Inventors Twin

Chapter 4

Meeting Spike and Sparkplug was interesting to say the least. In some ways they were so different from when I was still human yet so similar as well. Being the only femme onboard made them even more curious about me. Not that I blame them or anything, but some of their questions have gotten...personal...thank Primus they haven't asked about that yet. I think Ill let Ratchet or the other medics handle that discussion.

Sparkplug mostly asks about medical stuff for femmes in certain parts of their lifecycles. Mostly because he works with both Ratchet and Jackie in medbay as much as he can. He understands that there are some things that are a little awkward to talk about to say the least and doesn't push me. And he's one of the few beings who aren't afraid to be around my twin, which in my optics earns him even more respect. I know my twin gets lonely when he's inventing, though he tries to hide it. I help when I can but doc bot will always try to find a way to keep me far away from his labs as possible whenever he can.

Spike will ask about anything that I tell him is okay to ask about with me. He reminds me of myself with his hunger for knowledge. Often he comes with me and Jackie on patrol and will ask nonstop and will respectfully listen as we explain. I would ask in return about Earth and it's technology not just to keep appearance, but also out of curiosity since in some ways the tv show was more advanced than my worlds 80s but similar as well. He answered them to the best of his abilities and I did not push since he was the same to me.

"Hey Spike! Me and Jackie are going on a cruise outside of base. Wanna join us?" I greeted our human companion as he passed us while walking with Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. It wasn't an odd sight to see anymore, Spike was often either with the minibots or Hound. Though when he could he would try to spend time with me, not only to ask questions but he seemed to enjoy chatting with me. Maybe cause he sees me as practice for talking with human girls, which is should tell him I'm not the best to put an example of how femmes in general behave but eh, oh well. He'll figure it out, eventually.

Spikes eyes sparkled for a bit and he asked if it was okay with his companions. Not wanting to leave them in the dust.

"Go ahead Spike." It was Bumblebee who spoke first. "Midnight doesn't often leave base like we do, so she doesn't get much human interaction while we can hang out with you anytime."

"Plus we know you have some questions you still want to ask her. Go on, we will try not to leave you out of the action if the deceptibums tried to attack." Cliff added on. Spike brighten up even more at that and seemed to be ready to dance at that. Though Optimus wasn't very happy about it but the young human would often take place in battles. So the offer to not leave him out of the battle seemed to seal the deal on his decision.

"Alright! I accept your offer Midnight. Can I ride with you to?" He was close to having a puppy dog look on his face. I gave a laugh and knew why he wanted to ride with me more often then Jackie when we offered to take him on patrol or a cruise with us. While Jackie was a race car model. I was a Ferrari 512 BB, Le Mans Classic 2.012 with midnight blue body color with silver and white trims and white racing stripes. My Autobot symbol was on my helm when I was a robot while in car mode it was as small as a ford symbol on my hood. According to him I was the coolest car on the road when I was driving.

"Sure kid, hop in and strap in." I then Transformed and opened my car door to him. The young boy practically flew into my interior and strapped in as much as he could.I revved my engine in laughter. Then looking at my brother whose optics sparkled with amusement, he enjoyed the young ones company as much as me. Though he often tried to scare the poor kid when driving with him. "Jackie I bet a cube of high-grade that we can beat you to the highway!" I challenged good naturally. Spike then seemed to vibrate in my seat with excitement.

"Your on!" And then he was in his car mode also and without even needing a countdown we sped off out of base and across the desert with one human boy yelling in excitement.


"I can't believe you won again! I would claim your cheating but I know you don't cheat." Jackie grumbled while we cruised down the highway towards the town. Spike smiled and tried not to laugh but I knew he would soon, my twin could be such a sore loser. Not in a bad way, more like its funny to watch way.

"It's more like I know how you are when overenergized. And I don't want to feel the what humans call hangover when you come to in the morning. Plus I'm scared that since I'm the only femme on this planet who you'll wake up to on your berth." I teased.

Spike couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing. He was doing it so hard that he nearly fell out of my seats. Tears streamed down his face and his face began to turn red. Jackie sent his annoyance and embarrassment though our bond making my frame shudder from my own laughs. After a few hours we all calmed down and drove in companionable silence.

"Hey Midnight, can I ask about you and Wheeljack?" Spike asked nervously. I knew he would ask this eventually, after all we weren't normal twins.

