Inventors Twin

Chapter 16

I really don't like this feeling I have right now. I know something is going to happen but I don't know WHAT and I don't even know HOW I know, I just do. And it's making me very twitchy.

Both Percy and Jackie are getting worried at it but they say nothing at the moment. The cons' have been so quiet lately that it's worrying. I mean, not even Lazerbeak has been spotted anywhere. And it's really too much to hope for that they just gone up and offline themselves. So right now everyone is on high alert and monitoring every Skyspy we have. And I work with Jackie in his lab to work on weapons that could give us an edge. And just for kicks I worked with hound on his holograms even making a giant but fake as any Autobot hologram. I really doubt we'll use it in battle but it's mostly just for fun.

I was in my lab working on something with Grapple when the alarm goes off from one of the Skyspies. Rushing over to my newly repaired mini-teletrran 1 I pulled up the sight of a very destroyed construction sight with Decepticon signals all over. As I assessed the damage I noticed familiar patterns in the wreckage along with missing key components to a new way to gather energy. My gold optics widen as I realized who caused this destruction.

"No...It can't be..." I whispered as I looked over the results once again. But there was no mistaking it.

The Constucticons have finally arrived on Earth.

"I gotta warn Jackie and the others." I said as both I and Grapple raced out of the lab. Before the war I had actually run into Scrapper and his brothers, they were actually nice back then. Scrapper and I hit it off really well at the time as a fellow inventor and he even wanted me to design some things for him when he was stumped on how to input all his desires and would let me look at some. Right as the war was about to unfold he showed me a rather peculiar design that he refused to tell me what it was meant to do. He only asked for my input on weather it would work or not. I merely shrugged and told him he would have to build it to find out exactly.

And seeing on what had been stolen he was just about to do that.

"Optimus! Jackie!" I called as I got to the rec room with Grapple right at my heels. Both bots I called along with Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee and all three humans turned around to see me halt to a stop in front of them venting heavily as I had ran all the way here from my lab. Why in the pit didn't I just drive? "Constructicons...on Earth...Building...something..."I panted as my cooling systems worked on my overheated frame. Jackie placed his servo on my back and sent calming thoughts through the bond. He knew almost exactly what I was thinking now and he was just as worried as I was. But he didn't know Scrapper and his brothers as well as I do. When they build something it could only spell trouble for all of us.

"This is most disturbing news Midnight." Optimus spoke his blue servo finding a place on his face mask. A habit he picked up here when he was thinking. "I will alert the others, I want you to try and find out what their building and how it will effect not only us but this planet."

I gave a sharp salute and responded. "Yes Prime, I'll do my best." With that I quickly returned to my lab, my processors filled with hypothesis and ideas. I can only hope one of them was the right one.


Okay I am VERY nervous right now. So much so that I wished that I was human so I could bite my fingernails now. Prime and the others were going to a duel between Megatron and Prime. Winner takes all thing. I may not know Megatron as well as I do Scrapper or Shockwave but I know he wouldn't make such an offer unless he knew he was going to win. I stayed behind along with the Dinobots in case of either foul play or if this was just a diversion for something bigger.

As I watched the battle via Teletrran 1 I began to notice something off about old bucket head. For one his energy signature is way off and their is no way he could be more powerful than Prime and not show that much of it in earlier battles. I began to type out commands when the super computer picked up something from Megatron. He was giving off ALL energy signatures of his Decepticons instead of just the one.

My scientific processor began to work as I finally figured out what Scrappers unknown invention did. And I began to curse myself for not figuring out sooner as I tried to contact the others along with my twin.

I was so absorbed by this revelation I took no notice of 5 green and purple mechs coming up behind me.

"Well, well, if it isn't our old friend Midnight Star." I froze in place at the sound of a voice I hoped never to hear behind me again. "When Soundwave told us a femme was with the Autobots on Earth I should have known you wouldn't leave your twins side." I could hear the venom in his voice as I turned around to face my old friends. They had offered me to join with them as sides were being chosen and be part of their gesault but I stated that I would not leave my twins side. An argument had unfolded after that to great lengths until we left each others sight. The next cycle they bore Decepticon symbols with pride. And Crystal City was destroyed.

