Creaking Swing Sets

Sebastian pushed through the long, green vines that hung from the ceiling of The Faerie. They swayed through the open space like a swing set creaking back and forth. He pushed past the faerie guards that were placed outside of the doors to the Seelie Queen, and they didn’t even make a move to stop him. Sebastian smirked. Nobody messes with Jonathan Morgenstern, and besides he held a good place within the faeries.

Walking in, he first noticed the long hallway that seemed to drag on for miles, and then, at the end of the hall, laid the Seelie Queen, dressed in a gown made of petals and fabric. Her red hair and blue eyes stood out in all of the green and brown earth tones, which were currently surrounding her. Sebastian noticed how slender her body was on the bed made of twigs and petals, and smirked. Her red hair and slender, petite body made him think of Clary instantly, but that thought vanished as soon as he took a look into her luminescent blue eyes.

After taking a couple of long strides to get to the end of the hallway, Sebastian crossed his arms over his chest and peered down at the Seelie Queen as if he were waiting for something.

“Do you need something?” She asked, expectantly, raising her eyebrow. She sat up slightly on her elbow, waiting for his answer.

“Ah,” Sebastian laughed. “No greeting, no small talk, nothing? Doesn’t it feel like ages since we last talked? Why don’t we catch up a bit?” Sebastian said, jokingly, stepping a foot closer.

She raised her eyebrow up even further as a playful grin grew on her face. “I love small talk. You of all people should know that, Jonathan,” she said. “However, when you storm into my Court unannounced and without any warning it does lead me to believe that you came here for something. So, I ask again, is there something that you need?”

“Still a people pleaser, I see,” Sebastian retorted back, uncrossing his arms to let them hang against his sides. “It’s good to know that you haven’t changed.”

“I could say the same for you,” she said, standing up and off of the bed to stand only a couple of feet away from him. Gravity caused the fabric of the dress to fly down to the floor as the skirt hung on her hips and her red hair sat perfectly on her shoulders. “Although, I do see a bit of joy in your eyes, which is not a very usual trait for you.”

Sebastian chuckled lowly. “Well, right now, I have everything that I so desire,” he said, gesturing with his hands. “I have my sister, my brother, I have my soldiers, and I have some helpful support from your Court as well. All I need now is to be able to watch the Clave burn up in flames.”

“And how are your dear siblings?” She sneered.

“I’ve put them in their place,” Sebastian replied, the side of his mouth curving up. “But that shouldn’t be of any concern to you. You’ve never liked them very much anyways, have you?”

“No, but I have had some fun with them,” she said back, giggling slightly. “It’s so much fun to mess with their emotions. Especially when theirs are so much stronger than others,” she ended bitterly, rolling her eyes.

“Yes, well those emotions can hurt them sometimes. Love will make people do the strangest things, it’s sickening.”

The Queen clasped her hands together and flew her head back in laughter. “Says the person who keeps taking so many risks just to get his sister back. You do that out of love, do you not? Unrequited love, but love all the same,” she snickered.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes and bit the inside of his cheek in anger, but knew that it wouldn’t be smart to take out his anger on her here, in her own home. He cracked his knuckles and tilted his head to the side slightly. “I’m done talking about my siblings with you,” he said stubbornly. “You were right; I did come here for something.”

“And what,” she whispered, closing the space between them to stand right in front of him. She snaked her arm up the front of his shirt to rest on his shoulder and pressed her face closer to his. He could feel her breath against his closed mouth. “Would that be?”

Sebastian snorted in amusement. “Always playing with people’s emotions, right?” He stated, rather than asked; as he leaned down to press his lips against hers. He enjoyed the kiss with all of the fire and excitement that came along with it, with kissing someone so powerful. But it was nothing like kissing Clary, and the moment that his sister popped into his mind he pulled away.

She stepped backwards and away from him to where she was originally standing, her hand sliding its way down his chest as she did so. She placed her hands delicately on her hips and tilted her chin up in the air. “If you didn’t come here for that,” she stated, eyeing him suspiciously. “Then what did you come here for?”

“I need your help with something,” he replied, crossing his arms once again.

