One Hundred and One Mortal Stories

Loosing Our Way Would Be The Most Cruel Thing

The next day Magnus decided to trial Alec in secret. He asked around where his husband would be in the early evening and upon hearing he would be in the North Wing, learning the country’s history, he grabbed Jace. Jace was a member of Magnus’s harem, which he never used. Despite having many husbands Magnus never spent the night with anyone from the Harem – those people were his most trusted friends, and since Jace was voted the most handsome, Magnus decided the job was right for him. Magnus decided to send in Jace to see Alec and seduce him. Deep in his heart Magnus didn’t want to go through with the plan in fear that Alec would give in to Jace’s charms – well, he probably would, but Magnus had grown to like Alec. Shaking his head in dismay he sent Jace in and watched from around the corner, hidden in the shadows.

‘So you’re Magnus’s little prince’ Jace said slowly, approaching the table in the middle of the room Alec sat in alone, studying huge history books. Jace smiled seductively.

‘Ah, yes’ Alec looked up and smiled. ‘And you are…?’

‘Handsome’ Jace winked at the boy. Alec laughed and shook his head.

‘I meant your name’

‘Oh, I know what you meant’ Jace said, his smile dropping away. He drew his hand up Alec’s shoulder. The dark haired boy froze.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked.

‘Having a bit of fun. Relax; the king isn’t going to know.’ Jace said, pulling Alec to his feet and kissing him hard on the mouth.

Alec pushed him away and stumbled backwards until he was pressed against the wall. Jace approached him.

‘Come on, your majesty, I know you want it’ Jace said. Alec gazed up at him in fear. Jace started kissing down his neck. Alec tried to push him away but the other boy was too strong.

‘Get off or I’ll scr-’ Alec’s protests were cut off when Jace connected their lips together again. Jace’s hand wandered to Alec’s shirt and he started undoing his buttons one by one. Tears gathered in Alec’s eyes. He didn’t want this.

With a last boost of strength he shoved Jace away.

‘Magnus!’ Alec cried, tears pouring down his cheeks.

Magnus snapped. Seeing Jace kiss his husband so passionately send him over the edge. He wanted to snap Jace’s neck, even though he was the one who ordered him to do what he was doing. But hearing Alec scream for him was the last straw. He stepped from behind the column and snapped at Jace. Jace bowed his head slightly and left hurriedly. Alec opened his previously tightly shut eyes and looked up at Magnus. In a split second Alec had his arms around Magnus’s stomach and his head buried in his chest. Magnus hugged him back. Alec sobbed into his chest and Magnus could make out one sentence, repeated over and over ‘I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…’

Magnus wanted to slap himself. The poor boy was nearly raped and he thought it was his own fault.

‘It’s okay. You’re okay’ Magnus whispered, dropping a kiss on Alec’s forehead. He picked Alec up and carried him back to their bedroom, where they lay on the bed in silence, Magnus stroking Alec’s hair while he calmed down.

‘Want me to continue the story?’ Alec asked after what seemed like hours.

‘If you feel like you can’ Magnus said.

‘I think It’ll make both of us feel better’ Alec laughed.

‘Yeah’ Magnus smiled.



‘Yeah, you’re right. It looks even more run down than last time’ Jordan said, inspecting the small cottage from a distance. It was made from dark wood with a straw roof and wilting flowers running around. Maia’s grandmother, Imogen, moved out of the town after she found out her husband was having an affair and lived in the woods ever since.

‘Let’s go see my grandma’ Maia grumbled.

‘Yay’ Jordan put his fist in the air with a miserable expression.

Hand in hand the girl and the wolf made their way to the doors of the cottage. As soon as they entered Jordan wrinkled his nose. Maia put her hands on her hips and raised and eyebrow.

‘Okay, is it just me or does this place reek of-’

‘Decay’ Jordan interrupted her, wandering farther into the cottage, to one of the other two rooms – Imogen’s bedroom.

‘Oh shit’ Jordan swore when both he and Maia entered the room. Where Imogen should have been was a human skeleton, bits of flesh still hanging off the bones. The bed sheets underneath it were stained with dark liquid – dried blood. Maia covered her mouth with her hand and ran into the other room, throwing up into the sink. Jordan came running after her and rubbed her back gently, passing her a handkerchief.

