Inventors Twin

Chapter 3

After that it seems that me and Jackie grew into our adult frames overnight. And I got to see the wonder of Cybertron during the Golden Age first servo. Jackie became the crazy inventor I knew he would, even with my other worldly knowledge (yes I went there) it was always obvious what occupation he would have when older. His first invention was a case with rotating shelves. (don't ask me why, I maybe his twin but I still have no clue what goes on in his processor.) And that was also when he first needed extensive repairs and our home needed a new coat of paint so to speak

Me? I finally found what my frame looked like, like Sire said i was midnight blue with silver details. My protoform was mostly white while my lips were a slightly lighter shade of blue than my armor. My helm was almost exact copy of Carriers but blue and the wings on the sides were silvery white. While Jackie's optics were blue I inherited Sires golden optics making them stand out against my frame colors. Since I always hated being the center of attention I hid them under a blue visor so no one could tell that they were gold intead of the classic blue. I wasn't ashamed of them, I just dont like attention to myself. It was my choice, just for Jackie to wear a facemask. My frame was classic femme shape, except I had flat pedes with no heels. (Primus must have talked to my mom and found out that I hated the slaggin' things) and actually my frames basic shape was similar to that of chromia's (maybe it's a blue femme thing I don't know).

Like my brother I entered the science life. Though it was there you could defiantly tell we were twins, I could design for inventions and I could make less of the complex ones but if I tried the harder ones a new building was often required afterwards. So mostly I took the data that other scientist gave me and made designs and inventions that could help them or they wanted to see if something could work. Not just inventors, but explorers, and theariticol scientist as well. Also I did a few things to old inventions that I found in the Hall. And a few times they were purely my own idea. If it was too complex I gave the designs to Jackie, or if it had any chance of exploding or I simply couldnt trust him to not add his own changes I asked another inventor to help.

Unlike Jackie whose work often kept him at his lab, I traveled all over Cybertron. Jackie tried to come with me as often as he could but he often got lost in an idea or some other reason we were separated for long periods of time. It was painful to do, straining a twin bond across a planet. But many scientist claimed that my designs were the best on Cybertron, even compared to their own when it came to their ideas, so I was needed everywhere when I was called. It was on one of those solo trips did I meet my other idol from when I was a human fangirl...Skyfire...

It was on my first trip alone I met him. (He got lost an idea for an invention and lost himself in it after he refused my help. And was working non-stop to build it.) Meeting the explorer and Starscream was an interesting experience to say the least. Skyfire became like a big brother to me (no pun intended sorry) and Starscream it seems won't change much when the war starts. He's a bit of a coward often staying close to Skyfire but smart, well, smart as you would think without having common sense. And a bit of a smooth talker (despite the painfully annoying voice) but it was still weird talking to him when you know what he's going to be like in the future.

SS wasn't the only future con that I met in my travels. I met the Trine brothers along with Soundwave and Shockwave. Believe it or not Shockwave was much like a mentor to me strangely enough in my early years. But then again he wasn't creepy and evil so that helped. He was still a bit cold and calculating but both at the time and in the future he was brilliant. And I think he even enjoyed teaching me about some of the things he made along with basic engineering (when your twin wears a mask reading mechs is a must feat.) The Trine was more honorable and in a way cute. And Soundwave...well, he wasn't all evil and loyal to Megatron-who I'm not even sure was around at the time- but there will be no change. Which I'm actually greatful for, I would have freaked out otherwise.

Finally after what felt like an eternity to me the war began. And don't even think for a moment I was about to betray my twin or my friends (being Wheeljack's twin I met most of the Autobots before the war even began) so I got my Autobot brand without hesitance. While I was still a scientist I was also part of the SpecOps. Doing more covert missions while Jackie was on the frontlines when not in his lab. Jazz and I became great partners and he made me SIC of the entire SpecOps corps when he came into command of it. Hound, Bumblebee, and even Mirage also became close friends and they were fiercely protective of me. Much to my twins joy, and to my annoyance at times, I may be a femme but I was still SIC and only second best as a recon officer. I can take care of myself, though sometimes I think they forget that.

