Loose Threads

She was swimming in blackness for what seemed like forever before voices started to surface like a dolphin coming up for air. She felt someone pushing and shaking her shoulder and voices saying her name as she blinked a couple of times to regain focus. The only thing she could see was a blur of different colours: red, green, black, blue, and then out of nowhere, a blur of gold appeared in front of her eyes.

“Clary?” A masculine and muffled voice said right in front of her. She scrunched her eyes and pursed her lips, trying anything to regain her focus; the light in the room was blinding her. “Clary?” Came the voice again, and then she automatically knew whose voice was speaking to her.

She put a hand up to touch her forehead. The pounding in her head was becoming more intense as the minutes went by, as if a drill were pounding on the inside of her skull. “Jace,” she whispered.

Suddenly, his hands were on her legs as he rushed to her at the sound of her voice. “I’m right here,” he reassured her.

Clary looked around at the room she was laying down in. The walls were all a light grey colour, which gave a depressing feeling to the room. She was lying on a white leather sofa in the very far corner of the room, away from the door. As she scanned the room and noticed that there were many other people watching her.

Jace, Simon, Magnus, and Isabelle were all sitting in the room in sprawled out wooden chairs, and all of their eyes were focused on her alone. She rubbed at her eyes again and sat up on the couch, placing her feet on the floor, and letting Jace’s hand fall to his side. “What’s going on?” She asked with a rough tone of voice.

“The Clave took us to The Gard and told us to wait in here while the grownups talk,” Isabelle said from across the room with a sarcastically sweet voice.

“Why?” Clary asked, shaking her head.

Magnus answered this time, flicking his hand through the air in a waving gesture. “They needed to bring you in for questioning before they ship you away without anyone else’s opinion, and being the lovable friends that we are, we refused to let you go alone,” he finished sarcastically.

“He’s kidding,” Jace said quickly as Simon glared at Magnus from beside him. “You’re fine,” he continued, smiling, but Clary could tell that Magnus’s answer was the truthful answer, whereas Jace was sugar-coating it.

Clary tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at him. “Jace.”

Jace leaned down from where he was sitting, on the arm of the couch, so that they were at eyelevel with each other. “I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again, I’m not going to let anything happen to you,” he said, shaking his head.

Clary didn’t respond and only raised her eyebrows. For a moment, Clary felt as if the whole room disappeared and it was just her and Jace sitting alone, but that thought vanished when Simon cleared his throat. “So, are they going to ask her questions with the Mortal Sword?” Simon asked hesitantly.

“Yeah,” Jace said quietly, nodding his head.

Clary groaned in annoyance and dread, and dropped her head into her hands. The Mortal Sword was painful and exhausting, and at the moment the thought of even touching the Sword sickened Clary. “I am really not up for that right now,” she groaned. Jace rubbed her back soothingly. It wasn’t as if she was scared of the Sword; she’s answered questions under it in the past, but right now all Clary wanted to do was lull herself into a very deep sleep. “How long was I out?”

“An hour and a half,” Isabelle responded, inspecting her perfectly polished fingernails.

“Really?” Clary asked, while a sarcastic frown spread across her face.

“What’s wrong with that?” Simon asked in response, laughing at her sudden break of character.

“I just thought that if I passed out,” she said, gesturing in a joking matter. “I would at least get a good sleep out of it.”

Jace laughed under his breath and looked at her with a look that could only show how much he adored her. “You can go back to sleep now, if you want,” he grinned, gesturing towards the couch and placing his other hand in the pocket of his jeans. “We’ll let you know when someone comes back.”

“Okay,” she said under her breath, smiling up at him. She rested her head on the back of the armrest and as soon as she closed her eyes to welcome the allure of sleep, the sound of the door opening wakened her. She sat up again and returned to previous position: with her head in her hands. “Well that lasted long,” she groaned into her small hands.

She didn’t even see who had entered until Isabelle began speaking. “Thanks Alec,” Isabelle said way too cheerfully to be real. “That was a perfect time to open the door,” she continued, giving him the ‘okay’ symbol with her hand.

Clary peered out of her hands to look up at Alec. He looked nervous and dishevelled; his hair was sticking up in random places and he was playing with a loose thread on the edge of his arm sleeve. He threw his hands up in the air before he started responding. “Sorry, I just thought that you would have rather talked to me than hear Jocelyn’s rath for an hour,” he continued, looking directly at his sister and then turning his gaze on Clary with a concerned expression. “Your mom is scary when she’s mad.”

Clary nodded her head and raised her eyebrow. “Trust me, I know.”

“Anyways,” he continued, gesturing towards the doorway in which he had just entered. “Jia told me to come and get you. Um, they have the Mortal Sword and their questions ready for you, Clary,” he ended, giving Clary a look that said he was sorry.

Clary nodded her head once and practically jumped out of her seat, rubbing her palms together. “Let’s go,” she breathed out.