‘Are you okay?’ Jordan asked. Maia looked up at him. She had tears in her eyes. ‘Hey, it’s alright.’ Jordan pulled her into a hug.

‘It was a wolf’ Maia whispered. ‘I didn’t like her much but no one deserves to be eaten…’ she shivered. Jordan pulled away and put her red cape around her more tightly. Maia inhaled sharply out of nowhere and grabbed Jordan by the shoulders.

‘Jordan, they’ll think it was you!’ she said quickly. ‘You have to go.’

‘No’ Jordan’s eyes went hard. ‘It wasn’t me so I shouldn’t have to leave. I’ll tell them, Maia, they’ll believe me…’

‘No they won’t’ Maia shook her head. ‘They hate you. They hate anything that’s different – they hate me too.’

There was a silence. Jordan hugged Maia again.

‘Come with me’ he whispered.

‘What?’ Maia asked, surprised.

‘Let’s get out of here. You always said you hated it here. Now you have a chance to be free. And… I love you Maia, you know that. I won’t leave without you’

‘Now that’s blackmail’ Maia whispered, blushing, but she hugged Jordan tightly. ‘Okay, I’ll come with you.’

Jordan smiled at her and leaned down towards her.

‘Ew, it stinks’ came a female voice from the other room. Jordan and Maia exchanged panicked looks.

‘What did you expect?’ another voice, this one male, asked.

‘Yeah, but it does stink. C’mon, let’s find out who made this mess, catch them and go home. I bet it was that wolf kid of that Child Killer’ a third voice said.

‘Hunters’ Jordan mouthed at Maia. The girl nodded. Together they peered into the other room.

Inside were the black clad figures, with long billowing cloaks and revolvers, hand guns and carbines strapped across their backs and belts. There was one girl with curly red hair. There was a black ribbon cutting across her forehead and a silver gun gleaming in her hand. There were two boys with her – the one with white blonde hair had a dagger in his hand and he was flipping it lazily. The other one, with golden hair this time, had a carbine aimed at nothing in particular.

‘Wolf, wolf, come out wherever you are’ the white haired boy called.

‘That only works in cartoons, Sebastian’ the other boy said.

‘Would you two shut up? The beast could still be lurking here somewhere.’ The girl snapped.

‘Sorry Clary’ the boys said together, before they started mouthing insults at each other.

‘Jordan’ Maia whispered. ‘Get out of the back door. I’ll distract them for a while. Rendezvous at the big oak tree, ‘kay?’

‘No’ Jordan said. ‘I’m the guy; I’m supposed to protect you.’

‘Don’t be a sexist pig’ Maia said with a smile. ‘I can kick ass by myself, thank you very much.’ Jordan sighed.

‘I know you can. Don’t be long’ he kissed her forehead.

Maia got up, brushed herself off, did her best ‘scared girl’ impression and walked out.

‘E-excuse me...’ she whispered. The heads of the hunters turned towards her. The girl walked up to her.

‘Who are you?’

‘T-that’s my grandma…the wolf…’ Maia shivered.

‘It’s okay. You’re safe now’ the golden haired boy rubbed her back comfortingly. Out of the corner of her eye Maia saw Jordan sneak out.

‘I didn’t know if the wolf was still here so I hid…’

‘And it didn’t find you?’ The blond boy’s eyebrows shot up.

‘Jace, enough’ Clary snapped. ‘She’s been through too much. Do you live far away?’

Maia shook her hair.

‘The village next to the woods. My mother must be worried… I should go to her’ Maia said, starting to walk towards the doors.

‘Wait’ Sebastian said, putting an arm out in front of her. He sniffed the air around her. ‘You smell like a wolf.’ He eyed her suspiciously. ‘Are you sure you didn’t see a wolf here somewhere?’

‘N-no’ Maia shook her head, her dark braids flying everywhere.

‘Okay, we’ll take you to the town hall’ Jace said. ‘They will want you statement, and probably for you to answer some questions and-’

Fast as a lightning bolt Maia kicked Sebastian in the crotch and when he doubled over she grabbed one of his guns. She whirled round, shot Jace in the leg, then Clary. She pocketed the gun and bolted. She ran faster than ever, her boots thumping on the ground, her red cape billowing behind her like a curtain of blood. She made it to the oak and fell into Jordan’s arms.

