Inventors Twin

Chapter 14

When the other Autobots found out that they left their resident femme trapped in her lab for three days with molten lava and exploding experiments they all dove for cover. In hopes that they could spare themselves from a horrible prank end.

They shouldn't have bothered.

It all started when Optimus found his personal gravity reversed and he had to cling to the walls and floors unless he wanted to shoot straight up into the metal ceiling and be stuck there. Then somehow Prowl's doorwings had been moved from his back to his helm. Jazz's audios had been fixed so the only thing he heard was The Song That Never Ends. Ironhide's vocals were fixed so the only thing that came out sounded like it should come from a Chihuahua that was stepped on. (If you've seen the first Bayverse movie you know why that's Fragging funny)Ratchet was magnetized so his beloved wrenches were stuck to his entire frame.

Even the Terror Twins weren't safe. The next day they were found hanging from the ceiling positioned so that one's face was in the others aft. Red Alert's optics were fixed so that it appeared that everyone looked like Megatron. Skyfire had somehow been shrunken down to the size of a human. Wheeljack's fins had somehow been moved to his aft and STILL blinked with every word he said. The list just goes on, and everybody knew who it was that did it.

But the scary part was that NONE of them could prove it. There was no evidence, no footage,no witnesses-even the victims-,and she always had an alibi. In a way it seemed that the femme seemed to surpass Jazz with her SpecOps abilities, even though she was just the SIC of the covert group not the head. Plus she seemed to have mastered the 'innocent optics' look that Bumblebee had-who at that time was stuck with only being able to move backwards- plus she showed no signs whatsoever that she was the culprit. But again, everyone knew it was her that did it. But again so far Midnight Star was brig free.

And her final victim was terrified in what she was going to do to him.


Perceptor was working quietly in his lab alone, jumping at every shadow and sound. So far he was the only one that hadn't been pranked yet and he knew that it wouldn't last long.

In a way he was thankful that Midnight used him mostly for her alibi for when the others came accusing her. It was like a assurance that he was safe for now, but now the only one that was missing from her tally of Autobots she gotten her revenge on was him. He hadn't meant to forget her presence was missing for three days. He was just distracted by the near end of both Earth and Cybertron and trying to figure out how to stop the control chips on the humans that he hadn't noticed that his femme was missing.

He and Wheeljack first started wondering where she was when it was all over and she hadn't come to their labs for the details on the control chips. They checked her rooms and favorite spots to hang out or relax and got nothing. They asked some of the others Autobots only to find out that they haven't seen her all day either. It's only when the Dinobots suggested they look for 'mama' in her lab did they finally found her.

They were rather confused when they found the magnetic locks active. Even more so when they were deactivated and a very dirty Midnight launched herself out of the lab and tackle hugged them both.

Midnight was covered with ash and soot, and she had minor damages and even melted armor along her frame. Her golden optics were a pale yellow from lack of energon and perhaps lack of comfortable recharge. At first they thought she had been working in her lab nonstop like she will do sometimes on occasion when they managed to take a look inside her lab.

In a word, it was destroyed. Even by her brothers standards, half melted datas and projects littered the floor that had somehow risen and was charcoal black instead of the normal orange-gold. And even some of her lab tables were destroyed along with her personal computer that connected straight to Teletraarn-1. No matter what she was doing, Midnight would never damage her lab THIS much. But what could have happened?

When she asked if they noticed that she had been trapped in her lab for three days they both felt their sparks go cold and panic rise in their processors rise. The uniform thought that went through them was...well, frag...

"Percy..." A soft femmine voice crooned at him. This caused him to jump nearly 10ft in the air and turn around to see Midnight standing by he door. Her paint was spotless and her golden optics shone brightly. A normal circumstance would make her look like an Angel in his optics, but right now she looked much more deadly than even a femme Decepticon when they use to exist.

"U-uh Midnight!" The Scientist stuttered as she stalked over to him like a cyberpanther would its prey. "J-just for the record, I am very sorry for not noticing your absence for three cycles a-and I promise..." He was stopped when a slim white digit was placed over his lips for silence.

"Shhh Percy, do you really think I'm that shallow? You were saving two planets and so many lives." Midnight seemed to purr while speaking making the scopeformer shiver at her tone. It was so dark and silky, his frame began to heat up and his spark to fritz. Her servo then lowered itself to his chest and began to stroke along his glass-pained chest. His cooling fans blew loudly and his mech coding began to go into a frenzy as she continued to speak in that same dark tone. "Besides, I found the way you came to my unknowing rescue quiet..." She then lean up close to where her mouth was a breath away from his audio, and whispered. "...arousing..."She then nipped his audio causing Perceptor to react like any aroused mech would.

*Bit of M scene here. So FLUFF!*

Perceptor gave a near feral growl and grabbed the dark blue femme and pulled her into a rough,heated kiss. His glossa then forced its way into her mouth causing Midnight to moan and lean back to give him more. This was more dominant than any kiss he had given her before but as soon as a jolt of his own energy came with the kiss her sensors buzzed happily and her frame heated up in response, it felt so very good.

His servos then slowly left her arms and began to trail along her frame, as they brushed against her abdominal plating she gave a strangled gasp. Like all femme's without having given birth to a sparkling that area was VERY sensitive. Her gasp gave the opening that Perceptor was looking for, he drove the kiss deeper and he traced along her transformation seams. Her whimpers and moans made the mech growl in pleasure when he finally released her mouth. She was HIS! He was the only one that could make her plead and moan like this. He was the only mech allowed to touch her however he wanted. He was the only one allowed to dominate her and put her in her place in the berth. She belonged to HIM!He was going to be the only one that would make her scream for the release of an overload. She was HIS mate! No one else was allowed to touch her! And PRIMUS help any who dare try to take her away from him.

Midnight gave a small squeak as Perceptor forced himself onto her again. He pulled her into another fierce kiss and with one servo grabbed onto her aft, making her moan again, this time louder than before. Both sounds seemed to fuel thee mech more as his basic coding demanded for more. Both their fans was working overtime to try to cool their overheated frames as the mech ravished her mouth and made her moan for him. They hadn't even noticed when they had landed on the floor with a dull clang.

Just about when Perceptor was about to rip both their armor off their protoforms his world became darkness...

*M scene over...hehheee, I'm evil aren't I?*

As Perceptor onlined he found himself alone and on the floor of his lab. He gave a pained moan as his mech coding bashed at his processors for not staying conscious long enough to finish what had started. Giving a shake of his helm he looked around to see no sign of his femme in the lab. As he slowly got up confusion hit his processors.

"Happened what?"He spoke. His optics grew when he heard himself. That's not what he wanted to say! He tried to say it again and got the same results. "Vocals my to happened what?!" Perceptor began to panic as he began spewing calculations backwards.

Seems like Midnight got him afterall...

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