Crashing Waves


That was all Maryse could smell over the ringing in her ears, coming from the smoke detectors. She ran down the hallways of the Institute; her dark hair swinging behind her while she ran like a crow flying through the air. Her heart was pumping in her chest and even though the atmosphere around her was getting hotter and hotter, her body felt ice cold. Her heels were thumping loudly against the hardwood as she finally made it to the doorway of the guest room, which Luke and Jocelyn were currently rooming in ever since Clary went missing.

She knocked on the door loudly, coughing into her arm as the smoke started to make its way down both ends of the hallway, filling the air.

Someone must have lit the door from the outside because she didn’t even notice there was a fire until the flames almost torched the whole downstairs level of the building. She rapped against the door again, waiting for any answer. Finally, after her brain started to get fuzzy due to the amount of smoke entering the hall, Jocelyn answered the door with wide eyes, obviously startled. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and then noticed the smoke that was now entering Jocelyn’s room. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but Maryse just grasped her arm tightly and dragged her out of the room, not having time for an explanation.

They both ran down the long halls of the Institute, neither one of them talking. Maryse could only hear the sounds of Jocelyn’s and her own rapid breathing. They had both almost made it to the front door when Maryse stopped, causing Jocelyn to run into her.

“What are you doing?” Jocelyn asked hysterically. “Go!” She yelled in Maryse’s ear.

“Where’s Luke?” She replied, turning around to face Jocelyn, whom she could barely see now through all of the smoke. She coughed and rubbed at her eyes in an attempt to clear her vision, but her actions only made her eyesight worse.

“It fine,” Jocelyn responded, shooing her friend out the door. “Luke went to a pack meeting hours ago.” They could both feel the fire around them growing hotter and hotter and knew that they had to get out of there immediately.

Maryse pushed through the front doors and was suddenly awarded with fresh air and rain. The sky around them was cloudy and grey, but seeing that the air was clear was better than being trapped in the smoke filled rooms of the Institute. She took a deep breath in, letting the fresh air enter her lungs. Coughing a couple times, she took her eyes off of the sky to look at the ground. All around them were members of the Council and several warlocks. She had almost forgotten that she had called the Clave as soon as she smelt the smoke in her office.

She ran down the concrete steps of the Institute, hearing Jocelyn’s footsteps close behind. Sparks in all different colours of red, blue, greens, and oranges were shooting of the hands of the warlocks, who were all trying to save anything that could be salvaged of the burning Institute.

All of the sudden Maryse felt a rush of air fly by her, causing her black, damp hair to fly into her face. She pushed the dark strands off of her skin and looked in front of her to see Jocelyn hugging Luke desperately. Her arms were around his shoulders, while his arms were cradling the back of her head. “I was so worried about you,” he whispered into her shoulder, tightening his grip on her. Maryse turned around to look at her home, feeling weird about watching their private moment.

Her head snapped around when she felt someone tug at her elbow. “Are you okay?” Luke asked concern filling his eyes. His other hand was clasped around Jocelyn’s and the look in his eyes told her that he would refuse to let her go until she answered.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered, proving her statement with a dismissive gesture of her hand.

“What happened?” Jocelyn asked, finding her voice again. She moved up to stand next to Luke; they were now standing in a straight line all staring at the red and orange highlighted building in front of them.

“I don’t know,” Maryse replied, trying to keep her voice steady, but in the end she couldn’t help the crack in her voice.

“Maryse,” Luke said calmly beside her. She refused to look at him, not wanting to show any emotion. “They’re going to save any part of the Institute that they can.”

She nodded her head in response, but didn’t say anything back. A million memories flashed through her head at once, which were all held in that building. She didn’t want to lose them with the easy light of a flame. She raised her children in that home, every single one. Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Max. Max. She then realized that some of their last memories of Max were in that building.

She gripped her arms over her chest, doing anything possible to will the tears not to come, and biting her lip harshly. And what about her children? What would they all say when they came home and saw the Institute burned to the ground?

If they come home, she thought. She shook her head. She couldn’t afford to think like that. So she gripped her arms tighter to her body and blinked the rain drops and tears out her eyes, letting the rain soak her smoke filled clothes.

Once they all reached the bottom of the dark staircase, Alec knew that they were not alone. Red filled his vision in the darkness of the stairwell as he noticed the wall of Dark Shadowhunters with seraph blades held in their deathly hands. “We’ve got company,” Simon whispers in the background.