"It's about how I'm a femme while Jackie is a mech isn't it?" Spike nodded and looked at my interior with a somewhat ashamed look. He knew there were something's I didn't like to talk about when it came to me and my twin. He thought that this may have been such a subject. "No need to have that face kid. I understand your curiosity, in fact I was wondering when you were going to ask."

"Yeah, we both know that we're not like normal twins. On Cybertron and on Earth." Jackie spoke through the comm. Spike then perked up no longer looking ashamed but edger for information.

"Truthfully, we don't know why we were created as twins. We both have full sparks so we can have separate mates and we are not both mechs or both femmes. So basically we are like normal siblings but with a twinbond and the same creation date." I explained to the young boy. He seemed to drink in the knowledge and I could almost see hi file it away in his brain.

"Heh heh, 'Night remember when we met Sideswipe and Sunstreaker for the first time?" Jackie asked me.I couldn't help but give my own dark laugh.

"How could I forget that? It was not only one of the few times I got you out of your lab, but also when you tried to act like a protective brother for the first time when you saw those glitch heads" And I began to retell the story to Spike with Jackie's input as well...


"I can't believe you talked me into this Jackie." I stated as we walked towards the gladiator pits in Kaon. I was here to work on some designs for the cities head scientist Shockwave on his latest idea for a never ending energy source. It wasn't the first time I was here for that. (I lost track how many times I've been here for that project and to have it fail.) But it was the first time Jackie had come with me, and he insisted that we at least see one match just so we could see what all the chatter was about.

"Come on, it'll be great! I hear that there will be a set of mech twins fighting today and I want to see what they can do in action!" Jackie hadn't begun to wear a facemask at the time but his fins still flashed with each word he said. He really was a handsome mech though his reputation made other femmes rather skittish around him.

I admit at the word twins my interest peeked. Twins of any kind were rare on Cybertron, though me and Jackie were the only ones like us I have only met another set of twins in my travels. And they were both femmes. Looking back at my brother who had this look on his face I vented in defeat.

"Fine! We'll stay for their match. BUT! Afterwards I want to go to a energon cafe. I know of this place that has some of the best flavored energon that I've been meaning to visit. And YOURE paying!" Jackie's fins flashed its happy blue color and his optics shinned with victory. "Deal!"

And with that we entered the pits just in time for the match to begin...

Sideswipes P.O.V (Didn't expect that did ya?)

Sunny and I entered the ring as usual. The familiar sound of the crowds nearly drowned our thoughts. But something felt...different in the crowd today, like our sparks were reacting to something in the crowd.

:::Sunny, do you feel that?::: I silently asked my twin through our bond and I began to scan the crowd, trying to locate where this feeling was coming from.

:::First of all don't call me that! Second I do, but let's worry about it after we have less of a chance of having our helms ripped off while distracted.:::

As much as I may hate it my aftheaded twin had a point. If we didn't focus on the match we may lose our sparks. Hopefully we wouldn't be too damaged in the end of it and whoever or whatever was causing our sparks to react this way would still be there afterwards. Shaking my helm briefly I ignored the slight tug on my spark and got into a battle stance next to Sunny as our opponents entered the ring.

They were at least twice the size of Sunny and me. And nowhere near as charming or sexy looking. I recognized them from the reports. Slasher and Reaper, they were not twins or even brothers. Just a couple of mechs chosen by the owner of the pits to do tag team matches. I'm not even sure those were there real names! All I know is Slasher favored a virus laced blade while Reaper was a bezerker who barely knew not to attack his companion. As the match began Reaper gave a feral roar and charged at us, Slasher only a few clicks behind.

We are so Slagged...was the thought that went through both our processors as the match had its brutal beginning...

After a few hours of brutal combat we finally managed to offline Slasher. But not before he caught Sunny at the end of his terrible blade. I could already feel and see the effect the virus Slasher put on his blade effect my twin. Though his rage about his paint job hid it well. Reaper had gotten even worse when his companion fell if that was possible.

I had lost an arm and my left leg was sparking dangerously. Sunny had a large slash on his chestplate and other scratches and dents along with the virus curtesy of Slasher. May he rot in the pit.