Slowly, everyone got up from their seats and exited the room one at a time, until it was only Clary and Jace. Clary still hadn’t moved though, and as Jace was just about to exit he noticed; he stopped to look back at her. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Clary?” He asked, moving back towards her.

She wasn’t looking directly at him but rather staring off into space. He placed his hand on her shoulder and tilted his head to get a better view of her face. “Are you… scared of the Mortal Sword?” He asked with hesitation.

Clary shook her head. “No,” she responded quickly. “No, that’s not it. I just, I know that I’m going to have to answer questions that I don’t want to, but I’m not going to have a choice, and that’s what scares me.”

He turned her body towards him and gripped her arms with both of his hands. “I’ll be sitting right in front of you the entire time okay? If you ever feel scared, just look at me,” he finished, grinning.

Clary nodded and smiled at him, looking down as he entangled his fingers with her own, giving her hand a quick squeeze as they left the room. Clary felt a whole lot better knowing that she wasn’t going to be alone, but she still had this aching feeling in her stomach that something was going to turn horribly wrong soon, and even Jace wouldn’t be able to make the feeling evaporate.

Clary walked into the Claves’ general meeting room within the Gard with her hands balled up in nervous fists at her side. She kept her eyes on the ground; not wanting to meet anybody’s eyes, which were all surly, directed at her. Jace gently took her hand in his own and gave her a reassuring smile and a nod as Clary tried to smile back in response, but failed to do so. As she walked further into the room when she noticed her mom, Luke, and everyone else, sitting in their seats in an aisle near the front of the room. They all turned their heads around to look at her and Jace, who had recently stopped near the front of the room where Jia stood.

Clary glanced up at Jia who stood at the center with pure elegance. Her short, black hair swung to one side like a curtain falling into place, and her deep brown eyes looked directly at her. Clary was snapped out of her gaze as she felt Jace nudging her side with his elbow; their hands were still tightly intertwined. She blinked a couple of times and cast her eyes around the room, noticing that Jia was talking to her as she had her eyebrows raised in question.

“I’m sorry,” Clary stuttered, shaking her head. “What did you say?”

Jia eyed her carefully. “Are you ready, Clarissa?”

Clary took another peek back down at the floor and shut her eyes, nodding her head in response. “Ah, yeah,” she answered under her breath. She glanced back up at Jace , who simply tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and cupped the side of her face.

“You’ll be fine,” he whispered, smiling. Clary nodded her head and let go of his hand as he walked over to sit beside Alec. He never took his eyes off her as she wiped the palms of her hands on her jeans and smiled nervously at Jia, walking towards her.

Jia gestured towards the center of the open stage for Clary to stand. If Clary looked to her right she had a perfect angle of Jace smiling at her, which only did a little to comfort the aching in her stomach.

“Okay, Clary, Brother Enoch here is going to place the Mortal Sword in your palms, and then we will begin to ask you a series of questions, understood?” Jia asked more politely, than strictly.

Clary licked her lips and wiped her sweaty palms one last time on her ripped jeans. “Yeah, I understand.”

Suddenly, Brother Enoch appeared in front of her, shocking her with his incredible silent movements, as the Silent Brothers always did. Clary kept her gaze straight ahead as he placed the sword in her palms, and immediately Clary felt the weight of it throughout her whole body. A coldness and tingling sensation spread throughout her entire being while a deep pain entered her head, as if hooks embedded itself inside her brain to draw the truth out of her.

Clary winced and then recomposed herself, trying to act stronger on the outside. Clary blinked a couple of times and waited for her first question. “So, Clary,” Jia said, moving closer to Clary, her hands were clamped together and held in front of her chest. “The Clave has reason to believe that your brother, Jonathan Morgenstern, kidnapped you from the New York Institute about a week and a half ago, is this statement correct?”

Clary rubbed her lips together, and continued to look straight ahead as she felt the swords effects on her body. “Yes, that is correct,” she said with a strong tone of voice.

“Do you know why Jonathan decided to take you? Why now?”

“No,” Clary said, furrowing her eyebrows in thought. “He does whatever he wants. I don’t know what goes on in his head,” she replied.

“Alright,” Jia said, pausing. “And then only a couple days after, Jonathan Herondale was there with you? How did that happen?”

Clary took a deep breath. “He thought he could protect me. He-he wanted to see if there was any way that he could help us escape,” she finished. Jace looked up at her from the front row and could see the exhaustion in her features from the Mortal Sword. Clary had barely had more than a couple of hours of full sleep in days, and Jace was now noticing the effects that it had on her.

“So, Jonathan just decided to go willingly into your brother’s requests?”

“Yes,” Clary said exasperatedly, looking at Jia desperately.


“I don’t know?” Clary asked in exasperation once again. “Because we love each other? Because we want to protect each other?” She continued to ask, getting angrier and angrier as time flew by.

