Inventors Twin

Chapter 6

It was not long after that we got to meet Chip. He bonded with me, Percy, and Jackie almost as soon as we said hello. Chip loved looking at my designs and would spend hours with Percy and Jackie talking about science. And it's actually thanks to him I've been allowed outside of base more. Being in a wheel chair he can't drive himself around. After meeting us Optimus thought we could at least drive him around since he wouldn't need to drive us. With Percy unable to transform into a car and most of the other Autobots busy with the war that left one option, me.

Many of the bots objected to the fact I would often be off the Ark whenever Chip needed a ride somewhere his own wheels couldn't take him. I kindly reminded them that I was Jazz's SIC when it came to the SpecOps troops so I could handle myself. Plus whenever they called my twin into battle I was at risk then too. I may not share a split spark with him but since I have a strong twinbond with him our sparks could not beat without the other. Even more so since it's the only bond either of us have. They backed off after that but whenever I left the Arks general area I'm sure I either see a drone from Teletrran 1 or one of my fellow bots.

They are so overprotective. But I both love them and hate them for it.

"Star!" Chips voice rang in my audios causing me to look down and spot the wheeled boy rolling up to me with shining eyes and his voice was as cheery as ever. A smile came across my lips at my nickname he had given me. Out of all those I knew he was the only one to ever call me Star. I asked him why he liked to call me that and he just shrugged and said it suited me.

"Whatcha need Chip?" I asked my friend. Though I had already transformed into my car mode and lowered a ramp for him to get in. As he rolled in he looked very excited for some reason, I wondered if it was and episode day. Though it didn't seem like it, but I don't know how the bots started the day. The episode I saw where Chip first starred began with the cons. Once he was secured I slid my seatbelt into place to make sure he was safe once I began to drive.

"I have a friend who is working at a military base on the anti-matter formula. He wants to show me a demo and Spike and Bumblebee will be coming as well. I was wondering if you wanted to come along as well. Seeing that you may actually understand what he's saying." Chip asked a little hesitantly. As we drove to the exit of the Ark a familiar yellow Volkswagen drove up on my tail then beside me with our other human companion.

"Awwhh, I love to Chip. Think of this as a improvement on your girl asking skills." I teased him as he turned slightly pink at my words and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. I revved my engine as a chuckle and with a flash of headlights me and Bee headed out of base.


Slag it! How could I forget about this part! I chastised myself as I dodged a blast and stepped on my gas pedal. In the air Soundwave had a helpless Chip in his grip. After the demo I had driven Chip back home and was about to leave the city when I remembered the next part of the episode. I had immediately swerved my tires screeching in protest and hit it back to Chips home. I had gotten there just in time to see that broken record player take off with my friend. I knew that I would fail to rescue him since it's in the story for him to be captured. But I was sure as slag not gonna let him be kidnapped without a fight!

"STAR LOOK OUT!" Chips cry barely made it to my audios. A blast near my tires caused me to swerve and since I was going at full speed I was flipping over and over until I transformed in mid flip causing me to land face first into the ground. With a groan I sat up only seeing that my quarry had gotten away with my best human friend.

"CHIP!" I screamed searching the sky only to find them long gone. Coolant leaked from my optics as anguish and sadness filled my very being. I knew this would happen, but it still hurt badly to see the con TIC fly off with my friend. I felt like I was betraying him on letting my friend get kidnaped. And I hate betraying my friends.

:::'Night are you ok? Are you hurt? What happened?::: Jackie's voice came through our bond along with his concern. He must of felt my emotions, but I was a little busy hating myself at the moment to notice.

"Worthless femme! Can't even keep your own charge and friend safe from one lone con!" And I slammed a fist into the ground causing a crater to form in the ground. "I should have just stayed on Cybertron. There I would have at least been useful instead a freeloader!"



