Inventors Twin

Chapter 15

hehe...Out of all the revenge pranks I did I only got brig time for what I did to Percy. Granted nearly a month in there but nothing really happened so not like I missed anything. But still, I am GOOD.

Maybe I was a little harsh on them at some points but I don't think so. They left me in my lab-which was filled with lava and explosive gases for THREE DAYS! And my lab was completely destroyed afterwards. Luckily I had a backup lab in my quarters. But I had alot of neat stuff and important gadgets in there, and now their gone. I kinda cried a bit then. So being a little harsh in my book was SO necessary.

All the bots right now have both respect and fear of me now too. I think some of the cons do as well. And while I have not seen a minicon in the base I have seen Lazerbeak flying the opposite direction when I am returning to base from seeing Chip or if I am returning from patrol. That and sometimes I have found little mixes that Soundwave had made somehow in my room. And I gotta say for a con, he has good taste in music. And no I tell no one about the mixes except Blaster so he can make sure they don't have anything on there that might be dangerous. And while I still find the bot creepy I only listened to his discs just so he doesn't send anything else incase he thought I wasn't a music bot.

Right, off track again.

Anyway, today is my first day out of the brig in a month and I have monitor duty. A few of my fellow bots move away from me as I walk down the hall making me grin like Cyclonus on the inside. But lets just say, that giant metal bugs eating cornfields was NOT something I ever thought would show up while I was watching for 'con activity.

Sky' went out to deal with them and I so wanted to go but when one is the only femme on Earth and still in trouble for pranks-yet I still see no proof~ one cannot go into battle. So I was stuck with Teletrran watching everything. Sometimes I wish Chivalry was dead to the 'bots. They are overprotective motherhen slaggers. I'm the fraggin' SIC of SpecOps for Primus sake! I can fight as well as and sometimes even better than them. Ugh, no changing it now.

Seeing the giant bugs Transform an have familiar purple symbols on them I quickly contacted the others with the help of Spike that Skyfire would need backup. And of course said human got to go instead of me.*grumbles*

And of course the 'cons then show up and have these Insecticons team up with them. Life has just gotten SO much better for .Sarcasm.

Later that day it went on as usual, Autobots victorious even after unthinkable odds and such. And I was STILL on monitor duty until the middle of the lunar cycle. Geez, remind me to never do mass pranks again. At least not to anyone with higher clearance than me. Oh the plans I have in my mind now~


When my shift finally ended I was rubbing my optics over and over again as well as going through several calculations just to keep from falling into recharge right on the monitor.

I groggily got up and was carefully making my way back to my room. Chip once told me that when half asleep I reminded him of his mother when she hasn't had her morning coffee. And while I get the idea I don't know what to think about him saying I remind him of his carrier.

I was halfway there when I ran into a white blob-at least from what I could tell when I was more than halfway into recharge at the moment.- along with a amused tug on my twins half of the bond. As said blob helped me up I gave a very drowsy retort."Mmph, bite me Jackie." I could faintly hear a snicker from the blob. Again, I was too tired to care at the moment. Leaning up against the blob it began to help me walk to my quaters but the sound of said blobs sparkbeat along with my tiredness I was quickly falling into recharge.

It was the next morning I found out that the blob had been my twin who was coming to check on me and remind me my shift was over in case I lost track of time again.-For being a person with a built in clock I do that alot- And when I had fallen into recharge on the way to my room he deiced to do something else instead. How he managed it I have no clue and I doubt he will ever tell me but he managed to get both of us to his room and carefully placed me on his single berth while he pushed his spare one next to it making a larger berth and cuddled up close to me. And while I was still in recharge I could feel the love and sibling affection that he had for me over our twinbond.

And you know what? That's the best part that I love about my twin. No matter what I have done he will never stay mad at me or try to block our bond. No matter what we will always have each other. I snuggled up as much to my still recharging twin as possible and went back into recharge. I wasn't on duty until second joor or till this afternoon in Earth time. So I was going to spend as much time with my twin as possible. Take that Prowl.

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