“This isn’t the time for jokes, Simon,” Isabelle whispers back angrily.

“Are you ready?” Alec asks, ignoring the whispers behind him. “On three,” he continues, reaching behind him to grab his bow that is strung on his back. “One.” His hand clasps the metallic feeling of the bow. “Two.” He pulls the bow out of its sheath slowly.

“Now do you really think that that’s a smart idea?” They all stop, Alec’s hand frozen on his bow, which he is now gripping tighter, afraid that he will let it fall to the floor. Lights shine on all around them almost instantaneously, which lets them all get a better view of who their up against. The room was filled with Dark Shadowhunters from wall to wall, and right in the center of them stood Sebastian. He was wearing a white V-neck tee, jeans, and a black leather jacket, which made him stand out in the sea of red. “I mean,” he continued, stepping closer even though he was still more than a couple feet away from them. “Look around,” he gestured around the room before focusing his eyes back on them. “Do you really stand a chance?”

“If you give us what we want then there won’t have to be any bloodshed,” Alec stated plainly, never once moving his eyes away from Sebastian’s black ones.

Sebastian laughed and tipped his head back in amusement. “Why would I do that when I can easily kill you all right now with the flick of my hand?”

“You know that if you killed us, Sebastian,” Isabelle said, stepping forward. Alec noticed out of the corner of his eye that her body was shaking slightly. “That Jace and Clary would only hate you more.”

Sebastian narrowed his eyes at them and rested his hand casually on his hip where his sword was placed. “And I’m guessing that what you want, are my siblings?” He hissed.

“Well we didn’t come here to have tea if that’s what you were expecting,” Magnus sneered from behind Alec. Alec cringed and looked down at his scuffed, black boots for a moment before he peered back up at the scene in front of him.

“I wouldn’t be making sarcastic remarks right now, warlock, if I were you,” Sebastian snapped back. “If you little rescuers can’t see already, I hold all of the power, not you.”

“You won’t be in power for long,” Magnus continued, while Alec silently prayed that he would shut up before he made things worse than they already were. “I can guarantee you that.”

A huge grin flashed across his face, which made the hair on Alec’s arms stand tall. “I may have more power than any of you think.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Isabelle asked with venom, moving a step closer, but Alec stopped her by holding his hand out in front of her body.

“Just don’t expect your petty home to be the same as you left it,” he snickered, his chest rising up and down in laughter.

Blood ran out of Alec’s and Isabelle’s faces as they realized why he seemed so prepared for their arrival. He basically expected us to come.

“Mom,” Isabelle whispered, looking around the room as if it held all the answers, but, of course, it only caused her more anxiety. Alec put on a strong face and tried to concentrate his mind on the task at hand. He couldn’t worry right now about something that couldn’t be fixed all the way in Idris.

“Are you going to hand them over or not, Sebastian?” Alec asked done with the unhelpful chit chat that was occurring at the moment.

Sebastian put a hand up to the side of his head and scratched theatrically, looking up at the low ceiling above him, as if he were seriously pondering it for a second. “I think that the risk of receiving hateful comments from my siblings is worth it for the satisfaction I will receive at seeing all of your heads on the ground,” he snickered, the top of his lip lifting in disgust.

“That’s comforting,” Simon said lowly, but he was ignored as Alec leaned into Isabelle.

“Don’t fight, just run,” Alec said dangerously low so that only she could hear him.

“What?” She whispered back in a voice that he knew meant that she thought he was going insane.

“Run. Find Jace and Clary,” Alec said again. She nodded in agreement, but her eyes were a bit wider than they were before.

“Go,” Sebastian ordered his army, narrowing his eyes at their conversation and then with the flick of his hand in their direction seraph blades and whips were drawn as the sea of red came directly for them. All Alec could see was the silver shining of metal and Isabelle’s black hair flapping in the wind as she ran.

“Clary?” Jace asked again even louder this time, bringing her back into reality. She turned her head to the side and looked over at Jace, who’s whole face screamed concern. She felt numb under his gaze, feeling gross and embarrassed about what had almost happened. “Clary, talk to me, please,” he pleaded, which caused Clary to scrunch up her face as she forced the tears to stop streaming down her cheeks. She still could not move any of her limbs and she felt awkward talking to him while she was already so exposed.

