One Hundred and One Mortal Stories

One Bite and All Your Dreams Come True

The next day King Magnus’s fear was back. Yes, he had ordered Jace to try and get with Alec to see how he would react and Alec didn’t even show a tiny bit of being interested in Jace, but that might have been because Jace was being too forward. And what if Alec already had someone on the side? With those dark thoughts clouding Magnus’s head, the king made his way to his Harem and plucked out Raphael Santiago, another one of his more trusted men.

‘As you wish, your majesty’ Raphael said, rubbing his temple after Magnus explained the plan to him. ‘But this is stupid’

‘Thanks, Raphael’ Magnus said, patting the younger boy on the head. He had always felt a brotherly love for Raphael, ever since he discovered that Raphael had been in love with his brother, Ragnor. Ragnor was happy with his wife and so Raphael admired him with afar and served as a good friend to him. After Ragnor’s wife ran away Raphael tried to comfort him as best as he could and after Ragnor took his life, Raphael had been heartbroken and depressed for as long as Magnus. Magnus had started taking care of him, taking him on walks, bringing him little presents. It seemed as if Raphael was the only one who understood his grief.

Likewise, Raphael helped Magnus with his own sadness and loved talking with the king. Because of how close they were, Raphael wasn’t afraid of speaking his mind in front of the king.

Nonetheless, he would do what the king asked him, not because it was an order from his ruler but a request from a friend.

‘You’re Alec, right?’ Alec looked up to meet the dark eyes of a boy. He looked to be younger than Alec with dark hair and dark eyes. ‘Do you mind if I join you?’ the boy gestured to the space next to Alec, where her was leaning against a tree and reading a book.

‘Not at all’ Alec smiled. ‘My name is Alexander – though you obviously know that.’

‘I’m Raphael Santiago. It’s nice to meet you, my prince’ Raphael smiled. ‘What are you reading?’ Raphael asked, plopping down next to Alec and smoothing out his uniform, the one everyone in Magnus’s Harem wore – a blue silk shirt with golden trim and dark pants.

‘Oh, a history book the professor – Hodge Starkweather – gave me. It’s really boring though’ Alec laughed. Raphael joined him.

‘So, are you a servant? Not to be a rude, or anything.’ Alec asked Raphael.

‘Oh, no, I’m from King Magnus’s Harem’ Raphael said casually. Alec paled and his mouth fell open.

‘M-Magnus has a h-harem? Filled with…people he s-s-s-sleeps with?’ Alec stumbled over his words.

‘Well, that’s the idea anyway. But he never slept with anyone there.’ Raphael paused and Alec laughed nervously, relief visible on his face. ‘Magnus is kind, you know. He’s just heartbroken, and troubled and sad. He treats us all so kindly, but we can’t give him what his husband can give him – all the love in the world.’ Raphael looked at Alec. ‘So it’s your job to make him happy.’

Alec blushed and smiled slightly.

‘Don’t worry. I will make him happy’ he said.

‘Good’ Raphael smiled. ‘So, how’s your lessons?’

‘Oh, you know…’


Raphael walked through the palace corridor, his shoes clicking against the marble floor, when a hand reached out and yanked him behind a column.

‘Magnus, stop sneaking around, it’s your palace’ Raphael said, slightly annoyed.

‘Sorry, sorry’ Magnus said quickly. ‘So, how did it go? Did you kiss him? Did he kiss you back? Did he say he wanted to go further? I bet he did. Oh God, okay, please don’t tell me you didn’t do it with him!’ Magnus gushed. Raphael put his hand over Magnus’s mouth and glared at the king.

‘We only talked’

‘Oh that’s good’ Magnus said. ‘Wait, WHAT!? Did you not hear anything I said to you before!? You were supposed to…’

‘I know what I was supposed to do’ Raphael interrupted him. ‘Magnus you have to stop being paranoid. I talked with him and it’s clear – he loved you. He’s not going to cheat on you. Why haven’t you slept with him yet? Why haven’t you even kissed him?’

Magnus was dumbfounded.

‘Well, I was planning on but then he started telling me all those stories… I don’t want to scare him, or anything. I mean, he’s so young and…’

‘Precisely, and you know what probably scares him more than his first time? The threat of death looming over his head.’

‘Yes, but if I tell him I won’t kill him, he’ll just go and cheat on me’ Magnus said defensively.

‘Are you serious? Magnus that was the first husband. All the other ones – well, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have cheated on you if you gave them a chance.’

