty himself, PewDiePie. It was strange how almost everyone online had fallen for your cute yet cheeky personality, but littertly everyone offline had seemed to hate every thing about you. You had made it to a shocking 197 million faithful subscribers, flying quickly past both pewts and tseries, with only 19 videos of you hopelessly playing your favorite viedo games such as the action filled walking dead and the famous legends of Zelda. It was stupid to of made the channel in the first place, I mean you were just messing about, you'd never planned for it to get so our of hand.

Hopelessly, You sat in the boring hospital bed, staring out of the window and into the everlasting blue sky that had been speckled with the perfect amount of fluffy white clouds. 2826 dreadful days, almost eight whole years in the hospital,,, almost eight years wasted the thought flew past your mind and you were reminded how lonely, anti social and desperate the hospital had made you. You had forgotten what the feeling of green grass under your bare feet, and even wind blowing through your hair was only a distant memory. Eight dreadful years ago you entered a coma that put you out cold for 6 whole years straight, your friends and your lover began to move on without you, leaving you behind. they met new people who were actually interesting, gained new hobbies and explored the world while you was basically stuck in between time.

You unfortunately had heartless adoptive parents who were only ever interested in the money they would gain from the adoption, they could've taken you out of the hospital but decided you were too much of a Hassel.

The incident had tore all the nerves from your right arm and You had lost feeling in your left arms unable to move the left arm, your parents signed a form that let them sugrically remove it and replace it with robotic ones that worked just as well, maybe even better.

As you had been in a coma for 6 years, your muscles slowly began to get stupidly lazy And you forgot how to walk, stretch and even sometimes blinking was some what difficult. The doctors decided you were to learn how to walk again and do everyday chores since when you left the hospital you would be living alone, with no support. But since their schedule was so tight they could barley make enough time to help you so you normally had to be pushed around in an old grey wheel chair that they paid for.

They began teaching you how to move again, how to truly live agian. by the end of this year you should finally be released but that's if doctor burbon keeps up with schedule, Learning how to move was harder then you expected, movement almost hurt your muscles and even walking for a few minutes would make you pant.

Within the two years of you out of the coma and learning how to move, you had learnt many hobbies such as guitar and a little singing from online courses. This was also the time you learnt a little more about your paradise, youtube and gaming. the only close friends you had were online ones who had always had your back, you guys where basically family. the only people you looked up to were YouTubers, like pewdiepie and jacksepticeye since they gave you alot of happiness after surgerys and hard days.

You picked up your phone that one of your online friends paid for and shipped to you. A notification had gone off, probably for YouTube.

"OMG WHO IS @YourChannelName?!" Uploaded by PewDiePie 59 seconds ago

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