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The Seventh Child


A/U. As legend tells, Kronos and Rhea had six immortal children called the Olympian Gods. Unknown to almost everyone except for Rhea, there was a seventh child, who would change the Greek world.

Adventure / Romance
Ai Raiki
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Chapter 1

As Zeus cast the remains of his father, Kronos, to Tartarus, the gods cheered triumphantly. They had won the war with the Titans after several years of fighting. Their mother, Rhea, was running away from her children. Although it's true that she was the one who ordered Zeus to slay his own father, Rhea had to flee. She didn't want to involve herself in this any longer, as all her children would just cast her out.

Well, almost all of them.

In her arms, sleeping peacefully was a male child, just born after Zeus had matured enough to battle with his father. In her arms was the seventh child of Kronos and Rhea, the youngest of the future Olympian. Rhea had vowed to herself that she would raise this child on her own, for the child had the powers of his father. He is a godling, which makes him equal to his fellow siblings.

"Do not worry, my child. I will keep you safe." Rhea muttered to her child.

Line Break

Rhea fled to a cave in Mount Ida, the same cave where she'd hid Zeus from her husband. There, she lulled the baby to sleep, and the baby fell asleep to the sweet and soothing serenade of his mother. The mother had never done this to any of her children, even Zeus because Zeus was taken care by other people other than her. She'd vowed to take care of this child by herself, and she will do it.

"Sleep well, Perseus." Rhea said as she kissed the forehead of her son lightly. She'd decided to call her son that because it seems like a good name for a young god. With both of his parents being Titans and immortals, he himself was an immortal with the powers of a god, which is yet to be determined but with certainty, he inherits some powers of his father. Rhea smiled at the sight of the only son she really loved sleeping. Rhea knew this couldn't go on for long because eventually, she's going to fade and her son will have to face the world all by himself. The least that Rhea could do was train him, take care of him and love him as a mother should.

Time Skip

Perseus had grown over the millennia, maturing and grown into a fine immortal. Rhea and Perseus had grown really close to each other, despite his father being the one who devoured his brothers and sisters. Rhea and Perseus had together watched the gods ruled the Earth with Perseus's brother, Zeus, being their king. His fellow siblings did not know about his existence because their mother had told Perseus to keep it a secret until the right moment for him to reveal himself. Perseus honours his mother's wish and had never intend to break it.

Perseus's power over time is little compared to Kronos, but he still has it. Rhea had offered him the title 'God of Time', but Perseus refused. He explained that he didn't want to be remembered just because he's the only child that had his father's powers. He wanted to be a god of something else, a different domain other than time. Besides, Perseus had vowed to her mother that he wouldn't use his father's powers, because he didn't want them to know he even had them. Perseus resented his father ever since Rhea told him the story on how he ate his siblings. It's not like Perseus cared about his siblings, well, maybe except for a few of them, but Perseus doesn't like the fact that his father would eat his own children just because he was afraid they might dethrone him. Well, it happened anyway.

Perseus woke up with daylight streaming out of his room. They followed with the times, having a house and using Rhea's powers to make them as comfortable as possible, living with a family. For Perseus, he didn't care if he even lived on the streets. As long as he had his mother, he couldn't be any happier.

"Perseus, my child, are you awake?" Rhea called.

"I am now, mother." Perseus smiled. He woke up and went straight to his mother. Even after over a thousand years of living with each other, Perseus had never grown tired of his mother's company nor her voice. "Good morning, mother."

"Good morning, Perseus." Rhea said with a smile. Perseus smiled back and embraced his mother, giving a kiss on her forehead.

"You haven't aged a single bit."

"Is that supposed to be compliment?"

"It's a fact, mother." Perseus said. His mother chuckled.

"That is sweet of you, my child." Rhea said. "Perseus, after your training with Achilles, I want to talk to you about something." Perseus smiled at his mother.

"We can talk about it now."

Rhea pursed her lips. "Later, after your training." Perseus was worried because his mother looked worried. His mother would never worry about anything unless it concerns him.

"As you wish, mother." Perseus said, kissing his mother on the forehead once again.