Jia put her hands up in surrender. “I don’t mean to frustrate you Ms. Morgenstern,” Clary flinched at the use of her last name in a room full of people she didn’t know. “I’m just asking the questions that I have been required to ask.”

Clary swallowed noticeably as Jia continued to speak. “What did Sebastian, or Jonathan, want to do with you two?”

“He told me on the very first day that he just wanted me. He just- he just wanted me to be there with him. I think a part of him expected me to work with him, or something like that, but..” Clary finished hesitantly.

“But?” Jia asked.

Clary moved her eyes to look at Jia. “But that would never happen.” Clary said defiantly.

“I am required now to ask you the events that occurred while you were there, Clary. So if you would please,” she said a bit quieter, gesturing in her direction.

Clary tilted her head towards her shoulder and closed her eyes, but she could already feel the painful feeling of the Sword in her fingers as words began flying out of her mouth. “At first, he really only threatened me directly with words and such, but when Jace got there,” she paused, shaking her head. “He beat Jace for hours and I just had to sit there and watch as Sebastian kicked and hit him...” She drew out her words once again, thinking. “The first time that he actually hurt me was when he thought that Jace needed more persuasion. So, he-he,” she stuttered again, obviously attempting to resist the feeling of the Sword drawing the truth out of her mind. “He cut me and slapped me, and then he tried to push me further, emotionally,” Clary continued, struggling to get the words out of her mouth. “Saying that I’m just a burden to be with because I’m weaker than the others, and stuff like that,” Clary finished in a whisper, not focusing her eyes directly on anything.

“Did you believe him?” Jia inquired.

Clary let out a breath. “Of course I did.”

Alec looked nervously at Jace, who returned the exact same gaze. They could both see the fatigue on her face and knew that the Sword was too much for her right now. Jace stood up in his seat before Alec could stop him. “I think that Clary’s too tired for this right now,” Jace spoke loudly across the room.

Jia spun around to face him and looked at him with sadness. “I understand your concern right now Mr. Herondale, but unfortunately I have to continue,” she finished spinning back around to face Clary.

Robert hissed from down the row, leaning forward. “Jace, sit down.”

Jace sat down hesitantly and kept his eyes glue to Clary as Jia continued.

“Anyways, Clary,” Jia said, trying to remain professional. “Are you sure that that is everything that occurred.”

Images flashed through Clary’s mind. Images that Clary never wanted to see again, feel again. All at once Clary felt Sebastian’s hands on her stomach, pulling down her pants, his mouth tightly against her own, and Clary shivered, closing her eyes.

“Clary?” Jia asked again, narrowing her eyes as Clary remained silent.

Clary opened her mouth to respond that nothing else occurred during her time with her brother, but pain clouded her vision when she even thought about saying anything but the truth. Clary groaned in pain with her mouth still hung up on the word ‘yes’, that is all the happened, but the Sword wasn’t letting her get away that easy. Clary shut her eyes tight and continued to wince and groan every couple of seconds as the weight of the Sword became unbearable. Her head was pounding and she could feel sweat building up on her forehead.

A single tear made its way down Clary’s cheek as the pain increased, and she tilted her head towards her arm so that her mouth was resting on her shoulder.

“Clary,” Jia’s voice echoed in her mind again. “The more that you resist telling the truth the more painful it will become.”

Jace was just about ready to jump out of his seat, knowing what she didn’t want to share, what did it matter anyways? How could that information possibly help the Clave? But before he could stand up Alec placed a hand on his thigh, sensing his worry. “She has to do this on her own,” he whispered. “What is so bad that she’s willing to go through that?” Alec asked, gesturing to Clary, who was now trembling to keep her mouth shut.

Jace just shook his head and looked down the row first at Jocelyn, who had her head in Luke’s shoulder, and then at Isabelle, who was looking directly at him with a look of understanding.

Jace finally stood up when Isabelle gave him a reassuring nod. “Clary,” he said standing up again.

“Jace – ” Jia started, spinning to face him again, but Jace stopped her from continuing.

“No, just wait,” he said before focusing back on Clary. “Clary,” he said firmly, watching her bite her lip painfully in response. “Clary, do you remember what I said before? Look at me,” he said softly, shaking his head. “Just look at me, keep your eyes on me. Everything’s going to be okay, alright? No matter what happens,” he finished.

Clary peeled her eyes open so that she was looking directly at Jace’s golden ones. She was trying to catch her breath and her body was shaking. “It’ll be okay,” he said softly as the rest of her family and friends looked up at Jace in a little bit of shock. She remembered how no one had ever seen Jace use his emotions so freely, but for Clary, she saw it almost every other day.

Jia brought her out of her thoughts as she repeated the question. “Is that everything that happened Clary?”

Clary couldn’t stand the pain any longer as the hooks that were previously embedded in her brain loosened as she began speaking. “N-no,” she whispered, shakily.

