Inventors Twin

Chapter 12

When a strange meteor came within view of our outer space sensors I could almost feel like something was about to happen. Im not exactly sure what but I know it's really important. Does it have to do with my past life? What was I again? Never-mind, not important. Anyway, Chip and I were once again enjoying each other's company when that same meteor crashed into the Earth. It was voted that my self proclaimed children- the Dinobots- were to guard the meteor while the others decided what to do with it.

Me? Well, I wasn't about to leave them there alone with nothing but a glowing rock to keep them company. Chip told me he was going to ask Prime if they could build more Dinobots while I stayed here to watch the older ones. I gave my approval and stated that he was making me proud that he wanted to help our cause even though he had no need to. He just shrugged it off and told me that he would make sure my twin wouldn't blow himself up while building them.

As they left I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched...

3rd Person P.O.V. Soundwave

No one saw him as he spied on the Dinobots for Lord Megatron. No one ever saw him till it was too late. It was there he found that Grimlock was arrogant, Slag was extremely violent, and Sludge was stupid. But there was one thing that confused the mech. Who was this "Mama" being that they thought about? It was the one thing that all of them had all agreed on in their minds that they would protect her until they offlined and Primus help whoever got in their way.

It was then a hauntingly beautiful voice reached his audios causing him and his creations to quiet at the melody.

You'll remember me when the west wind moves

Upon the fields of barley

You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky

As we walk in fields of gold

The Dinobots had all turned towards the music and Soundwave could hear their violent thoughts and personalities quiet. The song slowly continued without hesitation.

So she took her love

For to gaze awhile

Upon the fields of barley

In his arms she fell as her hair came down

Among the fields of gold

It was then that Soundwave noticed that he and the Dinobots weren't alone here. As the Earths moon glowed in the sky it's silvery light reflected off a dark blue femme with golden optics. Underneath his visor Soundwave's optics widened in shock and his spark seemed to speed up while his creations stared in awe.

Will you stay with me, will you be my love

Among the fields of barley

We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky

As we lie in fields of gold

It was the inventors twin Midnight Star. She seemed lost into the song she was singing to noticed that the Dinobots had briefly left their post to stand around her and listen to her sing. Soundwave even got as close to her as he dared and he even began to soft purring sound as he heard those beautiful sounds that came out of the femme's vocal processor.

See the west wind move like a lover so

Upon the fields of barley

Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth

Among the fields of gold

I never made promises lightly

And there have been some that I've broken

But I swear in the days still left

We'll walk in fields of gold

We'll walk in fields of gold

Soundwave began to imagine all the possible sounds that a femme like Midnight could make under the right conditions. The mere thought sent both his processor and spark into a heated frenzy.

Many years have passed since those summer days

Among the fields of barley

See the children run as the sun goes down

Among the fields of gold

You'll remember me when the west wind moves

Upon the fields of barley

You can tell the sun in his jealous sky

When we walked in fields of gold

When we walked in fields of gold

When we walked in fields of gold

As she finished the last stanza Soundwave felt a smile creep across his lips behind his mask. His basic programming was telling him that this Autobot femme was a potential mate that could be explored on a later date. First he had to figure out who this "mama" being was from the mechs in the area before he could move onto pleasure.

"Hey boss look..." Rumble whispered to his sire as he watched the scene ahead of him. The Dinobots had briefly transformed into their dinosaur mode and began to rub their helms against the femme's much smaller chassis and gave low rumbling purrs while she petted each of them with a loving look.

"Guess we now know who Mama is." Frenzy then spoke. Soundwave said nothing, he only watched as the Dinobots returned to their robot mode and walked back to their post. His spark seemed to skip around happily in it's chamber. She was great with sparklings and creations like that, she could care for his while he was working. And as he looked back on the few encounters that he and his creations had with her in battle he noticed that not once had she even used her deadly energy whips on his creations. Nor had she shot at them. Which seemed to make her in his optics even more of a perfect mate. Now he just need to make her HIS...

Midnight's P.O.V.

It was close to Dawn when I decided that it was time for me to return to the Ark. I gave a farewell kiss to my adopted creations as well as a hug and then I drove back towards base. I had not commed base since I knew Percy was the only one wake at this time and I wanted to surprise him when I got back. I had even made it to look like my signal was back with Grimlock and the others.

This became my mistake.

A sudden blast from a gun sent my alt mode swerving to regain balance. Transforming back to my bipedal mode I felt a painful jolt of electricity causing me to scream in pain until I was down on my servos and knee bolts. As I finally blacked out after the amount of it in my frame increased I heard a metallic like purring.


I swear, Primus either enjoys doing this to me or he hates me for whatever slaggin reason. You wanna know why I think that? Well, here's pretty much what has happened...

*Flashback 3rd Person P.O.V*

Slowly Midnight began to online. Her optics fritzed and warning popped up on her HUD due to the electrical burns that were no doubt on her armor. As her optics finally settled down she saw she was in a strange place. And in a very bad situation.

It was a dull metal gray room with parts of drones and even fallen transformers everywhere. In the dim lights she could tell that she was on a berth of some sort and her injuries had been carefully tended to with great care. And the berth was large enough for two bots and was soft to lay on making her very comfortable. Which began to making very UNcomfortable.

Ok...I know this ain't anywhere on the Ark, and the lack of purple means it ain't the Nemesis either. So where in the Allspark am I? Midnight thought as she got up. Then remembering something from rumors and such she forced herself up and tried to run for the door on the other side of the "workshop" only to be stopped by a very large and very strong form.

"Femme: desist from escape. Escape: futile, belong to me now." A very dark and familiar monotone voice came from the mech holding her. Midnight gave a shrill gasp as a servo caressed her cheek and slowly dragged itself down till it stopped above her sparkchamber. Stuttering her optics back on she saw a hauntingly familiar red visor and white facemask.