Rhea sighed. Today would be the day that she'd tell him the truth. Gaia had warned that this would happen. There's a reason why Rhea insisted on hiding Perseus's identity from everyone, including her other children. Gaia had warned her that should Perseus be kept alive, she'll have to fade. Why? Because where there is death, there will always be death. Meaning, Rhea had exchanged her soul for the sake of Perseus. Perseus wasn't supposed to live, heck, he wasn't even supposed to exist, but he did. Now, for some reason Rhea would not like to question, Rhea had to give up her existence so Perseus could live. Rhea doubts that her son would like this. Rhea had tried so hard to be far away from her son as possible so this parting would be easier, but she couldn't. Rhea loved her child too much. She loved him more than his other brothers and sisters because he was the only one who looked at her as a mother. Her other children just looked at Rhea as the wife of the Titan who just ate them. Unconsciously, a tear slid out from her eye and streamed down her cheek. She found herself smiling at the memories that she had spent with Perseus. Every single pain, hardship, bitterness, enjoyment and happiness that they had experienced together as mother and son.

Now, she has to do what's best for him.

Line Break

"Mother, I'm home." Perseus called. Rhea was silently crying in her room. "Mother?" Perseus called. Perseus looked everywhere for his mother and eventually, he found her, weeping in her room. "Mother, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" He knelt next to his mother and wiped the tears. Rhea looked at her son in the eyes. For some odd reason, unlike his father, he had sea green eyes instead of golden. Then again, all of his siblings had different eye colours. Rhea would never forget the beauty of his eyes. Without warning, Rhea embraced her son tightly.

"Perseus . . ." Rhea whispered in her son's ear.

"Yes, I'm here mother. There's no need to cry." Perseus rubbed her mother's back soothingly, reassuring that he was there for her. That just made it harder to let him go.

"Perseus, there's something I need to tell you." Rhea said, trying to regain her composure.

"What is it?"

"I-I . . ." Rhea tried to speak, but no words came out of her mouth.

"It's okay, mother. I'm here for you." Perseus said with a smile.

"I'm going to die, my child." Rhea whispered softly.

That moment, the world seemed to slow down. "Mother, if this is your idea of a joke, it is not funny." Perseus said seriously. Rhea shook her head.

"It's not a joke, Perseus. I wish it is a joke, but . . ."

"What are you saying?" Perseus asked. "You're a Titan. You're immortal. You can't die. You can't leave me!"

Rhea shook her head. "My child . . . It's not my wish to leave you." Rhea started crying again, but she kept on. "But I'm doing this for you."

"What do you mean?"

"The Fates have ordained it. You should have not be allowed to live. You weren't supposed to exist, and yet here you are. They were going to take your life, so I had to intervene . . ."

Perseus's eyes widened as realization dawned to him. "You took my place? Why? WHY?!" Perseus had tears coming out of his eyes. "Why would you leave me?!"

Despite the shouting and anger Perseus showed on his face, his mother smiled. "Because I do not wish to see you, the only child I've ever loved as a mother, taken by the Fates. I'm so happy to have spent my time with you, making all those happy memories that I certainly would not forget." Rhea cried as the smile on her face became more sad and sweeter. "I remember when you were just a little boy."

"Mother, please . . ." Perseus pleaded. He grasped his mother's hand tightly and cupped it into his cheek. "I don't want to lose you."

"You won't, Perseus, for I will forever be in your heart." Rhea smiled. "I want you to live your life and bring joy to the world as you brought joy to me."

"But I want you next to me."

"I have lived in this world long enough, my child and luckily, I've lived long enough to have raised you into a wonderful young god." Rhea smiled. "Let it remain in your heart that I will and forever love you, Perseus. I know you would do well by your own."

"No, please . . ."

Rhea kissed Perseus's forehead one last time then leaned to his ear. "Be a good little boy and promise me that you will treat others with respect. Promise me, you would not cry."

Perseus nodded. "I promise, mother." Tears were streaming from his eyes as he listened to his mother's final words. He glanced over to his mother and saw that she was already fading.