“And what do you need help doing? If it involves the people within my Court to be harmed, you might as well just turn away now and stop wasting your time,” she said, sitting back down on her bed and crossing her legs.

“I don’t need an army,” he replied roughly. “I need your help in burning down the New York Institute,” he said as she narrowed her eyes at him. “To make a point to the Clave and to my sibling’s little friends, who think that they can save the world.”

She smiled.

“We’re almost there, I can see it,” Isabelle yelled over her should to the three boys. They had just passed Brocelind Plain and were now walking in Brocelind Forest with trees looming over them, creating dark shadows and highlights over their faces. After walking a few more steps, Isabelle saw a glimmering flash of blue around the trees, ahead of her. She broke out into a sprint, not waiting for the boys, as excitement grew inside of her chest.

She broke free of the trees, while the open and fresh air instantly surrounded her. She could smell the water that was right in front of her and saw out of the corner of her eye that the boys had caught up to her. “Let’s take a look around,” Simon said to everyone, but only looking at Isabelle. He grasped her hand with his own and squeezed once before she nodded her head.

They all stuck together, not wanting to separate, due to what happened only a few days ago. Isabelle let out a shaky sigh as she gripped her seraph blade that was held within her weapons belt with one hand and Simon’s hand with the other. Simon gave her a questioning and concerning look when her brown eyes met his.

She bit her lip and responded to his fixed gaze. “What if we don’t find anything?” She whispered so that Magnus and Alec, who were walking in front of them couldn’t overhear their conversation.

“Then we look somewhere else,” Simon stated with confidence. He stopped to grab her shoulders with his hands, not letting her walk any further. “We’re going to find them, okay? And we won’t stop looking until we do.”

“I know but – ” she started, but Simon’s voice interrupted her so that all she could do was listen.

“No, no but’s okay? We will find them, I promise,” he said, without any sense of hesitation in his voice. Isabelle sighed and closed her eyes, nodding to respond. “Is everything okay? Is that all that’s bothering you?” He asked, probably noticing that she still felt tense under his hands.

“I overheard your conversation with Magnus before I went to pack up my bag,” she said, looking at Simon’s confused stare. “I know that I probably shouldn’t have, and I thought that Alec was going to tell me to go pack when he came up the stairs as well, but he didn’t. He just had this weird and… almost embarrassed look on his face. Anyways,” she said, shaking her head to clear all of her thoughts. “I want to thank you for what you said to Magnus; it was really sweet and I think that if Alec had heard what you said as well then maybe he would go a bit easier on you for, you know, dating his sister and everything,” she ended with the shrug of her shoulders.

Simon nodded his head and narrowed his eyes, turning his head to the slightly, while still keeping his eyes focused on her face. “But?” He asked.

Isabelle coughed a little and looked at the ground. “I heard what you said about holding in your feelings for years, and I know who you’re talking about and…” She trailed off as she saw Simon’s face. His eyebrow was lifted and he had somewhat of an amused look on his face. Isabelle’s cheeks flamed. “What?”

“I’m not used to seeing you jealous, usually it’s the other way around,” he said, wincing.

“I’m being serious, Simon,” she said disappointed, moving away from his grasp.

He grabbed at her arm quickly to swing her back to where she was standing and held both of her hands with his own. He gripped her strong yet delicate hands, not letting her turn away. “Hey,” he said, catching her attention. He peered under her eyes that were still looking at the floor until she looked back at him. “You have no reason to be jealous, trust me; there is nobody else that I could ever want.”

“Even Clary?” She mumbled, shielding her face with her dark curtain of hair that fell in front of her eyes. “Somebody who you’ve known and loved your entire life?”

Loved, Isabelle, as ’in the past’,” he said, removing one of his hands to tilt her chin up so that she was now peering into his eyes. She could feel the gravel rolling underneath her feet and the wind that blew through her hair. There was no sun in the sky; all that surrounded them was a backdrop of grey clouds. “Yes, I had feelings for Clary, and I still love Clary as a friend now,” he said, causing her eyes to falter from his face for a second. “But nothing happened, Isabelle, and for a reason,” he ended in a high whisper.