Reaper should be very offline at the moment yet he isn't thanks to the slaggin' bezerker protocols. He lost his legs and had a gaping hole in his chasis. And so much life fluid was leaking from him it should come from more than one transformer. We were about to give up when we felt the strange feeling from our spark intensify and reassurance and encouragement came to us for some reason. Using it to fuel me I got up from my spot on the ground and dragged myself up and drew my blade. Reaper was too busy beating Sunny up to notice me. Gaining what speed I could I charged at him from behind and before he even notice I managed to slice off his helm with one swift stroke.

Sunny managed to kick off Reapers helmless frame and as I retracted my blade I used my one servo to pull him up. The crowd applauded us and cheered once again at our victory, but we paid them no heed we were to busy trying to find where the thing that gave us victory came from. Sunny tapped my good shoulder and pointed into the crowd. Zeroing my optics I saw a midnight blue femme with white racing stripes next to a white mech with red and green stripes with fins on the sides of his helm. I realized the signal came from them. The femme wasn't our sparkmate, or we would've felt different looking at her and that wouldn't explain why the signal came from the mech as well. That could only mean one thing...

They were also twins...

Midnight's P.O.V.

With the battle over I began to ponder the strange connection I and Jackie felt towards the gladiator twins. I had read that pairs of twins though they weren't related held a type of bond with each other. Though it's never been explained but it has been confirmed when on rare occasions when sets of twins met each other. It was something to ponder about on my free time.

Jackie pulled me out of my thoughts by grabbing my servo and began to lead me through the crowd. But not towards the exit, rather towards where gladiators leave the pits. "I know I promised you a cube at the cafe you know about but we can't miss this chance to meet another set of twins. Especially how we pretty much saved their afts back there."

I was about to argue when we turned the corner and saw the twins cornered and barely online being ganged up on by a few mechs. Jackie and I stayed back and quietly listened to their 'conversation'

"Come on its a sweet deal, join our growing cause and you'll never need to work or fight in the pits again." Spoke one mech, his optics were bright red and filled with remorse. Just looking at him I could tell he didn't give two credits if they joined him and his groupies or not.

"Forget it you scrapheaps!" Snarled the yellow twin, the red one was nearly into stasis from the fight. The yellow mech could barely stand as well, and his snarl sounded strained. "I'd rather go up against thousands of pit champions than join your slaggin cause!"

"So be it!" Was all the mech said before he pulled out a blaster and aimed for the yellow mechs head.

I had seen enough. Pulling out my pistol from my subspace I sot at the mech while Jackie actually charged at one of them and tackled him to the ground. The yellow mech wasted no time and tackled the other mech pulling out his sword ready for battle.

"My, my. What do we have here? A pretty little femme who thinks she can handle a blaster." Purred the mech who I had shot. He was walking closer to me with lust filled optics. My blaster servo began to tremble with fear. Sure Skyfire had taught me how to fight but I had never done that before. I was a thinker not a fighter.

"Why don't you drop the blaster and I will show you some real fun." The mech continued to purr.

My fear seemed to have leaked through my bond with Jackie. Causing his attention to shift towards me rather than his opponent. Taking advantage of the moment said opponent slashed his left arm and pinned him to the ground before he could even move.

"Jackie!" I shouted briefly losing focus on my opponent. Taking advantage on my distraction he shoved me into the wall and pinned my servos above my helm. Still keeping one servo trapping mine he began to caress my frame. The lower the more my panic rose. I could feel Jackie's anger growing to where he may go bezerk. His optics were flashing red faster and faster. The mech pinning finally stopped his servo just at my hip joint. Looking back up into my optics he gave a frame chilling smirk and then sank his servo deep into my body, cutting through my armor and protoform.

I was unable to stop myself from releasing a small gasp of pain. And suddenly the mechs lips covered my own. I felt pure rage flood into the bond as his glossa entered my mouth without my consent. I tried to squirm away from him but his grasp only tightened making me whimper into the kiss. Finally daring myself to do so I bit my denta into his glossa, hard. And I kept doing that until he nearly ripped it off himself when he jerked his helm away. Then with the last of my strength to bring my pedes up to his lower chest area and pushed him off of me. I then landed rather hard onto the ground with my audios ringing, looking up at the mech I saw he no longer looked at me with lust. But with barely kept anger.