"Now, give one little smile for me." Rhea said sadly. Perseus's lips were trembling from the sadness he was holding back. As his lips curved into a small, sad smile, his mother smiled also. Rhea ruffled his hair and it turned messy. "I love you, Perseus." Perseus watched as his mother fades into the sky.

"I love you too, mother. I will and forever love you."

The last thing Perseus saw was the smiling face of his mother before it faded into the sky. Perseus's hands trembled. His mother was gone . . .

He couldn't take it anymore.

He cried himself to sleep.

A bit sad, eh? Don't worry, there's more to this chapter.

Line Break (Present Time) (A/N: Before TLO)

Perseus stood at the very, very top of the Empire State Building, the antenna. He overlooked the New York City landscape and smiled at himself on how much things have changed in just a few millennia. Perseus followed the flames of the West, where it resided here, in the mortal city called New York. Perseus was still a vacant god, which meant he could choose any domain that he would see fit. The Fates have yet declared what god was he supposed to be, and he didn't even care. All that he knew was, he was a powerless immortal with amazing combat abilities. Three millennia of living had made him the most experienced fighter everywhere; wielding anything from gigantic swords to chopsticks (can you believe how deadly they are?). Perseus was arguably the most experienced and skilful close combat fighter that exists. Still, that didn't improve his skills in ranged weapons, except for guns maybe, but other things such as archery or javelin throwing? He'd have a better chance hitting the target if he used a sword while blindfolded.

Perseus had both of his guns to his side, a Celestial Bronze sword that was as long as his body strapped on his back over his long red leather jacket that reached his shins. He found the sword when he was searching his old house three millennia ago, when his mother left him. It was the only thing that he had that belonged to his mother, so he wasn't planning to leave it behind. As for the guns, Perseus got them when he tried using two mortal guns against a monster. It didn't work. Then, for some odd reason, the guns shifted in both shape and power. The shape turned into one of those customs made handgun that you usually see in games. The guns draw powers from its wielder's life force and use it as ammo and since Perseus is immortal, his ammo never runs out.

To tell the truth, Perseus weren't very proud of what his siblings had done, especially Zeus. His ego had fed on him and turned him into an arrogant and power crazy king. He would do anything so that he would not lose his throne as the King of Gods. He sent Hades to rule the Underworld and made most of his children part of the council. Hestia had to step down in order to avoid controversy when Zeus made Dionysus that God of Wine.

Why does wine even needs a god?

The only children of Zeus that had really done a great job were Artemis, Hephaestus, Hermes and . . . well, that's it. Apollo wasn't included because sometimes, he's a brat. Perseus admired the way Artemis performed her duties as the Goddess of the Moon and Virginity. She had formed a group of girls called Hunters of Artemis. These girls swore to be a maiden forever and follow Lady Artemis anywhere, in return they're granted immortality and won't die unless they fall in combat. Perseus sometimes spots Artemis in the wilderness with her hunters, camping for the night and having a good time. It sometimes brought memories on how Perseus and Rhea always spend their time together before she passed. Perseus could hear the Olympian council arguing above him, as usual. It's amazing how Perseus could hear them even though they were six hundred floors above the ground. Perseus sighed as he jumped off the very top of the Empire State Building. He jumped off the building as if this was just something he'd do on a Monday morning. Perseus had no fear that he will fall to the ground and splatter all over the place because for some reason, he had influence of gravity. It was probably the power of his father, Kronos, being the Titan of Time. Maybe space was also included in his domain, but Perseus didn't nor did he want to know. All he knew was it saved him a lot of trouble from going to the elevator and taking the whole trip down.

As Perseus glided through the air with his coat waving around his back, he tried to set his landing on a dark alley where hopefully, no one would see him and they would only think that he was a bird when he gently landed. The gravity lessened and lightened his fall, avoiding any injuries that would happen should the gravity was as strong as it was. As he landed, he heard a scream.

"Come here, babe. I know you want it." Perseus heard a man said. In front of him, at the exit of the alley, a woman was dragged into the alley by a men twice her size. Perseus blended into the shadows, away from their sight. The man had some kind of cloth over the woman's mouth as the woman struggled to free herself from his grip, but to no avail. The woman kicked the air and clawed at the man's arm, but the man had an iron grip. The man was grinning as he was about to do his evil intention. "Let's see what we have under these clothes, shall we?"