Clary gulped. “I’m sorry, Jace.”

“What?” He asked in disbelief. “Why are you sorry? You don’t have anything to be sorry for, Clary,” he said a bit harsher this time. Not because he was mad at her for what had just occurred but because he was mad at her for blaming herself.

“Jace,” she said shakily, tears making their way out of her eyes and dripping onto the cement flooring once again. She was about to say something, but she felt the words get stuck in her throat. “I don’t even know what to say,” she continued, looking to him and then back at the ground.

Jace continued to look at her and the tears that were now steadily streaming down her face again. “It’s okay,” he whispered, while Clary shook her head back and forth. “You don’t have to say anything right now. I’m going to try to get us out of here okay?” She nodded her head and blinked a couple of times to get the tears out of her eyes, refusing to cry anymore until they had at least figured a way out of Sebastian’s dark and gloomy place. Jace was relentlessly pulling on the chains with no luck, causing the ends of fingertips to turn a crimson colour. “Oh my god,” he said under his breath, gripping his hair in frustration. “Can you move at all?” He asked, still keeping his hands gripped to his scalp.

Clary tried moving her arms, legs, hands, and feet, but with no luck. Her whole body still felt numb and the out of control feeling that she was experiencing scared her more than anything else at the moment. “No, I’m trying,” she answered painfully, shaking her head back and forth more profoundly. “But nothing’s happening.”

Jace groaned and put his head in his lap. “Dammit,” he cursed quietly. Jace could barely hear anything over the thoughts that were rapidly moving through his head, which were as loud as waves crashing against the shore.

“Jace,” she said carefully, regaining his attention. “It’s okay.”

He snapped his head up sharply, creating her heart to speed up a bit. “No. It’s not, Clary,” he said harshly. “I’m supposed to be able to protect you, and I haven’t been doing that at all. If anything, you’ve been in even more danger because of me. I don’t know how to get us out of this and to be honest, you probably would have been safer without me here,” he paused. “I don’t know what to do, Clary,” he ended in a rush. Clary looked at him in shock; not quite registering the words that were escaping his mouth.

“Jace,” she said after a couple of seconds of hearing nothing but Jace’s heavy breathing. “I need you. More than anyone else,” she continued, until Jace looked down at the floor and shook his head again, disregarding her words. “Jace, listen to me,” she insisted more firmly this time. “There is absolutely no way that I could have made it this far without you. You’ve saved me more times than I can count and I don’t think that I will ever be able to repay you for that.”

“I’ve also hurt you more times than I can count,” he responded, pulling against the chains.

Clary huffed in annoyance and willed him to look at her with her eyes. She was a bit angry now that even after she used her words of love for him; he still found a way to feel guilty for everything. “How many times do I have to tell you before you will finally understand?” His guilt filled eyes turned into ones with a questioning look in them, asking her to continue. “You mean something to me, Jace,” she whispered, a tear of happiness slipping from her eye. “You need to stop feeling guilty all the time because I am going to get hurt and I might have a few scars at the end of this journey, but the only thing that is keeping me alive right now is knowing that I don’t have to face anything alone anymore,” she finished, her voice getting louder as she continued speaking. She laughed breathily and closed her eyes slightly before opening them up again to see his golden eyes looking back at her in amazement. “If I’m being honest, Jace, you’ve never left my mind since that day in Pandemonium and I still need you just as much right now, as I did back then.”

Jace opened his mouth to respond but a rattling noise at the door caused his words to become stuck in his throat. His eyes darted between Clary and the door as he began to claw at the shackles enclosing his wrists even more than before. He heard the door creaking open and looked up, causing a sigh of relief to escape his mouth. Isabelle.

“Thank god,” he whispered and immediately relaxed back against the wall when he saw that there was no one else behind her. He vaguely could see the outline of an opening rune burned onto the front of the open, steel door, but then refocused his eyes on Isabelle, who was staring at Clary with wide eyes. Jace had almost forgotten that Clary was still lying half-naked on the cement with little scratches along her torso and bruises covering her neck from where Sebastian had strangled her. “Iz,” he said pleadingly, snapping her out of her haze. Her eyes went to Jace as she started to move her feet towards where he was sitting.

“Oh my gosh, Jace,” she whispered, running over to him and embracing him in her arms.