‘Cheating is what killed my brother’ Magnus said through his teeth. Raphael froze like every time anyone mentioned Ragnor. He lowered his head.

‘Ragnor killed himself.’ He whispered. He balled his hands into fists.

‘Look Magnus, Alec said he’ll make you happy. Just give him a chance’ Raphael said and hurried away.


Alec stretched and smiled. He had just left the baths and he felt warm from all the hot water. And slightly light headed. He walked up many stairs to his and Magnus’ chambers to find his husband already there.

‘Oh, hello your majesty’

‘Hi, Alec’ Magnus said, getting off his bed. Alec froze when he felt Magnus’ arms go around him. ‘How was your day?’ Magnus asked innocently, his breath tickling Alec’s ear. Alec relaxed in his arms and turned to face Magnus.

‘Why didn’t you tell me about your brother?’ Alec asked gently. Magnus blinked and stepped back.

‘I-I didn’t think it was important…for you to know.’ He said.

‘I’m your husband. I should know about things like that.’ Alec said, a little angrily. ‘And I should know you have a harem as well.’

‘Are you jealous?’ Magnus asked.

‘Not jealous. Angry…and sad, that you don’t trust me with things like that.’ Alec said, looking away. Magnus took his hand and tugged him to sit on the bed.

‘Tell me about you’ he requested. Alec looked confused.

‘What do you want me to tell you about?’


‘Um, okay. My name is Alexander Lightwood, I’m twenty years old. I’m the son of Advisor Lightwood, I have a little sister. Um, I like to read, I’m terrible at dancing and I like talking to you.’ Alec shrugged with a smile. ‘I really can’t think of anything else right now.’ Magnus gave him a stern look and Alec laughed. ‘Okay, you’re turn. I want to know about you, too, so I don’t have to hear random details of your life from strangers’

‘I had a brother’ Magnus said after a pause. ‘And he killed himself after the love of his life ran away. I have a sister but she left after my brother…ended his life. I haven’t seen her for years. I have a Harlem but the people in there are just my friends,’ Magnus listed. ‘My parents are dead; I killed all my husband’s…before.’ Magnus trailed off. Alec looked at him with sad eyes.

Magnus looked at him and they stared at each other. Finally Alec smiled and tilted his head, pressing a short kiss to Magnus’s lips. The older man looked surprised.

‘Thank you’ Alec said. After a few seconds Magnus smiled.

‘Continue the story from yesterday’ Magnus said.


‘But mother, we have collected enough mushrooms yesterday’ Alexander argued.

‘Not enough’ Michaela snapped, pulling Alexander and Isabelle by the elbows out of the house. Robert had not returned from town. ‘Come now.’

‘We don’t have any ribbons’ Isabelle whispered to Alexander.

‘We’ll figure something out’ Alexander promised. The two made their way through the forest with Michaela stomping in front of them. Eventually the sun started to set and the children’s backs hurt from leaning over to pick mushrooms. The forest seemed darker and more menacing.

‘We shall start a fire’ Michaela said, sending the children to find wood. Soon a small fire was crackling and Alexander and Isabelle warmed themselves by it. They started to doze off and when Alexander jolted awake the night was dark – the fire was nothing more than a few red coals. Michaela was nowhere to be seen. A wolf howled in the darkness. Alexander shook Isabelle awake. Isabelle looked around and started crying.

‘How are we going to find our way back?’ she wailed. Alexander shushed her and hugged her close.

‘The house can’t be that far away. Come on’ he pulled her to her feet and they started walking through the forest. Many hours later, when the sun was starting to rise, they were both soaked from the rain that had fallen before and filthy from the mud. Their stomach’s grumbled and their eyelids dropped but home was still far off and the trees didn’t let through a lot of light. A few times Alexander spotted shadows moving in the darkness.

‘Alexander…what’s that?’ Isabelle asked in a small voice, pointing a finger forward. Above the trees rose smoke.

‘It’s from a chimney! Home must be close by!’ Alexander said excitedly and he pulled Isabelle in that direction. But it was not home.

‘Oh my God’ Alexander whispered. The house they stood in front of was huge, made from cotton candy, chocolate bars, fluorescent sweets and chocolate chip cookies. Isabelle ripped away from her brother and grabbed a handful of whatever from the wall and stuffed it in her mouth. She nearly fell to her knees.

‘So good’ she mouthed at Alexander. He hesitated but his stomach was getting louder by the second so he followed his sisters lead. The candy was the best he’s ever tasted – not that he tasted it very often.

When their stomachs were full, Alexander turned to Isabelle.