The man ripped apart her clothes in just one go, revealing her undergarments. The woman shrieked as she struggled harder. Perseus sighed. Mortals still haven't change after the years. Still trying to satisfy their lust. Perseus decided to save the poor woman and intervened. Perseus stepped out of the shadows.

"Let her go." Perseus said. The rapist turned around while the woman widened her eyes. Perseus understood what she was trying to say and nodded.

"Who do you think you are?" The man growled, still holding the cloth on the woman's mouth to ensure she doesn't scream. Perseus didn't feel slightly threatened by the man.

"I'm the guy who's going to kill you if you don't let her go right now." Perseus threatened. The man boomed a laugh, an expected expression from a cocky mortal.

"Well babe, I guess we're going to have our fun time later on." The man whispered at the woman's ear, making her struggle even harder. "Well? Where's you cocky attitude-" The man never finished his sentence, because Perseus moved quickly and aimed a punch at his gut, making him instantly release his grip on the woman. Then, Perseus kicked the man in the jaw before pulling his head and slamming his knee on his face. The man had a broken nose, which was bleeding now, as he staggered backwards. Out of rage, he charged at Perseus, only to have his ribs broken by a swing of Percy's fist. The man fell unconscious instantly.

"Oh, are you alright?" The woman said. Perseus gave her a smile. She was a beautiful young woman, probably in her early twenties. "Thank you for saving me."

Perseus gave her a small smile. "No problem. I was just passing by when I heard a damsel in distress."

"Is there anything, I could do for you?" The woman said.

Perseus shook his head. "Its okay, you don't have to do anything." The woman stepped closer to him.

"There must be something I could do for a handsome gentleman like you." The woman said sultrily as she put her hand on Perseus's chest and started turning into a slut. Perseus rolled his eyes.

"You're no different than the man who almost raped you. You too, are just looking for pleasure for your lust." Perseus said before he walked away from the woman.

The mortals nowadays were just as they were a few thousand years ago. Perseus blended in with the mortals, trying hard not to make himself look like an immortal who had Titans as his parents. Perseus eventually ended up at the edge of a forest he didn't recognize. Percy cursed himself. He had time skips like that occasionally. He would be walking one second and the next thing he knew, he was swimming in someone's bath tub (long story). Percy experiences time skips, where the time literally skips for him, bringing him to the future, which is unpredictable.

Perseus was about to walk away from the forest when a voice stopped him. "Stop!"

Perseus stopped in his tracks and turned around. He saw several arrows notched at him. Manning those bows and arrows were several girls in silver hooded parkas, with the youngest being nine and oldest being seventeen.

"Lady Artemis, is this the man you were talking about?" One of the hunters said. She had black hair and volcanic black eyes. Perseus recognized her as a daughter of Atlas, because Perseus was there when she was sired. It was Zoe Nightshade, one of the Hesperides who joined the hunters of Artemis.

"It's him." Perseus heard Artemis's voice said. Artemis stepped out of the shadows, beautiful as ever. Her hair seemed lustrous with auburn colour under the moonlight, also making her skin glow slightly. "Do not move or it will be your last."

"I'm sorry, Lady Artemis," Perseus said politely. It felt weird calling his niece 'lady' and being respectful to her. "But I do not wish to quarrel nor make any trouble for you or your hunters."

He is polite towards me. Perhaps I'll turn him into something for reasonable. A baboon would do¸ Artemis thought amusingly in her head. "Well, you will have trouble on you should you move."

Perseus doubted that would happen. If the hunters fired an arrow, Perseus could just deflect it with the bullets of his guns. That was how good his accuracy is with a gun. He could hit the tip of an arrow with his bullets. Plus, he could fire as fast as Artemis could shoot. Or maybe it was just his father's power, improving his shooting pace.

"Who are you? I sense godly power coming from you. Are you an immortal or a demigod?" Artemis asked.

"Who am I is none of your concern. As for your second question, I am an immortal."

