Inventors Twin

Chapter 9

It has been a couple weeks since last episode day. Optimus apparently overheard my little outburst and allowed me out of the base with them and even in a few battles. Though he made sure that either I'm by my fellow SpecOps troops or my twin in battle. And I have no objections to this, all I have ever wanted was to be by their side in combat rather than sit on my aft all day.

Sadly this caused me to see less and less Percy, and though I hate to admit it out loud but it pained me to not spend a lot of time with him like I use to. I enjoyed it when we were at base together and had a bit of bonding. Ok, I admit that I love him. Not as a friend or as a brother figure, as...something else.

I try to talk to Percy when I'm still at base but often Jackie is constantly at my side. Apparently I terrified him with my little 'stunt' after Skyfire so he was almost always at my side so I could never speak to the microformer alone like I wish I could. Though strangly enough I do not remember much of it. The last thing I remember doing was rushing to my private quarters to mentally calm myself down since I didn't have to act anymore. Well, whatever happened Jackie refuses to tell me. And I think that is annoying as slag! What did I do? Damnmit?! No matter what I say or do in person or through the bond he refuses to tell me.

It was not very long after that the bots found out about dinosaurs and Optimus gave the approval to build the dinobots. And guess what? I get to design them for the others to build! This is Fraggin' EPIC! Of course I just use the designs I see in the tv show and now that I know all about how to build a mech I made an exact replica design for Grimlock,Sludge,and Slag in no time. Then with my twin,Ratchet,and Percy we began to build the very team that everyone that is a Transfan loves.

But not before I finally got my alone time with Percy that I have craved.

3rd Person P.O.V.

Just before the dinobots were finished the cons made one more attempt on a factory that called for Autobot help. Midnight had been asked to join them since Wheeljack was going along with Ratchet but she refused, saying she would rather finish the dinobots as soon as possible. So the Autobots left for battle leaving Midnight and Perceptor alone to work on the dinobots.

"Are you sure we should keep the dinobots at such a low processor power? From what I can tell about dinosaurs were very violent and would fight often. If the dinobots have the same processing power as they did won't they be just as violent?" Midnight asked as she and Perceptor worked on Sludge. She was going over her designs and compared them to the images on what real dinosaurs were supposedly like. Perceptor looked up from the dinobots helm and looked down towards the femme Autobot.

"Perhaps we shall make them able to recognize friend and foe easier with some more programming but for know, let's just keep their processors at a minimum." He continued to watch her after she nodded and began to code programs into her data pad to test before they put it into the new bots processors. Her beautiful golden optics flicked back and forth on the screen as she worked. At first it was different to see her without her blue visor on but her optics were so enchanting. It only seemed to make his spark yearn for her more than it ever did before.

It seemed that whenever he thought about her Perceptor could almost feel his spark reach out to her. Her midnight blue armor seemed to glimmer like the night sky while the white and silver details and stripes seemed to stand out like spots on a canvas. Making her unusual colored optics stand out more. Her laugh,smile,personality,and her intelligence just seem to pull at every bit of his spark. He wanted nothing more than to make her HIS femme. Though luckily for both of them he could handle his basic programming better than other mechs.

"Percy? Are you okay up there?" Midnight's voice cut through his thoughts. Realizing that he was stareing he snapped his helm around to hide the faint blue of a blush coming to his face. "Uh...Yes I'm fine Midnight, no need to worry. Just lost in thought for a moment." He managed not to stutter as he pushed his thoughts back to his work and basically dove into the newly constructed bots helm to work on its processor.

After a few hours of companionable silence Midnight came up next to him with her data pad in her servo with the finished programs. She was trying very hard to keep her spark from going into overdrive at the very thought of him this close to her. Though she could not stop her cooling fans from going a bit faster though Perceptor either did not hear it or just did a count for the fact he may be the cause of them speeding up.

"Here Percy. I finished the new friend or foe programming along with adding minor details to it not to harm anybot that's unarmed." She said calmly though at the sight of him smiling at her made her knee-bolts weak. His smile grew as he read the codes she had just written out. They were perfectly written out and seemed to have had extra care be put into them.

"These codes are excellent Midnight. I'll put them into the systems right away, and at the rate we are going with your twins help we should finish them by the end of the week." Perceptor praised her causing her to duck her helm and blush.

She was just about to walk back down to ground level when her ankle (not sure what the Transformer term is sorry.)gave out.(a little thing that followed her into her new life from being human.) Giving a small yelp in pain and was about to crash to the ground when a gentle yet strong arm wrapped around her waist and another grabbed her upper arm catching her before she fell and dented her frame. Onlining her optics she saw that Perceptor was leaning down holding her with a concerned look on his face.

