Inventors Twin

Chapter 8

The next few days afterwards I was basically fawned over by everyone. It was like I was a energon flower that need to be protected and cared for with every vent. It annoyed the scrap outta me, I swear I could hear both my mom and Primus laugh at my misery. I mean at first it was kinda nice when I was still recovering from that slaggin virus. (Thank you again for that Primus *sarcasm*) But for Primus sake I was fully recovered now! I am just a click away from going all Megatron on their afts if they didn't stop!

In my final days of recovery I noticed the temperature drop slowly and it quickened progressively. Causing me to realize that another episode day was coming up fast. Meaning for this episode I would need to practice my acting skills.

One day I was chatting with Spike when I saw snow begin to fall from the sky, after pointing it out to Spike and asking what it was to keep from showing I knew more about Earth than I should he pretty much dragged me outside to watch the snow fall. I gave a small laugh and smiled as I watched him act like a small child as he raced around in the slowly rising snow.

"This planet is full of wonder. Skyfire would have loved this place and if we let him spent an entire human life cycle studying the difference between two blades of grass." I spoke and a sad smile crossed my lips and coolant pricked the sides of my optics. Spike came up to where I was sitting on a rock near the entrance and climbed up into my lab and looked up at me.

"How much of a brother was he like to you Midnight?" He asked me. His head tilted slightly with the question. I smiled and looked up at the sky while flickering my optics to keep the coolant from falling.

"Besides Jackie he basically was my brother in my optics. Ever since I got to know him at a memorial for one of his fellow explorers and her twin sister we have looked out for each other. When he had time off he would spend it with me and Jackie, even occasionally helping us with experiments though it wasn't his field so to speak." I gave a small smile as the memories flickered across my processor in front of my optics. And then coolant began to drip from my optics. "Then one day he and Screamer went to scout an uncharted part of space and...and he never came back...I asked Screamer what happened but he refused to either see me or talk to me. The next time I saw him he was the SIC of the Decpticon army. Sky always warned me that something like that may happen to him. After all we met each other at a memorial for twin explorers who offlined being to close to a black hole. But I never..."

I couldn't continue after that. I actually knew that it would happen one day but never when. And the thought of him trapped in the ice up north on this planet made me feel sick in the tanks. Suddenly I felt something slightly warm and soft gripping my chassis. Looking down I saw it was Spike hugging my chest the best he could. His normally cheery sparkling eyes were filled with tears and he had a small frown on his face.

"I'm sorry...I shouldn't have asked you..." He whispered into my armor. I barely heard him but I did none the less. Giving a small smile I picked him up and gently placed him in the palm of my other servo. Bringing him up to my optic level I looked at him and spoke calmly.

"It's okay kiddo. I've sorta made peace with what has happened. And somehow I get the feeling his spark is still out there. Watching over me with his kind blue optics." Seeing him slightly begin to shiver and his lips become pale I chuckle and as I got up walked back inside with Spike still in my grasp.

"Now let's get you inside kiddo. You look like you could use some of that 'hot chocolate' stuff you told me about before your hair breaks like icicles on a roof"


And I was right. It was barely a day after that Optimus and a team would head up to the North pole to stop the cons from draining the Earths heat nerdy from the core. I didn't even bother arguing my case to come along. I mean, I would have but as soon as I opened my mouth Ratchet gave me a glare that would have had Unicron terrified. So I shut up and stayed behind (as usual) thinking on ways I should react when I 'found' out what happened to Skyfire...

Skyfire's P.O.V.

After so many years in ice I wonder about many things. Starscream has told me that Autobots were enemies to be destroyed yet, I am reluctant to do so. I'm a explorer and scientist not a bot who enjoys to offline any kind of life. That includes these two Earthlings I now have in my servo as I walked back towards the cave were Megatron and Starscream where at. They had told me that the Autobots were the good guys in this war and how I was on the bad. But Starscream would not lie to me would he? We were friends and partners for a long time. The only one I trusted more was Midnight and she was still on Cybertron.

As I continued to walk I studied the two life forms in my servo. The one with the slightly larger frame was obviously the elder of the two and judging by the resemblance between him and the younger he was the younger's sire. He looked more mad that anything else, though I still do not know why exactly. The younger looked at me with a. Strange look in his optics. Like he may know me from somewhere but i do not know how he would. I was in the ice for longer than he had been in existance. And I knew Starscream well enough that he would never speak to anyone or anything that wasn't a transformer.