Isabelle could tell by the look on his face that he was being completely serious with her and she could slightly feel butterflies maneuvering their way around her stomach. “And what would that reason be?” She asked as she breathed.

Simon moved the hand that was placed underneath her chin up the side of her cheek and rubbed his finger back and forth slightly for a moment. “Because fate decided that I belonged with someone else; a tall, dark haired, badass shadowhunter that for some unknown reason fell for me as hard as I fell for her. Because I was meant to be with you, Iz.”

“I love you,” she said, sighing in amazement. She wrapped her arms up and around Simon’s neck and flushed her body against his. “The reasons why I love you shouldn’t be unknown,” she continued, shaking her head. “You make me stronger than anyone else ever has, you’ve broken down the walls that I built up to keep myself from getting attached to anyone, and for that I thank you because if you hadn’t I don’t think I would have ever opened my heart up.”

“You don’t need to thank me,” Simon replied, rocking his head from side to side.

“Yes,” Isabelle said, furrowing her eyebrows and nodding her head. “I really do,” she finished before pulling him in closer to kiss him. His hands travelled up her back immediately and clung on to the fabric of her jacket. Her fingers wove through her hair desperately, trying, in any possible way, to get closer to him. The kiss said everything that Isabelle or Simon could not ever say properly with their words. Thank you.

Simon reluctantly broke apart the kiss and leaned backwards a bit with his hands still gripping her jacket, leaving her gasping. “I hate to break this moment,” he said, pained. “But we really do need to find Jace and Clary.”

Isabelle released her hands from his hair, enjoying the feeling of his hair running through her fingertips. “Yeah,” she responded breathlessly so that Simon could barely hear her.

Simon gave her a small smile that spread even to his eyes, causing Isabelle to smile back. He opened his mouth as if to say something more, but before they could a loud shout sounded off in the distance. They both turned their heads sharply in the direction of the noise to see Alec and Magnus a little ways away, motioning for them to come.

Simon and Isabelle both looked at each other once more before running over to where they were standing. Hand in hand. Letting the gravel settle between the soles of the feet.

“Get behind me,” Jace whispered against Clary’s lips, who was still in Jace’s lap with her hands clutched around his neck.

“What?” Clary asked, her voice trembling a little.

“Get behind me, Clary, now,” he said again, a little more urgently now.

“Jace, that’s not going to help –” she broke off and leaned her body away from his so that she could peer into his worried eyes.

“Clary, please,” Jace continued, pleading with his eyes for her to do what he says. She would have normally made a retort back, but now was not the time, and the look that Jace held within his golden eyes told her to take him seriously. She obeyed reluctantly as she moved around his body. Jace moved away from the wall as fast as he could, while the chains made rattling noises on the ground. Clary hid behind Jace’s back just as the light from the door shone on the spot where she was usually restrained. Clary gripped onto the beaten up fabric of Jace’s shirt and breathed heavily. She actually hated hiding behind Jace’s body even though everything inside of her screamed at her to get as close to Jace as physically possible. She felt so small at that moment, and she hated giving Sebastian the satisfaction of seeing her this way.

She rested her head on his muscular back and breathed in deeply. She then heard chains sliding against the floor. She looked down and to the side to see Jace’s hand open for her to take. Clary placed her hand in his, grateful for his touch. He gripped her small and delicate hand immediately, but never once turned around to talk to her again.

The door slammed shut causing her to cringe as she heard a chuckle and boots echoing off of the walls around her. “What are you trying to accomplish by doing that?” Sebastian asked, motioning towards Jace and Clary. She could practically hear the smirk on his face. Jace didn’t reply. “We can either do this the easy way,” Sebastian said, sighing. “Or we could do it the hard way. And trust me, little brother, you won’t like the hard way.”

Jace still didn’t answer, but looked definitely at Sebastian with a glare. Sebastian scoffed. “Clary,” he said, speaking a bit louder as if she were in a totally different room. He looked up at the ceiling while he talked. “Why don’t you finish playing this game of hide and seek, and come out from around your little barrier or your boyfriend will get hurt, and that’s a promise that I intend on keeping.”