"That means you are a god."

Perseus shook his head. "Even though I am immortal, I am not a god."

"That's a lie." Artemis notched an arrow. "I sense your godly power that rivals even my own."

"I am not lying, Artemis."

"It's Lady Artemis to you, boy!" Zoe growled. "If you disrespect our mistress again I will fire an arrow between your eyes." Perseus never looked down on a threat, no matter how non-threatening it was. But still, it pisses Perseus that this girl was threatening him even though he was a god.

"It wouldn't make sense if I call her 'lady' if I am older than she is now, would it. Zoe Nightshade?" Perseus growled back. Zoe seemed surprised that Perseus knew her full name. Without thinking, Zoe fired her arrow. Perseus reacted quickly, took his gun out and fired with pin point accuracy, striking the arrow right at the point. The arrow got deflected and fell to the ground. Zoe looked stunned, and so did Artemis. No one was able to have that kind of accuracy without having the time to aim the gun. Perseus cursed himself for getting mad at Zoe like that. "My apologies, Lady Artemis. I didn't mean to offend any of your hunters like that."

Artemis looked and studied Perseus carefully. "Come with me to Olympus, tonight." She turned towards the hunters. "Set up camp. I will return as soon as possible after a meeting with my father." The hunters looked reluctant, but they nodded. Zoe glared at Perseus one last time before she went off with the hunters, leaving Artemis and Perseus alone.

"Why do you want me to come to Olympus?" Perseus asked.

"Because you are an unidentified immortal, a vacant god to be exact."

"I know that. But what does that have to do with anything?"

"It means you are a threat, because you can have any domain that is possible to get, as long as that domain doesn't belong to any other god." Artemis said. "Besides, there's this feeling that . . ."


Artemis waved Perseus off and without even asking him, Artemis put one hand on his shoulder and flashed both of them to the throne room of Olympus. Perseus was familiar with flashing, so he didn't get sick like most usually do after their first try using this method of travel. The throne room was empty, by the way. Artemis marched towards the throne of her father, Perseus's brother, and knelt down. She muttered something quietly and Perseus couldn't make out what she said. Soon, twelve flashes entered the room. Sitting on their respective thrones were the Olympian council. All of Perseus's siblings were here, except for Hades. Perseus mentally smirked. They hadn't change a bit since England.

"What business you have that you have summoned the council here, my daughter?" Zeus asked.

"I'm here to bring you, this man, a vacant god." Artemis said. Some gasped, some muttered with each other.

"What is your name?" Zeus asked. Perseus had a hard time trying to strain himself from running away. His had reminded him to be careful around his siblings, and he had kept that word in his head forever since she'd faded. Perseus didn't answer his brother's question. "What is your name?" Zeus repeated, slightly louder than his previous voice.

"Lord Zeus is asking you a question." Poseidon said, clearly bored. It's unfortunate that Poseidon had to be here, just because Zeus had ordered him to. Perseus also felt sorry for his other siblings, Hera and Demeter.

"You'd better answer him, before you get blasted by lightning." Artemis warned. Perseus just shrugged as he remained silent. Zeus's royal nostrils flared.

"You dare to ignore my question?" Zeus bellowed. His master bolt appeared in his hand, giving out an intense electrical atmosphere. "Your rudeness is unforgivable." Again, Perseus shrugged.

Artemis pulled his arm. "Are you stupid?!" Artemis whispered. "Do you have a death wish?" Perseus stayed silent. "Father, I'm sure we can talk this out."

"Step aside, my daughter." Zeus warned.

"But father-"

Without any thinking for another second, Zeus fired the master bolt directly at Perseus, endangering Artemis in the process who was next to Perseus close enough to make her injured from the master bolt. Perseus acted fast and carried Artemis out of the way of the bolt. It hit the marble floor and a loud thunder could be heard echoing in the throne room and it sounds like its being played from a massive sound magnifier.