He hugged her back and when she let go, he held her by the shoulders. “Go help, Clary. Get her out of here,” he whispered to her, so that Clary couldn’t hear him, not once breaking eye contact.

“Jace, I’m leaving this place with both of you or I’m not leaving at all,” she said strictly, narrowing her eyes and gripping his shoulders tightly.

“Isabelle,” he said again with a warning tone.

“I promised Mom that I would bring you back, and I’m not breaking that promise. Now let me help you,” she said, pronouncing each word separately. He just stared at her and didn’t respond, quite frankly because he wasn’t sure how to respond. She slowly released his shoulders and grabbed her stele from her back pocket, placing it against the shackles surrounding his arms. She drew opening runes on each one that was surrounding his arms and legs, and every time that one was opened Jace rubbed against the raw, red skin, trying to soothe them in any way.

After she was done Jace jumped up and ran over to Clary, who was staring at the ceiling. She looked into his eyes when he was kneeling beside her with his hands on her body. Isabelle ran over to kneel on the other side of Clary’s body, opposite from Jace. She drew out a dagger from her boot quickly and hovered it in the air over the immobility rune drawn her arm. Jace’s hand flew out and grasped Isabelle’s wrist roughly. “What are you doing?” He asked, while his eyes popped out of his head.

Isabelle huffed and peeled Jace’s hand off of her skin, while Clary’s eyes moved back and forth between the two. “How else am I supposed to destroy the power of the rune? Do you just want to wait until it fades? Because I can guarantee that by then all of our friends could be dead up there,” she said, pointing at the ceiling. “She needs to be able to move if we want to get out of here alive.”

Jace sighed and shut his eyes. Clary could see his jaw clenching and unclenching before he finally gave her a small nod, telling her to continue. She braced herself for the pain of the knife dragging across her skin as Isabelle placed the dagger onto her arm once again. Isabelle bit her lip and then quickly, like ripping off a Band-Aid, sliced the rune in half. Clary clenched her teeth in pain, but allowed no more than a loud hiss to leave her mouth. Blood began pouring out of the wound as she could feel her arms and legs again. The numbness totally left her body by the time an iratze was drawn on her arm.

She slowly sat up, rubbing her sore neck and wincing a bit from the pain. She looked down and realized that she was still only in her bra and underwear and hastily shimmed her jeans back up her body to cover herself. She looked around for her shirt to see that it was ripped in half on the floor behind Isabelle. Her eyes rose to Isabelle, but then slowly went back to the ground as she felt ashamed and embarrassed. “It’s okay,” Isabelle said quietly, placing a hand on Clary’s shoulder. Clary gave her a small smile back before turning her body to face Jace. She didn’t even give him time to say a thing before she flew into his arms, holding him tightly against her.

Jace hugged her back tightly, but knew that they didn’t have much time for celebration as their friends were upstairs fighting for their lives. “Here,” he stated, reaching for the hem of his shirt to remove it over his head. He then took the black V-neck shirt and placed it over Clary’s head.

“Thank you,” she whispered, putting the rest of the shirt over her body to cover herself up again. Surprisingly, even after the days of being locked down here, his shirt still smelled like Jace. Like oranges and spices and soap, which gave her a sense of comfort and security, as if she were constantly being wrapped in his arms.

“We better get going,” Isabelle said softly, breaking one of the only nice moments that they have had in days. Slowly they all stood up and headed for the door. Isabelle gave Jace her dagger and gave Clary her steles, leaving her own whip coiled around her wrist before they raced down the hallways of Sebastian’s place. There were many doors with opening runes on either side of the hallway, Clary noticed, which were probably locked rooms that Isabelle frantically looked in to find them. They both followed Isabelle, not knowing where exactly to go, until they reached a stairwell.

Clary could faintly hear the sounds of yelling and metal clashing against metal upstairs as Isabelle turned around. “You ready?” Isabelle asked, mostly directing the question towards Clary.

Clary nodded. “Don’t worry about me.” She slipped her hand into Jace’s and gave it a tight squeeze before running after Isabelle and up the stairwell; Jace following close behind. Having Jace right behind her gave her all the confirmation that she needed about him always being there for her, no matter what.