Clary gulped, knowing that she had no other choice, and attempted to move around Jace’s body to face Sebastian. In response Jace pushed himself further against Clary, trapping her between his body and the hard wall, and never once moving his eyes from Sebastian as he did so.

“Jace,” Clary said in a strained whisper.

Jace shook his head back and forth repeatedly. “No, Clary. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no,” he said through clenched teeth.

“I can’t let him hurt you,” she said desperately, trying to reason with him.

“If you getting hurt is the other option, then I don’t care what happens to me.”

“Jace,” she croaked, gripping his shirt tighter between her clenched fists. “You’re always the one protecting me. Let me do the same for you.”

“Clary,” he said painfully, bowing his head down.

Sebastian tapped his foot on the concrete impatiently. “Tick tock, could you hurry this little gag fest up please?” He sneered as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I promise I’ll be fine,” she whispered. She moved her head up farther on his back to kiss his shoulder softly before she gently pushed him away to stand up and walk in front of Sebastian.

She always felt small around everyone, given her height, but standing beneath her brother felt as though she were looking up at the Eiffel Tower. As soon as Sebastian looked away from Jace, the look that was in his eyes shifted into something scarier than rage that made Clary’s insides twist. Lust. Sebastian looked up and down her body and then stepped closer to her. He grabbed one of Clary’s red curls and let it fall between his fingers, while he smiled. She flinched away from his touch out of reflex, which brought Sebastian’s focus back up to her face again.

“I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, Clarissa,” he breathed.

Anger flourished inside of Clary’s chest. “Whatever you think is between us,” she said pointing between the two of them. “You’re wrong. Get it through your thick head. I will never love you. And the feelings that you have for me are just plain wrong and incestual,” she nearly yelled at his face, pushing her luck.

She could see Sebastian getting angrier with every word that she said as if her words were bullets to his heart that caused actual pain. Before she could even take her next breath she was on the floor; the coldness coming off of it pressing into her back. She was gasping for air, while Sebastian had his hand gripped firmly around her neck. She could already feel the bruises that were forming on her skin.

“Stop,” she heard Jace yelling just a few feet away from where she was laying.

Sebastian laughed as he removed his hand from her throat, letting her breathe again, and used it to pin both of her hands above her head. She was lying in the center of the room, Sebastian had a leg on either side of her body as he sat on her, and if she looked sideways she could see Jace perfectly clear. “You know, I don’t think I will,” Sebastian said to Jace, while still looking at Clary. “Because this is something that I want and that you don’t have yet. And I want you to watch the whole thing.”

Loud, shaking breaths were making their way in and out of Clary’s lungs as she tried to quiet them down. She closed her eyes tightly and prayed to the Angel that someone would save her.

“You don’t have to do this, Sebastian,” Jace pleaded, fighting against the chains, even though it was no use. “She’s your sister,” he finished, using the word like a weapon.

“And did that stop you from feeling the exact same way,” Sebastian snapped back, looking up at Jace. Jace didn’t respond, but instead looked down at the manacles around his wrists to see if there was any possible way to break them. Sebastian scoffed. “Didn’t think so.”

He looked back at Clary as his eyes widened and a smile spread across his face. Clary shivered and squeezed her eyes shut; too scared to look. He started making kisses down her check and neck, each one feeling like a burn on Clary’s skin. He stopped as soon as he got to the collar of her shirt and removed one of his hands to reach for something behind him. As soon as he did this she began to struggle against his hold on her even more. She was thrashing her body around, trying anything to get out from underneath him, while she heard Jace grunting and screaming in the background.

His grip on her was solid though, despite her protests as he used the knife that he grabbed from his pocket to cut a line straight down the center of Clary’s shirt. Clary gasped and winced when the blade accidently nipped her skin. Sobs wracked through her body even louder as she realized that he could now have full access to her bra.

She struggled against his arms even more and then, out of frustration, used her knee to kick him hard where she knew it would hurt. He doubled over in pain and dropped the knife to the floor. In that second Clary rolled out from underneath him, but she wasn’t fast enough. Sebastian quickly regained his focus and dragged Clary back to where she was by her forearm. He sat on top of her once again, and Clary began to struggle underneath him like she had been doing only moments ago.