"Scrapper, I should have known your little toy was the thing that powered up Megatron." I stated as I reached for my blaster. "After all, I knew you were on Earth as soon as I saw the Construction site and what was stolen."

Scrapper and the others laughed at me for a while and before I can pull out my gun Bonecrusher tackled me to the ground and trapped me in his arms. I tried to struggle but my frame was not built for strength and was no match for a stronger mech frame. Scrapper chuckled and walked up to me and lifted my helm up to look me in the optics. "And I should have remembered that you are much smarter than those Autofools and the Decepticons put together. I must say though, it's nice to see that visor of yours gone. Gold suits you much better than blue."

I merely hissed at him and struggled to get out of Bonecrusher's grip and send a distress call to the others. Sure I could handle Scrapper or one of his brothers no problem but I couldn't handle all of them at the same time. However Primus seemed to spite me today as all signals were being jammed. Frag my life.

"I can't help but wonder though," Scrapper continued and he walked away from me and closer to Teletrran. "How loyal will you be after Hook and I get into that pretty little helm of yours." I stopped struggling and gazed at him with a mix of shock and fear. "Like I said to you before on Cybertron, we have always wanted a sister." It was then I watched him destroy the super computer without mercy in front of my optics.

Before either of us could say anything else I heard a very familiar growling that was then increased by 4 more. I gave a smirk and tipped my helm to the direction of the growling origin. All five of the green and purple bots turned to see 5 very, very, VERY fragged off Dinobots.

"I will have to decline your offer once again old friend. But might I introduce you to five of my works along with Perceptor and Wheeljack's help? Scrapper, this is Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop. The Dinobots, who by the way like to call me Mama and are VERY protective of me." I laughed out loud at the Constructicons 'faces' as they took in what I said. It was the universal look that all Transformers had when they realized they fragged off something(s) or someone(s) dangerous.

...Oh Slag...


At the end of the day the end battle was victorious with all the Decepticons falling into the ravines filled with lava. But I knew it was far from over, it would take over 10,000 Earth years for a Transformer to BEGIN to melt in Earth's lava. While very painful to be in it simply wasn't hot enough to melt our Cybertron made bodies.

Right now I was standing outside alone watching the sun go down for the night. Everyone else was either at home (humans) or in repair bay. I gave a relaxed vent as I watched the planets sun go down and sunset began. I sensed someone coming up behind me and I didn't even have to turn around to know who it was.

"Don't bother trying to sneak up on me Jackie, as your twin I always know where exactly where you are. Plus I'M the sneaky one out of either of us." When silence followed my statement I spoke again. "And stop pouting."

"I was not pouting!" Came the reply as he walked over to stand next to me. "I was merely...disagreeing with your statement." I gave a sarcastic hum at I looked over at his masked face before watching the sky again. "What's the matter 'Night? It's not like you to be so quiet after a battle."

"You know as well as I do Jackie that the 'cons are not gone yet." I stated my optics not leaving the sunset. "Not only did Megatron and his loonies survive but, there are also all the other 'cons left back home to deal with. So I can't help but question...Will this war ever truly end?" Slag I sound like a pessimist with depression issues.

I felt Jackie snake one of his arms around my shoulders while his other servo grasped mine. He then pulled me in close into a side hug and rested his helm on top of mine. Loving thoughts and emotions filled the bond as he spoke this time.

"I don't know if there will ever be an end to the war 'Night. Perhaps we will all eventually offline and the war will still go on till the last Transformer offlines." Gee, that makes me feel so much better Jackie. "But as long as we can fight, we can always hope for a better future. And as long as we're together 'Night, I plan to fight until the end."

I smiled and my engine gave a purr as I leaned into my brothers hug and rubbed my helm into his neck cables. He was right, and while the war will still go on till perhaps our race is nothing but old data logs right now is all that matters. And right now their is no Autobots or Decepticons, no war, or even no Earth or Cybertron. Right now it was just me and my crazy inventing twin. And that was good enough for me.

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