"S-Soundwave..." Midnight barely managed to stutter. The con TIC's visor brighten at the sound of his name on the femme's lips. He managed to pull the dark blue femme closer and placed his facemask on her neck cables. He could feel the energon flow through them and her the thrum of her spark and other pulses of electricity run through her frame. To him this one was a sweet symphony of sounds that was HIS to conduct.

"W-What do you mean YOURS? I belong to no one but myself!" Midnight tried to sound brave but being in an enemy mechs hold while being unbonded made her wary and a tiny bit scared.

"Autobot Femme: Matches basic programming for mate. Soundwave: discovered while heard you sing." The usually emotionless mech held her close to his chassis next to his sparkchamber. Then using great force of strength he forced her back onto the berth and strapped her down with hidden energy clamps. He now stood over her with a strange hunger showing in his visor.

Well that's just fan slaggin tastic! Of all the cons whose mating programs are still dormant I had to match the one with the creepy voice and the mind powers... Midnight groaned in her head and once again spoke to her captor. "Well, thanks and all for the compliment about my singing-I think- but..." She was about to say something else when the TIC cut her off.

"Soundwave: Wishes to discover what other sounds femme can produce. Suggestion: Afterwards prepare for bonding to me and my creations." And all his Conseticons came out. Ravage and Lazerbeak simply studied her while considering if she was worthy to be their sires mate. While Frenzy and Rumble were holding each others servos and dancing around while in a sing-song voice saying. "We get a Ma~" over and over again.

Aaannnndd he has a creepy faddish for whatever comes out a femme's vocal processor before interfacing and bonding...Why me Primus? Why do you hate me so? Because this is so fan Fraggin tastic you have placed me here! Thank you for placing me in this slag heap of a mess!Can you hear the sarcasm I'm my thoughts right now? Midnight was officially creeped out and slagged off at her situation.

Midnight began to felt a tingling sensation as the con placed his servo on part of her un armored side. This was going to be a long cycle for her...

*End of Flashback and back to Midnight's P.O.V*

There was pretty much nothing that slagged didn't do to me just to fin out what kind of sound I made. Each time I did make a sound he gave a purr like he did when he first captured me. If I didn't he continued to amp up whatever he was doing until I did make a noise. However each time he was done he gave me repairs to make sure I would still be online and his little creations kept me amused as they tried to tell me all about their lives with the cons. I never attacked them in battle or even took a shot at them. I don't remember the exact reason why, but I just do.

He was just about to do...something with me that I rather not talk about at the moment when Megajerk him that he needed him for battle. So he left along with his creations to fight. Leaving me alone in his workshop dreading when he returned.


I don't know how long I was lying there but it was long enough for me to go into an uneasy recharge when I felt a sharp tug on the twinbond. Thrilled I could feel it once again I opened up fully with renewed hope in my spark.

:::Midnight? Where the slag ARE you?! The Dinobots are going crazy and sided with the cons! The new ones are fighting them now but we need you to calm them down!:::

:::Jackie, as much as I would love to help's kinda hard to do when I'm trapped in Soundwave's workshop strapped to a berth stuck waiting for him to return and force me to be his sparkmate...:::


:::Ugh...we'll talk about this later I promise, but right slaggin now I want you to GET YOUR AFT IN GEAR AND GET ME THE FRAG OUT OF HERE!:::

:::OWWW! Ok ok need to yell over the bond. I'll get there with the others as soon as I can. I'll even bring the new Dinobots with me, theyve been wanting to meet their "Mama" since they came online.*smirk*:::

:::I wasn't even part of the crew how designed them this time! did this didn't you?! You know that I can't stand to refuse bots with sparkling like attitudes towards me! Frag it Jackie!...Just get me the slag out of here so I can make you into a trash compactor!:::

:::*nervous laugh* Right well, we'll get there as soon as we can 'Night just hold on.:::

:::Not like I'm going anywhere Jackie...Not like I'm going anywhere...::: And with that I cut off my communication part of the bond and went into a fit full recharge praying to Primus that my twin and the others would get here before Soundwave returned...


I was awoken by the sound of an explosion and the door flying off its place after an unknown amount of time. My optics shot open and through the glaring light outside I saw the outlines of Jackie, Percy, and behind them my self proclaimed creations who were busy shooting at Primus knows what.

"'Bout time mechs...I was starting to get bored..." I managed to croak through the static in my vocal processor from the over use at the "pleasurable sounds" that a certain TIC made me do over and over agin for his enjoyment.

"Easy 'Night." My twin cooed at me and sent calming thoughts and feelings through the bond. Both he and Percy worked on my binds until they clicked off. I tried to stand up on my own but my injuries caused me to nearly crash down. Sure Soundwave fixed them up so I wasn't leaking energon everywhere, but they still hurt like glitch. I would have hit the floor if Percy hadn't caught me and then carried me bridal style out of the room.

Outside the room I was held in it was pure destruction. If Godzilla was real I'm sure that the Dinobots would have made them proud. As we raced outside I was surprised they were able to find ANYTHING else for them to destroy, but somehow they did.

After a long day for all of us and I was fully repaired Jackie lead me outside to meet the new Dinobots. I already knew their names, Swoop and Snarl though I don't know how I knew that, perhaps Chip had mentioned it before? Anyway not important. I studied them briefly and then spoke to them.

"So you are my new 'children' right?" I asked them. They both gave a nervous nod and looked away as if they were scared of what my reaction to them would be. Though unlike the first time I was ready.

I gave them both a warm smile and hugged them both the best I could then kissed them on top of their helm while still having a motherly aura around me.

"Welcome to the family..."

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