Sebastian sighed through clenched teeth. “Looks like you won’t be cooperating as much as I wanted you to,” Sebastian said, reaching behind him to grab his stele from his other pocket. As soon as the stele touched the skin on her arm she started struggling even further, not wanting to be completely defenseless. However, her struggles were no use as he retracted the stele from her arm, having drawn the rune, and placed it back to where it was originally.

A numb feeling spread all over Clary’s body, that started at her fingertips and worked her way down. Her breathing became more rapid as she tried to move any part of her body, but every one of her limbs seemed to be made out of concrete. “Sebastian, please,” Clary sobbed, while a few tears streamed down her face. “Not in front of him,” she whispered. Sebastian laughed in response, apparently finding this whole situation amusing. She hated crying in front of him and showing weakness, but she didn’t know what else she could do.

“Don’t worry, Clarissa,” he sneered, kissing against her skin right over her bra line. “I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

She turned her head to the side in defeat, while a few more sobs racked through her body. When she did this she suddenly had a full view of Jace. There was blood streaming down from his wrists from all of the struggling and he wore the most pained look on his face. His eyebrows her drawn together and an angry tear made its way past the rim of his eye as his eyes caught sight of her own. He shook his head in frustration and mouthed silent words to her. I’m so sorry. Clary shook her head almost automatically, but before she had the time to respond she felt a tugging pressure at the tops of her jeans.

Clary snapped her head back to Sebastian, at least her neck was capable of moving even though that wouldn’t help her very much in this situation, and saw his fingers harshly unbuttoning the button on her jeans. Her eyes grew in realization at where this was going, but despite her protests her body seemed incapable of moving.

Clary started getting restless as the sick feeling in her gut grew faster the more her pulled her jeans down. As soon as her jeans were halfway down her underwear; she began talking. “Sebastian, please,” she pleaded again. “I’m not ready for this,” she practically yelled, shaking her head back and forth quickly.

She heard the constant rattle of chains booming in her ears and then Jace’s voice. “Jonathan,” he whispered breathlessly, which caught Sebastian’s attention at the use of his full name.

His mouth stopped making kisses down her stomach to look up at Jace; his hands still tight around Clary’s jeans. “What?” He asked viciously, obviously annoyed at being interrupted.

“This isn’t going to make her love you,” he said gently, trying anything to reason with him. “If anything this is going to make her hate you even more. Please, you can’t do this to her she doesn’t deserve it.”

Sebastian scoffed as he slid her jeans even further down to her knees. “Sure, this is about teaching her to love me, which will happen,” he said, looking from Jace down to Clary and then back again. “But this is also about destroying you,” he said, while his eyes narrowed in amusement.

He then ripped her jeans fully off of her body leaving her completely exposed. Her sobs got louder and louder, knowing that there was nothing that either one of them could do to stop this. She turned her head to the side again, focusing on the cool floor against her cheek rather than Sebastian’s burning touch. She saw Jace bow his head in defeat, probably not being able to watch this any further, before she shut her eyes tightly and waited for her nightmare to end.

He started to touch the rim of her underwear and he was about to slid them down as well, when he froze. Clary opened her eyes to hear loud bangs and shouts coming from above them. Jace was now looking at the ceiling in wonder; his eyes wide in confusion.

Sebastian huffed in anger as he stood up and off of Clary’s body. He looked between the two who both had tear stains on their cheeks. “Looks like we have some unwanted guests,” he said bitterly before looking down at Clary, who was breathing heavily. “For another time I guess, but,” he said, bending down and grabbing her chin roughly. “This will happen eventually whether you like it or not.”

Clary flinched away in response, unable to trust her voice. He released the grip that he had on her chin and opened the door violently. “I guess it’s time to go end your friends’ pathetic little lives, he finished, slamming and locking the door shut.

Clary was trying to regain her composure, gasping for air, trying to do anything to calm her nerves down, but she still could not move. She wanted to put her clothes back on and hide herself, but even though she tried, her arms and legs remained where they were. She shut her eyes tightly to try and force the horrible thoughts that were running through her mind to go away as she bit her bottom lip; she could feel every place where Sebastian had touched her like needles in her skin. She tried to keep the tears in, but as soon as one more escaped her closed eyes she let everything out. Tears were fully streaming down her face and she could faintly hear Jace in the background saying her name over and over, but she couldn’t hear anything past the ringing sound in her ears.