“What else happened?” Jia asked in a gentler tone of voice.

Clary didn’t know how else to say it nicely, so she just started speaking. “H-he,” she continued, trying to catch her breath. “Tried t-to rape me,” she sobbed, feeling her tears patter onto the metallic sword in front of her.

Jia’s eyes widened in shock, not expecting that answer, and as Clary stood up at the front, shaking and crying in pain, she looked down to see that the rest of her family looked at her with the exact same expression. Her mother had her hand covering her mouth and her eyes were closed as Luke tried to comfort her, but he didn’t succeed as he could barely recover himself. Everyone else’s gazes were either on her or cast at the ground, but the one person, who’s expression broke her further was Simon’s. His eyes were closed, but his head was tilted up to the sky and it looked as if he were struggling to catch his breath.

Clary was full on sobbing now as she looked at Jia with a pleading look. Her whole body was shaking at this point as she shook her head rapidly. “Please don’t make me say anything else, please.”

Jia opened her mouth, but at first nothing came out. She coughed before continuing. “I just have one final question Clary,” she said and the whispered more quietly. “I’m sorry.”

Clary looked straight at Jia, trying to keep her composure, when really all she felt was a sickening dread in the pit of her stomach. “Did you,” she paused, hesitating with her next words. “Help Jonathan in any way while you were with him?”

Clary paused and squinted at her in disbelief. “What? No,” she blurted out quickly.

As Clary was saying this, Jace stood up once again, not caring anymore whether he got in trouble or not. “What are you implying?” Jace yelled at Jia, outraged.

“It’s just a question,” she responded, not turning around to face Jace as she narrowed her eyes on Clary.

“Do you seriously think that Clary is working with Jonathan?” Jocelyn yelled, standing up from her seat.

Jia finally turned around to face the line of outraged people, who were all shocked that she would even accuse Clary of something like this. “Anything is a possibility,” she calmly responded.

“This is unbelievable,” Jace said, obviously frustrated, running a hand through is long, golden strands. “She just told you all of the things that Sebastian did to her, and you still think that they may be working together? That’s hilarious,” he finished with a sharp edge to his tone.

Clary took in a huge breath as she closed her eyes. “Am I done?” She asked, defeated.

“Yes,” Jia responded, gesturing to Brother Enoch to take the Sword. There was some more arguing going on in the background between her friends and Jia, but Clary couldn’t focus her hearing on any certain words. As soon as the Sword was taken from her palms, the feeling of relief filled her entire body. Her headache was gone, and she put her face in her palms immediately, exhausted.

Clary remained like that for a couple minutes before she removed her hands from her face to look at Jace. He had her eyes directly on her as if she were the only person in the entire room. Her feet began to move towards him before her mind realized what she was doing. She didn’t get very far though as Jia’s hand stopped her before she even reached the stairs.

“Clary,”Jia said nervously. “We did put it to a vote earlier, and you will be used to lure out Sebastian, and I am afraid that you don’t have a choice in the matter.”

Rage filled Clary’s entire body as tears threatened to spill over. She shook her head rapidly. “I can’t; I-I won’t,” she said, forming her hands into fists by her side.

Clary pushed past Jia harshly, walking directly into Jace’s arms and collapsing into him. She couldn’t help it; she began sobbing into his shirt uncontrollably. She could feel him rubbing his hand up and down her back, and kissing the top of her head, but suddenly Jace hugged her tighter, more protectively.

She could hear her mother screaming in the background as Jia continued to speak. “Jace,” she said in a tone just above a whisper. “You have to let go of her. I promise that you will be able to talk to her before tonight.”

“Tonight?” Jace questioned, she could feel his voice vibrate throughout his body.

“The plan is going into effect tonight, Jace,” Jia said.

“What? No, you can’t do that, she just got back. She’s barely even slept,” he replied, angrily, tightening his hold on her torso. Jia didn’t answer though, and soon enough Clary felt different pairs of hands grab her arms, pulling her away from Jace. She struggled against them, and realized that other members of the Clave had their hands gripped firmly around her. She kicked out as the others tried to get to her, but were held back by more Shadowhunters.

“Jace,” Clary said in surprise, not expecting this at all. Simon’s fangs were out and he was trying to break through the wall of Shadowhunters, Jace was physically pushing them, and meanwhile each and every Lightwood were yelling at members of the Clave, who were supposed to be their friends; Robert was screaming out about something that had to do with him being the Inquisitor, but Clary wasn’t sure. She looked further down the row, which was growing farther and farther away, and saw that her mother and Luke were screaming at Jia, who was trying to calm them down in the best possible way. Soon she was turned around a corner where she could no longer see anybody, and for the first time in days she felt completely empty.