Clary was too shocked to move when she saw the number of dead bodies lying on the tiled floor of the grand ballroom-like room that they were currently standing in. However, she was even more shocked when she saw the number of Dark Shadowhunters that were still fighting against Simon, Alec, and Magnus. Simon. Clary couldn’t help but feel anxious when she saw Simon with his fangs out and dagger in hand, clawing his way through each Shadowhunter. He looked strong in a way that Clary has never seen. She quickly realized that there was no way that the six of them could take on all of Sebastian’s army. “Clary!” She snapped her head around to see a knife coming straight for her head before Jace pushed her to the ground, letting the knife hit the wall in the background. “Be careful,” he said sternly, standing up.

They were both standing back to back now as a circle of Dark Shadowhunters surrounded them. She could just make out the tops of Alec, Isabelle, Magnus, and Simon’s heads over the wall of the Shadowhunters, but they were still fighting relentlessly to decrease the numbers against them. “We need a plan,” Clary said hysterically. “We can’t take all of them at once. Not without some sort of backup.”

“I would love to hear suggestions,” Jace said sarcastically. He had his arms out in front of him to protect his face and his whole body was in a fighting position. He held onto his dagger tightly.

Clary sighed and rolled her eyes, but suddenly refocused on the task at hand; not having time for any of Jace’s witty remarks. “Where’s Sebastian?” She asked hurriedly, knowing that the Dark Shadowhunters surrounding them wouldn’t wait forever for them to make the first move.

“Why?” Jace asked, moving back and forth on his heels.

“He can control them. We have a better chance of taking him down then we do if we try to kill all of them,” she said, gesturing towards the people around them with her stele.

“I don’t k –,” he started, but was stopped abruptly by a booming voice that filled the air.

“Stop.” Everyone froze to look up at the center of the room, where Sebastian was standing stiffly on a dark, wooden table; sword in hand. “Amatis,” he called out, searching around the room. Suddenly a woman appeared in the edge of Clary’s vision, and she, again, felt wounded at the resemblance that Amatis had to Luke. “Bring her to me, please,” he commanded her. She nodded and then turned in the direction to where Jace and Clary were standing.

An opening in the tall wall of Dark Shadowhunters appeared as Amatis walked through very calmly. Jace pushed Clary behind his back roughly to shield her away from Amatis’ view. “Over my dead body,” he spat out violently.

Amatis laughed and then shrugged, pulling out her sword from a sheath on her back. “Okay.” She ran at Jace until their swords met. Jace’s small dagger pushed against her long sword, fighting against it for power. Knowing where this was going to be heading, Jace swiftly kicked her legs out from underneath her, causing her to fall to the ground loudly. Her sword made clattering noises on the tile as it skidded off to the side. Jace placed his foot against her collarbone, which made it impossible for her to move.

Suddenly, Clary felt strong arms wrap around her body and lift her up into the air. “Your boyfriend is too predictable,” she heard his snake-like voice whisper in her ear.

She began to struggle against his arms, but her strength couldn’t even compare to the amount of strength that Sebastian had over her. “Jace!” She screamed. Jace’s head turned from Amatis’s body to her in an instant as the blood rushed out of his face.

“Clary!” He yelled back, beginning to run towards her, while Sebastian lifted her on top of the table with him. He put her down so that she could stand on the table, but he kept one hand gripped tightly on her hip and the other had a sword at her neck. She could feel the metal piercing her skin slightly as she peered around the room with her eyes. She could see Isabelle, Magnus, Simon, and Alec standing in front of wall due to them being barricaded by a line of unmoving Dark Shadowhunters.

They all looked at her with worry as Jace sprinted to the middle of the room where the table was. He was just about to put his hand on the wooden surface when another Shadowhunter stepped in front of him and pushed him away. He stumbled backwards and then looked up at Clary and Sebastian; his eyebrows furrowed in anger. “Let her go, Sebastian,” Jace said viciously.

“Hmm,” Sebastian pondered sarcastically, looking up at the ceiling slightly. “You know, I don’t think I will.” Clary then heard a grunt of pain from across the room and looked behind Jace to see Alec with his bow up and an arrow in a Dark Shadowhunter’s chest. The Shadowhunter immediately fell to the ground with a loud thump, while Alec walked over and roughly pulled the arrow out of his chest, wiped the blood off on his shirt, and then strung it back on his bow with the arrow pointing directly at Sebastian’s head. “Go ahead,” Sebastian said calmly. “If I go down she goes right along with me,” he sneered, pushing the sword tighter against her throat and grinning wickedly. Clary gasped in pain at the sudden added pressure on her throat, making Jace’s eyes grow wider.