Eclipse and Camoflauge died early in the war in a battle, leaving me and Jackie alone. Their deaths hurt us greatly, more so than a human would think. Our Creator/Creation bond was shattered leaving us in physical and emotional pain. Luckily we weren't in a battle when it happened or we may have joined them in the Matrix. After they went offline Jackie became more protective of me, if I came back from a mission with so much as a scratch he would fuss over me like a mother hen and then get angry at my teammates (usually a mix of Hound,Jazz, and Bumblebee) and ask why didn't they protect me better.

If I was on the frontlines with him...lets just say I pity any con that tried to get near me. Sometimes he was more ruthless than the twins if I got hurt. Maybe it's a twin thing to have the Beserker coding in us, I dont know, but I know any other way to describe his actions if he saw my life fluid leaking from me.

Centuries of war past and Cybertron came to ruins around me. Energy/energon that the planet made naturally made dried up. So much so I would often refuse my daily cubes just to make sure Jackie and my fellow femmes got enough. (Much to Ratchets and Wheeljack's distress). As the Ark was being constucted I became conflicted, technically the Ark was suppose to have only mechs aboard once it launches while us femmes were to remain on Cybertron to continue the battle. Thought to have died out until proven wrong in season 2. But...I don't want to leave Jackie's side, he is my twin brother and being across the galaxy from each other would put massive amounts of strain not only on our bond but on our sparks as well. Plus, I had no idea how Jackie would take to the thought that I was offline or worse, a toy for some con to play with without him or my friends to protect me.

In the end my choice was made for me. Jackie returned to our room from scavenging for energy with Bee before the launch to see me in our quarters to see me on the ground near stasis lock from lack of energy. After finding I was 'starving' myself for 5 earth weeks (I think, hard to tell anymore) but giving it to my fellow femmes or other troops that needed it more than me in my perspective. He, Ratchet, and Optimus Prime agreed that it was in my best interest for me to come with them. Of course I would be the only femme on board so Optimus ordered that I always be in either the presence of Jackie or my teammates in the SpecOps. Since I was still a unbonded femme.

Strange to think about, but Cybertron felt more like home to me than Earth ever did when I was still human. Perhaps I had more happy memories there than anywhere else. It was painful to leave my sisters/friends on Cybertron while I was forced to leave, even though I knew they would be fine. It was still painful to do. As I watched my home fade from view as we flew further into space I felt a heavy servo land on my shoulder.

:::I know you feel like your abandoning them 'Night, but this is necessary to do::: Jackie spoke to me through the bond as we silently watched the metal planet shrink into the darkness of space till it was barely a dot on the horizon. I then looked up into his face.(the thing about the no heeled pedes made me a bit shorter than most Transformers) his fins still flashed the "happy" blue color but his optics were still filled with sadness and regret.

:::I know Jackie, if we and the others are to survive we must move on. We can only hope another Cybertron won't happen.::: My twin nodded sadly and we then began to walk towards the bridge and knowing what was going to happen I placed one servo on my blaster holster when the Ark was bombarded by the asteroids until it finally stopped. When we finally made it all the way up to the bridge I had my blaster all the way out ready for the battle ahead that I knew would happen.

"What in the name of Cybertron happened?" Jackie asked Ironhide as we got closer to the front of the bridge. Before he could even open his mouth to answer a flash of purple plasma followed by a explosion took place. As everyone became frantic Jackie placed himself protectively in front of me his fins and optics red in anger as he got into a combat stance. I readied myself not only the battle but also for a long, long nap...

*Skipping 50 million years later because the battle on the Ark is short and not a lot happened. If you really want to see the fight watch the episode on either YouTube or Netflix*

Systems: Online

Warning: Energy levels at 37%

Groaning I began to push myself up from my spot on the floor of the Ark. That was unpleasant. That was the first thought through my processor when I felt a pair of strong yet gentle servos grabbed my shoulders that helped me up on my pedes. As my optics on lined thinking it was my twin but I was startled when I saw it was Preceptor. Oddly enough I never saw much of him, even when I traveled Cybertron except at a distance. He had a kind smile and his optics are gentle as was his touch on my armor. This was the closest I had ever been to him. I felt my spark race up slightly and it was very hard to keep my cooling fans from activating. You know, I began to think as I studied him as he did me. I always thought his voice was attractive in the show, now that I see him up close the rest of him isn't that bad looking either...