Clary was sitting alone in an empty room with her head in her palms when a knock came at the door. She looked up instantly, getting tired of constantly staring at the blank walls and the only furniture in the room: a table and two chairs. She sat up quickly, expecting Jace to be on the other side of the door, but surprised when this wasn’t the case. She practically sprinted into his familiar arms and sighed in relief. “Simon.”

Simon wrapped his arms around her immediately and closed his eyes. “Clary,” he whispered her name in response, sadly. He pushed her out at an arm’s length to get a better view of her face. “Are you okay? I feel like we haven’t talked in forever.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Clary whispered.

“Don’t be,” Simon replied, shaking his head. “I just missed you, that’s all.”

“I don’t want to do this, Simon,” she said, looking over her shoulder at the blank wall.

“I know,” he said, walking over to the two chairs and sitting down across from each other. “We’re not going to let you go through this alone though.”

Clary furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“We have a plan that we talked about when they refused to let us see you, after the little…outburst,” he said, wincing.

“Yeah, about that,” Clary said, gesturing towards him. “How did they let you in here?”

“Well, they said that they would only let one of us in, and they refused to let Jace in after he basically tackled another Shadowhunter, so I volunteered,” he said, laughing under his breath. “You can probably guess that he’s not too happy right now.”

Clary laughed and sighed at the same time, not sure whether to find Jace’s outburst funny or stupid. “Anyways,” Simon continued. “We have a plan to make sure that if Sebastian does indeed take you, that we come along with him.”

Clary’s eyes widened. “Simon, you can’t do that,” she said indefinitely.

“Well, do you really think that the Clave’s plan is going to work?”

“No, I don’t, at all, because Sebastian is always one step ahead of us. He’s probably expecting this to happen. I know that I’m going with him tonight, but that doesn’t mean that you all should follow me,” Clary said, exasperated that he would even suggest something like this.

“Clary, we’ve already all agreed, that we have a better shot at escaping if all of us are there to help.”

Clary narrowed her eyes. “Well if you all come, then there’s going to be no one outside to help us,” Clary said slowly.

“The parents are staying,” he responded. “As well as Magnus, so that he can track us if he has to.”

Clary tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips. “The Clave won’t let you do this.”

Simon smiled and patted her thigh. “And that is why we aren’t going to tell the Clave, Fray.”

Clary sighed and closed her eyes. “I can’t let you guys do this,” she whispered.

“We can’t let you go back there by yourself, Clary, it would kill us,” he said sadly, grabbing her shoulders to bring her into another hug.

She loved how Simon’s hugs felt so familiar and it was able to calm her racing heart beat a little bit. Clary leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, sighing. “I hope you know how much I love you,” she whispered.

Simon smiled and brought his hand to his heart in a sarcastic way as Clary sat back in her seat. “Aw, Fray, I’m truly touched,” he said, wiping a fake tear from his eyes.

Clary laughed, which felt like an unfamiliar action. “Shut up, Lewis,” she replied, punching his arm lightly.

Simon gave her a genuine grin. “You know I love you too.”

“Do you know how long I have?” Clary asked.

“A couple of hours, I believe,” Simon replied. “So even though there isn’t anything comfy in here, I would try to get some sleep if I were you.”

“At this point,” Clary said, throwing her hand up in the air. “I could sleep anywhere.”

Simon laughed and began to walk out of the room. “You’re okay, right, Clary? I mean after what happened… I just hope you know that I’ll always be here for you, whenever you need me.”

She smiled. “I’m fine really; life sucks sometimes, bad things happen, but there isn’t anything I can do to change the past so,” she finished, shrugging.

“I’ll see you in a bit, okay?” He said from the door frame.

Clary nodded her head. “Could you try to calm down Jace for me? Tell him that I’m fine?”

“You know that’s a bigger task than you would think,” he smirked, leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

Clary sat up from her chair and found a spot on the floor. As soon as her head touched the hardwood, she fell asleep for the first time, without a single thought on her mind.

Simon entered the main room again and sat next to Isabelle on a plush couch, while everyone else was in a deep conversation. Isabelle instantly grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “How was she?” She whispered, looking at him intently.

“She was good, I guess, as well as she can be,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders. He was about to say more, when Jace’s voice stopped him.

“Is she okay?” He said quickly, focusing his entire attention on Simon.

“She’s fine,” he sighed. “She actually told me to make sure that you don’t lose your top, so if you would please just try to relax for her sake, for just a minute, that would be fantastic,” he finished, giving him the ‘ok’ gesture.

Jace only responded with a glare as he tilted his head to the side. “I’m allowed to worry about my girlfriend, bloodsucker.”

“Can we get back to what we were discussing before?” Magnus asked, impatiently.

Alec leaned forward. “So, the Clave wants to set Clary out in a street in the city, where other Shadowhunters will be standing guard, in private, or so they say,” he huffed annoyingly.

“Sebastian’s going to see it from ten miles away,” Jace said under his breath.