‘Let’s go look for home again’ he said and Isabelle nodded happily.

Then a shriek cut through the early morning and the doors to the house burst open, revealing a tall, thin woman with dark hair. She had a multicoloured bandana in her hair and a long, colourful dress. She stared at the portion of her now-eaten wall and shrieked again.

‘No! Oh no! My wall! Oh no, you ruined my feng shui! It was colour coded.’ She turned to Isabelle and Alexander with an evil spark in her eyes. ‘You’re going to pay for this.’

Isabelle screamed and with a snap of the woman’s hand she shut up. With another snap Isabelle and Alexander rose from the ground and shot into the house together with the woman who kept muttering ‘My house! My beautiful, colour co-ordinated house!’

‘We’re very sorry, please don’t kill us’ Alexander pleaded, once he and his sister landed on the floor of the house.

‘Silence’ the woman snapped and stormed out of the room. Isabelle shook against Alexander. Alexander looked around. The house looked quite normal and cosy on the inside – there were white painted windows and many candles casting a warm glow into the room. There was a large double bed in the corner with a patchwork quilt, a table with three chairs and a fireplace with a fire crackling inside happily. The walls were dark wood.

Out of nowhere the doors to the house opened – but it wasn’t the woman who returned. It was a young man.

He was dressed in a checked shirt and trousers that fell to his knees and he had a big axe slung over his shoulder. He eyed the children. Isabelle took one look at his tail and the ears popping from his hair and screamed.

The woman came running.

‘What? What’s going on? Is something on fire?’ She asked.

‘Who’s this?’ The man asked, nodding towards the dumbfounded Alexander and his sister.

‘Them? They were munching on the house. Can you rebuild the north wall?’ she asked.

‘Sure’ the man shrugged, putting the axe against the wall and leaving the house again.

‘W-who are you?’ Alexander finally found his breath. The woman sat down in one of the chairs – she seemed to have calmed down.

‘My name is Lily and I am a witch. Some call me Witch Lily, others call me a myth. To most I am known as ‘The Final Witch’’

Alexander nodded slowly.

‘We’re sorry we ate your house. We were hungry’

Lily waved her hand dismissively.

‘That’s understandable. Forgive the fact that I overreacted, but I only just finished re-arranging that wall.’ She shrugged. ‘Why were you hungry?’

‘Our step mother abandoned us in the middle of the woods. But we don’t have much to eat at home anyway because our father goes drinking a lot and I don’t think he’s even coming home’ Isabelle blurted. Lily stared at them.

‘Oh, wow, that’s messed up.’ She eyed the children. ‘Were you looking for you way back home?’

The siblings nodded.

‘I see. Are you happy at home?’

Alexander and Isabelle exchanged looks. They shook their heads. Lily smiled.

‘How would you like to stay here then, with me and my little family?’ she asked. There was a pause.

‘Could we?’ Isabelle whispered.

‘Of course. The more the merrier.’

Alexander grinned.


‘Maia! Jordan!’ Lily yelled. The man came back inside and a dark skinned woman in a red cape came running down the stairs that rose at the back of the room.

‘These are Maia and Jordan. Jordan is a wolf, but he’s harmless. Maia is his wife. They are wanted – they’re innocent of course – but they came to me begging for help. I was friends with Jordan’s father, Bat, once. Anyway, they have been staying with me for more than two years now.’

‘Hi’ Maia gave a happy wave.

‘What are your names?’ Jordan asked.

‘Isabelle’ said Isabelle.

‘Alexander’ said Alexander.

‘Alec and Izzy’ Lily clapped her hands happily.

‘Welcome home, then’ Maia grinned.

Soon both the siblings were bathed and fed, and two more chairs appeared by the table. That night, when Isabelle and Alec went to sleep, they fell asleep with smiles on their faces because they had finally found a home and they had finally found a family.


Magnus was smiling when Alec looked at him. They were laying down on the bed.

‘We’re a little family like that, right?’ Magnus asked softly.

‘Yes’ Alec said, smiling back.

‘Tell another’ Magnus pleaded.

‘Must I?’ Alec groaned. ‘My mouth hurts from all the talking.’

‘Oh, poor you’ Magnus grinned and kissed Alec gently, trailing his kissed down his jaw and neck. Alec giggled and swatted Magnus away playfully.

‘Alright, alright’

‘Tell one with us’

‘Okay’ Alec laughed.


