Inventors Twin

Chapter 13

It's been pretty quite around here lately. Sure there's a con raid here and there but nothing world destroying. Well...maybe some of Jackie's inventing but nothing TOO bad.

Then of Course, Primus had to do something about that.


I had my own lab, something that I enjoyed and was very pleased that I didn't have to share with my twin. It's not that I don't like my twin or his's more along the line that I also like to keep my helm on my chassis. It's a smaller room but I was more of a designer than a builder, I created plans for stuff and only on occasion build them myself. It was also deeper into the mountain than the other rooms giving more privacy something I really enjoy for some reason, don't know exactly why though, Transformers are very social organisms.

Right, off track there, focus.

I was making a scaled down version of a new energy generator when the alarms began blaring for some reason. And the magnetic locks on my labs doors activated. Dropping my model I raced for the door and tried using the override codes and when that failed I then did the old fashion way of trying to get out, ramming into it with all my strength. Lets just say for someone with my frame, it was a bad idea...a horrible,horrible idea...slag that hurts.

I tried to contact Jackie through the bond only to find it was closed for some reason. My guess the decpti-idiots are finally doing their "Big and Final Assault" on the base. Then I tried to comm, anybody only to find interference, okay so something really big is happening. Why do I get the feeling that I should know exactly what? Like this is deja vu or something?

"Augh" Was the only thing I said as I slid down to the floor with my back on the door. the sound of metal scraping metal made me flinch but I did not move from my spot. I can only hope the mechs will notice that I'm not around before something really important happens...

3rd Person P.O.V.

The Autobots hurried to battle along with Spike who wanted to try to save his dad from this mind control that was affecting him along with several other humans. As well as to stop them from bringing Cybertron into Earths orbit, which would utterly destroy the planet.

Even the more peaceful bots like Perceptor and Wheeljack along with the other scientist mechs were gearing up for heavy conflict. This would be a long and hard battle. But they were prepared to fight to the last bot if needed to not only save their home planet but also their friends home as well as their home away from home.

With all their preparation they didn't notice that one from their ranks hadn't been seen for a long time. And her twin didn't feel her trying to contact him through the bond since he shut it down to save her pain from battle that wasn't hers.

Midnight's P.O.V.

It has been nearly an entire cycle. WHERE THE FRAG ARE THEY?!

Yeah, I'm not a patient bot. I've already finished my model and even made the larger scale of it just in case from sheer boredom but still no rescue. I was now sitting by the door slowly banging my helm against the wall in a rhythmic-ish pattern. They better not be fighting this war without me, or else I'll do something worse to all of them than what I did to the twins.

I was in mid-hit when the room started to shake and rocks as well as models,parts,datas, and others stuff began to fall. I quickly dove under one of my tables and covered my helm with my servos as derbis began to fall and destroy almost everything. When the shaking stopped I popped my helm up from under the table to see my larger model spark and shake and, basically everything that it WASN"T suppose to do. Before I could get behind my blast wall-courtesy of being an infamous inventors twin with the same exploding streak on occasion- I took a rather large blast to the chassis.

I gave coughing vents as the smoke lingered for a while in the lab and began to check myself over. I had minor injuries and was covered in ash along with ruined paint, but otherwise I was fine.

As I removed the ash covering my air filters I noticed the room temp was getting warmer as well as it was getting lighter in here. But...the lights were broken and I had no thermostat in the lab. How would it...oh slag, I forgot that this mountain is a dormant volcano. Mechs, if I survive this, I will offline you all for not rescuing me by now.

The wall began to glow softly and began to either melt or turn to ash as lava began to seep through it. Or would it be magma considering that technically it hasn't left the volcano yet? Why the frag was I debating this now?

I think I made a new record in high speed jumping when I launched myself onto a lavaproof table-it would be better if you don't ask why I would need a lab table that was lavaproof.-as it soon covered the floor and basically destroyed all the works I had made that had fallen to the ground from earlier. I felt like leaking as I saw some of my most promising ones disappear underneath the molten rock.

My guess, it was another two cycles when the molten rock floor cooled enough for me to finally stand on solid 'ground' again. I was getting low on energy again, but I was use to that from when I was on Cybertron. Plus, I had a cube in my subspace in case I needed it badly enough. But really, I was BORED! I was starting to think about scratching out sappy poems on the walls with my digits if something didn't happen soon.

I was about to do just that when the door after three cycles unlocked itself and slid open to see Wheeljack and Perceptor in the door way. They looked both startled and confused.

"PERCY!JACKIE!" I squealed and somehow managed to glomp both of them with my dirty and battered frame. I was sooo happy to see them. Can you tell?

"'Night, why are you all dirty and what happened to your lab?" My twin asked me. I looked at him confused as the bond opened up again.

"What? Didn't you guys notice that I was trapped in my lab for three cycles while the whole mountain going crazy?" They both suddenly began to grow nervous. Why do I get the feeling I know the answer to that?

"" They both fled as my right optic began to twitch an turn orange.

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