"You glit-" He was cut off as a sword came right through his sparkchamber dead center. My optics widened with shock when I saw it was Jackie holding his former captors sword. His optics were almost blood red and his face was in a feral snarl.

"No one TOUCHES MY TWIN!" And with that he yanked the sword back out of the now sparkless shell and then as it hit the ground he stabbed it again cutting straight through the ground leaving it stuck in place. My senses had returned enough to notice Jackie coming up to me. And his former captor with a dagger in a servo.

"JACKIE!" I screamed and somehow my servo found my blaster that I had dropped earlier and shot the soon to be aggressor right in the sparkchamber offlining him before he hit the ground. Remembering the golden yellow mech we turned to see him finish off his aggressor.

Jackie limped over to me, his leg got hit by a stray shot. And helped me up holding onto me and close to his chassis as if he wanted to assure himself that I was safe. The red slowly faded from his optics and the bond reopened revealing how concerned he was for me and how much he feared that mech would do something terrible to me. The yellow mech tried to approach us but Jackie gave a low growl and tightened his grip and held me closer. I also felt a wave of protectiveness though the bond. The bright colored mech held up his servos and backed up until Jackie stopped growling.

:::Jackie calm down, it's ok. I still function. And we entered this fight to help him and his twin remember?::: I tried to sooth my near bezerk twin sending soothing thoughts through our bond to him.

:::Your still hurt, and after what that fragger tried to do you I'm not taking any chances.::: I also felt hostility and concern along with his words.

"Excuse me." Came a deep velvety and slightly sexy voice came from behind us. Turning around we saw it was the golden mech from before. "I want to thank you for your help and possibly saving mine and Sides afts. Names Sunstreaker and this is Sideswipe."

"I am Midnight Star and this scrap-for-brains is my twin Wheeljack." I tried to lighten the mood. Only for my hip to start to spark making me slightly whimper in pain. Jackie tightened his grip on me and sent soothing waves through the bond. Sunstreaker eyed us carefully and then nodded as if he had some way confirmed what I was saying to himself.

"There is a medic nearby, he'll be able to fix us up in no time." He then gave a small snort as if in laughter. "Though he may give you a few dents in the helms."

Jackie looked at him with guarded optics and I could still sense the distrust in his spark towards this mech. Though that was mostly cause he was still pretty mad, though the object he is mad at is impaled in the ground on a sword sparkless.

:::Jackie...::: I gently poked the bond and with one servo I placed it gently on the wound on his arm. He winced at the touch and sighed in defeat. "Alright... Lead the way..."

After gathering up his twin Sunstreaker lead us to this medic he spoke of. It was later we found that it was Ratchet. And once the repairs were made and Sideswipe had onlined again we actually came to be close friends. Luckily he nor his brother flirted with me. (Thank Primus for that. I wouldn't have been able to resist them if they did, they're already sexy I couldn't handle more.) I think the thought of a fragged off Wheeljack terrified them. So they stayed at a friendly distance.

Ratchet after I had met him and confirmed everything I had heard about him had become a strange type of friend to me and Jackie. When my brother was doing something dangerous in his lab he made sure that there was no way for me to get there and possibly get hurt. And his relationship with Jackie was...interesting to say the least. He connected to my twin making him a unusual friend for the both of us. Though I oftener teased my brother for it, I found it endearing for him to have a friend like Ratchet. I only hope it's only good times ahead of us for a while.

*Flashback ends*

"...And that's about it." Jackie concluded through the comm. Spike, who had been entranced in the story snapped out of his stupo and stared at my radio in awe.


Looking at my eternal clock and saw the height of the sun I gently turned around. "It's getting late Spike, we'll return to base now and then you! Young man, will go home with your dad and get a good night sleep." Spike gave a small pouting motion but did not object while Jackie laughed at my tone and stated I sounded like a mother. I revved my engine in a chuckle.

"Hey Midnight, whose Skyfire?" Spike asked me with a confused look on his face. I paused briefly and felt a bit of sadness as I thought of him. And a small pang when I thought of him being trapped in the ice somewhere in the Arctic. And the emotions I felt when he disappeared scouting an uncharted planet that I knew was this one.

"An old friend Spike...One who disappeared before the war even started. But this is another story for another time. Perhaps I will tell you tomorrow." Hearing the sadness in my voice he asked no more and we drove back in silence.

I hope I will see you again Sky, I miss my big brother...

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