Inventors Twin

Chapter 2

"Woah Twins!" Came a mechanical male voice into my new audios. Suddenly all my senses returned to me. And for the first time my optics flickered on and I saw a dark green with crimson markings holding me in his servos. I cocked my helm at him slightly then continued to move it around to study where I was.

Of course I was in a Transformer medbay on Cybertron. Or do you know of another planet completely made of metal populated by transformers in the g1 universe? I sure as pit don't. On a berth right next to the mech holding me was standing was a femme. She was rather pretty too. She was dark purple, almost black with gold and white details and protoform. On her helm were familiar fins but more like wings than ovals. Making her helm look like a Valkyries helmet. Her optics were a classic autobot blue, clear with joy and relief. It was like seeing the noon sky, and in her servos was a mechling or a male sparkling.

As I laid optics on my twin I felt the twin bond for the first time. It was strange at first, but suddenly I began to feel like he was part of me, and I didn't like the distance away from him. He felt the same way it seems because I felt a tug though the bond that meant he wanted me closer. I gave a whine/trill and tried to reach for him in my spot in the mechs grip. Said mech gave a chuckle and gently passed me to the femme and without any hesitance sets me right next to my twin.

"A set of twins that are the exact opposite of each other to the frame. Couldn't have anything normal could you Clipse?" The mech that was holding me earlier chuckled as I snuggled up to my twin brother who shifted in his recharge so he could hold on to me. Still haven't got a good look at him yet, Im more focused on my new Creators. My Sire was a well built mech, his frame similar to Hound's with a bit of Smokescreen. He was a Irish green with crimson racing stripes along his frame. But what caught my attention was his optics. Instead of blue or red they were a golden color. I was confused by this, in the g1 universe gold or yellow was a very rare sight. I think I'll call you Christmas! I thought cheerily. Feeling my amusement through our bond my twin woke up from his recharge nap and chirped curiously. Our Carrier gave Christmas a half-hearted glare. Ignoring the little awkward moment that was going on around me I finally put my full attention on my twin. It took nearly all my self control to keep my optics from widening to the size of saucers and bursting out of my small helm.

Awh FRAG nah! was my first thought. Right next to me was a sparkling version of Wheeljack! Minus his face mask, Primus probably thought it would be funny if he made me a sibling of a bot who could accidentally offline me if he sneezed in his lab wrong. Feeling my shock through the bond he trilled in worry and confusion and sent curiosity and sibling love back to me. If he thought I would freak out longer than that for what he did Primus was offline wrong. I made several clicking/whirling sounds in excitement and sent more emotions though the bond. He could possibly be the death of me when we're older, but what the slag...MY TWIN BROTHER IS WHEELJACK! Take THAT fangirls! EPIC and Fraggin SWEET!

Looking back down at us as we had our baby conversation Clipse gazed at us with soft optics and then gently shifted us into the same arm next to each other. Cuddling as close as he could to me Jackie (Yes I called him that, he's my brother now so I can!) beeped tiredly and fell into recharge still sending his baby emotions to me through our bond. I gave a yawn like motion and offlined my optics and tried to follow him into recharge. But apparently my Insomnia that I had as a human followed me to my new life, so with my optics still closed I listened to my Creators conversation.

"Don't place all the blame on me Camouflage." Clipse teased/threatened Christmas. Whose name is apparently was Camouflage as I now learned. I liked Christmas better. "You couldn't decide on which frame you wanted our creations to be, so I chooses both so you wouldn't glitch from thinking too hard."

"Eclipse you wound me." Camo or Christmas as I still like to call him, spoke with mock hurt in his voice and no doubt was on his faceplates as well. Eclipse gave a gentle snort Asa he continued. "I couldn't figure out if it would be better to have little buds who became...nope not gonna say it cause you'll offline me. Or little sweetsparks that when older acts like...right, shutting up now..."

"I knew I agreed to bond with you for a good reason. You know when to shut up." Eclipse said humor laced in her voice. I inwardly snickered as I pictured what was happening in my processor. Carrier is officially awesome now! "Now these little sweeties need names, I was thinking that the mech could be Wheeljack. But what about our little sweetspark?" That's right, I need a Transformer name. Wonder what I look like, need to see that soon if I want to tease my brother about his appearance later in our life cycles.

"How bout Midnight Star? She is after all midnight blue with silver details." Awww...way to spoil it for me Sire! Eh, at least he hasn't said anything about my optics and frame besides I'm a femme.

"Perfect...our little Star at Midnight...Midnight Star..." Carriers voice faded and I felt her sag on top of me. I guess she fell into recharge, unsurprising really. I mean she DID give birth to twins and conversed with her bondmate until now. Sire softly chuckled and I think he kissed her forehelm and gently picked me and Jackie up. He gave a chirp in protest and snuggled closer to me. I opened one tired optic and gave a sleepy glare at him feeling both of our annoyed emotions. We were warm and comfy slag it!

Sire saw my glare and chuckled with a smile on his lips. I then felt our creator/creation bond open for the first time and I felt both creators feelings wash over my spark and my twins. Making me feel drowsy and I gave a small yawn. Jackie saw soon back in recharge but I was still awake. As he sat down on a berth next to Carrier his engine began to gently make a purring noise lulling me even more. Cuddling even closer to my brother I drifted into recharge and for the first time since my mom died when I was human, I felt at peace...

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