Inventors Twin

Chapter 10

After a few weeks of semi peace I began to grow use to the idea of the dinobots thinking of me as a mother figure. It certainly allows me more freedom than I ever had before since now I seem to have giant,robot dinosaur bodyguards. I mean seriously Grimlock and the others barely leave my side when they are on the Ark, growling at mechs who even try to stare at me for too long. I even began to dote over them, telling them stories of Cybertron and even managed to make them energon goodies when they are very well behaved.

Grimlock may act all fierce and stuff, but he can be a real big pussy cat. Slag is the most hostile towards mechs growling and even attacking them at some point. The only ones he doesn't do that with is Jackie,Percy,and Ratchet. Sludge, is well, I guess you could say like the child that you feel like has been dropped on his helm even though I know he wasn't (he'd break the ground if he did). He was so entranced by my stories and would often ask questions that should have answered themselves, yet I was just as patient with him as I was with the other two.

I'm not exactly sure why I'm acting this way to be truthful. I was never much for kids when i was human, or was I? My past life slowly fades from my processor to where I begin to think I may forget it completly, but I seriously dont mind. After my first moms death life for me pretty much sucked. Never mind that, perhaps my behavior towards the dinobots came from being a femme. I remember reading in some fanfics that femmes have basic Carrier coding in their systems. I guess being called mama by the dinobots proves that it's true at least for me.

Today was starting out so well for me. After my gentle coaxing the dinobots followed Optimus's orders for patrol in sector 12 (Just made that up I have no idea what they did for patrols) otherwise known as the Hawaiian islands. And I was heading to my brothers lab to make sure he did leave an experiment on by mistake when he left for the city to get supplies for our human friends if they decide that they want to spend a night over or something like that. I put the codes into the door panel causing it to slide open with a hiss when...


A entire dumpster full of paint thinner lands on me-dumpster included- and then highlighter yellow pain pours on me as I threw the dumpster off along with pink glitter. My optic began to twitch and glow red. I HATED bright colors! And it would take me the rest of the day to get all of this off me. Stopping my pede hard making the dumpster on the ground beneath me to be smashed into a pancake I turned around a gave a roar that would have scared Grimlock if he was on base.


Sunstreaker's P.O.V.

Sides and I were laughing our afts off at the thought of Wheeljack finding our prank we had left for him in his lab. It was a same that he wore a mask cause I'm sure his face would be priceless. But at least we'll get a good laugh about this. Pit even Midnight will enjoy it.

Wait...oh scrap...

"What is it Sunny?" Sides asked me with concern as I stopped laughing and froze up like a Porto-Rabbit. I was about to answer when a crashing sound caught our attention and then a roar that terrified us filled the air.


:::OH SCRAP WE FORGOT TO TELL MIDNIGHT!::: we shouted at each other through the bond with unhindered fear. She would normally let us prank her twin cause she felt that sometimes he needed a good laugh. But warned us to tell her so she wouldn't get caught in it.

And we knew why. The one time Jazz prankced her by turning her hot pink while she recharged well...Let's just say he will never look at a energon goodie the same ever again. When she did a revenge prank she would do it GOOD! She did stuff that even Sides and I would dare or think about.

All the other mechs in the ,which we were currently in looked at us with a mixture of fear and amusement.

"I'd run if I were you." Blaster came us to us with a smirk on his face. "Femme's gonna be here in two."

Not needing to be told twice we both transformed and burned rubber to the exit of the base. Checking our rear views we saw a spark chilling sight. It was Midnight in her alt mode still "repainted" with her headlights blood red gaining on us fast.

"GET BACK HERE YOU PIT SPAWNED GLITCHES! WHEN I GET MY SERVOS ON YOU, YOU WONT BE ABLE TO EVEN WHISPER FOR HELP OR MERCY!" The enraged femme roared at us as we sped into the desert trying our best to flee from range of her anger. Well that's just Fraggin great, we made her mad enough to activate her beserker programming. Thanks to being a femme it made it much easier to activate such coding in her since femmes were naturally more emotional than us mechs.

"WE'RE SORRY!" Sides screamed as we pulled a 360 as she shot past us. I heard the sound of transforming behind us and a sudden blast in front of us caused us to transform and fall face first into the large blast crater that was made in front of us.

Getting up we saw Midnight walk towards us with her blaster still smoking with a smirk that would have terrified Megatron. Me and Sides grabbed onto each other our optics wide with fear and our scorched frames shake as we felt each other's fear through the bond



:::I'm about to leak some oil on the ground right now!...:::

"Oh you'll be sorry alright! Especially with what I'm about to do to you..." Midnight spoke causing a evil cackle to escape her normally sweet lips. And we knew that we would be embarrassed and scarred for the rest of our life cycles...

Time Skip and 3rd Person P.O.V.

It was well past noon when Wheeljack and the others returned to base. Curious why he felt such rage from his twin he asked her through the bond. All he got in response was was a lingering anger and frustration. So he and the humans went to the and saw all the mechs there laughing so hard that coolant flowed from their optics and they were on the ground with fans blowing loudly.

"What in the name of Cybertron happened?" He asked only for the mechs to laugh even harder leaving him frustrated and confused.

"Twins...prank...Midnight...REVENGE!" Hound managed to gasp as he continued to laugh. The humans looked confused still but the inventor had a bit of a look of understanding.

Before he could ask more Red Alert who was usually a well composed mech was laughing his aft like the others managed to get up from the ground pointed to the screen that was showing a live feed of medbay. Only to fall back down and pound the ground with one servo. Looking at the screen all sets of optics and eyes widened to the size of platters and they gaped speechless.

Ratchet was on the ground in medbay laughing like those in the while the two mechs were trying to tell him to fix them. Keyword trying, Midnight had not been merciful. Sunstreaker was hot pink with bright purple glitter all over him. While Sideswipe was the exact opposite.

"Wait for it..." Bumblebee gasped and all the mechs went quiet and watched the screen intently.



Both twins said at the same time and over and over again. Apparently Midnight had managed to make it so they couldnt say anything else. Not only that but the phrases switched back and forth from each other. Not being able to stay silent anymore everyone burst out laughing. Including those who just got there, finally unable to take it anymore Wheeljack turned the feed off and looked at everyone in the room as Midnight finally came in with an evil smirk and freshly repainted to her original colors.

"And THATS why Spike, NO ONE pranks my sister..."

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