Alec nodded his head and looked at him with sadness. “But we’ll be there,” Alec said to the entire group and then turned towards Magnus. “Except for you of course. You have everything you need to track us or help us later?”

“Of course I do Alexander,” he replied, grinning.

Alec blushed. “Anyways, we will be there before Sebastian even takes one step towards Clary, and the Clave will never even know.”

“And why is that?” Isabelle asked with interest, placing her elbows on her knees.

“Because,” Alec continued. “While the Clave will be focused on Sebastian and Sebastian only, we will have our full attention on Clary, and that is what is going to make the difference,” he finished, pointing at his sister.

“This better work, Alec,” Jace said stronger.

Alec turned his head to look at his parabatai deeply. “It will. And the rest of us need to look mad or depressed or whatever towards any other member of the Clave; they still think that we can’t do anything about this situation.”

“I just can’t believe that she had to go through that,” Simon whispered from where he was sitting. Everyone’s eyes turned towards him in an instant. “I mean, out of everyone in the world, out of all the horrible people; the kindest girl anyone could ever know had to go through that,” he finished, while everyone knew what he was implying.

The room went sickly silent. “She didn’t deserve it, that’s for sure,” Magnus whispered.

Everyone was staring at the ground before Jace spoke harshly. “Well, at least none of you had to actually witness it happening,” he said, sharply turning his head to the side.

“Well,” Isabelle said wiping her palms on her black pants, who decided to break the tension in the room. “I’m going to walk around and enjoy a bit more of my freedom until everything goes to hell,” she looked down at Simon, holding out her hand. “Do you want to come?”

“Uh, sure,” Simon agreed, nodding his head.

Jace sat up as Simon and Isabelle left the room hand in hand, and began pacing instantly. Alec narrowed his eyes and tilted his head to the side slightly. “Jace, everything is going to work out.”

Jace turned towards him sharply. “And what if it doesn’t?” He asked with a strained voice.

“It will,” Alec said again. “We have a plan, and no matter what Clary isn’t going to go anywhere without us at least.”

“She’s not expendable, Alec,” Jace began yelling, gesturing wildly at Alec. “She is too important to Sebastian, to her family, to me, and I cannot lose her.” He ended with a huff.

Jace blinked a couple times and looked around the room as if he were in a daze, while Alec walked over towards him. He put a hand on Jace’s shoulder and looked under his blond curls which were covering his eyes. “She’s going to be fine,” Alec whispered. “I promise.”

Jace rubbed his lips together and slowly lifted his head up. He cracked his neck and then, all of a sudden, his mood changed instantly, as if someone had turned on a light switch in his head. “Well,” he said with more cheer, looking at Magnus instead of Alec. “I’m going to go yell at Jia now, who won’t let me see Clary because let’s face it, no one can so no to this face,” Jace finished, gesturing at his head. “Have fun,” Jace continued, making his way to the door and brushing off Alec’s hand that was previously placed on his shoulder. “And don’t do ‘it’ on the couch, okay?” He said with sarcasm heavily lacing his voice.

Alec blushed several shades of red as he walked over to sit next to Magnus, while Jace closed the door. Magnus smirked in satisfaction, glancing at Alec and his blue eyes. “He sure doesn’t enjoy sharing his emotions with the world,” he muttered.

“Nope,” Alec said, rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

“Don’t be surprised,” he said, leaning in closer. “It’s a Herondale thing.” Alec laughed under his breath, but didn’t say anything in response, so Magnus kept talking. “So, did you have time to think about what I said earlier by Lake Lyn? Before all of this craziness occured?” Magnus laughed.

Alec nodded. “I did.”


There was no response.

But Magnus soon realized that that didn’t matter because it was much better feeling Alec’s lips on his own than to hear words coming out of his mouth. Alec grasped his hands around Magnus’s neck and pulled him closer. It was as if time didn’t matter anymore, the seconds ticked away, but Magnus couldn’t hear any ticking of a clock. All Magnus knew was that he had his hand gripping Alec’s thigh, scared to let him go, and that he was kissing the love of his life, and if Magnus knew that, then he didn’t care about anything else.

“Jace!” Clary could hear Jia yelling from the other side of her door as she was abruptly awakened from her spot on the ground. At first she was a bit annoyed at the fact that she would never be able to get more than a couple hours of sleep, but then she heard his voice, and she ran to the door instantly.

“Look,” she could hear Jace say calmly, yet threatening, on the other side. “I just want to see Clary, ok? Is that alright with you before you take her away from me and throw her out like bait?”

“Jace,” Jia whispered. “You know that, if I could, I would try and persuade other members to not go through with this plan, but you know I can’t do that.”

“Try harder then,” Jace said through clenched teeth. “I mean – ” He was about to continue, but stopped, when he heard Clary’s soft voice and hand knocking against the door behind him.

“Jace,” Clary called from behind the door, slamming her hand down against the wood. “What’s going on?” She asked, looking around the room pointlessly.