Midnight's P.O.V.

Right now I don't know wether I should curse my ankle or thank it to Primus. I was right now being HELD by Percy in a very romantic looking and feeling type of way. My spark rate increased and my cooling fans blew a bit louder. And I could almost feel the energon rush to my face with a blush.

"Are you alright Midnight?" (Heh, unintentional rhyme again. How do I do that?) Percy asked me hearing my fans no doubt and seeing as in how I nearly fell to the ground for an unknown reason.

I was about to respond when both of us seemed to freeze and stare into each others optics. My golden yellow meeting his crystal blue. I don't know how long we stayed that way till our lips met.

We had gotten back up to standing positions but I was paying no attention to that. I was focused entirely on the kiss. It saw so tender and warm. My processor began to fritz and my optics drooped till they were completly offlined. I then began to inexperiantsly kiss him back. It was full of hesitant and a bit nervous but my spark fluttered with unknown emotions causing me to follow my spark. Getting a bit bolder I felt his glossa trail along my lips. My cooling fans hissed louder but shyly I opened my mouth for him allowing access to my mouth. He seemed to memorize every part of my mouth as he began to caress my glossa. Venting loudly I pulled myself closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and let the kiss deepen.

Finally after what felt like a vorn he pulled away from me with an unknown emotion filled in his optics. We said nothing, there was no need to really. We returned to work on Sludge though I was at his side the whole time and when he needed only one servo to work the other would land on my hip.

Jackie is going to have a spark attack to say the least...


And I was right. Jackie was furious for a breen (minute) or two but afterwards he seemed to approve my choice, or rather my sparks choice. (He's probably more thankful for the fact that I didn't choose the twins, though I must say they are still very sexy but they don't make my spark jolt like Perceptor does.) And gave Percy one final warning not to harm me or he would have a front row seat to his next experiment that delt with explosives.

By the end of the week the dinobots were finally finished and the presentation happened. It almost played out exactly as it did in the episode, except for I was being held behind Percy when the dinobots took notice of us. Shoving me farther behind him Percy tried to protect me from them. Sludge gave a roar and smashed Percy in the chestplate with his tail sending him flying across the room.

"PERCY!" I screamed and tried to run for him only for the dinobots to corner me. They all loomed over me with their mighty forms. I could feel Jackie's concern and fear for me overflow my spark. My frame shook slightly as they all got closer to me, I loved the dinobots sure but I never thought I would run into them when they were in their state that destroyed Teletrran 1, the first time anyway.

But instead of attack me they make a purring sound and rubbed their frames against my own. I froze, blinking my optics confused I did not move to stop them in anyway. Finally taking their chance the Autobots managed to subdue the metallic dinosaurs but sadly we still lost Telerran 1. And a lot of the Ark was damaged as well and the bots had minor damage as well.

"Midnight! Thank Primus your alright!" Both Percy and Jackie rushed up to me while I was still dazed at what happened. Optimus then declared that the dinobots were to dangerous to use so we trapped them in the cave with the dinosaur bones both Percy and Jackie stayed by my side as it happened. We all felt a bit sad, after all we had all worked very hard to build them. But we understood and began to work on repairing the Ark while the others went on patrol since our normal alarm system was...*ahem* under repairs.

It took awhile but we managed to fix it only for the first thing we see is the others being overwhelmed by the cons. We all felt helpless at the moment, even if we did go to help them we would not be much help. Thinking of something both me and Wheeljack ran for both his lab and the cave we sealed the dinobots in. Explaining the plan to Percy we quickly began work. Spike was skeptic about this until Jackie explaining that before we them reactivated we would upgrade their processors so hopefully they would be more manageable.

Well, I guess it was said that it worked. With their help we had freed the others and the cons were now terrified of our new allies.

Finally we were at the base I felt a pressence behind me only to realize that it was the dinobots. "Hello Grimlock,Sludge,Slag. I was very proud of you all today, enough to say that I'm glad to have designed your frames and helped build you. So, what can I do for you?" They had said nothing at first then they turned back into their dinosaur mode they purred once again and nuzzled me like they did before.

"Me Grimlock say that you are dinobots Mama! You smell of all dinobots and are familiar." The t-Rex bot said while purring causing me to freeze up. The dinobots paid me no mind and continued to nuzzle like they were cyber-kittens.


I managed to stay calm until they finally left for some reason or another.

Then I pulled a Prowl and glitched...

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