“Alec. Don’t,” Jace said firmly, keeping his eyes bolted on Sebastian’s face.

Clary looked around the room again, gasping from the lack of air that was getting to her lungs, and realized that not even one Dark Shadowhunter had moved to stop them with Jace, and even Alec’s attack, against Amatis and the other Shadowhunter boy. They aren’t fighting back without his approval, she thought as realization dawned on her. She had to get the other’s to come to this realization as well, and fast. “You know, I find it funny how your army always does what you say,” she said, looking straight at Jace, who wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion at first, and then opened his mouth slightly, looking around the room at the others. They all looked at each other each one of them coming to the same realization that Clary did. “You always have enjoyed being the puppet master, haven’t you?” Sebastian was too focused on Clary’s face to even notice the others who now seemed to be one step ahead of Sebastian.

He smirked in amusement and slowly lifted the sword from her neck to draw it lightly in patterns across her cheek. “Aw, Clarissa,” he snickered, while Clary’s eyes narrowed. “You understand me better than you think you do.”

Clary smiled in response. “I guess I do understand a lot,” she agreed, nodding her head slightly. Sebastian’s eyes scrunched up in confusion and as he turned his head back to look at the crowd around him, the arrow was already dug deep into his hand. He grunted in pain and let go of the knife abruptly, letting it clatter to the floor. He backed away from Clary a bit, holding his wrist tightly as he pulled the arrow out of the back of his hand sharply.

This gave Clary enough time to leap from the table and jump behind Jace, Isabelle, and Alec who were now all standing in front of Sebastian. The Dark Shadowhunters remained frozen due to the fact that they had not been commanded to do anything. She ran through the sea of red and found Simon and Magnus standing near a door, which she assumed to be the exit. Simon quickly embraced her in his arms and she sighed in relief, noticing how much she missed her best friend. He rubbed circles into her back and then led her near the door, but she stopped at the entrance, refusing to move until Jace, Alec, and Isabelle were following right behind them.

Sebastian was radiating in anger as beads of sweat slowly trickled down the side of his face. “You’re going to regret that, Lightwood,” he seethed, clenching his fists. He looked out at his army and begun to open his mouth when Jace yelled over top of him.

“Isabelle now!” Isabelle swiftly uncoiled her whip from around her wrist and threw it at Sebastian. Flashes of gold flew through the air as the whip violently wrapped around Sebastian’s head, covering his mouth.

“Let’s go!” Isabelle shouted, while Sebastian unsuccessfully attempted to rip the whip off of his face. It seemed to be plastered on to his skin and he screamed out loudly, which sounded like muffled words. Isabelle, Jace, and Alec ran to where Clary, Simon, and Magnus were standing, up the stairs together, and then out the door that was leading to Lake Lynn, not daring to look back. Clary grabbed Jace’s hand tightly, scared to let go as they breathed in their first breaths of fresh air in days.

“Magnus,” Jace said, using his other hand to wrap around Clary’s hand as well. “You need to get us out of here,” he continued, looking at everybody who seemed to now be sprawled out across the gravel shore.

Magnus looked mentally and physically drained as he gestured with his hands. “I used all of my energy in the battle,” he said sorrowfully. “There’s no way I can make a portal right now.”

“It’s okay, I can,” Clary piped up, grabbing Isabelle’s stele from her back pocket and walking across the gravel to a thick tree that was standing tall in the woods. She silently and quickly traced a rune onto the bark of the tree, feeling the rough edges of wood through the stele. Suddenly the portal opened up around them, creating a mash of different shades of blues, greens, and pinks. She stepped back and looked behind to the rest of the group, only to see the red gear fly through the open door in the ground, in the distance. “Everybody go now!” She yelled, shooing them into the portal. Alec jumped in first, followed by Simon, Magnus, and lastly Isabelle whose body disappeared in the sea of colours. Clary then gripped Jace’s hand again and with one last look at each other ran straight into the portal. They heard the sounds of yelling and moving gravel up until the moment when the portal finally wrapped around them, which helped her feel safe once again.