Clary could see the door knob start to rattle under Jace’s touch, but the door didn’t budge. “Clary?” He asked loudly. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she responded dismissively.

The door knob stopped moving. “Please, just a couple minutes, Jia,” she could hear Jace say.

“I can’t do that, Jace, I’m sorry,” Jia replied again, while Jace sighed in frustration; gripping his hands in his hair and leaning against the door. “However,” she continued, causing Jace to look up again. Clary had her ear to the door, trying to catch what Jia was whispering. “You’re a shadowhunter, perhaps you can figure something out,” she finished as Jace looked at her in confusion. He then felt something being placed in his hand, and when he looked down he realized what Jia wanted him to do. He took the stele from her and gave her a nod of appreciation before turning and pressing the stele against the wooden door. “Just remember,” Jia said, putting her hand on Jace’s shoulder. “You only have a couple minutes.”

Jia continued down the hallway after that, and as soon as she turned the corner, Jace opened the door.

Clary sprinted into his arms as soon as the door opened, and Jace dropped the stele on the ground in surprise. “Clary,” he breathed out in relief, wrapping his arms around her and burying his face in her hair. “You good?” He whispered, pulling away to look into her eyes.

Clary nodded her head repeatedly, but didn’t look into his eyes. “Yeah,” she whispered.

“Clary,” he said again accusingly.

“Really,” she said again louder. “I’m fine, just exhausted is all. I’ve been trying to fall asleep, and I just can’t because half the time I’m thinking about how scared I am to go back to Sebastian alone, and then the other half of the time I’m thinking about how terrified I am to go back to Sebastian with all my loved ones. There is no good scenario, Jace,” she said, gesturing, and finally looking up into his eyes when she finished her mini rant.

Jace stroked her hair lovingly. “You’ll be fine, we’ll all be fine, I promise. You just need to let us go ahead with the plan that Simon talked to you about, ok? I mean it, no usual stubbornness or funny business, Clary,” he said jokingly, pointing at her.

She smiled, but knowing that he was being honest about not wanting her to go against their plan. She held her arms up in surrender. “I won’t.”

Jace looked back towards the open door. “I only have a couple minutes,” he whispered, grasping both of her hands gently.

Clary stepped closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands dropped to his sides. “That’s okay,” she whispered in response, leaning her face closer to his. She looked into his golden eyes that seemed to reflect basically everything. Jace’s breath hitched as he spun her around sharply, grabbing her waist. She wrapped her legs around his abdomen and kissed him passionately as Jace pushed her backwards so that the door closed under their weight. She moved her hands so that they were cupping his face as Jace kissed her harder. This kiss felt different to Clary based on the fact that this kiss felt almost desperate, like they both needed to be close to each other in order to breathe. His hands started to move under her shirt when a knock came from the door.

They both stopped breathless as Clary hopped down and Jace opened the door. “What?” Jace asked annoyed.

“Everyone’s starting to wonder where you are, so I would come back before you get caught playing around where you aren’t supposed to,” Alec finished, raising his eyebrows.

“Ok, fine,” Jace sighed, turning around to face Clary, who was staring at the ground with slightly wide eyes. He scrunched his eyes up in confusion before moving to kiss the top of her head. “I love you,” he whispered, kissing the top of her red locks as she cringed away. Jace looked at her now with wide eyes at this action. “What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.

“Nothing,” she said, shaking her head. “I was just dazing off and I got surprised when you came close is all,” she finished, waving him off.

“Ok,” he said quietly. “I love you,” he continued, looking at her deeply.

Clary smiled. “I love you too.”

Clary sat down and put her head in her hands as Jace and Alec left, closing the door behind them. She sighed and covered her eyes with the palms of her hands, stopping the tears from flowing down her face. Jace was right to ask her what was wrong, the truth was that she was fine, up until the point when Jace brushed his hands under her shirt. All she could feel in that moment were Sebastian’s hands grabbing her, and the fact that Jace’s touched reminded her of Sebastian’s horrified her. She took a deep breath as she reminded herself over and over again how different the two were to her. Sebastian was her demonic brother, whereas Jace was the angelic love of her life, so why did Jace’s touch seem to scare her so much? She tipped her head back and looked up at the ceiling, waiting for the knock at the door that symbolled that all hell was about to break loose.

Clary had her arms held tightly behind her back as she walked forward out onto the streets of Alicante. She couldn’t see Jace or any of her friends in plain sight, which I guess was a good sign, even though she felt like crawling into a hole, at this point, without them near her.

The Clave let Jocelyn and Luke say goodbye to her before being taken away, but those were the only two that they let her see. She hated the look of dread that crossed her mother and Luke’s face when speaking to them earlier, so she had to constantly reassure them that everything would be fine, even though she couldn’t guarantee it.