"Skyfire?" The youngest asked in a hesitant small voice. I completely stopped and looked at him and his sire straight in the optic while my own were wide with surprise. I had not told them my name yet, and yet the younger one knew it! How was that possible? His sire looked at him, just as confused and surprised as I was.

"How do you know my name?"

"Midnight did. She told me all about you, she thinks your dead though. How are still alive?" He responded. Hearing the name almost made me glitch right then and there. Midnight was suppose to be on Cybertron safe and away from the Autobots. Last time I had seen her, she was still without a mate and no one courting her. It was dangerous for a femme to be on a planet like that when she may be the only femme on it. I don't even want to think about what a bot may do to her if she is without anyone to protect her.

"Midnight Star is here?" I hesitantly asked slightly scared of the answer. Even if she was somewhere safe I can't help but feel a bit of regret at what I must have put her through when I went missing. And who knows what has happened since then. I may not be related to her by energon but I saw her as a sister in every way.

The younger Earthling looked excited when I said the name while his sire looked shocked and a bit concerned. Though again I do not know why.

"Yeah, she's back at the Autobot base with Wheeljack. She would talk about you as often as she could while trying not to cry. She misses you, a lot." He looked at me sadly. Though i did not hear him say anything after the words Autobot base. My spark went into a panic at the though of what they may do to her. Sure her twin may keep her safe for a while but he may not always be able to protect her.

Having this new sense of urgency I did not talk anymore but began to once again walk towards the cave. This time I was almost running. I had to tell Starscream and Megatron about this! I would also ask that when a rescue happened that I'd be on it. Maybe not as the leader but maybe just a part of it. Though they were my new companions I do not trust any but Starscream and maybe his trine mates.

Hang on Midnight, I will come to get you...

3rd Person P.O.V.

After the rescue of Spike and Sparkplug the Autobots soon learned about the shuttle bots friendship with their resident femme and agreed that if there was a way, they would convince him that the cons had lied to him and tried to get him on their side. For they knew it would shatter Midnight's spark if she had to raise a blaster to any kind of friend of hers.

Though it wasn't needed in the end. When about half the team had been captured during the rescue of the humans Skyfire and Starscream had been ordered to execute them. Instead of raising a blaster to them he refused saying they had done no wrong. Causing his former friend to shoot and badly damage him.

When time for the final battle came Skyfire chose to bare the Autobot symbol rather than the Decpticon symbol. After taking on Megatron and his former friend Skyfire sacrificed himself to destroy any possible ways for the cons to steal heat energy from the core of the planet. Causing him once again to be trapped in the ice. While the Autobots, unable to get him out grieved for their new friends sacrifice also dreaded to tell a certain femme about what had occurred here today...

Wheeljack's P.O.V.

Its been three weeks since the Arctic mission. And all I have felt from my twin was sadness,anger,and...brokenness. She had been happy when they first told her Skyfire was online but as the story progressed that happiness soon died out. By the end she had cut off the bond and locked herself in her quarters. Optimus ordered everyone to stay back saying she just needed time and space.

But I knew my twin better than anyone, even better than herself. She did not need to be alone, her opening the bond back up proved as much. Her spark felt so broken when it brushed against my own through the bond. If she stayed alone she would find some way to blame herself and hate herself for the rest of her life cycle. Orders be dammed to the pit, I was not about to let that happen to my twin and only family I had left in the universe.

After the end of the third week as I left my lab I grappled two energon cubes and went to my twins quarters. Overriding the lock it slid open revealing a spark wrenching site.

She was sitting at her desk working on a old blueprint data pad of some kind. Her paint was dull and chipped and her once beautiful golden optics were almost a sickly yellow color from crying and lack of recharge. I would guess she hasn't recharged since she heard about Skyfire. THREE WEEKS ago. Hearing her door open she looked up briefly with hard yet tired optics. Then looked back down without so much as a second glance.

"What do you want Wheeljack?" She asked cold and emotionlessly. It wasn't just her tone that startled me, she had said my full name. She has NEVER done that. She has always called me Jackie unless it was an introduction. This told me even more that she really needed to have someone to cry on.

Fortunately, as a brother and twin it was my job to be that since creation.