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, in a land of snow and gold there lived a woman with her husband. The pair were the king and queen of the kingdom and they wanted a child more than anything. One day, when the queen was sewing, she pricked her finger and as her blood dripped into the snow outside her window, she closed her eyes and wished.

‘I wish for a baby with hair as black as night, eyes as golden as corn and a smile as bright as the sun’

Nine months later the queen gave birth to a healthy baby boy with dark hair, gold eyes and a radiant smile. His name was Magnus. A few months afterwards, however, the king went hunting and was killed by a wild boar. A year later the queen remarried.

The new king’s name was Ragnor, and he was serious, cold and intelligent. He never liked Magnus, because the boy was adventurous and got into a lot of trouble. So once the queen passed away, things became, well, tense.

‘’MAGNUS! WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT PETS!?’ Ragnor screeched. Magnus strolled out of his room, an apologetic smile in place.

‘Sorry, your majesty’ he said. From behind Ragnor walked out two shaggy, dirty dogs. ‘I was going to just feed them but then they ran off and…’

‘Get them out of here’ Ragnor snapped and Magnus obliged.

‘Run free, my darlings!’ he said, extending his hand into the horizon and the dogs ran down the hills and out of sight. Magnus trailed himself to his room. He was bored. Nineteen years old and he was only allowed to leave the castle on special occasions, like the festival. He couldn’t wait to be king – then, he could do whatever the hell he wanted!

There was a soft knock on Magnus’s doors and Magnus’s one and only friend, Catarina, the palace doctor, entered.

‘Hi, Magnus’ she said, not in her usual happy tone but in a saddened one.

‘Okay, what did I do now?’ Magnus asked from where he was lying down.

‘His Majesty…well, his majesty believes it is time for you to settle down’

‘Funny, last time I checked you weren’t the king’s messenger’ Magnus said. Catarina sighed.

‘He asked me to tell you this because you’d probably rather hear it from a friend’ Catarina took a deep breath ‘you’re getting married’

Magnus’s mouth fell open.


‘His majesty found you a bride’ Catarina’s voice started off happy but it trailed off into sadness. ‘I’m sorry, Magnus’

‘Aw, hell no!’ Magnus said. Catarina gave him a sad smile and left the room, to be alone with his thoughts. But rather than have any thoughts Magnus grabbed a few of his belongings, stuffed them in his bag and ran away.


‘Let’s stop here. I can’t talk anymore’ Alec whispered. ‘Tomorrow.’

Magnus opened his mouth to protest but Alec shut him up with a short kiss. Magnus looked at him from half closed eyes and without a warning pulled him closer and kissed him harder.

‘Magnus’ Alec pushed him away and smiled. ‘Let’s go to sleep’

But Magnus wasn’t in the sleeping mood.

‘You know you’re my husband’ Magnus whispered to Alec, pressing him even closer.

‘Yes, I do’ Alec said, casually, but there was a faint blush on his cheeks, and he was avoiding Magnus’s gaze. ‘And…?’

As an answer Magnus kissed him again. He tilted his head and shoved his tongue in his mouth but Alec pushed him back, hard.

‘Stop it, your majesty’ he said, his cheeks turning all shades of red. ‘Please’

Magnus stopped.

‘I’m sorry.’ He sighed. ‘I’m sorry; I shouldn’t just…do that out of the blue’

Alec was silent. He didn’t look at Magnus.

‘Can I kiss you?’ Magnus asked. Alec nodded slowly. Magnus leaned down and pecked his lips. Then he kissed him harder. Shyly, Alec returned the kiss. He wrapped his arms around Magnus’s neck and pulled him closer. Magnus slipped his hand under Alec’s tunic and pressed kisses to his pale throat. Alec gripped Magnus’s shirt tightly until the king removed it. He kissed Alec again. He caressed his cheek and with his free hand tugged off Alec’s tunic. Magnus pulled back to look at Alec and gasped. The boy was looking at him with evident fear and looked near tears.

‘Wha… what’s wrong? Alec, did I do something…?’

Alec shook his head and put his hands over his face to hide his tears.

‘I-It’s just that…’ he said with a shaky voice. ‘That I’ve never done anything like this before… and I…’ he shook his head again. Magnus pulled his hands away from his face and pressed a kiss to his nose. He brushed the black locks off of Alec’s forehead and smiled at his husband gently.

‘You should have just said’

‘I didn’t know how you would react’ Alec said in a small voice.

‘It’s okay. We don’t have to rush it’ Magnus whispered, kissing Alec softly. Alec snuggled into Magnus’s chest and was fast asleep.

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