“This is where we are going to leave you now, Clary,” Jia said softly as Clary felt the pressure on her arms loosen. “Remember, we will be here the entire time watching.”

Clary rolled her eyes. “It won’t matter because he already knows what’s going on, I can guarantee that. Sebastian is always one step ahead of everyone,” Clary argued, annoyingly.

“We have to at least try, Clary,” Jia said again more sharply, pushing her forward and out into the streets. “Good luck,” she heard Jia say finally as Clary began walking on the cobble stone streets. She rolled her eyes once more at Jia’s comment and continued. They had finally given her a fresh pair of clothes, which came accustomed with non-ripped jeans, a black leather jacket, and combat boots, which made sounds on the pavement.

The moon cast an eerie glow on her face and made her hair look even redder than it already was. It was dead quiet and there was no one on the street with her, which made this whole situation even more unrealistic in Clary’s mind. She put her hands in her pockets and kept walking, regularly searching around for any sign of her friends, but all she could see were the closed and empty shops and houses along the road.

She continued walking for about ten minutes when she heard a chuckle from behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks and pressed her lips together, closing her eyes. She turned around slowly to face her brother, whose eyes shone as dark as the sky around her. Her breathing quickened as he began talking. “I’ve missed you,” he hissed, taking steps closer. It took everything inside Clary to not take steps back. “Has the cat gotten your tongue, Clarissa?” He asked, squinting.

“I have nothing to say to you,” she responded, moving her head from side to side. She cautiously looked from either side of the road, waiting for anyone to come and save her from this nightmare, but there was no movement or sounds.

“Looking for something?” He asked, while a smirk grew on his face.

Clary didn’t respond; only opened her mouth slightly and clenched her hands into fists at her sides.

“For your lovely Clave friends perhaps?” He continued asking, moving closer and closer. “It’s too bad, it really is,” he whispered, shaking his head back and forth while looking at the ground for a brief moment. “My army had to take care of them you see, and well I actually kind of liked that ‘Jia’ lady,” he said with fake hurt. He looked back up at Clary, whose mouth was fully open now, tilting his head. “Oh well,” he shrugged.

“I can’t believe you,” she breathed in horror.

“I couldn’t let anything or anyone get in the way of my dear sister, now could I?” He asked as his mood instantly changed to one of rage. “Did you honestly think Clary, that there could be anything that the Clave could get by me? Did you think that your little plan of playing ‘bait’ would work?” He laughed and Clary realized that he was now only a couple feet away. “Darling,” he continued, brushing his hand under her chin, causing her to flinch away. “I knew your little plan before the Clave did.”

Clary reached down to grab the dagger that she had placed in her back pocket while he continued; his voice whispered into her ear. “I know your every move, Clarissa,” he laughed.

She had her hand on the dagger when a second voice came behind Sebastian’s. “Are you sure about that?” Alec voiced from behind. Sebastian stepped away from Clary slowly, and as he did Clary realized that Alec had one of his arrows positioned right at the back of his head. Sebastian started laughing as he stepped further and further away from Clary. She looked behind Alec and saw that Simon, Jace, and Isabelle were also there with their weapons ready.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t have someone waiting on the sidelines?” Sebastian asked, his hands still raised in the air. As soon as he said that Clary felt arms wrap around her and begin to drag her backwards.

Her dagger clattered to the ground in surprise as a hand wrapped around her mouth and a familiar voice came from the Dark Shadowhunter holding her. “Hello again, Clarissa.” Amatis.

Clary struggled and spun in Amatis’s arms when Jace stepped forward in a panic, slowly lowering his seraph blade to the pavement. “Look, why don’t we make some sort of deal,” Jace said, realizing that they had to go forward with the plan based on the fact that Clary was currently being dragged further and further away.

Sebastian smiled. “I love deals,” he said, lowering his hands.

“Leave the rest of Alicante and our parents, Clary’s included, alone and I’ll go with you as well,” Jace said in defeat.

“We’ll all go with you,” Isabelle said strongly, stepping forward to look Sebastian in his eyes.

“Stop, Amatis,” Sebastian called, causing Clary to stop in her spot only about ten feet away. “You’ve gotten smarter Jace, I’ll give you that, knowing for sure that I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my sister; however, I do think that I will take you up on your deal, for now at least,” Sebastian finished, seeming very smug about the position he was in at the moment.

Clary’s heart dropped to her stomach in an instant. The plan was going ahead as Simon told her, even though a small part of her wished that it would have back fired. She was going back to her worst nightmare, and even worse, now her loved ones were coming with her. A thousand thoughts raced in her head in an instant as she watched Simon, Isabelle, Alec, and Jace walk towards her with Sebastian at their side. She saw Jace put up his hand and open his mouth in a warning towards Clary, but before she could comprehend what he was saying, she felt a pound against her skull as she passed out once again.

Her entire world went pitch black in an instant, and this time, she didn’t know if she wanted to escape it.

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