Jace fell to the ground before Clary, landing his back on the stone pavement of the streets of Alicante. He opened his eyes just in time to see Clary fall face first on top of him. He immediately wrapped his arms around her and breathed in the smell of her. His face was caved in her red hair and her face was pressed up against his heart. She laughed underneath him and lifted herself up slightly to look at him. Her face was right above his now and Jace could feel her small breaths against his nose. “We did it,” she squeaked, smiling and scrunching her eyes up. “I don’t how safe we’ll be for long, but it’s a start,” she whispered, drawing her hand up to his face and outlining the side of his lips.

Jace shook his head back and forth. “I don’t care right now,” he stated, cupping her cheeks with both of his hands. “I have you and that’s all that matters.” He brought her face closer and then kissed her desperately. Her hands slid up into his hair and gripped the strands softly, while he continued to kiss her as if he would never get the chance to do it again. Before the kiss became even more heated, a loud and distinct cough came from above them. They both broke apart and stood up quickly to see all four of their friends standing in front of them. Simon and Alec were looking down at the ground, while Magnus held a grin on his face. Isabelle stood forward from the group with a smug yet exhausted look on her face; her hands were crossed over her chest. They all looked exhausted and beat up, but Jace decided not to mention this, considering how he probably looked to them.

“Are you two done?” Isabelle asked, raising her eyebrows.

Jace mouth curled up into a playful smile as he decided to have a bit of fun with his sister. “For now I guess,” he said, Isabelle’s eyes narrowed in a warning, telling him to stop whatever was about to leave his mouth. “But I mean, we’d all be lying to ourselves if we didn’t know that as soon as the rest of leave,” he continued, wrapping his arm around Clary’s shoulders protectively. “You and Simon will be hitting the sheets.”

Isabelle’s mouth opened in horror and anger and Jace laughed at the sight. He felt Clary hit the side of his stomach, but when he looked down at her he could see that she was also grinning. Isabelle stalked up to Jace and pointed a finger in his face, while in the background he could see a slight blush on Simon’s very pale skin. “Need I remind you, Jace Lightwood,” she said angrily. Jace laughed at the use of one of his full names. “That, oh I don’t know, a few minutes ago, I saved you and your girlfriend’s butt from that mucky old cell. So instead of giving us snarky comments could we at least get a ‘thank you’?”

Jace let go of Clary and turned his laughing smile into a softer one as he hugged Isabelle. She didn’t respond at first, but then too wrapped her arms around him. “Thanks, Iz,” he whispered in her ear.

“No problem,” she whispered back. They then both pulled away from each other and Isabelle sighed. “Yeah,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I guess I kind of missed you.”

He nudged her shoulder as he walked past her so that he could face the rest of the group. “Well, I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“I don’t think I missed that part of you,” Alec said, raising his eyebrow and crossing his arms.

Jace smiled. “You know that you did,” he said walking closer and hugging his Parabatai, without giving him the chance to reject. “You love me,” he confirmed.

“Okay, whatever you say,” Alec said grinning as they broke apart.

Jace turned to Magnus next. “Thank you, Magnus.” Magnus nodded his head and then Jace looked over his shoulder at Simon. “And even you rat face,” he snorted, still smiling.

He could see Simon about to say something, but Clary was already in his arms. Hugging him again and saying thank you about a thousand times until Robert came out the front door of his house. Jace hadn’t had even registered where they actually were until he came out holding the telephone in his hand. He looked around at the extra bodies and sighed in relief, but there was still some tension on his face that he couldn’t quite place. Robert’s eyes searched around the group until they landed on Clary. He walked over to her and pushed the phone in front of her. Clary looked up with questioning eyes; not touching the phone. “It’s Jocelyn,” he stated, nudging the phone towards her again.

Clary practically ripped the phone out of his hand and held it up to her ear. “Mom?” Jace could see her eyes start to tear up at the sound of her mother’s voice. The rest of them stood there unsure of where to go. “Yeah, I’m fine. A little beaten up but…” She laughed, but slowly her face turned from pure joy to one of sadness and horror. “What?” She asked. Jace could hear her voice shaking as she grasped the phone with both of her hands.

“Clary?” Jace asked her softly, toughing her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down. “What’s going on?”

She tilted her head up to look into his eyes. He could see the glassy look to them that he had seen way to many times in the past days. “Jace,” she warned, but Jace just raised his eyebrows, refusing to let her say no. She gulped and closed her eyes. “The Institute was basically burned to the ground.” The loud rush of the wave crashing on the shore entered his ears once again.

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