Inventors Twin

Chapter 5

Few days have passed since I told Spike about Skyfire. I often wonder how the story will change more in my presence and history with some of the bots already. But it doesn't matter anymore, what's done is done. There have been a few skirmishes with the cons but nothing serious or something involved with the tv show episodes, but then again I don't know how much time passes in their world as the creators of the series write new episodes. Not that I mind, it's just that I'm not known for my eternal patience.

It doesn't help that since i'm the only femme here and Jackie's twin sister Prime doesn't want me anywhere near the front lines. Saying that if the cons captured me during battle...well, I'm sure you can guess if theirs only one femme in the entire planet what they'd do. So I'm often left at base with Preceptor and once and a while Jackie. Spike and Bee usually sneak after the team when they leave. I know I should try to stop them but its only still season 1. Nothing will happen to him yet.

Spending time with Preceptor is...I'm not actually sure how to describe my emotions when I talk about it. He taught me a few things on repairs to a damaged processor, I'm not as good as him nor will I be. (I am cursed with being Wheeljack's twin sister. Thank you Primus for that.) But if he ever gets to swamped with injured mechs I can lend a servo to help. And we often talk with each other as well. It makes me wish that he had more screen time in the show. He's kind, smart, funny(believe it or not) and handsome...wait, WHAT?! When did I start thinking THAT?! Never-mind, I'll blame hormones later. Wait, do transformers even have hormones to blame?...Right losing focus. I feel like I could listen to him talk for the rest of my lifecycle. Whenever he smiles at me and praises me for a good job I can feel my spark skip a beat.

On the few occasions that my twin remains on base with me we either spend our time together in his lab. (Ratchet is almost always away from base when there's a battle) Or we spend time with Preceptor and just hang out. I think Jackie is happy I have a friend to spend time with when he is away on the front lines. But he makes sure to put himself between me and Percy (I love to call him that though he hates it) whenever he can. Brothers, over protective glitch heads that you can't live without. Literally in my case.

It was on one such occasion that I finally notice we were having an episode day. (That's what I'm calling when we are doing what happened in a episode I watched.) Optimus had called for Jackie saying Bumblebee had returned from spying on the cons without Spike. Saying they were going to send the boy to Cybertron over a space bridge. I had argued with them. Saying I knew more about Shockwaves designs than my twin and how Spike was my friend to. But neither of them would hear of it, so once again I was left on base.

As I watched them leave with a concerned expression I felt a gentle servo land on my shoulder. Looking down at it then at its owner I looked at Percy who wore a warm smile and tightened his grip slightly to reassure me. "Don't worry about them Midnight. They'll be back here safe and with Spike in no time." His voice was so soothing, I felt my worry calm down a bit and I gave him a hesitant smile. I let my mind wander briefly and I found myself thinking about how handsome and how badly I felt the need to kiss...Slag, STOP IT! But he's so...FOCUS DAMNMIT! That's it! I blame the sexiness of English accents! I need to get away before I start thinking about...DAMNMIT IM THINKING IT!

"Thanks Percy, I think I'll check my records to see if Shockwave asked for my help with this idea of a space bridge. Perhaps I might find some blueprints." I spoke softly to him. He looked at me for a moment like either he wanted to say something to me or studying me to make sure I was alright. He opened his mouth to say something then he closed it without a word. Thinking he was trying to ask if he could help I spoke for him. "I'll comm you if I need help. But I'll be fine by myself Percy, I promise." Then unable to stop myself I gave him a small soft hug and walked towards my quarters. My spark doing gymnastics in its chamber.

Preceptor's P.O.V.

I watched Midnight leave for her quarters, her pedes not even making a sound as they hit the floor. I could still feel the hug she had given me as it replayed in my memory. My spark was having a fit at the sight of her leaving.

"Hey Preceptor! You ok there pal?" Sparkplug's voice cut through my thoughts. Giving my helm a shake I looked down to the human next to my pede. He was concerned for his son, and he and Ratchet were about to head out after the others to rescue Spike. Now he looked up at me with what I would call fatherly concern.

"Yes I am quite fine Sparkplug. My processor was just somewhere else." I assured our elder human friend. He looked at me questionably then down the hall that Midnight disappeared down. A spark of recognition came into his eyes. Then he looked at me with a knowing smile.

"More like with someone else. Why don't you just tell her? If you don't say something someone else will." The thought of her being with another bot brought up a swirl of other emotions. Jealousy,anger,and sadness. But my logical processor kept them from showing to much. "It's not that simple Sparkplug. As a twin she shares everything with Wheeljack, even though they don't have a split spark I will have to gain at least her brothers blessing before I can even think about that kind of thing. Which since we are at war right now I doubt that I will gain it." Even as I said it I felt my spark thrum with pain and sadness knowing the truth of my words.

The elder human looked at me briefly then walked towards Ratchet only to stop and say one last thing before the duo left to save his son.

"Fair enough, but it will only cause the both of you pain if it's truly meant to be. And I'm sure neither you or Wheeljack would want her in pain."

Midnight's P.O.V.

After going through what felt like my hundredth data pad and blueprints I set it down and sank onto my berth with a defeated vent of air. I had gone through all the designs I had made with Shockwave at least three times but I could find anything that looked like the space bridge. Slag this was a waste of time!

I found myself thinking of a certain microscope transformer. I wanted to know everything about him in so many ways. Yet he may want the same thing, and how could I tell him I was a former human from another dimension where I watched them on a tv and know what will happen in the future (kinda). If he didn't laugh or think I was crazy he would feel so betrayed. And...I didn't want to lose him.

There, I said it! Happy Primus? Cause I'm starting to wish that I could strangle you right now! I swear I could almost hear my mom laugh at me while Primus looked a mix of amused and scared.

A knock on my door brought me back to reality. Venting I placed the data pad down and as I walked over I rubbed the side of my helm. This was going to be a long life. Opening my door I saw the very bot I was thinking about. He seemed nervous but excited at the same time. I tilted my helm and quirked a metal eyebrow in a silent question, which he answered.

"Midnight, I was wondering if you would like to come to the rec. room with me for some energon." Wait...was he asking me to join him for refreshments? ALONE?!OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! That's the first step to going out on a date! If I had glitched from looking at a data pad to long, Ratchet, DON'T WAKE ME UP!

"I would love to Percy. Plus I found some blueprints while looking for that accursed space bridge that you may have of use to use." I said trying to sound pleased rather than ready to jump through the ceiling with excitement. Percy's expression brightened and as I closed the door behind me he held out his arm to me. "Shall we then?" He said charmingly, and his smile was as stunning as ever.

.GOD! I'm about to have a spark attack in happiness right now. Jackie must have felt something through the bond cause he sent curiosity back. Not wanting my twin to kill Percy just yet I said it was nothing important and closed the bond to my emotions for now so he wouldn't get distracted by my feelings while in battle. I giggled out loud and gladly accepted his arm and warped my servos around it.

"Lead the way kind bot." I said in a sweet voice and giggled again. Percy chuckled at my antics as well. I actually made him laugh! Kinda, I could start to feel my cooling fans start to speed up so I calmed down as best as I could. As we walked down the hall I continued to think about my future that I may have with Percy. I discreetly shook my helm and smiled to myself. Whatever it may hold and I may never have a true relationship with anybot due to my secrets, but I was very happy where things are going.

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