"Are you alright Midnight Star?" He asked, his voice calming and as always had that attractive British accent. Damn! Why did he have to be so sexy sounding when he spoke. Woah! Back up! Did I even think that?!...Never-mind. I shook my helm to try to get the thoughts out of my processor, then I looked back into his calming yet concerned blue optics. They were very attractive and...STOP IT!

"Yeah, everything functioning...What about...?" My question stopped when I heard another close to me. Turning around I saw Jackie getting up with the help of Ironhide. The bond then opened back up and I felt concern, joy, and relief and I sent it right back. I squealed and then glomped my twin nearly knocking us back down on the ground. "JACKIE!" My twins fins then turned pink with embarrassment as the mechs around looked at us with a smirk and a twinkle of amusement. Gently he pried me off him and as he rubbed the back of his helm he gave a nervous chuckle.

"H-Hey 'Night! I just got out of stasis, you don't need to knock me back into it." He joked and I gave a laugh.

"If you are knocked into stasis it won't be by my servo Jackie." I taunted my twin."I would bet my newest blueprints that if anybot would do that to you it would either be by Ratchet or yourself!" With that all the mechs around me laughed. Jackie pouted and his fins pink again knowing my statement may very well become accurate.

Warning: Energy levels down to 13%

"Midnight?!" Jackie jerked around back to me as I fall against Preceptor. He sensed something was wrong and ran up next to me asking a thousand questions a click (seconds). Ratchet was nowhere in sight, probably with Optimus and the others. The crash had damaged a lot of us, though Telatrran fixed enough for us to function we still had a few dings.

I felt Preceptor scan me as he handed me over to my twin. I looked up at him, optics flickering behind my visor. He studied the data for a click then assured my twin i was just low on energy, nothing more. I felt Jackie relax and relief flooded our bond, then concern. Not a lot of cubes would have survived the crash and still be stable after this long. And we haven't been on this planet long enough to find energy sources to make the cubes with. And I would go into stasis soon if I didn't get a cube in me soon. We were at a lost.

"Here, I was saving it for a special occasion, but...She needs it more than anything." We looked back at the microscope transformer to she him pull out a flavored energon cube. We just started at him with shock. Flavored cubes haven't been seen in vorns (centuries in earth years) since the war. And he was giving me probably the last one in existence just to keep me out of stasis lock.

"P-Perceptor! I-I can't accept this!" I stuttered, I felt a bit of a blush come on my faceplates. I barely knew the mech and he was doing this for me. Unknown emotions swirled around in my spark as I looked at him as he practically went from his kind and calming appearance to something similar to Ratchet when he repairs the twins after a prank. Scary.

"Look here young lady! You have nearly offlined yourself several times just to help us in whatever way you could. And if I have to give this up to repay you in at least a small way then I'll gladly do so. Now drink it before I make you!"

We all just stood there for a moment. Shocked at the sudden demeanor change in our lead scientist. He never spoke like that, he always kept his calming and kind tone with perhaps a bit of scientific fascination in his tone.

:::Uh...Jackie? Please tell me that you are hearing this?::: I spoke through the bond unable to find my vocal processor at the moment.

:::I'm hearing it...just working on believing it...::: He sounded just as dumbfounded as I felt.

Snapping out of my stupor I hesitantly took the cube from him and gingerly drank it. It was delicious, from both the taste and the honor I felt from the sacrifice that the mech had made giving it to me. Along with the classic energon taste was some Mercury to sweeten it along with a bit of rust powder to spice it.

I drank it till my energy levels reached to about 50% leaving a little over a third of the cube left. I got up onto my own pedes without feeling like falling down, I looked down at the cube then at Preceptor. He had returned to his normal appearance, but something was a bit off. I looked into his optics and saw a flicker of unknown emotion in them. I gave a small smile and handed it back to him.

"Here, keep the rest. I'll be fine for now until we find energy on this planet. You should save the rest for when we return to Cybertron and win the war." Preceptor looked at me startled then back at the cube more of the unknown emotion showed as he put the cube back into his subspace. "Oh and Jackie..." I turned to my twin who watched me like a hawk, he was still concerned and felt i should rest more. But what I'm about to do should ease his concerns some. "Race you outside!" And then I shot out of the room to get my first glimpse of Earth in a long time.


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