Inventors Twin

Chapter 7

The next few days were quite and there hasn't been an episode day in a while. And I was enjoying that fact. I spent a lot more time with Chip and Percy, strangely enough Jackie doesn't seem to mind me being around the microscope transformer. And the other bots have loosened their protective streak. More and more humans now knew of my existence much to my joy. Meaning I didn't have to explain that yes I'm an Autobot and no I won't be out during the battles much and why. I knew it before and I'll say it again, my former race is annoying a lot of the times.

Until an episode day caught me off guard.

Chip and I were touring around a weapons factory when the cons came in Blasters charged. As the humans flee and Chip contacted base I did my best to fight some of them. I may not have been in battle much lately but with Ironhide's help along with Jazz we made sure my skills never rusted. I was doing pretty good, until Megatron showed up.

I am so Fragged...

Perceptor's P.O.V. (Yeah got name right! I forgot the auto correct was on so sorry for the misspelled name Percy! FORGIVE ME!)

It's been to long since the others went to Midnight's aid. Wheeljack said she closed the bond a moment ago making me feel a sense of dread in my spark. She would only do that if she went into a battle. Though capable she may be I fear the thoughts of her being captured by the Decepticons if she is defeated.

I heard the familiar sound of car engines entering the base. Along with urgent cries for Ratchet,myself,and Wheeljack. Racing to their location all three of us froze in horror at the sight before us.

On one berth was Optimus Prime. His damages were severe and so numerous I wouldn't dare count them. His paint was chipped and scratched in several places that a wound wasn't. To see our leader was both amazing and horrifying at the same time.

But what chilled my spark more than that was the bot in the berth next to his.

It was Midnight, but she was so damaged it was hard to tell that it was her. The visor she had always worn since before I met her was broken showing her offline optics with electrical burns running along her chassis mixed with blaster burns and injuries. Her one servo was badly mangled and leaked life fluid everywhere and the wing shaped sensors on the side of her helm had been completely ripped off.

"By the Matrix...Wheeljack take Perceptor and work on Optimus! And don't even think of arguing with me! I'm the only actually trained medic here." Ratchet snapped us out of the daze his protocols kicking in. He pulled his tools out of subspace and began repairing her faster than I thought he could move leaving us no real choice in the matter but to do as ordered. But that didn't stop us from occasionally looking up from our work to see the progress on the other berth.

After what felt like an eternity we finally got Prime mostly completed. Except for one small and annoying detail but important. If Prime is to survive we need a part that we hadn't brought with us from Cybertron and if he were to survived we needed that part.

"Midnight? What are you doing online? Get back onto that berth now femme! You are in no condition to be moving around like this!" Ratchets angry and concerned voice hit me as we began to repaint Prime.

After we turned around we saw Midnight back on her pedes sluggishly and almost jerkily moving away from us. Ratchet tried to grasp her but she shied away a gave a whimper. That's when I knew something was very wrong, Midnight saw the ambulance bot as a Sire figure. She wouldn't shy away from him while in her right mind.

"'Night?" Wheeljack asked cautiously and took a step forward towards her.

The reaction was shocking to say the least. Midnight gave a screech and moved as fast as she could away from him. As if he was Unicron himself with Megatron at his side. She managed to get behind me and tired to hide. Her frame was quaking and unnaturally hot. Turning to her in shock I did a quick scan of her. She clung to me as if I was her Carrier and she was asking for protection from something terrifying. Judging by the scan and her reactions from earlier I concluded she had a virus in her systems. I don't know for how long but it was affecting her logic core and her optics. She now saw everything around her in a different and terrifying way.

But why didn't she see me as a threat? Had enough of her sense remained to recognize a few bots? If so why didn't she hide behind Wheeljack? Not that I mind, this certainly made it easier to scan her and find the problem. But still, why?

"Will someone explain what's going on?" Asked a very confused Wheeljack. No doubt feeling pained and confused by his twins reaction since as far as I know the bond was still blocked. Giving him and Ratchet the quick version he told me that they had encountered a virus like this before. Not it exactly but enough that we may be able to create an anti-virus for it.

Only problem, all the data was in his lab on Cybertron.