:::Thank Primus! Where are you and what happened?:::

:::Jackie it's Chip...I...Soundwave took him. I...I couldn't stop him.:::'s okay, we'll save him.:::

:::You mean you will save him! I'll be stuck at base and being worthless! Some Autobot I am! Can't even protect my one human friend that understood me! If I can't do that then how can I protect any other sentient being from his fate...:::

:::DON'T YOU DARE FEMME! You are far from worthless! WE will save Chip, as a team! So don't get all sappy on me now.:::

:::I...Okay, thanks Jackie. I needed to hear that.:::

:::*Chuckles* Just get back here so we can get to work. I rather not offline because you did something scrap headed.:::

:::I could say the same of you every time you enter your lab.:::



By the time i made it back to the Ark the first battle with Anti-mattered powered cons had taken place. Jackie had blocked our bond to hide his pain, but believe me after I saw him I promised that once he was fully functional again I would offline him myself for letting himself get so damaged. Ratchet was just as bad, though Percy was trying to fix him the best he could. But he was a scientist not a medic.

"Here Percy, let me help you..." I gently put my servo on top of his and pulled the tool from his grasp. Having him so close to him put my spark into a frenzy but this was not the time for such emotions. Sparkplug looked up from his spot by the medic and had this strange look on his face. Then returned to his work.

"Do you know some things about repairing transformers?" He asked. I could tell he was tired, and by the look of the mostly repaired bots that he has been working non stop since the battle.

"You do remember who my twin is right? I had to know at least a few things about repairs." I reported trying to lighten the mood.

"I heard that..." Jackie reported weakly from a medical berth. A few chuckles around the room seemed to ease the tension in the air.

After a while together Percy and I managed to repair doc bot enough for him to function enough to help repairs. I told Optimus about Chip and how we went to see a demo about the Anti-matter formula. He assured me that he would save Chip and destroy the anti-matter formula so the cons could no longer use it against us. I demanded that I be apart of the mission, not only because I'm the least damaged of us but also Chip was my closest friend. For a human anyway. After much thought he agreed and as he and the most able of us battled the super charged cons me and Bee went into the base where the captives and Chip.

The battle was long and painful. But, in the end we prevailed as always did. Now I sit on a rock next to the Ark with Chip on my shoulder. (Heh heh, sorry couldn't help it.) I couldn't look him in the eye right now. I had let him get kidnapped, and all this happened because of me. It no longer was a cool tv show to watch, it was my life now. And it was war that I lived in now.

"Star? Are you ok? You've been quite since the rescue." Chip asked me. He gently reached over from his spot on me to touch the side of my face. His eyes widened as he retracted his hand and saw it glistening with coolant.

"I'm so so sorry Chip." I whimpered finally letting my emotions out. "I couldn't protect you, or even saved you from Soundwave. I'm a poor excuse for an Autobot."

"Midnight Star!" Chip said sharply making me turn my helm to look at him. He never called me by my full name. It was startling to hear my friend say it. Especially in that tone of voice. "You are far from useless! You couldn't know that the professor would send me the formula or that Soundwave would follow it to my home. Plus you did save me, it just took you awhile for you to do."

I felt a servo cup the side of my face. I turned sharply to see Percy next to me with a kind smile on his lips. With one digit he wiped away some of the coolant on my face. Unknowingly I was leaning into his touch. For some reason it just felt right to have him this close to me and being in contact with him.

"He's right Midnight." (Heh heh, rhymed unintentionally this time. And I swear it was unintentional!) Percy spoke calmly his voice rolling over me. Making my spark seemed to slow and my emotions calmed. "You helped me repair Ratchet and the others for the very battle that we used to rescue Chip and destroy the anti-matter cubes and formula. And when the tension in medbay was so thick that you could cut it with a sword you eased it with your presence and personality. You are far from useless."

Hearing that from my closest online friends besides my twin warmed my spark and coolant leaked from my optics again. This time in joy, "Thanks guys, I needed to hear that." And I leaned on Percy my helm resting on his shoulder. Chip had managed to get himself down from me. (Don't ask me how, it makes no sense when you think about it.) leaving me and him alone with the sun setting over the horizon...

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