When the smoke and bright light cleared up, where Perseus had been standing was nothing but black smears and stains on the floor as explosions had just happened. The throne room wasn't damaged from the master bolt. Zeus had a grin on his face for one moment, but later, it disappeared as he saw Perseus carrying Zeus's daughter, Artemis, bridal style. The other Olympians looked rather shocked not at the fact that Perseus had managed to avoid Zeus's master bolt, but they were shocked that Artemis would let a male touch her. Perseus, knowing his limits with the maiden goddess, carefully set Artemis down and stepped away from her, keeping their distance.

"How could you do that to your own child?" Perseus said with clear anger in his voice. "She's your daughter, isn't she? You would rather endanger your daughter just because someone won't answer your question? Your pride has really fed you, hasn't it?"

Zeus glared at Perseus. "Know your place, immortal. You are a vacant god. Your powers are no match for mine." Zeus bellowed. Artemis was still astonished that this stranger would defend her. Artemis had barely known him, and even thought about turning him into a baboon, and yet he saved her and defended her.

"Heh, know my place . . ." Perseus muttered with a slight smirk. "Know your place, Zeus. How many attempts have you done just to ensure that it is you who remains in charge?"

"Do not question what I have done! I have and forever always be the King of Olympus!" Zeus roared. Thunder rumbled and lightning struck all around them. Perseus expected some of the Olympians would disagree and starts to give him an invisible slap, but they just looked at Zeus with disapproval without saying anything.

"Well, good luck to all of you Olympian council under his reign." Perseus sighed. "I'm leaving." Perseus turned around, kicked the bronze doors open and walked away.

"He will get a taste of my bolt!" Zeus said as he held his bolt up in the sky. Thudner rumbled and lightning flashed before the master bolt fired its lightning to the sky, looking for its prey. The lightning travelled outside and would've struck Perseus if it hadn't been for Artemis. Artemis tackled Perseus out of the way before the lightning could strike him. Perseus was surprised. He was ready to counter Zeus's bolt, but Artemis had saved him. Both of them tumbled to the ground with a grunt. Artemis untangled herself from Perseus.

"That makes us even." Artemis whispered. "I hate to be indebted to a man."

"I'm impressed, Artemis." Perseus said. "We're all even, then."

"Artemis!" Zeus bellowed from the throne room. "How dare you interfere his punishment?!"

"He is right, father. It is not right for you to kill him just because he won't answer your question. It's not his fault that he does not wish to be recognized." Artemis said back.

"Looks like this man's rudeness has rubbed on you." Zeus muttered loud enough for them to hear. "So you shall die with him." Zeus said. This was getting more and more obnoxious. Zeus's ego is biting off more than it could chew.

"So? Kill her. Punish her." Perseus said, stepping in front of Artemis. "Prove us right that you would do anything so you could remain in your seat as the King of Gods. Prove us right that your ego has got the better of you."

"Silence!" Zeus roared said and fired his master bolt through the door. Perseus used his power over gravity and lightened the gravity on the lightning bolt, making it weightless. The bolt diverted itself towards the sky, missing them completely. Zeus looked shocked that his master had been easily diverted.

"How did you-" Artemis didn't finish her sentence because Perseus was glaring at Zeus.

"The goddess is under my protection," Perseus declared. "Should you threaten her in any ways or even touch her, I swear by the Styx that I will destroy you. Your reign as the King of Gods is over."

Zeus growled at Perseus for embarrassing him in front of the council, in front of the other gods.

"You will not harm Artemis and she will stay with me, where she won't be harmed and be forced to accept all of your decisions." Perseus continued. "I claim it by the Styx that Artemis will forever be in my protection."

Massive thunder boomed overhead. Everyone looked at Zeus and his eyes were widened with shock. His daughter had just been taken away from him. If someone claims anyone under their protection, no one is allowed to make any contact with that person, except if the on protecting that person gave you permission to.

"Why would you do that?!" Artemis grabbed Perseus's arm. "You know what you've done by protecting me? You're endangering yourself."

"It won't be the first." Perseus shrugged. Then, he turned back to Zeus. "Artemis is under my protection. You would do well to be a good god and don't harm her." Perseus then turned her heels and walked away, dragging Artemis along with him. Artemis didn't know what to do, so she followed along.

That started off well.

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