‘What took you so long? I was about to go find you’ he said, hugging her tightly. Maia grinned.

‘Just a little complication. So, do you know where we’re going?’

‘I might have a friend around this joint’ Jordan winked and they disappeared into the woods. The village never heard of them again, and they blessed the gods for taking the two biggest nuisances away from them.

In the next town over, three black clad figures were putting up ‘Wanted: Maia Roberts’ and ‘Wanted: Wolf Jordan’ posters on every wall they saw. But it’s not like they could be found.


Magnus laughed.

‘That was a great story’ he said.

‘Why, thank you’ Alec laughed.

‘I wish I could run away like them sometimes.’ Magnus said dreamily before turning to Alec again.

‘We still have time, and I’m not tired. Tell me another one.’

‘As you wish your majesty’ Alec said, shifting a bit to be more comfortable. He thought for a few seconds before he begun.


Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, in a land of secrets and betrayal, there lived a family. The family consisted of a mother, a father and two children.

The father’s name was Robert and he worked day and night for his family to have at least something to eat, because they were poor. But Robert hated the life and he often didn’t come home for the night. Than for a few days. The children knew one day he wouldn’t come back at all.

The mother wasn’t really the mother – she was Robert’s second wife, Michaela. She was cruel, mean and selfish. She hated the children.

And the children…well, they weren’t really children anymore. And they hated her back.

Alexander was fifteen, but with poor health, so he couldn’t work much. He did things around the house – cooked, cleaned…

His sister Isabelle was thirteen and she was a real beauty. Her step mother urged her to find a rich husband but Isabelle thought herself too young and she didn’t want to leave her brother behind. Sometimes it felt like them two against the whole world.

One day after Robert set off to work, Isabelle’s and Alexander’s step mother made them put on their capes.

‘We’re going to the woods. To gather some mushrooms’ Michaela said, disappearing into the kitchen to fetch the baskets.

‘To gather mushrooms my ass’ Isabelle whispered to her brother.

‘Last time when we went to ‘gather mushrooms’ we both nearly fell off a cliff’ Alexander said.

‘And the time before that when we went to ‘gather mushrooms’ she left us in a cave and we nearly starved’ Isabelle agreed. They sighed.

‘Alexander, what if she tries to get rid of us again?’ Isabelle whispered, fear evident in her big, brown eyes. Alexander ruffled her hair.

‘It’s okay, here,’ he took out the handful of old, dirty ribbons Michaela once got for Isabelle. Isabelle hated them. ‘We’ll use these to mark our way.’ Alexander said.

And so once they set out and while Michaela stomped her way through the woods, flipping her golden hair over her shoulder once in a while. Every twenty steps Alexander would tie a piece of the ribbon on a branch. Eventually Michaela ordered Alexander to start a fire and said she would go to look for more mushrooms. When night fell Isabelle bit her lip. It had been hours but Michaela had not come back.

‘Come, we will find our way back’ Alexander took Isabelle’s hand and led her down the forest. It took them ages to find the ribbons but when the sun started to rise they finally found their cottage.

‘Yo, we’re back’ Isabelle said when the shocked Michaela opened the doors.

‘Is there food?’ Alec peered into the cottage. Michaela grasped her shirt.

‘Oh, I was so worried!’ she cried.

‘Spare the bullshit’ Isabelle said and she and her brother walked into the cottage. Michaela grumbled a string of rude names directed at Isabelle before slamming the doors shut.


‘The end’ Alec said.

‘Whaaaaaaaaat? No way, that was horrible! I don’t want them to stay with the stupid parents. C’mon’ Magnus shook Alec. Alec laughed.

‘Well what do you want me to do?’

‘Make them go on an adventure’ Magnus said solemnly.

‘You’re like a child’ Alec laughed, ruffling Magnus’s black hair.

‘They’re only children! They can’t stay with their horrible parents!’ Magnus said passionately. Alec dissolved into giggles.

‘Let me guess? Tomorrow’ Magnus smirked.

‘Yeah. I need time to think about the story’ Alec said. He leaned up and pecked Magnus on the cheek. ‘Goodnight’

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