It took a lot of coaxing and a bit of trickery we managed to sedate her and gently put her back on the berth. We updated the rest of the team they went frantic. Finally Chip,Bumblebee, Trailbreaker, Ironhide, Bluestreak snuck onto the Decepticon space bridge to Cybertron to get what we need from Wheeljack's lab.

While he and the others watched and listened via Telatrran 1 I stayed in the medbay watching over both Prime and Midnight in case their conditions got worse. Prime was in monitored spark support while I sat by Midnight the entire time.

Her visor couldn't be saved so it had been removed. Other than that the rest of her body had been repaired even her sensor wings had been easily repaired though they weren't as good as before. Her frame was still very hot and she twitched and whimpered in her stasis. I felt a little helpless and my spark ached to see her like this. Primus knows what pain shes going through and all I could do was sit here and wait for the others to return.

"Don't worry Midnight." I began to murmur quietly to her. I hesitantly lifted a servo and stroked the side of her warm face. She actually began to purr softly with a bit of pain laced in it. And she leaned into my touch, I stopped briefly shocked at this event. But my spark seemed to demand me to continue and I heeded its wishes. And it seemed to sigh in content as I touched her face once again. And a small smile crossed my lips. "We'll get you back on your pedes in no time."

About a few minutes later Wheeljack burst into medbay along with the team who went to Cybertron. Carrying a data pad and a part.

They had returned successful.

Midnight's P.O.V.

After the battle it got all foggy in my memory banks. I remember blocking my twinbond with Jackie because after a small word with Primus (Nothing big just like a little update to him cause after all he can't watch me 24/7. And listing any concerns I have.)when I passed out in the battle, he had a virus enter my systems and destroyed all the files that had record of being a reborn human from another dimension. (Really Primus? Couldn't do it before I came here or even in a less painful way?...I hate you at times. I really do...) Even the the physical memories in my data banks were now gone. I have no idea how he did that, because I still vaguely remember my past life, though not as clearly now. Anyway, while I was under the affects of the virus I could still feel the outside world yet I could not speak, hear anything.

I felt an intense burning sensation all throughout my frame. Along with cool metallic servos on my face. It seemed to calm my frantic spark greatly and even made me want to purr at its touch. Earlier I felt my visor be removed along with the other repairs but I payed no mind to that. It was the presence of the one who was stroking my face that caught my attention. I somehow knew it was Percy, don't ask how but I just knew. Perhaps some of the fanfic's I read were true. That every transformer has a match for them somewhere in the cosmos. Even reborn humans made transformer.

Suddenly more and more of my senses returned to me and I slowly on lined my systems. I also opened my side of the bond and felt my twins sudden rush of emotions flood over my spark. He also tried to talk through the bond as well, but he was too emotional to really do it at the moment. It only came out as static or a bunch of babble.

"Jackie, how many times do I have to tell you? I can't understand you when your all emotional through the bond?" I spoke with my real voice. I onlined my optics for the first time in a while without a visor covering them. As they adjusted to the lights I saw my twin, Ratchet, Chip, Percy and all the others that I knew went to Cybertron. I slowly sat up trying not to strain my systems when I was suddenly glomped by my twin for the first time since we were younglings. I felt his frame slightly shaking and felt worry,relief,and love flood our bond like it has never done before.

"Don't EVER scare me like that again. When I felt the bond close I thought I may lose you like we lost Sire and Carrier." He gripped me a little tighter then let go allowing the others talk to me and recapped what happened while I was out of it.

Ratchet finally put his pede down and shooed out all the healthy beings in the room. As I laid down on my berth I turned my helm to see a recovering Optimus next to me. His optics twinkled with relief and concern.

"Come here often?" I joked, trying to keep my voice from sounding to hoarse. Optimus relaxed hearing I was still myself and gave a chuckle.

"Indeed, though some may say a little to often." I gave my own laugh and the tension in the room eased between us. We were just two patients sharing a room together. Not a Prime or a SIC to a unit. We were just ourselves at the moment, nothing more or less.

"Recharge, NOW!" Came doc's stern voice. Optimus laughed and acknowledged and laid down to fall back into recharge. I gave a small mock salute then followed Optimus into recharge.

Even with all the emotional drama today, this episode day wasn't so bad...

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