Magnus faintly reached down and touched Alec’s hand hesitantly as they walked around Lake Lyn. Alec looked up surprised and gave him a questioning look. “Magnus?” Alec asked in a whisper. Alec turned around to see if Isabelle and Simon were watching them, but saw them a little ways away in the distance; Simon was clutching onto Isabelle’s shoulders.

“I have to tell you the truth,” Magnus said, not meeting Alec’s eyes as they continued walking, never once stopping.

“Truth about what?” Alec asked, confused.

“About,” he replied, breathing in. “About how I really feel about you,”

Alec opened his mouth a little bit in astonishment and clutched onto his hand harder, scared that he would let go. “I don’t know if this is really the time or the place, Magnus,” he whispered back sharply.

“No,” Magnus said confidently. “It probably isn’t, but if I don’t say this now I probably never will.”

Alec didn’t respond, which told Magnus to keep talking. His mouth was still slightly open as he watched Magnus in astonishment. “Alexander, you hurt me,” he started, his voice wavering a bit. “I’m not going to deny that fact. You went behind my back and tried to take my life, without really knowing what you were doing. You trusted Camille, out of all people, too. How am I supposed to forgive you for that?” Alec looked at him and his eyes grew wider. This is not what he thought that Magnus would say at all by the way that he was previously acting. He almost tripped over the gravel rocks from the confusion of what was coming out of the love of his life’s mouth. “But then when I’m sitting at my home alone with Chairman Meow and I’m trying to convince myself that I should hate you, that I should want to never speak to you again, I realize that I could never stop loving you. I tried to hate you Alec, and I just couldn’t. I tried to plan all of these horrible things to say to you, but in the end, all I really wanted to tell you was that I missed you.” He ended quickly, gasping for air.

Alec opened his mouth wider as if to say something, but when he took his next step, he heard the sound of metal instead of the sound of gravel under his feet. He stopped, looked down, and then turned to Magnus. “Did you hear that?”

Magnus bent down and rapped his knuckles over the spot where Alec had just walked, and created an echoing noise. He began pushing the gravel out of the way, little pebbles flying in different directions, to reveal a small metal door hidden within the ground. He pulled on the handle and found out quickly that it was locked. “This has to be it,” he mumbled to himself.

He stood up beside Alec and flew his hands up in the air, motioning for Isabelle and Simon to come. As soon as their eyes met the boys’ they started running in their direction. “Does one of you have you stele?” Magnus asked, looking at Isabelle and Alec. “It’s locked,” he continued, motioning to the door. “And I don’t want to waste my energy in case we have to fight down there,” he finished, gesturing his head towards the door.

“I do,” Isabelle replied, nodding. She drew out her stele from her weapons belt and started drawing on the door; light emanating from her underneath her fingertips. After she drew the opening rune she placed her stele back and opened the door with a tight grip on the metal handle.

Once the door was open she stood up and stepped back to stand in line with the others, who were all looking down. There was a staircase and a few dim lights that led all the way down deeper into the earth. “Okay,” Isabelle said, sighing. “Let’s go and see what’s down there.”

Simon grabbed Isabelle’s arm before she could even take her first step. “Wait,” he said, looking between everyone as he spoke. “It can’t be this easy,” he whispered. “Sebastian’s smarter than that.”

“Well we can’t just stand up here and do nothing if they are actually down there,” Alec said. “Besides, do you really think that he would leave whatever is down there, unguarded?” He asked, looking at Simon and pointing towards the open door. “We should all get ready to fight. I’m not expecting it to be this easy either.”

They all nodded their heads, and one by one made their way down the open staircase. Alec tried to focus his mind on the task at hand. He knew his mind should be on Jace and getting his friend’s back, but after his conversation with Magnus, his mind was focused on his cat eyes that glowed in the dark, shining brighter than the dim lights that were hung on the walls.

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