Inventors Twin

Chapter 11

"Come on, WORK slag you!" I grumbled at the object in front of me as me and Jackie work on it. After the incident with Skyfire me and my twin were working on something to bust him out of the ice he had trapped himself in. Though he never told me where he got the designs for the thing I have a good guess. My twin was a fabulous inventor and such but this thing was of my design. Hey, what kind of bot would I be if I couldn't recognize my own style in the blueprints?

"'Night cursing at the thing won't get it to work..." Jackie was starting to say when I finally lost my nerve with the thing and bashed my servo into it causing a dent in it and my servo.

Taking the abuse rather poorly the machine roared to life and a heated ray of energy burst out nearly hitting us in the helms. Jackie startled fell back on his aft while I gave a scream and ducked down. The blast shot passed us and hit the test ice-don't ask where I got it. I rather not have any kind processor ache from a scolding may get from it.- and in a mere matter of moments it was gone either as steam or as water on the ground. Finally the object powered down and with a rattle sat there almost innocently on the lab table.

I looked over to Jackie, no doubt my optics were wide as his. And for a moment of silence then...

"WAAAAHHHHOOOOO! IT WORKED!" We both shouted in unison and hugged each other. Like twin right. I made something that almost killed us and I was celebrating? Yeah, whose my twin again? Oh right! The bot whose nickname was "explosion on two legs". So sue me if at times I act a little crazy while working.

"We did it Jackie! It works!" I cheered while my helm was in his chassis trying not to cry from relief. Skyfire would be free, I would have my older brother back. Jackie probably felt my relief and mixture of leftover sorrow from the thought of him trapped in the ice until now, because he held me closer and placed his helm on top of mine careful of my wing sensors on my helm and his fins as well.

"You started this 'Night. Without you none of this would have happened. Skyfire would have to have waited for me to get a working prototype designed by myself to work. Which would have taken much longer than this. This." He gestured to the project and the lab around it. "Is all because of you." I stuttered my optics again trying to keep the coolant from leaking. I then gave a weak smile looking up at my twin and once again placed my helm on his chassis. I sent my gratitude and joy along with love to him and he sent back his love and compassion to me. This is what I love most about being twins, there need to be no words between us. We understand each other without them no matter what.

"Now then, I should get Sky's new quaters prepared for when he comes here. Can't have him sleeping in the can we?" I finally spoke and detangled myself from him. A smile was still on my face and I seemed to bounce a bit in place.

"Of course 'Night. I'll head up to the pole with the Lambo Twins and defrost our large friend so he can help the others with the trouble below the equator. You stay here and spend some time with a certain scientist...Just remember, no sparklings until your bonded!" I could hear the smirk in his voice and the cheeky emotions I could feel over the bond. Energon began to rush to my face no doubt causing a bluish blush to appear. Before I could regain control of my body and processor my twin had grabbed our project and left the lab with my thoughts that made me blush even more.



Warning, M scene coming up

I had finished preparing both a lab and quarters for our large friend not long after Jackie's little...ahem...statement. And so while the others went off to battle or watch it via Telatrran I spent time with Percy.

Not long after that kiss we shared while building the dinobots we have gotten extremely close as a couple. Without uh...doing that and bonding of course. It's not that we don't want to do it! Ah! I mean bonding and not what you're thinking of! I mean we want to uh...heh heh...I'm gonna shut up now.

We had both agreed to wait for that kind of stuff for when the fighting slows down a least a LITTLE bit. But with each kiss our sparks yearn to become one with the other and it takes a lot more to stop us as we deepen a kiss. And I know that it's more difficult for Percy than it is for me. Femmes can hold back their urges and basic programming much longer than mechs. But mechs, if they wait too long it becomes physically painful for them to hold back. While Percy may have more self control than others he is still a mech. And I can tell that he is bout ready to snap in a moment.

At one point it came very close to we both couldn't handle it anymore...

*M rated flashback*

"Midnight, could you hand me that stabilizer next to you?" Percy asked barely looking up from his work. We were both in his lab while he was tinkering on something, not sure what it was I didn't design it Percy had done everything with it. This was purely his work, and I was fascinated to watch him work.

Today was a generally quiet day for being an Autobot. The cons hadn't tried anything and almost everyone was enjoying this free day. Even my twin was out with the others exploring the nearby towns and such. But me and my Percy...wait, MY Percy? Eh...I like it! Right off track, we stayed back hoping for some alone time.

"Here ya go-woah!" I was cut off as a pair of metal lips met my own while two arms circled my waist. I was pulled closer to where my chest was pushed up against his. My spark rate increased and my cooling fans clicked on with a hiss. As soon as I felt his glossa go into my mouth I dropped the object in my grasp and let myself fall into the kiss.

As our glossa's caressed each other my servos fluidly explored over his chest armor gently stroking spots were his protoform could feel my motions. I could feel him give a shiver and actually purr as they finally encircled his neck. While that was happening he explored my body as well, gently going from my waist up to my chest barely making it under my armor on my back and gently pressed his cold servo on it making me get even closer to him. As we parted I saw his optics were full of love and a bit dim as his basic programming battled to be online.

"Perceptor" I huskily whispered barely if not at all keeping the lust my programming was giving me as it came online out of it. His optics dilated a bit and dimmed even more and suddenly he slammed his lips to mine.

I moaned into the kiss as he aggressively forced his glossa back into my mouth and his and my own battled for dominance. When he finally broke it a bit of (saliva?) dripped down our chins. And then he kissed my neck cables and actually ran his glossa along them until he nipped down on one causing me to gasp at the pleasurable sensation.

"Midnight Star...MY Midnight Star" Perceptor growled at me as he forced us into the wall of his lab. Hearing him say my name like that only wanted me to crave him more. To hearing him say my name like that again. I gave a lustful purr and slipped my servos into the cracks of his armor seems and stroke his bare chest while I kissed him on the chin and slowly moved down to his glass pained chest.

Before we could move on I felt my twin over the bond and I could hear the sound of engines enter the base as everyone returned from their outings. I could hear Percy give a pained groan as he forced his programming down and released me from his grip. I followed suit a little reluctantly and sagged a bit against his chest.

"Spoil sports" I grumbled a bit as we both went back to work without so much as another word.

*End of M rated flashback*

Right now though we were just snuggled up together on the couch in his room while doing some science reports for Prime to read later.

:::Hey 'Night! We're approaching the Ark now with Skyfire. Come out and say hi would ya?::: Jackie broke my train of thought and at his words I shot up causing Percy to look at me with concern and questioning. Not long after I heard the familiar sound of shuttle engines causing me to leap up from my spot and race outside were my twin and the others were waiting. It was not long after I stepped outside that I saw a familiar red and white and very large bot standing next to them.

"SSSSSSKKKKKKYYYYYY!" I pretty much screamed and then glimpsed his one leg. My older brother looked down at me and greeted me warmly his optics full of relief that I was ok. I finally let go of his leg then I kicked it as hard as I could causing a rather large dent.

"OW! What was that for 'Night?"

"THAT was for scaring me to thinking you were offline never to be seen again. Do you even know how stressful it's been for me the last few vorns or earth centuries?" I semi thundered as Percy finally joins us and calms me down. Sky apologizes to me and once he and the others leave to figure out that strange energy signature coming from Brazil I watched him become a dot on the horizon.

"Are you alright sweetspark?" Percy asked noticing my coolant stained face. Looking down briefly I wiped away the 'tears' on my face and gave him a smile and snuggled closer to him looking back at the sky with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm fine Percy. I'm just glad to have my big brother back..."

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