Shaking out of my stupor I set one of the cubes in front of her while I took my mask off and drank the other. At first she did nothing but stare at it with a sour expression and then continued to type away on her data pad. As I finished my cube I frowned and narrowed my optics at her and spoke in a cold voice. "Drink." Normally I would just asked her to do so but in the state she was in I'm pretty sure she would only do something if she was ordered to do so.

She looked up at me with another hard expression then grabbed the cube and drank it in one gulp then threw the empty container at me and went back to work. I barely had time to catch it before it hit me in the face. My mask then clicked back into place and I studied my twin once again. She looked better, but she desperately needed to recharge.

I tapped the side of her desk causing her to look up at me with a hard look and I felt anger and annoyance through the bond. She wanted me to leave, well to slaggin' bad. I wasn't about to leave her in this state no matter how she may act or do to me.

"Recharge too." I tried to command like I was Prime or Ratchet knowing that no matter what mood she was in she would always follow their commands. I would have called either of them for help but this was something I needed to do alone. My twin,my job.

She just huffed at me and spun her seat around so her back was to me and once again worked on her data pad. And for the first time in vorns (earth centuries) I felt anger towards my twin. My fins no doubt flashed red with anger as my optics narrowed to where they were barely open and I stomped over to her and snatched it out of her servos.

"WHEELJACK! GIVE ME THAT THIS SLAGGIN' INSTANT!" She screamed at me and got up out of her seat and tried to tackle me to the ground. Thankfully my time on the Front lines made it easier for me to avoid her when she was in a pure rage like this. As I dodged her tackle attempts inside I was having a very hard time making sure that the anger I felt through the bond wouldn't cause me to do the same as her.

"Not until we talk about what's causing you to act like this and you have a decent recharge." I spoke my voice cold and filled with a bit of anger. Midnight had finally stopped trying to tackle me but her armor was bristled and her optics were almost orange with anger. For a moment I almost felt scared of my twin but I held my ground.


I was completely stunned at first till it hit me, this wasn't just about Skyfire. It was about how she is always felt out of the battles. We were more protective of her than Spike and he was MUCH more frail than her. She would watch us leave for a battle in the war never knowing if one of us might not make it back or even if any of us will. Pit, she even has to worry about her own survival whenever I got out with them since no matter what, twins lives are tied together till death. She had tried so hard on Cybertron to go up the ranks, she made it to SIC of SpecOps even! But here we are leavening her at base as if she was a sparkling, and making her feel useless every time one of us comes back injured while she stays safe.

After that finally hit me I gently sank down to the floor next to me still brawling twin and pulled her close to my chassis. I could feel every sob shake her frame till it felt like I'm the only thing keeping her in one piece. I placed my helm on top of hers and sent soothing emotions through the bond towards her broken spark. While with the other servo I gently rubbed her back.

Midnight clung to me as if in fear that I may leave her like this alone. It would take Unicron leading the Pit's own dammed army to have me even think of leaving her like this. Remembering something I found myself humming a song Carrier use to sing to us when we were upset. Hearing her begin to quiet down and her spark calm a bit I suddenly found myself beginning to sing said song.

Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
Smiles await you when you rise.
Pretty baby,
Do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.

Cares you know not,
Therefore sleep,
While over you a watch I'll keep.
Pretty darling,
Do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.

As I finished I looked down at my twin to see that she has finally fallen into recharge. After putting her data pad in my sub space I gently lifted her up. As I was about to place her on her berth her grip on me tightened and she snuggled closer to me. Startled at first I just stood there till I gave a small smile behind my mask.

After checking to make sure no one was in the hall I carried my twin out of her room and walked into my own. Fortunately there were still two berths here from when we still shared the room before Prime thought it was a good idea for Midnight to have her own since she was the only femme aboard. How I managed to push the two berths together while holding my recharging sister I'll never know. But I did, I then commanded the lights to turn off as I laid us down on the berths.

Turning my helm towards my recharging twin I felt her spark to slowly mend itself and I saw a smile on her lips for the first time in 3 weeks. Snuggling close to her like when we were younglings I sent my love and care for her through the bond along with my concern for her safety and the protectiveness I felt for her. As I fell into recharge I felt her send almost the exact same thing to me.

I vented in relief as I let the recharge take me. I knew she would be alright when she woke up. How'd I know that?

Because she is my twin sister Midnight Star.

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